Durga IPS (2011) – Full Movie | Ayesha | Padmavasanthi | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Durga IPS (2011) – Full Movie | Ayesha | Padmavasanthi | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Hey! -Hey! Catch him.
-Don’t let him run. Catch him. Break his head.
Everyone follow him. He is running, catch him. I am safe. Now I don’t have any fear.
God you saved me. There is no need to celebrate. Right
now you’ve just escaped from them. Hail to Kali! You here? Oh God! -Sit Damodar. Where are you going? Sit here.
This bus belongs to us. I will drop you at the right place.
I am also going to the same place. I will give you everything. Just
write that land in my name. Will you do or not? -No! No!
I won’t give you that land. I own only that place. That
is my ancestor’s land. Since my grandfather and
great grandfather’s time Even if you kill me, I
won’t give you that land. Hey, why are you saying such? I
don’t want that land for free. I will give money as
much you want that much. But give me that land. -Hey
Aparna, what are you saying? I don’t want your money. I
won’t give my ancestor’s land. Why are you so stubborn? -I won’t give.
Absolutely I won’t give, until I’m alive. Why did you kill him? -Hey!
Sit down. Sit down. And everyone listen carefully. Those who will not listen to me, they
will be treated like this only.. ..sit down. Sit down. Very good. Hey Ranga! -Yes boss. Take to last stop. -Okay boss. And don’t stop anywhere.
-Yes. Yes. Hail to Jai Kali.
Bless this sinner. Will you come to Vilas Nagar?
-Yes, I will come. Where you want to go in Vilas Nagar?
-Near Hanuman temple. Okay. Sit. You belong to which place?
-I’m from this place only. I also from here only but
I’ve never seen you here. I am born here only, but I
am not brought up here. I was in military for many years.
My family stays here. I have taken retirement.
So I decided to come home. I have a daughter also. I am thinking of getting her
married as soon as possible. It is very good sir. You are great
man to fight for our country. And you belong to this village
that is also very good thing. Okay. I have met a person like you after
long time, who talks so sensibly. Stop here. How much is fare? -Let it be. I can’t serve the country but I can
serve people who serve our country. Oh! Stop, at least take the money.
-I am going. I have seen such honest auto
driver for the first time. I hope everyone thinks like him. Where is my house? Brahma! -Chandra Mohan! You forgot this village after
you got recruited in military. What shall I tell you, Brahma? In
military no one gets free time. Whose complex is on my land? Complex? I don’t k now anything about it.
-You stay here and you don’t know. What shall I tell you? I don’t
want to get into any hassle. Enough don’t waste my
time, go from here. What is there to get
so scared, Brahma? I am not scared. I don’t want to get
mingle in this. You just go from here. Oh Brahma! Listen! A bag is found on beet number 4. One more
has been found close to police station. Here accident, mugging, robbery
and murders keep happening. What shall I tell you,
all this is very common. Leave all that. Now Listen, you
don’t worry about anything. Until you want, keep open
your bar fearlessly. Do any business in your lodge. But
we must get my money on time. Sir, what shall I tell,
business is very low. No customer comes in the hotel.
Now you only say… …what can I do? This time
please manage in this much. Hey, do you know how much money
I have spent to get this post? I have given money with open heartedly.
-Please. Greetings, sir! -I
don’t know any please. Sir! -Hey why are you shouting? Sir, I have.. -You have
to file a complaint? Go. There get is register.
Hey write his complaint. Yes sir! -I have to
give money to you? Yes what is the problem?
Say quickly. Sir, listen to me. Hey! Don’t make a fuss.
Hey. Send him out. Hey get out. -Hey! Leave. Do you know who am I?
Retired military officer. So what? Sir, in my absence some have
built his complex on my land. Where? -In Vilas Nagar,
near Hanuman temple. Complex’s name is Appanna. -What
did you say, Appanna Complex? Yes sir. Okay tell me. What proof you
have that land belong to you? Sir that land
belongs to me only. Hey! Many people like
you keeps coming here. And keep talking
nonsense like you. Do one thing. You bring all
papers, then we will see. Hey! Gaitunde! -Yes sir. Bring two teas. -Okay sir. –Go. Hey Shetty! -Yes sir. The girl in the green sari
during the raid in the bar …do my setting with her.
-Yes sir, it will be done. You just do my work.
-Remember, don’t forget. Take till that gate.
-No, I won’t go there. Tale me there, what
is your problem? I told you I will not go
there, you get down here only. What is this? Sir, why are wasting time. I told
that I won’t go there. I won’t go. Give me my fare and alight here. Greetings boss. -Greetings.
Greetings. Hello boss. -Okay. Nageshwar! -Yes boss. Did anyone file a case?
-No boss. Is any FIR written? It is impossible to
write FIR against you. I told that military man to bring
all the documents of land. Then we will see,
what can be done. Donkey, stop laughing. Just keeps
idling time at the police station. Now listen to me carefully. I want
all the documents of his land. Boss that military man
has come here too. One more problem. Hail to Kali. Whatever you have given me,
that is enough for me. To get more I don’t want
to kill anyone else. But what shall I do? Because
of them I’m forced to do so.. Is your name Apparnna? -You are right.
I am only Apparnna. Sit down. -I have not
come to sit here. Okay. Okay. So you have to buy?
Okay I will sit down. Hey, tell me why you have
built a complex on my land? That land was empty, so I
thought of building a complex. So you will do as your wish? So what shall I do? Lower your tone. Didn’t your parents
teach you to respect elders? On main road empty place
doesn’t look good. Make him understand him. Otherwise
I will bury you in that land. Don’t try to threaten me.
I will take help of law. Sir, there is no
use of all this. By the way for how many years
you were in the military? Approximate 25 years. So tell me, 25 years ago at what
rate you would have sold that land? What you have to do with that? Actually, boss will give that
much money and settle it out. Anyways what you must have earned
in 25 years of military service? Hey! Are you a policeman
of his agent? I won’t leave anyone. What so ever happen that
land belongs to me. It is my ancestor’s
hard earned land. And not of bribe taken
by agents like you. Hey Smarty! Accept his proposal quietly.
Why making fuss? Listen clearly. You
have to return my land. And if you will
not return then.. Then what you will do? Hey! I am a military man. Enemy can’t usurp even an
inch of land of our country. I have been serving this
country for 25 years. And you are thinking of
usurping a military man’s land? It is not that simple. I
will take you to the court. And I’ll get your complex demolished
and will take back my land. Hail to Kali. Why do you held me
responsible for every sinner’s death? Poor man got saved from enemy’s
bullet on the frontier. But got killed by my hands. Hey Suman, if we will work hard
then we can manage the household. Yes, I know. And all this
hard work is for money. Yes that’s why only
we’re working so hard.. Oh! Oh Suman come here.
Come quickly. Yes, yes, I am coming. -Look
I can see blood over there. Definitely a lion has
killed some animal. Yes, it could be possible. Because some days ago a lion had
also attacked a man in the village. Oh! Suman look.
That is human body. Oh, yes. Come. Come. Oh God! Oh she is very
seriously injured. Suman! –Yes. –Apply this. -Okay. Suman, she is recovering. I
feel she is out of danger. I wish God that she gets cured
as quickly as possible. Yes. –Fever has come down
-Now there is no danger. Dear, what are you thinking? And who are you and from
where have you come? And who got you in this condition, dear?
-Many, many thanks to God. That you are alive. You
have got a new life.. Tell us dear, who are you? Sister! -Hi Hero
what are you doing? I am doing homework. -Good
do it properly. –Yes. How are you father? -I am
fine since you have come. Dear tell us who did
all this to you? Say something, dear. Subhash Nagar. -Fare
will be 100 rupees. Why rupees 100, you have meter. Meter doesn’t have any value here, madam.
You have to give rupees 100. Hey, why are you arguing,
settle it and take her. There is nothing to think, I said
rupees 100, I will take that much only. You don’t meddle in between. -Hey shut up.
Come madam, come. Because of people like you
our business is in the loss. Why was he saying so? -What
shall I tell you madam? In this city auto rickshaw
drivers does like this only. Graft to goons and bribe to police.
If we run according to meter… …then won’t be able
to pay bank’s loan. Apart then this problem there
are many other problems. If we don’t give bribe to traffic
police then exactly like this… …they stop everywhere
and fine us. They collect money though we
have all documents, madam. Hey! Hey! -What are you doing? Hey give. -I am giving.
Stop. Stop. Do you have a knife to kill me?
-I don’t have. Then how you will kill me? I will bring a knife from the
market then you do what you want. Yes. -Will you bring for sure? I will bring. -Then shall I go?
-Yes go now. Who was this man? This man’s entire family was killed
by goons and they raped his daughter. Since then he has become mad, madam. -In
this city there is lots of hooliganism. You are right, madam. Here a common
man’s life is very difficult? Why? Is police over
here sleeping? Here Goons and police are hand in gloves
And they both have ruined this city. Hey! You scoundrel. Catch him.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Scoundrels! They are running behind
a man fearlessly. Who are they? Slowly, slowly you will come to know.
Here nobody reacts to all this. Here Apparnna is boss and all the
business is controlled by him. All the policemen and ministers
are hand in gloves with him . Stop here. What madam, are you
going to complain? There is no use of it. Even after the
complaint they won’t do anything. You are wasting your time
they all are hand in gloves. And this is known to everyone. Whatever we get
that is not enough. Sir! Madam! -Let me sleep. Go there. Sir! Sir! Hey don’t disturb me. Go
there and file a complaint. Why have you not
brought collection? I had some urgent work, so I
couldn’t go for collection. Madam! -You always
have some excuse. Madam! -Hey why
are you shouting? I can hear, I am not deaf.
Say what is it? What happened, have to
come to file a complaint? Have anybody raped you? If you will wear such clothes
then men are ought to rape. Are you a police
man or some peon? No manners, no system and don’t
have any kind responsibility. What is over here? -These
are case files madam. You made pillow of case files.
-Sorry madam. What sorry? You’ve spent half of your life
sleeping at the police station without uniform. Don’t you have any manners?
Listen carefully. If things will go like this then I will
suspend everyone, do you understand? Who is duty inspector? -Mr.
Sunil Kumar, madam. Where is he? -He has
still not come. What does it mean, he
hasn’t come till now? Phone him and call here.
-Okay, madam. This uniform is not for taking
bribes, it is to serve the public. Sorry madam. I am giving you all one chance. Whoever will honestly do the
duty, only they can stay here. And listen one more thing those you
have connection with local goons… …will be dismissed from here. Have you understood or shall
I make you understand? I have understood madam. What is your name? -Ali Khan madam.
I went on rounds. It seems collection
is in full force. God’s swear madam. I
don’t do such thing. I will come to know. Chanting Mantras. Son, some is ringing bell,
go check and open the door. Mother, I am doing homework.
You only open. Entire day home work. Come inside. Give the bag to me. You should have informed, Indira.
-Mother, I wanted to surprise you all. Hey! -Sister! Hi hero, what are you doing?
I was doing homework. Good do it properly. -Yes. Indu daughter. -Hi. How are you, father? -I am
fine now that you have come. I am fine absolutely fine.
-So sweet of you, father. Yes, he is fine, what
else he will tell you. What mother, why didn’t you
shift, is there any problem? What shall I tell, you daughter. We
are in this village since 14 years. Apart than this village, we
have not seen any other village I‘m tired pleading him. It seems
that everything went in waste. Okay, mother. Father always wanted to stay
in this village after his retirement. And you know mother, even my
posting is also in this village. This is very good thing. -Yes. Mother! Quickly prepare my tiffin.
I am going to get fresh. I have to go on duty. -Do you
have to go on duty immediately? Mother, I have already joined the duty.
-Won’t you rest for even one day? Police duty is like this, Sushila.
24 hours on duty. Forget the rest. Indira! You have fulfilled
the dream of my life. I got tired of my job. AS a constable it
had became my habit to salute everyone. I always though one day I will get
promoted and people will salute me also. But my body didn’t support me. That’s
why I had to take the retirement. What happened if
nobody saluted me? But whole department
will salute my daughter. Because my Indu has become an IPS officer.
Indira IPS. Whatever I had dreamt, you have
realised them. Realised it! Now sister has become IPS then
I will become IAS, father. Yes, son. Yes. You will
become IAS office only. Like a brave military man,
will fight against injustice. And then not only I, whole
country will proud on you. Come on tell me your names.
-I am Ali Khan. Sunil Kumar, madam.
-Where were you? I was late. -It
shouldn’t happen again. Yes madam. -I am Gajlakshmi. Raju singh madam. I
am Rajesh Kumar. Ratna Patil. -Mahire Sawant. Do your duty with honesty.
Go. -Okay madam. What about rowdy sheeters?
-One minute madam. What is this? -It is
rowdy sheeter’s file. Manjunath alias Blade Manja.
-Greetings madam. Ravi kumar alias cat Ravi.
-Greetings madam. Razak alias ustara boss. -Greetings madam.
I did nothing madam. Puch kanta! -Greeting madam. Chadda! -Greetings. Salim! -Yes ma’am. Kumar alias kummee. -Hey
do you know who I am? My brother is politician.
National party leader. And I am going to become counsellor. If
you will act smart then I will kill you. Do you understand? Hey this uniform is not to take
bribe from people like you. Instead to beat people like you. Goons,
rogues and corrupt people like you… …to give harsh punishment
this uniform is given. Hey you may be elder or
smaller boss for someone… …but you are only a criminal for
me, Rowdy sheeter nothing else. If you will talk too much,
I will cut your tongue. And listen if you will become smart,
I will teach you law and order. By the way you all have
not seen my anger. Before I came, I don’t
know what happened here. But now all illegal
business close. If this doesn’t happen.. ..then this Indira will arrest all and
put them in the prison for life time. This is my warning. If you reform then fine. And if you don’t change
then I will bury you alive. Honesty or dishonesty. Life or death. I leave decision on you all.
It’s your choice. Now get lost. Go! Hey! Uniform is a prayer, duty is God.
Police station is a temple. Public service is worshipping. And law and order is
this temple’s offerings. I will teach you to
handle any criminal. I know it’s little
bit difficult. I’m least concerned about what
you all did before I came here. But now you all have to support me.
Understand? –Yes Madam! In all these criminal Altaf and
Slummani where we can find them? Madam. That.. -Come with me. Listen where is
Slummani’s house? Madam! This area is like this only.
They don’t respect the police. Search. Here where can we find
Slummani and Altaf? I am talking to you. Where can
we find Slummani and Altaf ? Are you dumb? Hey don’t you hear?
Where are Slummani and Altaf both? Hey Damn! I am Mani. Slummani.
What is your problem? If you will go and sit in the
jeep then you will be safe… …If I will take then change your shape.
Will sit yourself or shall I take you? Hey damn, it seems you are mad.
Do you know whom you are talking? If you will speak too much then
you won’t be able to from here. And you are talking to take me?
Come on go from here. By the way you say dialogues very
well, but this is not any movie. Come quietly. Hey you don’t know who I am.
Mani! Slummani! Sit in the jeep. -What?
I in police jeep! Hey beautiful this is my area.
I rule here. Many like you had come but couldn’t
harm me. Do you understand? Hey told you to sit in the jeep.
-What you will do I don’t sit? What you said, you won’t sit?
-Hey Item! Don’t you wish to
go alive from here? Here only we rule here. I am Altaf. If God
gives life then this Altaf takes life. You.. -Hey! Move back. We are not scared of police. I am making you understand
so nicely, understand… …listen to me and sit
in the jeep quietly. Hey go quietly from here otherwise
I will chop you in pieces. Scoundrel! Madam! Are you alright?
-They both are dead, madam. Because of our corrupt
politicians such goons are born. And they ruin our society.
If arrest them then.. …same court, same lawyer
and same witnesses. They will go to jail
and come out again. Then again same crime,
same police duty. And there is no ending to it. What do you think yourself? It is
just 24 hours you joined duty… …and two encounters? Are you a police officer or
some professional killer? Sorry sir. They both were neither
Gandhi nor Subhash Chandra Bose. They were criminals. If they were criminals then arrest them,
file a case, present them in the court. But who gave you permission
to do the encounter? You did sir. What nonsense are you talking?
-I am right sir. On 2008 October 24 to
encounter these two rowdy… …you gave me the permission. And since so many years, their
encounter couldn’t happen. Because nobody had
courage to arrest them. Why? Do they were bribing? Or they
were under some politician sir? Sir is talking about encounter,
people are saying that… …you did encounter
to take revenge. Why I will take revenge? They were
fearlessly in broad day time… …attacking innocent people, doing riots.
And they didn’t spare police too. Today when we went to arrest
them, they attacked me though… …my whole team was present. They tried
to rape me. What could I do sir? If it was such then you
should have arrested them… …put in prison, why
did you shoot them? Sir! I have not worn this
police uniform for fun. And neither is gun
is a jewellery. This gun has been given us to
end injustice and crimes, sir. Good! Very good! Our police
department needs office like you. Every criminal will be scared
of an officer like you. Which is very necessary.
Keep doing such deeds. Go do your duty. -Yes sir. Good luck! -Thank you sir. Till now looking at this
district’s police arrangements… I have understood very well
in what sate the police is.. What government has
not given you? Everything is given. Gave money.
Gave jeep. Gave petrol. Gave belt. Gave ironed uniform.
Gave gun. Despite of all this, forgetting law
and order you’re supporting goons… …and letting down public’s
expectations? Why? Till now whatever
happened, forget that. From now on to prisoners,
rogues and ruffians… …should be scared
of your uniform. Then only this country’s common
public will respect your uniform. In our country even single worm of
crime world shouldn’t be spared. Make a list of all criminals. And kill them
and for this if you have to die then die. Understand? -Yes madam. What is all this? -Sorry madam. What did you say? Actually madam I was that actually..
-Shut up. I am talking such important things and you
watching girl’s photos in this phone? Chewing betel leave and phone in hand,
are you some goon or a policeman? Now listen to me. I get very angry
looking at officers like you. You should understand
your responsibilities. Because you are a
public servant. If now anyone does mistake, he’ll
be rusticated from the job. Close the buttons. Yes sir.. please ma’am. -If
anyone doesn’t obey my orders… …then I know how to make them understand.
Did you understand? Or make you understand?
-I understood madam. Take this. Disperse. I haven’t seen a tough officer
like you in my life term service. And I’m confident that you bring
change in the system for sure. You have to meet them. You will
come to know what they do. This whole city is
controlled by him. If you will punish that only one,
then whole city will reform. Who is that? I am the father and even the
boss of this whole city. Apparnna! Whatever kind of work in
this city, anywhere in city… …contract of those
works I only take. Great, in my presence you
dared to submit the tender. You think you are smart? I will let you alive if you
take your tender back. Hey what? Are you scaring me? I am not scaring you, I
just show you a small way. Hey Apparnna! I have been
brought up in this city. I won’t get scared of your big talks.
I have done many murders. Will you scare me? Hey you are building’s contractor.
And I am death’s contractor. Take your tender back quietly,
otherwise you will be killed. Hey! Don’t give me such threats. I have
submitted tender, I will get contract. Do whatever you want to do. Mahadev! Hail to Kali! You killed him so nicely. Idiot
was barking unnecessarily. Stop. -Open the gate,
want to go inside. What is it? -We want
to meet Apparnna. Do you have permission? Do we have to take permission to meet him?
Is he a PM? You can think that.. Everyone
needs permission to meet him. Open the gate quietly.
-Hey, don’t give order. Okay. Go inside and say
ASP madam has come. Yes, so say this way, I will go and ask.
You wait here only. Boss, madam ASP has come to meet you.
Shall I send her? Scoundrel. -Boss why
did you slapped me? Shall I send her inside! See there
she is already sitting inside. It seems that I have to
reduce your allowances. Greetings ASP Madam. -Greetings. Hail to Kali! You seem to be tough police woman.
-This is my profession. What are you saying? Bribe collections, felony, and
smuggling shut everything from today. What madam? If I will shut down
all this then how I will enjoy? I haven’t come here to discuss that
whether you will enjoy or not. I have come here to put full
stop on your nonstop business. Hey ASP! Do you have any idea, in front of whom you
are talking and what are you talking? He is Apparnna. Apparnna! Hey this man is your god
father and boss for them. But for others he is neither
a father and nor boss. I will shut your all illegal
business from now on, understood? If any dared to break law and
order then I will break him. I give warning only once and those
doesn’t heed to my warning… …that one is not be in this world
for second warning. Understand? We are not small goons,
do you understand? Many officers like you came and
went but we are here only. Now say one word more, after
that you speak then.. okay. What is this father? That ASP said
so much and you kept listening. I won’t spare her. Didn’t you see, she had come
her like a wounded lioness. If you will aggravate her then
she will strike immediately. I have brought up this
kingdom by killing people. If I will leave it to then it
will end in just one day. Mad. If you will heed her saying
then you will be spared. If you said no then along with this
kingdom, everything will be finish. Remember, this Apparnna
is not a novice. I will teach her too. Hey, Sundar how are you and where
were you for so many days? Did you get any girlfriend or not?
-Look at his face. Why? What happened? I was thinking of going for
shopping but I don’t have money. If you don’t have money for
shopping then become a barber. And he is fit for that. -You
said absolutely perfect. Brothers! Look there. First period is economics,
I don’t know anything. Will you bet? -What bet? Can you take the girl in the
centre to disco tonight? What kind of bet is this?
-Will you kiss her? How much money will you give?
-I will give you 2000 rupees. Not only on lips but on eyes too.
-If you dare then kiss her. That’s all? -Yes that’s all. Okay done. Get ready to lose money.
-Boss, don’t do any mistake. I never do mistakes, understand. You Rajeshwari, why did
you shouted so loudly? If you have shouted more loudly then
we all would get an heart attack. You know, how scared I am when
some one does like this with me. Then also you? -Listen
I just want one kiss. Whether you give or me, it is same thing.
We both will enjoy so shall we begin? So come. Please. Please. One.
One. Okay, listen. Just give me one. Just give me one.
I am asking for just one. Let me go, please.
-Don’t get angry listen. Leave me. -Try to understand.
Okay. It is just one kiss. -Leave me. Give me. Please. Please.
-Leave me alone. Oh, listen, listen. -I had
said she will run away. Listen. -He lost the bet. Give me a kiss. Where are you going?
-What are you doing? Give a kiss. -Leave me. Hey beautiful give a kiss.
Let’s go. All three managed to escape. -We
caught them but couldn’t kiss. I can’t even touch her. Hey boss! See what a
beautiful girl is coming. Hey! Come here. -I? Come. Mother. Don’t worry. She is beautiful. -What is it? My friend have put challenged
with me, will you help me? What kind of bet it is? -Nothing
special, just one kiss. What? -Yes. If I will kiss you then will get 500.
And if you will kiss me then 1000. See we are getting money for kiss.
You won’t get better offer anywhere. So quickly kiss me. Please. Come
on kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me. Oh please kiss me. Kiss me.
Kiss me. No. No. No. Enough. Enough. Don’t beat us more.
Forgive us. Indira IPS. Assistance
superintendent of police. Forgive us. Forgive us. We
won’t do such in future. My hand works more than my mouth.
This was just a trailer. If you say shall I show
you entire movie? -No. Reform otherwise to everyone..
-Yes madam we will reform. Yes. Out! Out! What is all this? These goons were teasing girls
and you all are just watching? You are so strong, even
though you can’t beat them? Madam those boys are
from rich families. How can we poor get into any dispute
with them? -What are you saying? What nonsense you are talking? They
were just four and you all 40. Couldn’t beat them together? Don’t
know what had happened to you all? Because of your this cowardice,
these goons, ruffians troubles all. Till I am here, there is
no need to be scared. If there is any problem then
call on my mobile. 9988004234. 24 hours I’m on duty. Okay?
-My brave daughter. Let’s go. Sister. -Let’s go. Sir this is total 300 acre area.
-What? 300 Acre? Yes sir. -After all what
all this is happening? Government’s 300 acre of land has
been usurped and nobody knows that. Were you all sleeping till now?
Throw away that board. Who threw away this board?
And who are you sir? Lokayukt. We have come to survey
government’s 300 acre land. Not 300 it is total 400 acres.
See from there to here. And from here to there. It
is totally 400 acre sir. Who are you? -I am the
owner of this land. How did you became owner, when
land belongs to government? This land was vacant so someone
has to take care of the land sir. Government people are there
to take care of its land. Survey is done, I will send the report.
You people have earned illegally crores… …of rupees. I will
file a case on you. You will do a case when you
will return from here. What did you say? Are
you threatening me? If you will give me the file then
I will let you go from here. And if not then you will..
-Mind your words.. I am a Lokayukta officer. If even
you touch me then government.. You..you may be a government
office but here we rule. Since when you are shouting.
Give me that file. No. I will take it with me. Give the file.
–Won’t give. No I will not give the file.
-Snatch the file from him. If your life id dearer to you
then keep the matter as it is. If you dared to complaint then I
will bury you and your family here. Come on give me the file now.
-No. Leave. Leave. Give file. Give file back. What are you doing?
No! No! How are you feeling now? -My
whole body is paining doctor. Look doctor don’t why they
did like this with him? Don’t know who got him in this state?
-Don’t worry he will be alright. His treatment is going on.
Keep courage. Now how is he? Nothing to worry. He will be
alright in 3 – 4 day’s treatment. Please carry on. Madam ASP wants to talk to you.
-Hello. How dare he hit a government officer?
You give me the statement. I will break his bones
and put in the prison. Say. Why don’t you say? Don’t
spare those who did this you. They should be punished. -You don’t scare.
Write statement. Whatever happened say
without any hitch. If you dare to complain
then you and your family… …I will bury here only. Say something. What has happened
with you tell me? Yes say. Say. -Speak sir. There is no need to be scared. Your assistant informed us that
Apparnna’s son has done this to you. You listen and sign
the complaint sheet. Rest leave it to me. -No.
No one has beaten me. Someone has given you
wrong information. What? -Yes. I met an accident. I met an accident.
-No sir, you are lying. I know everything. You
went for a survey. So Apparnna’s son did all this to you.
-No. I said I met an accident. No one has beaten me. You
got wrong information. Leave me on my condition
and go from here. What are you saying? Search him. Warrant! It is Search warrant. Hey ASP. I rule this city. You
will show me the warrant? Hey! Government is so strong here
that you common goon is nothing. You are not even fit to become
peon in the government. Why are you getting
scared of this warrant? I will take you to the court and will
get all your illegal businesses shut. Hey! Stop nonsense. On what
ground you will arrest me? Number one. Usurping illegally government land
and robbing granite worth crores. Number two. Murder attempt on government officer
who went there for survey land. Number three. Tried to kill that officer. Number four. I can arrest you to threaten
the lokayukt officer. Do you have any witness for
all these allegations? This Palakcha alias
pala, your gang member. Now stop all these useless pretending.
Otherwise it won’t be good. Hey policeman! No one has even
threatened You will threaten me. Don’t repeat same mistake again.
Otherwise this hand that you’ve raised… I will break this hand and make
you handicapped scoundrel. Hey! Next time think before
raising your hand on police man. Otherwise I will put you into the
prison and make your condition so worse …that even in dream you
will scream out of pain. Within eleven hours confess
your crimes in front of me. Then you may get some
relaxation in punishment. But if you don’t do so you will
never be able to forget this stick. Did you understand? Madam, entire house is
searched but he is not here. Move. -Yes madam. Lord Mahadev! Still she has not come.
-Mother I am hungry. Wait son, sister
must be on her way. If you will wait for her the
moon will set and sun will rise If I tell her she doesn’t
even listen to me. If she will be so irresponsible then
what will happen to her health. I’m tired of explaining her. But
she will never listen to me. This is not a job of some school teacher.
It is a police job. 24 hours.. -Yes, yes enough.
Enough. I have got tired of
listening 24 hours duty. Let her come, I will show her. Yes, my lovely
daughter has come. Sister! -Sorry. Sorry.
I got late. Sister, mother is very angry with you.
-I know very well to pacify mother. Okay listen, I will get fresh.
Call everyone on the terrace. Okay? -Okay sister. Food cooked by you is
just like heaven, mother. As much I may eat,
I’m never satisfied. Indu! Your mother is Annapurneshwari.
(Goddess of food.) She keep pouring
ambrosia from the heart. Whatever she cooks with
love becomes ambrosia. This ambrosia is not made just by me. Panchamrit(mix
of five ingredients) isn’t made by milk only. You have also carried on your
responsibilities very well. Now just our daughter gets married.
-Yes, yes. She will get married. After getting government job, I
never needed to take a bribe. Do you know why? Because your mother has
never demanded for sari, car bungalow ,etc. Your mother just needed my
love, not grand bungalow. Why I do need car and bungalow? I
have got such a precious husband. Yes, yes it is there. Now don’t
praise too much, Indu’s mother. Otherwise I’ll so much that
I’ll become sumo wrestler. Daughter! Why are you crying? These are tears out
of happiness, mother. Everyone must get a mother like you.
I will pray that you only become… …my mother in all my future births. I
don’t want anything apart then this. Okay, daughter. You’ll only become
my daughter in every birth you take. Now stop crying. Take eat. Eat. Ajma? What happened? Hey, scoundrels
leave my daughter. You call me scoundrel! I’ve to
admit, you’ve become very daring. Hey! -Hey! Don’t shout. Leave him. Leave him, he will
never do like this again. Hey, take her. -Come. Leave him. -Come here. Hey! Now you have crossed horns
with us so you’ve t pay for it. God! We never spare those
who speak against us. We kill them. That’s why
I have to kill you also. I am telling the truth.
I have to kill. Oh God! What has happened?
Where we will go? What will happen to us? Mother! Mother! Mother! Injustice has been done with us.
Now how we will live without him? Apparnna’s son will never be happy.
He will be ruined. God will take our revenge. Why are you swimming alone? –give
me your hand, I want to come out. Okay, you want to come out?
-Yeah. Come..come… Come my darling. Ah Sonia wait. Darling wait. Why are
you running away? ah Sonia wait. If I catch
you, I’ll not leave you. Stop! Hit her. Hey wait! Hello control, IPS Indira speaking,
Aparna’s son has escaped from my hands. Quickly send the message everywhere
and get all the check post blocked. ..any how he should not escape. Wherever you find
him, arrest him. Don’t you feel ashamed?
You eat like buffaloes. still you couldn’t hit a woman.
Useless fellows! What happened? Why
are you so worried? That officer has arrested
your son, don’t worry. In a jiffy I’ll get him bail. Ah shetty, forget
about the bail. All this is happening because
Altaf and Shram Mani have died. Now I only have to
think something. You very well know, one should
not cross horns with police. You don’t know how to deal with them,
this is my daily routine work, Stop worry and leave
all this on me. Father, I’m over here. -Where? Father, Indra will not leave me.
she has beaten me a lot. She even fired at me.
Please save me. she will encounter me. –Shut up and
stop crying like a small child. You’re getting
scared of a woman? Father, you won’t know her. She
not a woman, she is God of Death. She alone killed all our men. Save me or now it’s my turn. Mahadev, listen to me carefully. You do one thing,
quickly come over here. How can I come? That lady has put the
tight security everywhere in the city. If I get out from here,
she surely encounter me. Don’t talk about encounter
and tell me where are you? Just now I’m in the
farm house’s kitchen. Listen, until I don’t
come, you be there only. to save you from encounter,
I’ve arranged for the bail. She won’t be able to
do any harm to us. Okay father, quickly save me. Hello Mahadev.. Why
are you peeping? Hello…hello Mahadev. Don’t fire at me..don’t fire at me.
Don’t encounter me. Madam, commissioner’s
call for you. Indra, home minister has called
you, report immediately. What madam? What do you
think yourself to be? You will do what you wish? I’m senior to you and there are many
more senior officers above you. What are you doing? What ever I am doing, I am doing
within the limits of law. You don’t need to tell me all this. What
is law, how it works, I know verywell. He has helped my party a lot. He is my Godfather.
You arrested his son? Immediately release him
and say sorry to him. Sorry. I’m not telling you, I’m telling him.
He may be leader, godfather for you… ..and he must have funded your party
but for me he is just a murderer. You’re asking a police officer to forget
about her self respect and say sorry to him. It’s very embarrassing thing. When the department can’t
protect it’s own people.. ..then how will it
protect the public? Don’t worry. We’ll give
some compensation to him. A lakh or two is enough for him. Sorry. There is o
price for the life. Can you get her life back? Can you support that widow? Can you
return father to that orphan child? Do you know, whom
are you talking to? I’m Home minister to this city. I’ve so much power that I can
get you fired right now. You’re back answering me? I’m not back answering but
I’m reply to your questions. That’s what I don’t like. You know
what will be its consequences, right? Transfer, that’s it, right! It’s better to get transferred rather than putting
self respect on stake and doing such a thing. Atleast there such
people won’t be there. Don’t you understand anything? You say it 100 times, my
answer will be the same. Guilty will be punished or
you get me transferred. This means you’ll
not release my son. You think I’ll let him go but
that is your misunderstanding. If I had to kill him I’d
finished him long back. What you all thinking, I don’t know
but guilty will be punished for sure. And if someone tries to stop
me, I’ll not spare him also. I’ll directly throw
him behind the bars. Anyways, sorry sir. Hey…hey…who appointed
you home minister? She don’t any respect for you.
-commissioner, I order you to suspend her. Sir…-I don’t want to
listen to anything I don’t want any
excuses, suspend her. She has come to put an end
to crime and criminals. Hit him..hit him.. Hit him more. Scream..scream loudly. Don’t you
be happy looking at the blood? Now when you’ll bleed,
you will come to know. Leave me..leave me. Yes I’ll leave you but after making you handicap
by breaking each and every bone of yours. Leave ..leave me. You want money? I’ll give you.
Just leave me. Leave you, rascal. I’ll surely leave you.
I’ll not shoot you and free you so easily. I’ll hit you so much that looking at you
condition, everyone will get scared. Vilasrao. Are you enjoying it? You are liking the taste
of chili powder, isn’t it? Say.. Mahadev! Dear Mahadev… -Father..save me! Indra. You’re hitting my son in front
of me. Today I take this promise… .. I’ll burn you alive in the
middle of the road..remember it. If you say a word more
in such aloud voice I’ll make your condition
also the same. What harm will you do to me? I’ll chop
your tongue and make dogs eat it. Lower your voice! This is police station,
not your home. You don’t need to tell me this, Indra.
Where ever I step… ..that place belongs to me. And if I step… ..there will be an earthquake. Indra, don’t forget
that you are a woman. What are you saying?
I am a woman! A woman has only got
you in this condition. And one who gave you
birth is also a woman? And even Late Prime Minister Indira
Gandhi and Sania from games world. Is a lady only. Fighting war with the enemies and
destroying them is also a lady. Have you forgotten Kiran Bedi,
Rani ki Jhansi, Laxmi bai ..these are also ladies only. Shutting your illegal businesses,
your hooliganism’s empire ..and getting a person like
you in this condition… ..this Indra IPS has come. Within 24 hours if I don’t hand cuff
you and take you around the city.. …then my name is not Indra. Just now if I don’t get you fired from this
police station then my name is also not Aparna. What are you looking at me? Quickly
throw the bail papers on her face. This is the court order, you
release him immediately. With the help of this bail, you can
take your son out of the jail… But how will you
save him from me? Sunil, release him. Carefully. They hit
me very badly. Father… Get lost! You’ve misused your powers that’s why this
suspension orders have come from higher authorities. So that you can see things in perspective.
Take your suspension orders. And take out your gun also. What happened, Indra? Along with
uniform you lost self respect also. This was just the small
example of my power… And in future you
have to see a lot. Don’t stare and get
lost from here. Don’t think suspending
me you have won. Remember one thing, you can’t
keep sun under your control Same way, how much ever
powerful enemies may be… …one day for sure there
will be an end to it. As long as criminal and corrupt
officers will be in this department… ..till then people like Aparna
will keep doing crimes and ..and will keep taking
lives of innocent people. As long as bugs like you are
there in this department… ..nothing will happen
with this department. Today I’ve taken the promise,
I’ll finish the crimes. Want justice..justice..
take back Indra. Our government is corrupt.
We want justice. We want justice.
Take back Indra. We want justice.
Take back Indra. Government down down..
Home minister down down. We want justice.
Take back Indra. Most capable officer ASP Indra is
been suspended by our home minister. With this public is very angry. Hail to Indra. Hail to Indra… Home minister Arun
Patel down down. Home minister Arun
Patel down down. Suspending Indra government
has taken a very wrong step. They should have not done this. Let them say it. Who does not,
here our government officers ..even after taking the bribe of
crores they are not suspended. Today there is not respect for
hard working and honest officers. In today’s dark age officers fighting for
truth and justice are purposely suspended. I’m really fed up this
corrupt government. I’m not sad that
I’ve been suspended. I’m sad that there are corrupt
officers in my department. Enough..enough. day and night
you’re busy doing your duty. This is the result
you have got for it. What justice is this? saluting
everyone, taking bribe from others… …depriving other from their right,
will make car bungalow for themselves. Today’s they’re the one who are dominating
there is no value of honest people. They fire such honest
officers very easily. You’re right. But someone has
to do something against them. And I’m doing that and
will also keep doing it. Those corrupt and selfish people have
suspended me for their own selfishness. But you don’t worry.
But I’ll surely win. Even if I’ve to stake my life!
How much ever they may scare me… …but your brave daughter i
not going to get frightened. This time your region has given
you the grant of 7 crores. Are you happy? -Very happy. Next time I’ll increase the
amount, you don’t worry. These are important papers.
They have to be signed by you. Okay. You may leave now.
-goodbye. Hail to Indra. Hail to Indra. In every government place
this has become a business. Honest officer like Indra
should not be suspended. Darn with such a government!
– Darn with such a government! We want justice. It’s government duty to do justice
with honest officer like Indra. Hail to Indra! Hail to Indra! This people will not reform by just talking.
They will reform only when they are kicked. Besides suspension and transfer
what else they can do? All this will not do. Now public
will not take up all this. Hail to Indra! Hail to Indra! Tell us, why you are
sitting on this protest? Till ASP Indra gets justice and
culprit Aparana gets arrested… ..we’ll go on hunger strike. Hail to Indra! Hail to Indra! Because of government’s this decision
a youth tried to commit suicide. So police took the baton charge.
There is chaos in the city. Government has to take some
decision as soon as possible. Listen, ask Arun Patil to
contact me immediately. What you want to say? –It’s become
difficult for us to get out of the house. After all what is government
doing for our protection? Do you want say something?
Government must apologize. What is all this? If you all will do like this then how will
we get public support during election. Because of you we shall
lose in election. Aparana had funded our
party and helped us also. So… Did he do a favor on
us by funding us? Funding us has he
bought our government? You’ve ruined the image of our government
by taking fund from such a man. Because of your misdeeds, how
will I face the public and media? Tell me, you fool. Will your sorry change
all what you have done? Entire public is
talking ill about us. Immediately take that
suspension orders. If I do so, Aparna and
his men will get angry. Let them be angry. Do as I say, I’m more
experienced than you. This is politics. Public is more dearer to us and
not that Aparana, understood? And you commissioner , how could you
suspend her, don’t you have brains? Sorry sir but besides this
what else could I do? There was too much pressure on me.
I had no other option. Without thinking you suspended
such an capable officer.. …now immediately cancel
her suspension orders. Truth and justice always
wins, you’ve proved this. I’m very happy to see a
courageous officer like you. CM sir called me personally and have
cancelled your suspension orders. Congratulations. This is
your appointment letter. Any how you should be alert.
Enemies can do anything. I’ve no fear of death. Even if I
do or anything else happens to me… I’m ready to tolerate everything.
Since I’ve worn this uniform… I’m ever ready to die. One day everyone has to die.
I’ll happily embrace it. Everyone is scared of death but
indra is not scared of death. Culprit shall be surely punished.
In next 18 hours… I’ll definitely arrest
Aparana and his son. And tech him that law is not any joke.
I just need your support. My support will
always be with you. I’ve to do something with him. Just fan faster.
Do it over here. Now do one thing,
do it over here. Our government has decided to again
appoint suspended loyal officer Indra. With this decision citizen of
our country is very happy. What happened, Mahadev? Public is quite
annoyed with Aparana. Father, what is going on?
-don’t worry. As long as your father is alive,
no one can do any harm to you. Don’t worry. –That baton, chili powder,
I can’t tolerate it, I’ll kill myself. What are you doing? Don’t be scared, just
be little brave. Your father is with you. Asking me to brave, if that chili powder
would come on you then you’d know the pain. Don’t know where
all it has gone. It is still burning. No father,
I can’t tolerate it anymore. Indra ha got you in
this condition, right? I’ll not spare her. I’ll not use any power, ploy
or trick, I’ll just her abducted from there. Where ever in whatever condition
she is, get her over here Go quickly. Stop thinking about her abduction
and think of saving yourself. All my life I nourished you like a dog
and this is the way you pay for it. Couldn’t get a
suspension order pass. Useless! I know the breed of
all the policemen very well. Indra has challenged that she will
collect all the evidence against you … and hand over to court within 18 hours..
we need to do something about it. Yes father, something has to be done
about her. She hits like a dog. If she arrests you, he will hit you 10
times and she will count it as just one. And along chilli powder free. It’s burning. So listen to what I am saying?
-Say it. Jhansi Ki Rani, Indra IPS.
-Oh Aparana! Oh you’re very smart,
recognized me. You recognized my voice, now
try to recognize this voice. Madam I’m Sunil..save me…
madam save me..-Sunil! Sunil…-as guessed it right,
he is your colleague sunil. If you‘ve the power then I
give you 5 minutes time… ..quickly come and save
your uniform friend. And if you can’t then come and take his
dead body and get the postmortem done. If I see even a scratch on his body, I’ll cut
your body into pieces and make the dog eat it. So come..come. today even I’m ready. If
you’ve the courage in you then come. I just give you 5 minutes time, are
you coming or shall I send him up? Why 5 minutes? Indra walks faster
that wind and ahead of storm… Go and die, you rascal. Sunil..sunil…say something. Ah Indra. Today your poor Sunil
will not say anything. Do you know, why this poor fellow died?
Because of you. Oh God! You hit me so badly, I’ve
lost half of my blood. Where all you have put
the chilli powder! Now we’ll make you eat chillies. What were you saying?
That I was a criminal. And you will arrest
me without a bail. I’m not an ordinary man,
I’m also a policeman. What were saying? Am I
policeman or a goon? What is my status, now
you’ll come to know. If I grow beard, what
is your problem? If I eat a betel nut then
what problem do you have? You made fun of me in front of all,
now see what happens with you. Indra IPS officer! Traitors! If you loved
your country little also… ..then you’d not think of killing
your colleague like this. For money you all can
kill your fathers also. Now face to face,
face this Indra. No man can behave like
this with anyone, …only a man who is not a man
can do like this with someone. Laugh as much you want because after
this you’ll not be fit to laugh. Hit her! Hit her, father. How Krishna for Kansa,
Rama for Ravan… ..just like that I am for you.
How Lord Rama had killed Ravaan. …I’ll kill vicious
people like you all. You have committed enough
of sins, now no more. Today this indra… Father, she is gone. She used to
think herself to be very smart. Shoot her..finish her off. Hail to Mother Kali! Nagashwar, seems she is dead. We don’t want anyone to curse us. Go
and throw her dead body in jungle. Okay brother. –There when animals will
eat her, her soul will rest in peace. And when hungry animals ill get to
eat, do you know what will happen? We all will be blessed. Come on quickly take her. They hit you so brutally. Do people living in
cities have no heart? What was your mistake that
they punished you so severely? They are not humans,
they are animals. Dear, you stay here only. If those wicked
people will see, they will kill you. You stay with us. We’ll keep
just like our daughter. We’ll take good care of you. You
will have no problem over here. No uncle, I’ve to go. My parents,
my brother must be waiting for me. One who got me in this condition,
I’ve to teach them a lesson also. And have to get justice to many
innocent people of our country. This is my duty. Just
give me your blessings. Yes dear. -You both
loved me as my parents. You’ve saved me from the mouth of death.
I’ll owe you. Don’t join hands in front
of us and stop crying. We’re blessed that we got a chance
to save an honest officer like you. Nothing goes wrong
with good people. They will surely get
punishment for their misdeeds. God will never forgive them You always be happy. May God protect you! Why are you string at me?
I am your sister. But you were dead? No. Look at me carefully,
I’m your sister. I’m not dead, I’m alive.
Where is mom and dad? Sister..sister…we thought you’re
dead and you’ll never come back. Nothing happened to me.
I’m absolutely fine. Sister! Sister… -Why
are you crying? See, I’ve come back. -Sister! Stop crying. Now your sister
will not go anywhere. Really, you’ll not
leave me and go? Quietly or mom dad will wake up.
I want to surprise them. Are they in the room? -They
are not here, sister. Then where did they go?
-Look there. Mother…mother! How did this happen? No one is as amazing as you. Where we’ll extra
money there only we’ll get ourselves transferred. Even I’m thinking the same.
I’ve talked to Aparana. He’ll surely take out some
or the other way out. That’s also fine.
-We’ll see to it later. Greeting sir.. -Yes
say, what’s the matter? My daughter had gone for duty,
she has still not returned. Is it? Just think, has she
gone to some relatives house? Sir, they are Indra’s parents. Oh so they are Indra’s parents? Yes..yes! Don’t you know, what
happened to your daughter? Why? What happened, sir? She used to think herself
to be very smart… ..if she will encounter dangerous
goons, will they live her alive? Yesterday night only Inspector.
Suri got an dead body ..and at that place your daughter’s
revolver was also there. Now that dead body is hers
or not inquiry is going on. I feel, she is first raped
and then she is killed. No..no nothing can happen to my daughter.
-Oh old man, get lost from here. Get going. –It’s conspiracy, you
all have killed my daughter. I know you have killed my daughter.
-You caught my collar! In front of me they
killed mom and dad. They have killed you, now until I
kill them, I’ll sit peacefully. Killing them I’ll get
your soul rest in peace. I take an oath, I’ll
not spare them. Chutku… -Yes sister. I’ll telling you something, listen
carefully. -Yes say, sister. Now besides you I’ve no one. Yes dear, we are there for each other.
And we don’t have anyone else. I’ll put you in hostel
so that no one harm you. You will go there? -And you? I’ve some work here, I’ll quickly
finish it and come to you. Okay sister. -And listen
to one more thing. Don’t tell anyone that I’m alive.
-I’ll not. Enjoy..enjoy.. –You seem to be
very happy, what’s the matter? Why won’t I be happy? I’m the
candidate of upcoming elections. I CM is against us, how
will we win the case? It’s just a game of money.
Throw sack full of money… ..then see what wonder happens. After giving money so many goons stands
for elections and then they win also. Real fun would be when you would
get contest for MLA post. That will also happen. In next election,
father is contesting for MLA post. Great. Father is MLA
and son is ZP officer. It will be a great time for us. Can you all hear something? Might be someone has left
the tape recorder on. Who is he who has come on the
horse covering his face? Who are you? She seems to some dame! Ah say, who are you? Why are you doing
unnecessary drama? IPS officer Indra! Yes, I’m alive. How can I die without
killing sinner like you all. After being beaten so much,
I thought you will reform. It was my mistake that I left you alive.
I should have killed you. Forget about killing. But today you have
done a very big mistake by coming here. Now how will you go alive form here?
Tell me. One consider law as temple, one
who doesn’t care about her life… …one who destroys evils, one who
finishes crime from it’s roots… I am incarnation of Rani ki
Jhansi, my name is Indra. To finish evils like
you is my motive. And any how today
one one save you. She is insulting you all and are you
all waiting to dance on her tunes. Begin the singing and dancing. Indra forgive me..please.
Please heed me. Leave me! Thank you very much. Father..father… Till now you did as you wished
but today I’ll do what I wish. Have your pants become wet? Mahadev..Mahadev… -Brother,
take care of yourself. What happened to you?
-Brother, calm down. How can I calm done? My
heir of empire is dead. Go and find out, who killed him? I’ll not spare him.
Who killed him? I feel this is our enemies have done this.
I’ll quickly find it out. Till then have patience. Stop telling me to calm down, just
find out and tell me, who killed him? Whoever killed him, chop
his body into pieces . I’ll always pray that in my every
birth, I get you only as my mother. I don’t want anything
more than this. Birth after birth you
will only be my daughter. Now keep quiet. Eat. Police man is at duty. I
think I am over drunk. All this is my illusion. Who are you? What happened?
Forgotten me? Indra IPS!. How come you are alive? To kill the demons God comesin
some or the other form. That’s why I’ve taken
the birth again. To kill me a wicked man like you
as to take birth 100 times. Indra listen to me… Government gives gun
to only two people. …one who protect
us at the borders… ..and other to public’s
protector, Police. And on these two our
country’s future depends. To overlook this
responsibility is very wrong. What you have done! If prime minister does a mistake
like a primary school’s student… ..then policeman has given the duty
to make him rectify his mistake. And to misuse is not right. This is only your mistake. You had taken the oath that you will
protect the citizen of this country. But you got into gambling, dance bars,
all possible illegal activities. Getting hand in loves with other
goons, you tried to kill me. How can I spare you? My parents came to you for help
but you brutally killed them. I’ll not spare you. –I beg at
you, please don’t kill me. Look I’ll worship you.
I’ll consider you God. I’ll surely change, If I leave you, will you reform? Yes I’ll surely reform. -Okay
quickly take a paper and pen. Yes I’ll take it. What should I write?
-Write a death note Whose death note? Yours! -What? Write..I’m committing suicide. Write..there is
no use keep people like me in the department. No..I’ll not write. No..no..I’ll write whatever you say.
I’m writing. I’m responsible for my own death.
– I’m responsible for my own death. No one else should be held responsible.
– No one else should be held responsible. Take..take it. Sign it. I enjoy killing pests like you. How I killed Aparana’s son,
today I’ll kill you also. What did you say?
You killed him? Yes! No..no that’s not possible. For
sure someone has killed him. Someone has killed him. No he has really committed suicide.
I saw his suicide note. You all are foolish! I know your status. I don’t need you
all, I’ll take care of everything. After all, who is
doing all this? Tell me the truth, that
Indra is dead, right? What are you saying? Sir and I had killed
her by stabbing the knife again and again. And then threw her dead
body in the jungle. And you…-Look my left
eye is twitching. Then what? –I know after dying
she is wandering like a ghost. She has become a ghost.
Now she will kill me. Take me from here. Don’t be scared. Charlie speaking…
-hello control room. On highway a school bus has met with
an accident, quickly do the inquiry. Sorry sir, a school bus has met with an
accident, I’ve to immediately report there. I’ll come back soon. Go quickly..get lost. Hail to Mother Kali! Save me! Hello.. Who is this mad? I am here in
tension and you are laughing,.. ..say quickly, who is speaking?
-You didn’t recognize me? I am your death. -What?
You are my death. Hey have you gone deaf?
-Deaf? Who are you? Indira IPS. What happened? Have you started
sweating hearing my name? Or did you, wet your pant? No, no you are dead. -How can
I die, without killing you? I will cut you in pieces. I
will erase your existence. Every goon will shiver looking
at your brutal death. Goddess Kali will save me. You have insulted my holy uniform.
I swear of that uniform. I won’t spare you. I killed your DSP
after making him write his death note. Do you understand? After that grafter Nameshwar,
your next on my hit list. Kali! -I you’ve courage
save yourself. Your time is over. You are dead! What shall I do? Hello! Hello! It was private number. Hey Kali.
Kali, now you save me. Have you started day dreaming?
Indira died in an accident. This has been confirmed
by post-mortem report. And you are saying that she called you?
Are you telling me your own stories? How a dead man can make a call?
I feel you need rest. Hey commissioner! I
am telling the truth. She only said that she killed Dy. SP.
And after that she was also saying… …that I am next. -Do
you have any proof? I don’t believe you. Everyone
knows that Indira is dead. And you are saying that
she is still alive? This is your confusion.
-Hey commissioner! Why don’t you believe me?
-Give me the proof. I talked with her on this phone only.
-File a complaint, we will enquire. I don’t want your enquiry. I will be
dead before enquiry gets complete. I want security, give me security.
-Sorry. Elections are going on, all
are on duty over there. How we can provide security to you?
Impossible. Stop, your story. Doesn’t a
VIP’s life has any value? I know what to do. I will
show you what I will do. You will have to
provide security. Hello! Hey home minister.
I am Apparna speaking. How did you call?
-I want your help. Yes, say. -That Indira is alive.
She is not dead. But you got her killed yourself. It was a mistake, she
only had called up. Commissioner is denying me security.
You tell him. I am sorry, Apparnna, last time when I
helped you then CM scolded me a lot. If I will do anything now then they
will throw me out of home ministry. That’s enough, Apparnna. Now
I can’t help you anymore. Now don’t call again, otherwise
I will change my number, okay. Hey! Ye..ye..ye..ye.. scoundrel. He became minister on my money
and now he is dumping me only. One day everyone shows
their true color. When they need funds they come
like a beggar, scoundrels. Hey, it is so hot, reduce
the temperature of the AC. I was scaring others, today I am scared.
All are selfish. Never trust them. Hey Kali!
Now you only can save me. Now who is it? Wow, this is new number. Say, Kali Goddess has sent whom? Yamaraj. (God of death). -You! Yes. You will not pick up,
if I call from same number. Okay tell me, you didn’t
get security, right? How you came to know? -I have
to keep watch on enemies. I am police woman. Hey, what happened if
you’rw a police woman? I also keep all the
information about my enemy. I have enquired
everything about you. Now you see, what
I am going to do. You are supporting lies and
I am supporting truth. Now you listen. Get
your pyre’s material. What you are stuttering? Now no one can save
you from your death. If you can run then run, because
even God can’t save you from me. Tomorrow evening at 6 ‘o’
clock, I will kill you. Now it seems that I have get
my pyre’s material for sure. You are very beautiful. Hello! Oh Nageshwar! Hey Indira! Hey Indira you were suppose to
kill me but I will kill you,… …because even Yamraj is scared of me.
Today you arrange your death, yourself. Hey! When Kansh (Mythological
King) started violence… …then God Krishna fought
that Kansh and killed him. I am same Krishna. Until I kill you and your
minions I won’t get peace. I’m born to kill you.
I will prove today. You sought many people help to kill
me, but I’m alone to enough you. And today I have made all
arrangements to send you to hell. Hey, what you will send me to hell.
I will send you. Even 100 scoundrels like you are
will be less to kill me. Understood? Until I kill you and see your blood,
I won’t be at peace. Come on. Hey! There is no need to bring
100 people to kill you. Only one is enough. How Krishna
led Arjun to defeat Karan… …same way I have brought someone.
See. Leave me. No. No. Please. Leave me.
Sister! Leave me. Shut up. -Leave me. Leave me. Sister! Sister! -Hey!
Stand there only. If you moved even one step then
I will cut your brother’s neck. Hey! Stop, don’t do
anything to my brother. What not to do? I will do it for sure.
Did you think before killing my son? Now your brother is being killed,
you’re feeling the pain. Now I will kill exactly how
you had killed my son. Hey! No. Don’t do anything to him.
If you want kill me. But leave my brother. Leave him. Now do you understand what is the
outcome of having feud with us. You always said that you will kill me.
First save yourself before killing me. After that you come and talk to me.
Go and kill her. I must hear every
bone’s breaking sound. Shut up. Shut up. No. You told me to arrange
things for my pyre. It seems that I have get
those things for your pyre. Till now no one is born who can kill me.
She shouldn’t be alive this time. Hey Nageshwar! Till date no one
could stand in front of me. This girl has no power to stand in
a front of a sturdy man like me. Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister!
Sister, father and mother left me. Now you can’t leave me and go.
Sister! Hey is any film’s scene going on?
Go and kill both of them quickly. Sister! Sister! Get up. Get up. Sister!
Get up. Get up, sister. You had just seen Indira in
uniform but you’re looking at… …me like this for the first time.
Your death time has come. One, two, three, four, five. Sister! Sister! -Don’t cry. Let’s go sister.

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