– (whimpering emotionally) Oh! (sadly) Oh. – (tearfully) Wow,
that was so powerful. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna show
you a short animated film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo
that has gone very viral and has already been selected
for several film festivals and won several awards.
– Oh, good, good. (silence) – “Ringling College of Art.” ♪ (soft music) ♪ – “In a Heartbeat.” – I already like the name. – It must be about love. – (sighing) Is this gonna be sad? – (boy panting) (bushes rustling)
– Looks innocent enough. ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪ – Aww. – I think this young man
likes this other young man. – Oh, he’s got a crush on that guy. (heart thumping rapidly) – (boy gasping)
– He likes him or something? ♪ (anxious music) ♪ – Anxiety, anxiety. ♪ (music fluttering) ♪ – It’s his heart.
Aah! Oh! ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪ – Oh, you see? You cannot control your heart. (heart squeaking happily) – So he’s playing with his heart? – Awww.
(heart puckering up) I love this. – I can see why
it went viral. It’s nice. (heart giggling and squeaking) – Uh-oh.
(ding) (laughing) (heart giggling and squeaking) – (laughing)
(ding) (sighing) A little awkward there. – (boy gasping frantically) (door opening) – Oh, how cute is that? ♪ (music building frantically) ♪ – Uh-oh. (students whispering
amongst themselves) Other kids are watching. – Haters. Haters. Stop it! ♪ (sad music) ♪ (heart cracking) – Amazing what
they can do with the eyes. (heart stretching apart) – No! – Oh dear. And his heart just broke. ♪ (sad music) ♪
– (whimpering emotionally) Oh!
(heart breaking) (sadly) Oh! (door creaking shut)
– Oh. – Hmmm, a broken heart. ♪ (tender music) ♪ – (sighing emotionally) ♪ (hopeful music) ♪ – Oh, it just got
put back together, yay. (laughing) – (sniffling) (weeping softly) – Empowered! Awww. (heart thumping)
– Nice ending. (heart thumping) – Oh, that’s really sweet. – That was just beautiful.
Oh, that was wonderful. (sniffling) Oh my goodness. (laughing) – (tearfully) Wow,
that was so powerful. (sniffling) (sighing deeply) Academy Award. (laughing) – I’ve always liked the animation, and this was very well done,
and it’s a happy one. – It would make
a little boy who feels warmly about another little boy
feel better to see this. Make him feel like
it’s not something terrible. – It was very honest
because, you know, you make a decision–
you’re ruled by your head or you’re ruled by your heart. And if you want to be happy,
you let it be your heart. – (FBE) Okay, so
the creators of this video were still in college
when they started this project and only really relied
on a handful of others to help create the entire video. So how do you think
they did with this short film? – So they were students
when they did it, and they’ve done
really good with it. It’s very charming.
It’s very well done. It looks very professional. – They did a fabulous job.
I really liked it because it’s happy and I always liked
the animation anyway. – The whole process of what
they did was very, very good. Professional, if I may say. – Well, it’s pretty artistic. I mean, it wasn’t
cheaply made, you know? The cartoon,
the color, the editing, the flow of the script,
I think it’s well done. – My daughter’s an animator,
so I know how much work, especially computer animation,
how much work is in every second of footage– it takes forever. That’s amazing.
That was beautiful. – This should be up for an Oscar. I mean, it’s just wonderful. It’s done beautifully. If I saw that at a theatre,
I wouldn’t even question the professionalism capability
of these young people. – (FBE) So do you think a short film
with this subject matter would have been something possible
to not only be made but be so popular and be praised
back when you were growing up or earlier in life?
– No. (laughing) I’m sure there were little boys
who felt like that, but it was just
completely unacceptable. That’s when your sexuality
just starts developing, and if you don’t develop it
the way the other kids have developed,
it’s probably a very strange bad feeling,
and this would validate the fact that you’re okay. – Today, it would
be different, obviously, but in those days,
I don’t think it would be accepted in any way. – Something coming in out
of the norm so much wasn’t looked at positively. – It wouldn’t have been praised. It would’ve been–
what’s wrong with you people? You know, that you’re a pervert. – I don’t even know
if we even realized that relationships like
that were going on, and if they were,
they were pretty hidden. – Gay people stayed in the closet. 10, 15 years ago,
I had a gay student who was just distraught. He was distraught
because, basically, what was happening is his parents
were telling him he was going to roast in hell,
and it was very hard to deal with because there was so little–
there was very little out there, and I think that within
the last decade, it’s improved. – You know, the young
generation now, they accept so many things
that the older could not and would not open
their minds to accept, so because of that, you know,
it’s a new day now. – (FBE) So, finally, if
the creators Beth and Esteban ever see this episode,
what would be your message to them about their film?
– Um, it’s beautiful. Keep it up. – These guys did
a great job with this, and I accepted it.
I’m not that young, but I accepted it. – Good for you
for putting it out there because it’s something
that’s really needed. We do need to remember
that love is love, and our heart needs to rule,
so kudos to you. – I think you did
a very nice thing that validates a lot of feelings for boys
that they can’t express and they feel uneasy
and unhappy about it. I think it’s a very positive message
you’re sending out and it was beautifully done. – Thank you, thank you,
thank you for making such a sweet, loving,
compassionate realistic view of what’s really going
on in the world, and for people to really understand
what your message was, and it’s so appreciated.
I would say keep going. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Subscribe and hit the bell
for more shows every week. – Bye, everybody, I love you. – Hey, everybody,
Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of Elders React. Be sure to go support the film
In a Heartbeat. All the information
you’re gonna need is gonna be in the description,
but please check them out and go support the film. Bye, guys.

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