Dui Rupaiyan – New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2076 | Nischal Basnet, Asif Shah, Buddhi Tamang & Menuka

Dui Rupaiyan – New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2076 | Nischal Basnet, Asif Shah, Buddhi Tamang & Menuka

. Guess how much this house costs! Around 40-50 millions? 40-50 millions? It costs 150 millions, at least! You have no idea! Why do you ask if you already know? Hey, The owners have a daughter too, don’t they? She’s already married! – Even if she isn’t…
– What’s wrong with you? She’s fair-skinned! But you are dark-skinned! Shit-head! Do you know what will be born
if you two were to get married? What? Zebra! Zebra…? Black and white!
Black and white!
Black and white! And maybe you’ll have a hairy monkey! Of course we are bad guys
but we play it honestly. But you play foul on honesty? Huh? I don’t like people who change
colors like a chameleon. May I come in boss? Judde.. …tell him In our business one mistake means the game is over!! We go to the border-side
and meet the Indian party They will give us the package, we take the package and…. We go to the border-side, we take the package from the Indian-party, we deliver the package here and we… Oh, yes, yes! We give them the ‘2 Rupees Note’
I forgot to say it! Hey, boys! Do you understand everything? Yes, sir! What did you understand? One mistake and the game is over! He always preaches us,
as if we are parrots! One miss, game finish!
One miss, game finish! As if we don’t know it! Bloody old man, freaks the hell out of me! Knock it off! Maybe old man’s boss says the same to him. One miss, game finish! Look, there’s your Munni. She has such an amazing body! How hot she is! I’ll take a nice selfie with her! Wait and watch. Hey, listen. What? Say my ‘Hello’ to her! Fuck off! One selfie please? Hey, hey, hey! Shit! Phone ran out of charge! You ask for money with us,
we are regular around here! I can’t… You ask for money with your brothers? The owner doesn’t like
it this way. So, I can’t! There’s no monetary transaction
in brother-hood, is there? Forget about it! I had taken a nice selfie but couldn’t upload. Phone ran out of charge! You take pictures all day,
so what do you expect? Fuck off! I had taken such an amazing selfie with Munni.. But, phone got lost! We will buy another one,
why do you worry? We will buy it once we get the money! Its embarrassing to get robbed in front of Munni! Your Munni is also the same! This mere 2 rupees holds such a power! Turns a dumb fate to worth billions! I’ll take a selfie with this 2 rupees
note that worths millions! Give it to me! Asshole! We won’t take it today.. I will stab those fuckers! Says he’ll stab, everyday! As if he has a guts to. Talking about guts brother, it
feels like stabbing both at once! You always stop me brother.
That’s why I can’t do anything! If you wouldn’t stop me I’d… Knock it off! – Keep quiet! You’re irritating!
– (I’d have beaten him harshly!) (Sings: Dynamite in the heart…) – What are you doing?
– I’m not going to catch your fly! I want to take some pictures! Bandwagon without a festive!! Hey, look here! You shameless! What are you doing? It’s called ‘Self-pee’ you stupid! Is it? – Asshole!
– Hey, make a call to Mandal. Ok, Ok! Same place, same time! What are you doing? Slowly, patient may get hurt! Namaskar! I’m Prameshower. Ambulance driver! This patient has diabetes as well. The patient once had had a seizure as well. The bill will surely be north
of three hundred thousands! So, what’s my share? What? Another hospital pays me 5 at least! Tell me if you’d give me 8 or I’ll got to the other side! Confirm it right now! Okay then, I’ll come! It was fun! Namaskar! I’m Prameshower. Ambulance driver. I have a serious case! The bill will surely be north
of three hundred thousands! Didn’t you just confirm a hospital?
Why do you have to call the next one? – Why do you hurry?
– The patient is getting serious! I’m contacting the nearest hospital! Please try to understand! That wasn’t for you! Listen to me sir, The other hospital agrees to pay me 8 tell me if you’re willing to give me 10. Contact me ASAP then! Father! I got doomed on the very start! Look at this rice! Look at the Dal(lentil soup) Is this the size of Papad? Wait! Hello, what’s with this Papad? Is this the original size? Do you need something? I’m wondering how would I eat this
and you’d like to add some more? Food was quite good the other day what’s wrong with it today? Are you new? So, you must be the one
who cooked this food, isn’t it? So, you suppose you’re to be
treated with a special meal? Why not? Go and get me some chillies! Amazing people! Why would
you come if you can’t eat? What? She seems hotter than chillies! Why not eat then? Srijana Yes madam! Listen! Yes! Stay on the counter for a while,
I’ll be upstairs and back! Sure! What? Fuck off! Hey! – What wrong?
– What? Fuck off! Where were you all these days? Don’t you miss me? I wouldn’t miss you?
What are you talking? Listen! I missed you a lot last night, It felt good and then I slept! Got it? Asshole! What? Shameless! Even your spit tastes good to me! Open it. What is it brother? Open it! Take it out! What is this, brother? Horse! Can you ride it? Speak up! Can you ride it? Come on brother! Why do we kill anyone without a reason? And, danger from the police? Let’s just get our work done! So, are you afraid? I’m done with earning petty cash! What did we get from all these years of decency? I have got a plan! I’ve eaten too much! Please don’t feel bad! Uncle! What? Didn’t you promise to bring me some lollipops? You’re the owner of this hotel, and also the son of an ASP but aren’t you ashamed to ask for candies? – So, you want lollipops?
– Yes! Do you remember the guy who came with me? That plumber uncle? Yes! Go upstairs! He has lollipops. Go. Who’s your best actor? Dayahang Rai! Where are you heading miss, on such make-over? I just had a bath! What soap did you use? Do you think I’d use a soap to take a bath? I used a shampoo! I love shampoo! Mommy! Maybe its done now! Please check it! I think its fixed! Oh! Uncle, I heard that you have a
lollipop. Please give it to me! What? Lollipop? No! I don’t have a lollipop! Dear boy, hand me my jacket.
I have money in it! Hey, This kid has no manners! Male kids never really have
manners! Leave him alone. Go there! Uncle! Lollipop! Didn’t I tell you not to put the photograph
of this Police Head Constable over here? He’s an ASI! Look at his face he looks like a Head Constable! How is one supposed to pay
for such an tasteless meal? Is this your in-laws’ place to serve you for free? So, that means I should extend my relations? Not funny! Look at your face! What’s wrong with it? – I think I’m quite handsome!
– Srijana, where’s madam? You don’t know how to look and.. She’s gone upstairs! This is for you! Where did he come from? He’s gonna kill him! Hey! Would you give a bit of
your shampoo to me also? I’d also like to take a shower! Nope! I won’t! Take it off! Come on, take it off, please! Open it, Maya! Open it! Maya! – What? Has he come back on the mid-day?
– Who has come? Your dad! – Get out from here, hurry up!
– Maya! Go! Maya! Where would I go? Get out from the window! Maya! Open up! Hurry up! Get out from the window! Get out! Go, go! Come on, hurry up! Why so late, Maya? Because… I was changing clothes, that’s why! It’s okay! No problem! A present for you! – What’s this?
– I got paid today. You go and take a shower! What? Go! What’s the catch on the mid-day? Oh, yes! Maya! What did you just throw? – What did you just throw?
– Nothing! I haven’t thrown anything! Step aside! What are you doing? Hey, Stop! Go, go! Hurry up! Ba-65 Pa-83 59 Wait and watch! Wow! What a plan you’ve made my brother! We’ll shoot those fuckers right after
we get the 2 Rupees Note from them! The whole package will be ours! But, what will it seem like? That two of them made a mistake and
somebody robbed and killed them! I salute you my brother! And, afterwards…. I’ll go to visit Sunny Leone’s home! Shut up! Every suspicion will come over us if we
ever get distracted from our regular job! Understood? Can’t you ride properly? Hey, Mandaley give me the keys! I said give me the keys! Your face is also like… I’m having a bad day today! I failed to eat the prey about my mouth! What’s so bad about your day? He got the flower but couldn’t manage to suck the
nectar. He’s the one having the bad day Mandaley! Hey, why do you call me Mandaley? What? My name is Prameshower Prasad Mandal, understood? Prameshower Prasad Mandal? Yes! Is it a name or a band? – Hurry up!
– Hey, Don’t you need the money? How would I let go! Hey, Listen up! Now what? What would you take my ambulance for? We tour the night, with siren on! You got the money, right? Then fuck off! Go! Hey, step aside! Ba-65 Pa 8359 Right! That’s the number! They haven’t been far! Arrest them anyhow, by any means! And, contact me right after! They have arrived, brother! You remember the plan, don’t you? Salute, sir! What’s up? Why don’t they get off? Did you hand-over the package? Yes, sir! The package has been
delivered! You don’t have to worry! When? About 15 minutes ago, please don’t worry about it! Hello Bhaiya Ji! Didn’t your pet monkey come today? Note! I’m giving! What? I’ve got my pants torn again! Is it because the pants is quite tight? Where’s it? I kept it here only! Hey, what happened? I kept that 2 Rupees Note here
only but I can’t find it now! – Hey, what happened?
– I can’t find the note! Just a minute, Bhaiya Ji! I kept it here, but its not in here now! What are you saying? It must
be in there if you kept in there! I’ve checked it, its not in there! – What do you mean you can’t
find the note? Check it properly!
– It’s not in there! – Maybe its in your pocket!
– How would it be with me? Didn’t he give it to you? Hey! What’s going on? We’ve got a small problem! He has lost the note there! What? Nothing! We’ll just go and get the note to you! – So, you don’t have the note?
– Why don’t you give us the package now? Have you gone crazy? Bhai Ji, please listen to me! We made a mistake this time.
Please give us the package now. We’ll give you the 2 Rupees note the
next time we come! Won’t that work? You won’t get the package if you haven’t got the note! Haven’t you got the idea how the business works? – We do know how it works!
– What will we answer the boss? These fuckers are playing our own game! Shut up, you asshole! Bhaiya Ji, how long have we been doing the business together? Had there been any mistake till the date? We got into a problem today! We’ll give you the note when we come next
time. Please hand-over the package to us! Shut up! Please give us the package! So, you don’t have the note? Do you think we are mad like you?
Are we here to lawn the grasses? – Bhaiya Ji!
– Shut up! Listen carefully, both of you! I’ll give you one more day! Come back tomorrow with the note and take the package! Bhaiya Ji, please don’t say so! – Shut up!
– We’ll get into a problem! We’ll get into a problem, Bhaiya Ji!
Please give us the package. Shut up! Get the note first and then you’ll get the package! Get moving now! Why doesn’t he understand? Did you bring us here to get scolded? Couldn’t you handle a single note? Did you get the job done?
Was there any problem? Isn’t this your lover’s phone? He’s hung-up the call! They can’t dare to do so. Call the another one! Hey, stop! – Namaskar!
– Namaskar! Where are you from? I’m enjoying the evening breeze, sir! You’re paying quite an attention on my motorcycle! – So, you’re enjoying the breeze?
– Yes! Yes! Let’s go, I’ll let you enjoy the breeze inside the cell! Just a moment! What did I do, sir? – I’ve got all the papers and I’m not drunk!
– Come along! – Why do you talk much?
Do you need a nice slap?
– Wait a moment! So, are we going back brother? Have you gone crazy? How could we go back? I’ve informed the boss! The package has been delivered! If we go back without the note
then both of us will get killed! You can’t handle a single note! Where did you lose it? How can you loose it like this? Search your pockets again! Don’t you know how important that note was? I lost it! What can I do now? Did I loose it willingly? I’m shivering off the terror! Shivering off? And, the boss thinks as if he’s the only dependable one! He gave you the note! So, why did I need to mug it up like a parrot? Maybe its in your pocket. Search it! Get off your hands! You asshole, you act smart with a beard like a jungle? Take that, fucker! You fucking informant for the boss! Asshole! You act smart in a skinny jeans and boots? Fucker, I also can kick back! You want a fight, asshole? You freaking bearded one! Why do I always have to eat that rotten
meal in exchange for your love? It hurts, dude! You’re the one who plows ad I’m to be your scarecrow? You take the enjoyment And, I’m the one to buy lollipops? Lollipop? Fuck off! Lollipop! Lollipop! What? That kid took the money from me to buy the lollipop! He surely has the money! Why are you getting happy? That kid probably has already spent the money! Hey, It’s not a 500 or 1000 Rupees Note to travel in lightening speed It’s a 2 Rupees note! What’s the value of 2 Rupees note these days? It hasn’t gone any far, we will surely find it! Hello! Your boys haven’t come to me yet! Package should have already been delivered! They haven’t come to me yet! What will Boss and Judde do to us? Just think about it once. What? We will have to get killed if we stay here only! Let’s get going! Let’s go to search the note! Listen Srijana, I’ve told you enough! Pay attention! I need every information on her! Sure! Got it? Yes! What did you understand? I’m supposed to call you. Good! Call me! Okay! Hey! He’s gone now! Get going! Let’s go! Was it my mistake? You go. I’ll go if you won’t! Hey, Where’s Maya? – Why did you come here?
You should go right now!
– Where’s Maya? – I’m asking where’s Maya?
– Don’t even try to meet her, just go from here! Hey, Maya! – Why did you come here?
– Listen! Please call the kid. – You go from here.
– Please call that kid! – The kid has an important thing of mine.
– I’m going to call him.
– Why? What’s that? – The kid has an important thing of mine.
– Just go from here. Why don’t you understand? – My important…
– What’s that? Are you talking about your phone? He’s taken with him. Thanks god, that display got cracked! Go! – Why don’t you understand?
– Its not the phone! – The kid has got my money!
– What money are you talking about? Have you gone crazy? Look at me! Do you want same to happen to you? Did he beat you? – I did ask you to elope with me!
– Enough of that! You couldn’t dare to when there was a
chance. No need to play a saint now! – Maya!
– Just go from here. Maya! – I’ve already dialed the number.
– You, shut up! Call that kid! Go from here! Go Go Just go! And, listen up! Never come back here! Didn’t find it! What? What are we supposed to do now? Speak up! Let’s get going from here! We’ll talk later. Good morning boss! The package hasn’t been delivered yet! Find out what boys are doing! Both of their phones are switched off! I haven’t done anything wrong sir! I only got a little amount commission, sir! Is that called ‘Commission’? Sir! Sir! Sir! I got it at the hospital, out of kindness sir! Even in hospital? Now tell me, since when are you getting
the commission from my home? I didn’t really know that you have a patient at your home sir! You saw a patient in there? My god! Look at his face! She’s after him? Quite right sir! I’ve not got a handsome face. I’m not handsome like you are! Loud mouth! Hey, Kid! Where are you going? Dubai! Can’t you see, I’m flying on a jet-plane? Mannerless kid! – You want a beating?
– Let it be! Boy, come with us! I’ll buy you chocolates! Nope! You won’t even have to go to the school if you come with us! – Really?
– Yes! Let’s go! Boy You had taken money from my pocket, right? There was a 2 Rupees note in there. Please tell me where did you spend it? Please tell me where did you spend it? There! Please buy me that! Shit! You want him to buy this and that, who is he? Your father? Why are you yelling at him? Is he your child? – Will you answer or shall I take
out everything you’ve eaten?
– It hurts! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! It hurts! I’ll tell you! Which one? This one? Brother, do you know this kid? Which one, sir? This one! Of course! He’s such a naughty kid! He steals things in a blink of an eye! Don’t touch it! He must have paid you with a 2 rupees note Please give us the 2 rupees note,
I’ll give you 10 rupees in return! 10 rupees in return? If you are willing to pay 10 rupees for a 2 rupees
note you can take all 2 rupees notes I have, sir! This is all I have! Which is the one that works for us? Tell me where’s your other friend? Other friend? I have no other friends, I’m alone sir! – I promise!
– You say you don’t have other friend? He kicked me here! – Tell me!
– I don’t have a friend! – I promise!
– Sir, he was alone! There must be a photograph of your other friend in here. I’ll beat him as well. He kicked me here and I’ll strike him here! Asshole! Is this the one? Or is it this one? Or this one? Hey, listen Can’t we give them all of these notes?
One of them must obviously be the one! One of them must obviously be the one? Are you out of your mind? If you give him all these notes he will
split all your head and limbs on the altar! Don’t you know how dangerous he is? Am I a lamb to split my head and limbs on the altar? No matter what he will chop all off your body! Use your head! – Dumb!
– And you’re the smart one! Oh my uncle, you’re the one who’s smart! Okay? Now use your smart mind to find the 2 rupees note! This is an unbearable pressure! Shit! Selfie! – Let’s take a selfie!
– Hey, have you gone mad? – Let’s take a selfie!
– Hey, have you gone mad? Hands off! I had taken a selfie yesterday,
with that 2 rupees note! – Let’s take a selfie!
– Selfie, selfie, selfie! Now selfie saves the life! – Now selfie saves the life!
– Let’s take a selfie! – Now selfie saves the life!
– Let’s take a selfie! – Now selfie saves the life!
– Take out your phone! Take out your mobile phone,
the photograph is in it! Come on, take out your phone! I don’t have! – Where’s it then?
– I’ve lost it! What are you saying? I dropped it at Maya’s place! She says he couldn’t see anything
because the display cracked! But, that Head Constable took the phone! Take that for your affair! Keep going back for her! We may get killed due to your affair! He doesn’t understand a thing! Listen! Yes, sir! Repair this and bring it back! Sure sir! He may have taken explicit photographs with Maya! Hey, listen! Yes, sir! Give it back to me! I myself will go and repair it! I would have done it! This case is quite serious! – Keep an eye on him!
– Sure sir! What did you do? The man is so angry! I myself am confused! Nice to meet you! – You’re quite a dancer!
– You also! (Sings: – Child of King Cobra!) – You are an avid dancer, Mr. Inspector!
– Thank you! So, you are the one, asshole? Do fast! What are yo doing? – Tie with a rope!
– You guys won’t be spared! – Let me out!
– Tie him! I’ll show you who am I. Let me out! – Hey!
– Let’s get going! Let’s throw him here! Such a short man is also quite heavy! Run! Run! Run! Run or we will get killed! . Hey, Judde just messaged! ‘You guys are dead now!’ He says he’s going to kill us! – What’s gonna happen?
– Give it to me!
Nothing’s gonna happen! I’ve found the number We’ll give the note and get the package. The old man will do nothing
if we deliver the package! Check if the number matches. Hurry up! Check it! Which one is it? Check the one that starts from 8 This one starts from 3 This also isn’t the one! 8…… This also isn’t the one! This also isn’t the one! It isn’t here? Hey, smile! Is this the right time to smile? Numbers don’t match! And you would like to smile on such a time? Hey! – Bhaiya Ji is calling!
– Answer it! Hello, Bhaiya Ji Where are you guys? Don’t you know that we can’t stay here for long? Did you find the note? Bhaiya Ji, we didn’t find the note but
we did find its photograph, will it work? You fucking assholes!
Are you guys crazy? You found the photo right?
Take a picture of the package also! Listen to me carefully, we aren’t fooling
around here! Do you understand it? – I’ll cut you into pieces if
you don’t bring the note!
– Bhai Ji, Bhai Ji! He hung up without listening to me! Did you see them around here? Hey bro, Untie me! Brother Untie me! Hurry up! Untie me! Hurry up!
Its hard to breathe in here! I’m a policeman! Hey brother! Why are you running?
Come on untie me, brother! Hey, Judde is calling! -Discard it!
– Should I? What would you say by answering it? Discard it! These petty notes have tortured so much! I’m going crazy for that 2 rupees note! Hello sir, do you need petty notes? Yes! Do you know the temple? Just by that temple there are stalls You can get petty notes as much as you like! Everybody around here goes there
to get the petty cash they need! How much? How many times can he call? He doesn’t know about our problem! Doesn’t he have any other tasks to do? He keeps on calling! What are you doing?
What’s that pout for? I will dismiss his call now! Judde? Receive the call, you asshole! Hello! The signal seems weak, Judde! Where’s the package? We haven’t got the package yet! Why are you lying to me? We aren’t lying! We lost the 2 rupees
note, so we didn’t get the delivery! Shouldn’t you have called, assholes? Phone also got lost! So, is this a banana? We just found this phone! Lying again? You want a fight? Take that, asshole! Hey, don’t fight!
Listen to me! I didn’t come here to listen to you! You’d like a fight then? Why should we run? Hey! This way! Run, Run, Run! Run this way! Take that! Good job! I did a good job this time! Hey, fucking assholes! Hey, take him out! Hey, get up! Come on, walk! Sir! Let him go! – Should I?
– Yes, let him go! Go! – Are you sure you want me to go, sir?
– Yes! Get the fuck off! Sure sir! Go! Go! Sir Key for the motorcycle! Shut up! Okay, Namaskar! -Hey!
– Yes, sir! I want every details of where he goes,
whom he meets, and everything! Sure, sir! Where did you bring all these from? That uncle with beard bought it for me! So, you’d take anything anyone gives? – What are you doing, sister?
– I’ll complain this to dad! So, you can do whatever you like? – What are you doing? Don’t beat him!
– You are crying now? You want to cry? Stop it! Go upstairs with your things! Okay? Okay? Why were you beating your own son? He’s not my son! What does that mean? All this happened due to my father! Everybody was cheated by the overseas
agency my father used to work for! Everybody blamed my father! I’m buying back the loan I
got to bail out my father! I too had dreams! That I’ll marry the man I love That I’ll have my own home
and family for happiness. I ended up becoming a step-mother
and the owner of this hotel. My body is aching! Hey What? Dear boy, please call your father! Who did you call ‘Boy’? He seems to be the father of the ‘Boy’ Boy Hey brother, listen to me! They say that you’d get petty cash for exchange here! We are in search for a special 2 rupees note! Please help us find it! Nope, its closing time! Hit the road! Brother, please help us find it! We’re in a grave danger, please help us find it! It’s not here, didn’t you listen to me? Come on! It should be here.
It won’t take long! Fuck off! Brother, listen to me!
You help us find that 2 rupees note.. I’ll give you 5,000 rupees, okay? Agreed? Nope! What? Listen, I’ll give you 10,000 rupees! Please help us find it!
We are in problem! It’s getting late and we are in grave danger! – Come on, help us!
– Can’t you hear me, its not in here! Just go away! Does anybody else give you 10,000
rupees for a 2 rupees note? Forget about this 5,000 and 10,000! I’ll give
you 100,000! Just help us, will you? Come on agree now! Wait a minute, I’ll make a call! Who will give us such a big amount? Will he help us find if we don’t pay him? – Don’t we have to search?
– How will you pay, then? Do you have 100,000 rupees? We’re broke
and you brag about such a big amount!! Are you dumb or crazy? Now don’t shout! We’ll find a way out! Will you help us? Yes, but we have to go to Jhimrik brother’s house! Who’s Jhimrik? Please search now. We are in problem And, its getting late! Hey, brother! Come on, take longer steps.
When will we reach this way? Can’t you see I’m walking?
Just keep walking! – Hello!
– Where are you guys? I can’t reach you even if I
try to call a thousand times! My phone isn’t reachable, what can I
do about that? What do you want? I need my ambulance back! Stop talking shit, we aren’t done with
work. I’ll give you back tomorrow! Tomorrow? I need my ambulance right now! Don’t you understand? We aren’t done with
the vehicle! I’ll bring it back tomorrow! – Now stop calling!
– What happened now? Hey, let’s carry him! Yes sir! You haven’t delivered the
package yet? What’s going on? No sir, we’ve already delivered it! Then where’s the package? We did our part of the work.
We have no idea about the rest sir! We are coming back! What did he say brother? Nothing! Just eat your meal! – Can I say something, brother?
– Bark! Let’s say, they don’t have the note.
What will happen brother? We won’t have our head
remaining on our shoulders! Stop being hyper imaginative and eat your food! Infuriates me! Take Hariya, eat some sweets! Forgive me brother, I don’t want to eat sweet! – You don’t want to eat sweets?
– Nope brother! I don’t want! – You don’t want to eat sweets
given to you by Jhmrik brother?
– Nope, brother! Hey Raghu, he doesn’t want to eat sweets
given to you by Jhmrik brother? Hey Pesel, he doesn’t want to eat sweets
given to you by Jhmrik brother? Hey, eat that sweet! It will be easier for you! Please brother, forgive me!
I’ll give you back your money! Shut up! For how long did you borrow the money? For 2 months brother! – Did you pay it back?
– Nope, brother! Didn’t I extend 10 more days? It was a grave mistake brother. Please forgive me! – Did you pay it back then?
– Nope, brother! Then you must eat this sweet! – I promise brother. I’ll pay back your money!
– Hey, who’s Jhmrik brother? – Hey, keep quiet!
– Please let me go brother! That won’t work! Please! I’m bound to, Hariya! You must eat it! Please forgive me brother, I’ll suerly
return your money back. I promise! Stop this bullshit! Hands off! He seems to be compelled!
Let’s eat it instead! – Please let me go brother!
– You should eat the sweet! I don’t want to eat it! You must! Would you like to eat it? Hey, doctor! What was the dose? You can tranquilize 4 elephants with dose! You’re supposed to add a small amount only! It should be satisfying to both parties.
The one being tranquilized
and the ones on the audience! Bugger! – Get off it!
– Brother, the vehicle hasn’t arrived yet! – What?
– The vehicle! Then make a call! – Sure, brother!
– Do you expect me to do everything? Hurry, clean this mess up! I salute you, Jhmrik brother! Hi, Shikhar! Come along! Namaste! Please be seated! Where? Here? Be seated! Come on, sit down! So, tell me what am I supposed to do? We’ve lost our 2 rupees note. So, maybe brother… I know it! Tell me one thing… Why are you paying 100,000
rupees for a 2 rupees note? What’s so special about it? It was the last token from his mother! Please help us to find it! It was the last belonging of my mother, brother! She wanted me to keep it safe while on her death-bed! Nowadays, she comes to my dreams and she cries and scolds me For not being able to keep that 2 rupees note safe! Jhimrik brother, I love my mother a lot! – Take that!
– Mother! He made a mistake but it’s
become my trouble as well! It’s the last token from my father! I keep it safe by hanging it by my neck! But, you couldn’t take care of
your mother’s single belonging? Please help us find it brother! Days are going really bad since I’ve lost it! Hey, Shikhar! – Yes, brother!
– Help them out! Its about a mother’s feeling! – Help them out!
– Okay, brother! Follow me! But guys! Mother’s feeling has its own place But, 100,000 rupees, you get that!! Worry not, brother! – Is this the one?
– Nope! Do not interfere!
Can’t you see I’m working on it? Is this the one? – Not that one!
– This one? Not that one as well! – Jhmrik brother!
– Yes! We didn’t find it! Didn’t you find it? Nope, we didn’t! There’s no more if it isn’t there! What’s that? We’re searching for this very note! Why do you cry if its here only? Its here only! Why don’t you print it and hang by the wall? Photograph doesn’t work, Jhmrik brother! Mother isn’t satisfied with the
photograph. She wants the real note! Damn! Why is your mother so stubborn? What can we really do about
her stubbornness, brother? Where do I get it from if its not here? Now go, its not here! I’ve heard a lot about you, Jhmrik brother! What did you hear about me? What have I heard..? When a child cries miles away the child’s mother says, “don’t cry my child, don’t cry,” “or Jhimrik will come to get you!” I think I’ve heard it before! Its a tale about you, Jhimrik brother! You are well renowned everywhere, brother! Really? Is it so? Jhimrik brother, here is the note’s number! The note is in the market.
And, the market is yours! Who will help us if you won’t, brother? Hello, Jhimrik brother! This Jhimrik brother will help you find the note! – Okay?
– Sure! – This Jhimrik brother owns the market!
– Right brother, you own the market! – Brother!
– What? Let’s take a selfie! – Stop!
– You don’t want to? Why not? Of course we’ll take a selfie, my brothers! It looks nice! This won’t fit your body, brother! Really? Its alright! I was making it over! Photo! Hey, Chhottu! Namkar brother! – Get a tea for brother!
– No! You don’t need to! How many 2 rupees notes
do you have? Bring them all! 2 rupees? I don’t quiet understand brother’s jokes! Do you think I’m here to joke with you? Its a matter of importance.
Go and bring them all! What’s this? Money! Only this much? You can hardly find a 2 rupees notes these days.
The market is overtaken by 1,000 rupees notes! You’re smart! Hey, Basel take it! Yes! What’s the news, Judde! What’s going on, Judde? This is not a good omen! You stay there! I myself will come there! Hey, Pandit! Jhimrik! You came to a temple? Why? Are temples your private property? What would I do?
You took over our family job! It obviously was your turn! But, what can one do?
You are a hooligan! Hey, stop blabbering! I’ll take the donations even
though I couldn’t be a Pandit! Take out every 2 rupees notes you have! You wouldn’t even open your
mouth for less than a 1,000 rupees did you just descend to 2 rupees? Even a 2 rupees note that Jhimrik
wants is equal to 100,000 rupees! Understood? Hey, take out every rupees from the donation! – Discard it!
– Hey Shikhar, let’s go! Mandaley! Why do you have to call this many times? I’ve been calling you since the start of the day!
Why aren’t you receiving my call? Why do you need to know? You ask ‘why do I need?’ asshole? I need my ambulance back! I’ll give it back tomorrow!
We are having a trouble now! Is that your inherited property
from your father, you asshole? I need it right now! You asshole, why do need to drag my father
in the conversation? Hang-up the call! Hello! Hello! Asshole, you ended up my call? That asshole ended up my call! Wait and watch, you asshole! I’ll shoot a bullet right into your chest! I won’t let them live, especially that bearded one! Hey, where’s your father? Prameshower! Be seated! So, tell me what brings you here? Jamni, I need you give me your pistol! Pistol? What are you gonna do with it? Somebody is challenging this Prameshower! You do understand that Prameshower
doesn’t like to be challenged, right? Hello! Hello, sir! He’s here in a slum area, sir! He has got a pistol in his hand! What am I supposed to do?
Should I arrest him here? Why would I let him go if I were
to arrest him at this point? Don’t arrest him now! Keep track of his whereabouts! Follow him! Jay Nepal, sir! Here’s the man you were asking for! Who’s this hippie?
What did he do? Sir, he’s the painter! Raju! Oh! – Do you sketch?
– Yes sir! Good! He aborted the call, brother! Those assholes must be upto something! – Look here, this is the number in the note!
– I know it starts from 8! Look carefully, it starts from 8! It would have been better if we
hadn’t made a plan this time, brother! We would have just handed the package
to the and we wouldn’t have this problem! You dumb asshole! Did those boys gave you the note in return? – Nope!
– Then, how would you hand-over the package? Haven’t you got a mind to think? You’re right brother! Judda! They are somewhere around here, boss! I almost catched them yesterday!
But they managed an escape! – You take a rest, I’ll track them until then!
– We never had this sort of problem until now! – Do it fast!
– Okay, boss! Check the notes properly! Properly! – Jhimrik brother!
– Yes! The last note! (Prays: – Jay Mata Di) 8 8 2 2 9 9 3 3 – 4
– It’s matching! 1 It doesn’t match! It doesn’t match, Jhimrik brother! Shit! Shit! I had a dignity! Jhimrik brother! Everybody’s Jhimrik, the big-brother! You made me worth nothing by
making me search a 2 rupees note! You made me look like a begger, assholes! Hey, Pisel! They’ll have to eat the sweet! Run! – Take that!
– Hey, run! Run faster! Hey, catch them! Run, Run, Run! Run, Run, Run! Hey, stop! Stop! You made us run!
You made us run a lot! – Whose market is this?
– Your’s, Jhimrik brother’s! – Your’s, Jhimrik brother’s!
– Jhimrik brother’s! Who’s this calling? Hello! Hey boys, where are you right now? The guys you are trying to
contact are busy with Jhimrik! Please call later! Jhimrik? Who’s this Jhimrik? Sir, its ready! This is the guy! Good! Good! – Head constable!
– Yes sir! Write ‘Wanted’ over this picture And, post this everywhere, all around! How many places can I post
this single photograph, sir? Haven’t you even got a bit of a brain? Make several Xerox copies of this picture! But, what crime did he commit to
publish his picture everywhere, sir? – Sir, can I go now?
– Yes! I had a lot of dreams for life! What did I plan to live life as! And, where did we ended-up? I also had a lots of plans! That I’ll earn a massive amount of money! I wanted to earn such an amount that
even a calculator wouldn’t be able to
calculate and would show an ‘error’ sign! Each of those dreams got puffed! Our life has turned into a ‘horror’ story
but you’d dream of that ‘error’ sign? Hey, Jureli! – Jure!
– What? I’ve fot to tell you a secret! Tell me then! I wanted to finish the task as fast as possible! I had a plan to take Maya to
Kathmandu along with me! I had planned the same! You asshole, how dare you think
bad about your sister in-law? I had a plan to elope her with you, asshole! You understand more than you need! – Hey, bearder-one!
– What? I’d also like to tell you something secret! Sure! Do you remember your program in the hotel? I asked that kid to go to you,
to demand for a lollipop! Asshole, you sent him? So, all this happened because of you? And, you were blaming me as if
it happened off my mistake! Okay! Okay! I beg your pardon now!
Stop moving now. It hurts! Hey, bearded one! Would you please help me cure
the itch on my forehead? Your father will kill us, then
you’ll have your itch cured! Recognized him? You can’t hide it from me no matter
how hard you try to hide it from me! Isn’t he your boyfriend? – Sir!
– What? – What crime did he commit?
– I don’t know! I’ve heard that
he’s a dangerous criminal! A dangerous criminal? – Is there a reward on him?
– Why do you need the reward? – Have you seen him anywhere?
– Nope! I’ve never seen him, sir! Contact the police if you see him anywhere! Sure! Sure! A dangerous criminal?
What crime did you do, asshole? Huh? A dangerous criminal? Bearded one! They aren’t fit for any of our jobs now! They collaborated with Jhimrik To double-cross on me? I won’t leave them alive! I myself will kill them! Judde! Take this! Go, find them! I’d like to kill them today only! Hey, where are you? Hey! Assholes! The door is also locked! See! What they made of my princess! My lovely princess! Take it! This is for your breakfast! I won’t eat it any cost! You won’t eat it? I won’t! So, do you want bananas from a brinjal farm? We have promised you to pay
100,000 rupees for that 2 rupees note! We will give you the
money! Won’t that work? Tell us if that money isn’t enough! You assholes! You brag
about money to Jhimrik? You brag about the money? It hurts here! I’ll get the money at any cost! Your kidney, liver, I’ll sell top to bottom of your
body parts to get the money! They way you made me wander
all over the market and alleys If I had ever wandered like that
for an election campaign, I’d have
become a politician of this area! You’ll eat! You’ll suerly eat the sweets! I won’t eat it at any cost!
Shoot me instead! As you wish! Hey! Good bye, Jureli! Hey, bearded one! Hey! Hey, bearded one! Hey! He’s gone! The bearded one is gone! What will you do now? Kalia? I’ll eat it! Gone! He’s also gone! Huh! What’s wrong with this one? Clean and lubricate it! Good morning, brother! Where were you lost, asshole? I had my ambulance at the service centre!
Something is always wrong with it these days! Should I cut your kidneys out
and send it across the border? You seem to have a lot of problem
with the ambulance these days! These are the fresh bodies,
take it across the border and…. Sure, sure! – Hey, Prameshower!
– Yes, brother! Keep your ambulance in a better condition
if you’d like to work with Jhimrik brother! – Huh?
– Sure thing brother! Sure! Everybody, come and help me out! Hello! Sir! He seems to have given them a
powerful tranquilizer in that sweet! Maya! Mandal! Welcome! Welcome! I’ve saved you for my own life, understood? Be thankful that you ended-up in my vehicle! Or else your kidneys would have
transferred into other’s bodies, understood? – Hey, have they already transplanted?
– Not yet! Not yet! But, they already would have! I saved you guys! Jhimrik’s guys would come from
this side and hit the person and
he’d have ended-up on the other side! Jhimrik’s guys would come from
that side and hit the other one and
he’d have ended-up on the other side! I saved you that way! Understood? Mandal, did you get enrolled
in a drama group or what? – You’re showing up your talent!
– Tell me one thing, guys! What do you do after you take my ambulance? Alright! Don’t tell me! I’ve saved your life as if a god would have! Won’t you even tell me? Assholes, will you tell me or
should I shoot out your brain? Where did you get it? Put it down! From which toy-shop did you steal it? Shit Mandal, you act well! Hey, hey, hey! – Laugh more!
– Why did you fire?
Police will arrest you! Do you want all of us to end-up in jail? Do you think police will arrest me? Keep it down! Police will arrest you guys! Got that? Look at this! What’s this? This guy looks like you! – What’s this all about?
– He’s got it all right! What’s going on? Police wants you and Jhimrik brother
also has a problem with you! – What’s the matter?
– Put it down! Its about nothing much!
Only about a 2 rupees note! 2 rupees? Would anyone bet his life for 2 rupees? – You are lying to me again?
– Listen everything first! The matter of course is about 2 rupees! But, the game is about billions! Billions worth trade in my vehicle? And, I myself am unknown about it? Assholes! You’re billionares? And me? I’m worth nothing? What had happened with my mind? Now, I’ve found you guys! – Hey, the crazy guy has come! Run! Run!
– Where will you go even if you run? – Where will you go?
– Let’s not run, or he may shoot! Where will you run to? Every one of them are my own boys! I had a doubt, from the very start! Why would he pay 100,000
rupees for a 2 rupees note? He fooled me by saying that it
was his mother’s last token! And, this one is a cinephile He got me stuck with a phrase from ‘Soley’ movie! And, you told me the half story! And, they themselves told the other half! Hey, call your other party! And, tell him that you are
coming with the 2 rupees note! – Hey! Hey!
– Hey, sit down! Sit down and put your hands up! – Hands up!
– Have you gone crazy? You made us wait a long time! We would have killed 3-4 days ago and
taken the whole package, understood? I’d have enjoyed the rest of my life
and you’d have been blamed! This 2 rupees note saved you until now! – You planned to kill us?
– Yes, you shit-holes! You ruined everything! So, you already would have killed us if
you’d got the 2 ruppes note the other day? Yes, of course! How many
times do you have to ask? Hey, Jureli! What happend? Why are you laughing? You wish to laugh before you die? Then laugh! I’ll burry you right here! Bhaiya ji! You’d only shoot if the number matches! Check the number! Take it out! We’re safe by loosing the note! – Check it out!
– My bearded friend! So, we got saved because of that 2 rupees note! You fucked us, assholes! Take that, you fucking pet monkey! The number doesn’t match,
how will you kill us Bhaiya ji! Why did god sent you down on the earth? But, even if he sent you, why didn’t
he sent some brains in your brains? Hey, hey! Wait! Wait! Assholes! You’ll get killed if
you return without the package! And, me without the note! Hey! How will you kill with that ease? Asshole! The place is mine, locality is
mine but the trade is yours? Put the gun down! Go, take out the package! Hey! – Hey!
– Hey! Hey! Asshole! – Pesal, hold properly!
– Hey, stop! Stop! Put your gun down, you asshole! Hey! – Hey, put your gun down!
– Put it back! Put it back! Put it back! Can’t you hear what
I’m saying? Put it in! Hey, put it back! Hey, Pesal. Shoot him if he does anything! Put it back! – Hey, would you keep it in or
should I shoot you down?
– Hey, put it back, asshole! Put it back! One says put in there and other says
put it back! I won’t put it anywhere! One says put in there and other says
put it back! – Asshole! What did you just do?
– What are you trying to prove?
Didn’t all this happen because of you? You don’t have a thing to do so that
you are always running after Maya!
Come on if you want a fight! I’ll break your jaws, bearded one! – Hey, shoot!
– Let’s go there! There! What’s all this? Hey, run for your life! Where did they all come from? Come, hide! Hurry up before you get shot! Why is everybody after us? Until when will be frightened like this? Here he comes!
Take that! Beat him up! Take that! Take that too, asshole! Hey, run! Run! Run! Oh, my mom! Take that, asshole! How’s the Golstar Kick? 100% Nepali! Take that Gorkhali Punch! Hey, let’s go from here! Run! Take that! Asshole! It doesn’t suit you!
It doesn’t suit you! Assholes! – Stop there, you assholes!
– Go, go! He’s shooting! Hurry up! Where’s the key?
Put in the key first! – Shut up! Stop yelling!
– Do fast then! You assholes! Come on! Shut up! We’re safe now! Who the hell are you? I’m the boss! I’m the big-brother ‘Jhimrik’
Nice to meet you! Stop it! I don’t like violence! Shoot them if they move even an inch! Where’s that bearded one gone? Hey, smile! This isn’t the one! This also isn’t the one! Hey! Everyone’s bearded! Different types of beard! But, where’s that bearded one? We’re safe! – We were almost killed!
– We almost got killed! 2 rupees saved our life! – We’re safe now!
– 2 rupees saved our life!
– Save my life also! Asshole Mandal!
Where did he come from? – How am I supposed to know?
– Who’d come in my ambulance if I won’t? What are we supposed to do with him now? Hello, I’m Mandal, the guy with ambulance! No, no! I don’t want commission this time! I want a discount! Hold gently, my bottom hurts! Hey! What’s this? Hey, where did it come from? He’s come! ASI sir, how did you catch these criminals? – I catched them firmly!
– What did you arrest them for? They force people to eat sweet,
they trade 2 rupees notes – They are arrested for that reason!
– Trade of 2 rupees?
– Force people to eat sweet-balls? After the hardwork done by me and
my team we managed to arrest them! Since they force people to eat poisonous
sweet and trade their kidneys illegally, and some of them are arrested
for trading gold illegally! ASI sir, who would you be
thankful to, for all this? I’d like to be thankful towards my wife! Thankful towards wife? If my wife hadn’t done that at that time, this wouldn’t be happening at this moment! Please clarify what and when! ASI sir! – Sir!
– What? What did madam do to be thanked? Bugger-off! You come to fix water pipes and electric circuits!
I don’t know why do you come to my home! Here’s your 2 rupees note!
I won’t give you back! 2 more billionares have been added on the earth! 1 billion is mine and another billion is yours! Now, with help of this I’ll transfer that son of King Kobra to
Olangchungola of Taplejung district! Maya will also go after him! Won’t she have to look run the hotel? Don’t they have to feed themselves? – She’s very beautiful!
– Yes, she is! Will you help me get her married to me? She’s pretty like a diamond! Please, help me to marry her! Done! – Thank you!
– I’ll get you married with that diamond! Thank you! Thank you! So, if you are getting married with a
diamond why would you need this gold? So, I’ll take it! Give me my gold back! You are famous everywhere, Jhimrik brother! True! How’s that Goldstar Kick? 100% Nepali

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