El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Date Announcement | Netflix

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Date Announcement | Netflix

– I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve said, like, 500 times already, I’ve no idea where he is. Don’t know where he’s headed, either. North, south, west, east, Mexico, the Moon, I don’t have a clue. But yo, even if I did,
I wouldn’t tell you, ’cause I’ve been watching the
news, same as everybody else. I’ve seen that little cage
of his they kept him in. I heard about what they did to him to make sure he kept cookin’, so sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. No way I’m helping you people put Jesse Pinkman back inside a cage. (dramatic music)

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  1. Wtf? This wasnt even a scene in the movie. Just a teaser trailer for a movie that was mediocre at best. Should have just left the legacy of the series alone.

  2. If you can't figure out why this isn't in the movie, ask yourself one question and this trailer should make much more sense to you: Where is his hat?

  3. This scene wasn't even in the movie. Skinny Pete & Badger brought it, but they were only in like the first 10 minutes or so.

  4. This scene wasn't even in the movie. Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time, but this movie was disappointing. Not bad at all, but just disappointing…not a whole lot really happened.

  5. I'm kind of curious why this wasn't in the film? I assume this scene would have been right after all the police start to go towards presumably Skinny Pete, as Jesse is driving off and gets spooked about cops driving past.

  6. This is not just a trailer it is actually a scene from el Camino where skinny Pete told Jesse that he would talk to the police you just run away, Vince G is a freaking genius!!!

  7. This clip was not in the final movie, nor did they show skinny getting arrested. All took place off screen, I'm guessing when they all took a different car and he took the camino. (Sorry Slight spoiler) does this mean they may have also did a sequel right away? Or was this just a promotional clip?

  8. Those who are asking why this wasn't in the movie should try critical thinking. Firstly, the clip was meant to tease the movie while showing little of it. Secondly, it's not needed in the movie since Skinny Pete tells Jesse-Badger he will lie to the police. There would be no point is seeing what he explained – it would take up screentime. Finally, the movie was about Jesse, showing this scene would take focus away from him.

  9. Love how the people who are saying the movie sucked are the same ones who can't understand why this scene wasn't included. Makes it easier to disregard their opinion.

  10. This scene was not in the film but clearly takes place after Jesse sees all the cops heading to Skinny Pete's. It makes the scene more powerful now especially after all Badger and Skinny did for him. Real friends. True blue.

  11. This really sucks! They cut this scene from the movie. The movie was good. But I was hoping they would show Skylar, Marie. The case whether Skylar told the DEA about Hank and Gomez's burial for she got the coordinate from Walt.

  12. Skinny Pete is an example of what true friend is. Everyone needs a best friend like Skinny Pete. A sweet but broken soul.

    "Because… You're my hero man."

  13. Why are people upset this scene wasn’t in the movie, it would’ve been unnecessary, plus it was probably filmed just to be a teaser. We all saw it already so who cares

  14. Filme desnecessário e irritante .. Um pinkman covarde que se torna um pistoleiro… A série nota 1000 esse filme zero.. Perda de tempo me deixou indignado com esses flashbacks e história irritante.. Lixo..

  15. I didn’t even realize this guy was Skinny Pete until I watched El Camino holy shit he looks so different without his beanie

  16. i started Breaking Bad and I finished it just now. Favorite series of all time. Now I get to watch the sequel right away

  17. this is such an amazing trailer! this scene isn't even in the movie, so this trailer is extremely valuable because it's part of the movie, and it's not, at the same time. the only time a trailer is actually worth a damn.

  18. Interesting detail here. He says specifically that Jesse didn't go to Mexico, which is likely to arouse suspicion in the cops, and this is exactly what he wants since Badger is dropping off the car at the border to mislead the cops. Skinny is a genius

  19. People are annoyed that this wasn't in the movie, o k a y, maybe this scene just didn't fit in the movie, I don't see how it could, really. It was probably just made to be a teaser.

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