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Hey, guys! Uh, it’s Kayla back with another video. So, the topic of today’s
video is being yourself. Being yourself can be hard, and it’s like, aren’t I always being myself? And yeah, for sure. But being yourself is like, not changing yourself
to impress someone else. A lot of people like, call
me quiet or shy or whatever. But I’m not quiet. Most quiet: Kayla Day. I don’t talk a lot at school, but if people talk to me and stuff they’d find out that I’m like, really funny, and cool, and talkative. By the way, I like your shirt a lot, it’s like, so cool. What? Kayla, one more
week of eighth grade, huh? Huh? I said, one more week
of eighth grade, right? Yeah. That’s crazy. Yeah, huh? Okay, so growing up can
be a little bit scary, and weird. We will begin to explore
these changing bodies of yours. It’s gonna be lit. As always, make sure to share
and subscribe to my channel. Gucci. I think you’re so cool. Maybe you just need to put
yourself out there a little– I’m gonna stop eating with you if you keep doing this–
Hey, I’m saying one, you said I could say one thing! I’m really, like, nervous all the time. I try really hard not to feel that way. But you just need to face your fears. And let people know the real you. Just grab my phone, had to charge it. Yeah, I mean, sometimes
I charge it, too. My phone, I. Just ’cause things are happening right now doesn’t mean they’re always gonna happen. What was in there? Just all of my hopes and dreams. Right. I was a complete mess when I was your age. Really? Eighth grade is the worst. You never know what’s next, and that’s what makes things exciting, and scary, and fun. When did you get Snapchat, what grade? Fifth grade. Fifth grade, what?
Fifth grade? Jesus Christ. Really weird.

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