“Drunk People” – Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

“Drunk People” – Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

Oh my God yeah! But again if you’re going to drink, just
be careful you guys… Ya know, some of you can handle… Some can’t I got kicked out of a bar… On Saint
Patrick’s Day I was performing at the bar… How do I get thrown out, right? Ya know, I’m having fun, people are giving me free drinks Here have another drink! I’m like woooooo! I started pissing off
the management and the owners Of this Irish place that I was at, right? The bartender’s like ‘Hey Buddy!’ Relax… Are you ok? You having a good time? I was so drunk I did this… I’m having a great time People around me… Oh my God, are you Irish? I was like Aye! Like, what part of Ireland are you from? Uh, downtown… Are you here by yourself? Oh no, I’m not here by myself Donkey! Now if you’re not laughing, you need to get out more often Cause that’s a funny joke That’s hysterical Ask a 10 year old, they’ll tell you… That’s funny! I did that joke one night in Memphis
Tennessee And some guy thought he knew why it was funny And he was way off but he
confronted me outside… All drunk… Hey, you! Fluffy! I’m like what?! Com’ere Nuh uh, you mere… And he walks over and he’s like I have to tell you,
your show was hysterical I damn near wet myself when you said ‘Donkey!’ My friend Roy didn’t laugh so I had to explain it to him And he thinks I’m wrong but i
know I’m right Could just set the record straight? friends okay look Sure
What did you tell your friend? Ok look here… I told him the reason why it’s funnier than hell that you said ‘donkey’ Is cause you’re Mexican And you people right donkey’s! Normally I would have been all over this
guy But two things… One, I was in Memphis, Tennessee No support And two, the guy was drunk I just don’t
deal with drunk people man, nuh uh When it comes to drinking and women Ladies, when you go
out… Make sure you take one guy with you You need to take one guy Even if he’s
‘Oh my God’ You need one… Cause a group of you get together There’s always one
girl who will elect herself The team captain, right? Try to rally the troops Get everybody
together you know Ok look! Check it out… This is a… Shut up! Ok look, this is what’s going to happen… We’re going to take my car, so leave your car My car Leave your car… Ready? Ready Let’s go They get in the car… They get to the club…

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  1. Sounded more Scottish than Irish to me.
    Irish has the soft burring r, and more sing-songy accent.
    Maybe the harder one to imitate

  2. Actually when you think about it what the guy say makes sense because 🤔
    Putting on a fake Scottish/Irish accent but then he says where’s the donkey would be a traditional Mexican thing so it’s like he is lying saying he’s one thing but then does something that typically would be part of the Mexican culture witch is what he really is not Irish .
    Kinda like if he was cowboy and was putting on a pirate accent saying he was a Pirate then says Yes let me go get on my horse instead of boat.

    When you think about it that way and add in he said it was an old dude who probably had never sen shrek its not actually as far fetched and assumption to come to from the joke

  3. Hey bro thank you for your videos I like all your comedy it's really awesome thank you man and have a good day bro

  4. you are a funny guy in various what's all the jokes that you said especially the ones that with two girls in the car

  5. Like my comment then i will change the comment so people dnt know why the comment has so many likes
    We need 2000

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