Drugstore Sushi Recall | The Daily Show

Drugstore Sushi Recall | The Daily Show

If you just bought
a tray of sushi from a drugstore
or a gas station and you’re about to put
one of those pieces in your mouth, wait. There’s something
you need to watch first. Ready-to-eat sushi,
salad and spring rolls are being voluntarily recalled over fears
of listeria contamination. The Fuji Food Products are sold in 31 states
and Washington, D.C. They were shipped
to several different retailers, including Trader Joe’s,
7-Eleven and Walgreens. Their products are packed
in plastic with most have sell-by dates of November 22 to December 6. Fuji says consumers
should throw out any of the food
in their possession. Okay, now you can put it
in your mouth. Yeah. No, because, I mean,
let’s be honest. If you bought sushi
at a drugstore, you don’t care if it’s poison.
I mean… Health warnings are not
for people like you, my friend. Like, I’m not surprised that 7-Eleven sushi
is not top quality. I mean, they sell it
in a 42-ounce cup. What did you expect? I don’t risk my health on this. Like, my rule for sushi
is simple: if you can’t see
the person making it, you should not be eating
the sushi. All right? It’s the same reason
I don’t adopt kids. All right? If I wasn’t there
to see you being born, how do I know you’re not just
a raccoon in a baby costume? I’m not getting tricked again. I’ve been fooled once! (laughter) I also feel bad for
the health department officials who have to enforce this rule, ’cause they’re gonna go
into the convenience store like, “I’m afraid your 7-Eleven sushi
has gone bad.” And clerk’s gonna be like,
“And?” “No, I mean, the sushi here
could be making people sick.” “Your point is?” Although I do get why
drugstores sell sushi. It makes sense.
‘Cause they have a pharmacy. They’re just trying
to sell more penicillin. Yeah. Plus, it’s good in case
laxatives are out of stock. Yeah. You’d be like,
“Sorry, we’re out of ex-lax, but have you tried
our spicy crab roll? Yeah?” And, honestly, I-I admire people who go to drugstores
to buy sushi. Yeah, because forget
bungee jumping. You guys are
the real thrill-seekers. Yeah. “I got a business meeting
in 40 minutes, “and I don’t know
where the nearest bathroom is. Let’s do this! Yeah!”

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  1. Food workers are NOT SUSHI CHEFS. Trader Joe's, SAM, ROUSE'S, WHOLE FOOD cooks are pretty much cafeteria cooks and not high end chefs. Eat their sushi at your own risk.

  2. I think the price of proper sushi is why there is sushi being sold in drugstores. A few peaces of quality sushi (even from a food court restaurant), could end up being the same price as a large pizza. This might be the way they came up with to get affordable sushi to the masses, idk just a thought.

  3. I'm going to produce a film called >Soylent Sushi<, and I'm looking to crowdfund it. It's all about a future scenario in which specialized sparkling trucks dispatched by the PlanetEarth Government collect expired sushi from the garbage containers of world's gas stations and drug stores, and in huge, centralized processing plants turn the fouling food and plastic boxes into belly-filling wafers, which are marketed as "Soylent Sushi — Scandalously Scrumptious". Of course the zombified human consumers of 2035 don't realize what's going on, and as long as the wafers stay cheap and readily available to the hungry masses, no one will complain. But one day, a surly New York Post journalist and his smoking-hot EPA girlfriend start asking questions about the meaning of the term "soylent", and their questions lead them on a trail of a dark conspiracy and wild profiteering. The discoveries they make will cause your stomach to turn and question your own humanity. Would anybody out there consider investing in my film?

  4. So I'm not from America and I don't know much about these shops/drugstores, but my beloved Trevor is coming across as condescending, which is very unusual for him. Usually he's on the side of the downtrodden who can't always afford sushi that's being made right in front of you!

  5. I love that some of you are saying that is what you get from gas station sushi… you forgot that it is also the same crap at Trader Joe's. That is ok, Trevor seemed to forget as well. He needs to be questioning food sources for overpriced 'hip' stores ha ha

  6. If you eat convenience store sushi or tuna sandwiches sold from vending machines, then you deserve what you get.

  7. Drug stores and gas stations sell sushi? Not here friends. Broasted chicken, brats, beer, hunting and fishing licenses in ours lol. Frozen Tundra territory!
    ♥️ Wisconsin🦡Badgers♥️

  8. When i was a kid i bought sushi at the supermarket because i was curious. I thought i hated sushi until i got to high school and tried sushi at a nice sushi restaurant.

  9. That Trader Joe’s thing caught me off guard I believe the parent company is Aldi , I didn’t think they rebranded a TJs, but the sushi had to come from some where unless TJs has sushi chefs fishing and working 24/7 …another one of life’s mysteries I guess

  10. I once got sick from sushi I bought at an airport. People often ask: "Airport sushi? WTF were yoo thinking?" Here's the thing, I'm a vegetarian and my options were McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, yada yada yada, airport sushi. So naturally I chose the sushi. My thinking was, "its just cucumber rolls, it might taste a little weird, but there are no animal products, so I should be okay." Yeah, so now I won't eat sushi from a package ever again.

  11. I refused to try sushi until I moved closer to the ocean lol Imagine the gas station sushi in the middle of the country…

  12. Raw animal products should not be allowed to be sold in packages on a shelf. Cooking and processing kills bacteria. Raw food grows it.

  13. Ohhh Trader Joes sushi is the only crap sushi i buy cuz when im on a day cation in the big city its the cheapest meal in town.

  14. Every person in these comments who are all "eww I would NEVER eat sushi from a store" have also never survived off food stamps and food banks. Some of us can't afford to eat out but still love sushi, and while I'd never buy it from a 7-Eleven or Walgreens (they are WAY too expensive), I have only EVER eaten sushi from a Safeway, Trader Joe's, or whoever takes my SNAP card. You eat where you can afford, dude.

  15. Only prepackaged sushi I eat is at Publix they have someone on site making them daily. If you go around lunch you can get it pretty fresh.

  16. I watched a Chubby Emu video about a guy who almost died from gas station sushi and thought this cannot be real. 7/11’s hot dogs and nachos are sketchy enough but SUSHI??

  17. Baka gaijin lol. The reason the Japanese can eat raw fish is because the temperature has to be meticulously controlled. There are parasites in certain types that can be fatal.

    People dumb enough to buy sketchy sushi probably shouldn't reproduce so maybe we just let Darwin do his thing?

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