Drive-In Movie Theater Intermissions – Rating System (GMRX) (1968)

Drive-In Movie Theater Intermissions – Rating System (GMRX) (1968)

GMRX? What’s GMRX? Would you believe a movie audience guide, presented as a public service by
this theater’s management, to help you select your motion picture entertainment. Well, that’s what it is, and we urge you to learn these rating
symbols, and use them as a guide for you and your family. G means suggested for general audiences, all ages. M, suggested for mature audiences, parental discretion advised. R, restricted, persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian. X, persons under 18 will not be admitted. This seal, in advertising, indicates that the film was
approved under the motion picture code of self-regulation.

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  1. That's Art Gilmore as the announcer. This "explanation" was first seen in late 1968, when the MPAA officially instituted their ratings system. In 1970, "M" was replaced by "GP" {later "PG"}; "X" was finally succeeded by "NC-17" in 1990.

  2. G – All Ages
    M – Parental Guidence
    R – No one under 17 allowed unless w/ an adult
    X – No one under 17 admitted

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