Eight year old girl is denied school picture because of her red hair extensions   .

Eight year old girl is denied school picture because of her red hair extensions .

Eight year old girl is denied school picture because of her red hair extensions . Marian Scott told she cried after she was told that she couldnt get her photo taken because of the red extensions in her hair. Ben Kriesch, principal of Paragon Charter Academy, told the station that Marians red extensions violated school policy. Marians father Doug Scott called the incident “upsetting.” “All of this is uncalled for, they didnt even call us,” Scott told . “They let her stay in school. … So if shes not a disruption to the class, then why is she a disruption to the picture?” The Jackson, Michigan, schools handbook says students hair color must be “of natural tones” to get their picture taken, WILX reported. Kriesch told the station that students with a hair color or style violation have a week to get it corrected, which is why Marian was allowed to remain in class. The girls family said they dont have plans to remove her from the school, but they said they would like to see better communication from school administrators. “If they would have reached out to us and say come get her … shes got a hair issue, we need you to change it, thats not allowed I would have been fine with why this happened, but they didnt reach out to us,” Scott told . The school sent out a recorded message the Sunday before photos were taken going over the dress code policy that Scott said he never heard nor saw, according to the station. “Had I seen the email, I probably would have told Marians mother to not do it, but I guess I think its good that this happened because now people are going to get the opportunity to see what is really going on,” he said. This isnt the first time a dress code has been criticized. In September, a Texas school district said a 4 year old boy , saying his long hair is in violation of the school districts dress code. Parents argued that it was discriminatory against black hairstyles. Action has been taken to stop employers from discriminating against people based on their natural hair. California Gov. Gavin Newsom , making it illegal to enforce dress code or grooming policies against hairstyles such as afros, braids, twists and locks. Marian went to school on Monday for the first time since the incident with all black hair. She plans to get her picture taken on retake day, November 12.

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