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Alarm I always hated them the sound of alarm used to not only break my sleep but broke my dreams as well… Since my childhood, I used to think that I am special I will do something different when I grow up and will not be bound to a boring 9 to 5 job like my father… like him, my days wont start with switching off an alarm and wont end with setting it up… but see here I was Anand Kashyap System analyst TCM technologies… who has just woken up at 7 in the morning with the sound of an alarm and is trying to get ready hurriedly, so that he doesn’t miss his bus (number 444) because if he misses this bus, he will miss his 8:20 local train too and wont be able to reach CST station by 8:50, from where he takes a shared cab to reach his office by 9… Sometimes I wonder, when and how did I get trapped in the shackles of time but I guess that’s what this city does to you… Mumbai… Life here is a never ending race When I first came to the city, people here used to appear crazy to me who were all simply running aimlessly who don’t know how to live life But slowly, don’t know when, I too became a part of this craziness Now, even I was running with a bag on my shoulder tag on my neck and pale, colourless clothes on my body… what an irony, these are the exact two things I used to hate since my childhood running and colourless things… That’s why I was bad at sports and good at painting bright, sparkly colours used to fascinate me a lot pink, green, blue, yellow, red Red… the colour that was about to change my life… forever… That day, don’t know how, the alarm rang at 6:30 instead of 7 and I got ready before time So I thought ‘as a result, at least I will be able to catch the bus without hurrying up and running’ and lazily I reached the bus stop Early morning Mumbai streets have a different charm to them which I don’t get to enjoy in my routine daily hurried life. kids going to school non-chalantly A man sweeping the streets calmly the milk man going to deliver milk hurriedly And the newspaper guy sharing the headline excitedly with the city… That day, for the first time, this whole world around me was appearing to be a part of my life as well… and then suddenly I saw that… on the window of the house on the fourth floor of the building right in front of me was hanging (to be dried)… the red scarf bright red… exactly the colour I used to love when I was a kid… Fluttering in the sky carelessly amidst the golden rays of sun that red scarf, instantly and completely cut me off of my surroundings… a smile appeared on my face I guess I was seeing that colour after a long long time… and I just couldn’t take my eyes off it… I think I kept staring at the scarf for a good 4-5 minutes until my bus arrived I got on the bus… looked at the scarf one last time and with a renewed sense of energy, I started my day… There was something different about that day The bus journey to the railway station got over in a blink of an eye The crowded train didn’t bother me Nor did not getting the window seat in the cab and the whole day in the office too, went smoothly… That entire day, there was a smile on my face and just one thing in my mind the red scarf When I returned in the evening, the scarf was gone it’s obvious, must have dried by now… but its image was still fresh in my mind… Isn’t it amazing, how a small thing can have so much impact on your monotonous life ? With this thought in my head, after so many days I went to sleep calmly setting the alarm for 6:30… Next day I quickly got ready and started for the bus stop well before time Don’t know what I was expecting but definitely not what I saw The same red scarf was again hanging from that window Watching it again pleased me but also raised some questions Watching it again pleased me but also raised some questions This might be a different scarf… but of the exact same colour? May be it is her favourite colour Even I like that colour a lot That day more than the scarf I started thinking about the girl who wears it… who is she? How does she look? How does this red scarf look on her? My mind had already started making a mental image of her fair skin dense long hairs, soulful eyes, pink lips, rosy cheeks … (blushes) May be my creative mind was getting to work after a long time and so it was running in overdrive by evening, I was ready with her image in my mind and I decided to put that on canvas So I picked up the brush after ages and started drawing but I couldn’t… her image was very clear in my mind, but not on canvas… I don’t know what happened… I guess its rightly said, things get rusty if you don’t use them I suppose my mind had also gotten rust Next day, with a sad face, moaning over my lost creativity, I started for work when suddenly… I again spotted that same red scarf on that same window… Third day in a row!! Why ? How ? I couldn’t get it. but my mind was busy with something else That day the scarf drying on the window of that house was looking more like a missing part of a puzzle to me the part which will give me some clue to draw the picture which I wasn’t able to draw yesterday efforts started from bus itself and I kept drawing throughout the day That day I did better than the previous day, but still something was missing… I ended the day by praying to god to show me a little more than just the scarf her face may be Well, I couldn’t catch a glimpse of her face but the scarf was still hanging with pride Woah! Strange girl.., Weird that se wears the same coloured scarf everyday She seems to be an artist sort, umm…like gulzaar (renowned lyricist) who wears white everyday… Or maybe a genius, like Steve jobs, even he followed a dress code… oh wait.. or she is someone with a weird sense of fashion? Or… Super Woman though a lot of other jobs also have a uniform. hmm but red seems to be quite an odd colour for a uniform a lot of such thoughts kept crossing my mind. And I tried to reason it… but as days went by, all my logic and reasoning were failing I had a hectic week at office and work kept me occupied at weekends too, so I couldn’t find time to get to the root of this situation It became an everyday affair, the red scarf hanging in the balcony/drying every morning and was gone by the evening.. “what kind of obsession is this?” talking about obsession, at that moment, who could understand and feel the obsession more than me neither was I able to draw her picture nor was I able to find anything more about her. Everyday I used to try to find something more about her, but all I could see was the scarf and never the girl. This puzzle had started irritating me now. I felt like barging inside her house And just meet her, know her (to solve this mystery) Whoever she was, however she looked, I just wanted to know more about her, understand her but how could I enter someone’s house just like that ?? it’s not proper to simply enter someone’s house. I needed an excuse But as they say, sometimes even the unluckiest can taste fortune. my moment of victory came, one day a strong wind blew the scarf off from the window and it dropped right in front of me. for one moment, I couldn’t believe my eyes. but then I quickly ran to the scarf, picked it up and rushed into the building My excitement level knew no bounds as I was climbing the stairs. … i felt happy that all my questions will find their answer today! The puzzle that had been troubling me for the past 2 weeks, was about to be solved. Today I’d see the face behind this mystery. Revelation Meenakshi Iyer South Indian Meenakshi ?? oh you want to meet madam? Are you her friend? May I know your name? Anand Anand! Ok, please have a seat, I will call her Madam there is someone to meet you. Yes? Aa.. er… my name is Anand, you don’t know me. umm… actually it’s very embarrassing.. I board a bus from the stop right opposite to your house. and this red scarf on your window for the past 2 weeks. Scarf? hey where did you find this? This is madam’s scarf, madam he’s come to return your scarf, I had put it for drying outside on the window. it was windy. so the scarf must have fallen. this sir found it and came upstairs to return it. and I thought he is your friend. no problem, it’s okay, Thank You sir Thank You Why are you so unpolite to him ? Poor fellow just brought my scarf all the way upto here and you are simply sending him off without offering anything Go and get some tea. Tea? Yes! Tea. Go and get some tea. And listen, give me this scarf Walk carefully this Munna doesn’t have any manners Please have a seat so what were you saying? For the past two weeks….? nothing important madam, he must have seen you scarves and liked them, just like the others… Munna you are still here ! Go and make some tea for the guest. Did you also take a liking to my scarves? Everyone loves and praises them! Which one did you like the most? You were saying something about … the red scarf, right? that’s my favourite too. infact that was the first one I had Munna, get some water! You know I never used to wear scarves. nobody uses them anymore. just last month on my birthday, one of my friends gifted me that red scarf and I wore it the next day itself. and oh My god! Everybody became a fan of that scarf, my neighbour Aunty and even the milkman, they simply loved it I loved the praise… Who wouldn’t ? I told munna to get me the same scarf in all the Colours after all variety is the spice of life! Munna had a tough time getting those scarves he searched for it for about 2 weeks! from one market to another, and finally, just 2 weeks ago he found the whole set in all the Colours red green pink blue all the Colours! Madam, Water So I just keep changing the scarves and wear a new colour everyday. which one did I wear yesterday? the green one right? Yes madam, green Ohh you are still standing there, Please have a seat Umm… actually I will take leave now. No please have tea or something Some other day. I am getting late for my office.. By the way your scarves are.. All your scarves suit you so well. You look beautiful in them!! Thank You – Madam Glass Happiness is a state of mind. had heard it so many times. but I could never fully understand it. Just realised that we humans don’t need big reasons to be happy Infact we don’t even need any reason to be happy We can be happy in any situation if we decide to be and if we don’t, nothing, no amount of richness can give us that happiness Unknowingly, Meenakshi taught me a new way of looking at life and I started viewing life with a new perspective A blind girl, who couldn’t see anything, still had Colours in her life simply by her approach And i was surrounded with… Colours everywhere, but despite that, to me, life looked colourless, lifeless, barren That day I made up my mind that I will make my life colourful I don’t frown if I don’t get the window seat of the taxi. the overcrowded local trains of Mumbai don’t trouble me anymore. The bus journey isn’t stressful and I don’t even realise when it reaches its destination. and NOW I don’t need an alarm to wake up every morning

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