Dumbo Official Trailer

Dumbo Official Trailer

♪♪ Millie:
Welcome baby Dumbo. We’re all family here. No matter how small. ♪♪ V.A. Vandevere:
You have something very rare. You have wonder. You have mystique. You have magic. Woah! Come with me. Together we can soar
on that Elephant’s wings. Millie:
What’s happening? Where they taking her? Holt:
Take Dumbo back inside. But she’s his mom. Do something. Millie:
He needs us. Look at me. We’re gonna bring your
momma home. ♪♪ Neils:
He doesn’t look like
magic to me. [Crowd laughs] ♪♪ Colette:
Your children want you to believe in them. Come on! Millie:
You can do it Dumbo. Show ’em. Fly Dumbo, fly. ♪♪

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  1. Tip guys
    If u ever watch this movie u better have thousands of tissues
    I never have even one so i warn u
    After this u will have a pool

  2. Saw it in theatres at the beginning of April and watching it right now at home on Blu-ray. Prepared to cry all over again.

  3. Can I make a little contribution to the director please .. I'll be happy to..this movie is incredible…

  4. I gotta be honest, this movie didn't make me cry as much as the cartoons. But this was such a great movie. As far as I'm concerned Dumbo is better than Aladdin. Atleast this Dumbo captured its heart it gave justice to the cartoons. So many movies got snobbed this year, Dumbo, Alita, godzilla, detective Pikachu, Shazam.

  5. I haven't watched the movie yet. But if it was that sad and great, why is the movie's box office so terrible, like only 2 times the budget:(((

  6. Just finished watching the movie oh my fucking god that was easily the best movie I have ever watched from the start animal abuse to little guy losing his mamma and fighting to find her again wow good job Collin farrel easily the best movie you have ever played in truly touched my heart simple amazing

  7. Pfff… circusses (?) without animals are the best cuz you see real "magic" instead of animals forced into things.

  8. Esta película da dos reflexiones
    1: Todo ser vivo somos capaces de hacer las cosas pese a nuestras dificultades
    2: Muestra el lado obscuro de la humanidad, ningún ser vivo absolutamente nadie debe ser humillado ni maltratado, para la diversión de nosotros los humanos, ellos son como nosotros, diferente especie pero somos únicos en este mundo, nosotros debemos cuidar y respetar a todo ser vivo, los animales son inocentes, no los lastimen ni humillen, enserio es muy triste ver a dumbo pintado de payasito mientras el público rie de el, quisiera estar ahí para despintarle su carita, pero es más triste ver que esto pasa en realidad en nuestro planeta!!! Ellos llegaron primero merecen respeto, nosotros sólo somos secundarios en este mundo, somos invasores…
    Amemos y respetemos a cualquier animalito que veamos.

  9. ok I just saw this movie yesterday and not one mention of my GLBT and Bionary brothers and sisters and transitioning sisters to brothers in it ! not one! like what the hell Hollywood, first of all why is Dumbo male? we need more female empowerment, Dumbo's mother should of aborted him the second she found out that she had a little baby dick growing inside of her, Dumbo should of been called Dumbolette who was born in the wrong animal body and identified with being a cheeta's dick, but the evil evangelical circus trainers wanted to circumcise him or her or it, im putting out a call to all my twit sjw warriors to unite and call for the head of the director for this monstrosity after all the hippies had vietnam, this is the millennial's vietnam! rise up and fight the fascists .

  10. I don't comment negatively on much but – the CGI looks just awful. Why does everything need to be dumbed down and given human eyes?! The original Dumbo film wasn't particularly good (nostalgia makes it a little more bearable) – but why everything needs an awful 'live action' remake I don't know. It's not even 'live action'. it's 100% CGI!

  11. Disney should've released all of the original movies instead of wasting everyones time and money with all the live action crapathons.

  12. You know what? This movie wasn't half bad at all, at least it tried to be a good movie, unlike the lion king remake.

  13. Out of all the remakes Disney is coming out with, I think this one is by far the best.

    And am I the only one that cries at the Baby of Mine song???

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