Drive – Movie Trailer (2011) HD

Drive – Movie Trailer (2011) HD

If I drive for you, you give me a time and a place … I give you a five minute window. Anything happens in that five minutes, and I’m your’s … No matter what. I don’t sit in while you’re running it down … I don’t carry a gun … I drive. So you just moved to LA? No, I’ve been here for a while. What do you do? I drive, for movies. Is that dangerous? It’s only part-time. You put this kid behind the wheel… and there’s nothing he can’t do. Kid I want you to meet Mr. Bernie Rose. My hands are a little dirty. So are mine. My husband’s coming home. Where is he? He’s in prison. There’s some guys that want me to do a job for ’em … and I’m not gonna do it. What is that you got there? One of those men gave you that? What’s the job? When you get your money … his debt’s paid … You never go near his family again. Did you have any idea there’d be a second car? He said there’d be another car to hold us up. Whose money do I have? I’m gonna tell you something … anybody finds out we’re both dead. That’s why this driver’s gotta go, Bernie. He’s gotta go. Do you remember this? No! Any dreams you have or, plans, for your future … I think you’re gonna have to put that on hold … For the rest of your life your gonna be looking over your shoulder.

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  1. Good movie…. Real thriller Direction good n presenting style to viewer great also background sound awesome.. N last Ryan is really good in this move 😉

  2. Spoiler alert my text is down farther~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Ending of this film is total crap …I don't mind a sad ending but if sucks if the main character you care about is supposed to be all savvy and ruthless and yet completely totally blunders taking out the head guy at the end ….instead choosing to trust him for absolutely no plausible reason?? It is insulting and nonsensical …. They at least should have built up the reason he was willing to trust the man or else made it more desperate like having the girl and kid kidnapped or something ….just way too stupid he shows up unarmed ready to hand over the money when he has to KNOW the intent is to kill every witness…I just hate nonsensical crap even in stupid action movie ….BTW I read this was a Tarinto film? Which if true, I read also that "Driver" is his too? Or did someone get that wrong?

  3. I was so close to watching the trailer before the movie!! I’m glad I didn’t 😂

    Still a glorious movie, I just wish there was a liiiiittle more driving.

  4. Best trailer for a boring movie. Trailer had all the good parts, fill in the blanks with your imagination because aside from the 3 whole minutes of quality action, the other 90+mins was slow, dumb, and boring. As far as wtaching a movie goes and crunching the numbers, thats a terrible investment of your time. This is not a gem or a must see or a masterpiece. Just a mediocre movie with some semi-big names with terrible writing and a story that was all over the place 2/5.

  5. Wow, I'm so glad I never watched the trailer for this movie. I watched this movie back in 2011 and today is the first time I ever saw this trailer (in 2019) Def would have thought it's a Fast & Furious type movie if I saw the trailer first

  6. Damn. This trailer does not and should never be a representation of what the movie actually is like, feels like, and plays like. The movie was and still is one of the best, most emotional rides I've ever taken in film. This trailer sucks by a billion miles.

  7. I only discovered this movie whilst looking for movies to watch on netflix. Since that day I am so glad I discovered this. Been watching it non stop.

  8. Umm.. Why does everyone think "Drive" starring Ryan Gosling is so good? Try the original "Drive" with Mark Dcascos and Kadeem Hardison.
    Anyway, must dash – I'm a real techie who's watched films no-one else has got so I'm off to watch StarWars – We Lost This Time….

  9. Don't watch the TRAILER,just watch the movie,believe me! And btw,after you watch this one,i recommend the movie called "Baby Driver" as well. Also don't watch the trailer for Baby Driver either 🙂

  10. This is a very hip film if you're a fan of driving and city roads but it's also a nifty exposition on the life of an underworld character and Ryan Gosling is excellent(!). I like how this film captures an American fascination with danger-couture. Reminds me of Godard and Gus Van Sant.

  11. I'm sorry but this is a chick flick. I remember seeing the trailer at the Movies years ago and thought "swwweeettt". Just watched it and I was like "WTF, it's a chick flick"….

  12. I love this movie. First movie I saw twice in the movie theaters back in 2011.
    In college, i wrote an essay about the book in one class, and an essay about the movie in another class. I got A’s on both.
    I own the Blu-Ray, the book, and the OST. This movie was awesome and still holds ups today. I hope future generations realize what a classic it is.

  13. Stop watching the trailer NOW! Seriously, don't. it spoils way too much and ruins the experience. Go watch the movie, it's beautiful. But by all means avoid this trailer.

  14. This really is the last best movie i have seen recently, not much dialogue, mostly facial expressions which really gives you a feel of how the character feels. The music selection went soo incredibly well with the all the scenes. I still listen to Kavinsky “Nightcall” when im driving late at night. Amazing movie 20 out of 10

  15. This movie is over rated .. pointless movie,not much car scene I don't know why they name it drive,not much dialogue Ryan hardly spoken 10-20 words in the whole movie,..this movie is not a gem not a must see …
    Watch BABY DRIVER It's so much better than this..

  16. Everyone below on the comments seemed to like the movie. But to me, it really screws up when the protagonist starts to show himself up as a killer/ghoulish person. Since that moment the movie sucks, before that it was great.

  17. This trailer is just too bad for that good movie, that's the first thing, the second, I am so damn glad I didn't see the trailer because it bassicaly spoils the whole movie

  18. Instant classic! Fabulous movie with the amazing music track! Just amazing! One of the best movies ever if you are a car guy and like obscure synth tracks. 10 out of 10!

  19. I can't watch trailers beforehand anymore, they give away the entire movie! So glad I went into this movie blind.

  20. Lot of people complaining about the trailer, although it did give away a lot of the movie fortunately it didn't show the spoiler where his parachute doesn't open in the final scene.

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