Eli Tamil Full Movie

Eli Tamil Full Movie

All India Radio Greetings listeners! This program is Social View To participate in this program we have, Crime branch officer Mr. Mohanraj Professor of Loyola College
and Social Activist, Mr. Padmanaban are here with us at
the radio station. – Greetings!
– Greetings! cigarette has been banned
for almost six months, but it’s being sold
illegally in few places. In order to stop that, what
actions have you taken? What you are saying is right.
I don’t disagree with it. People buy it just because some anti
social elements sell them secretly. The government has been propagating the
ill effects of smoking in all mediums. Despite that, smoking
and selling cigarettes will be dealt with severe punishment. Do you think introducing
such laws can stop cigarette smoking? Sir, it’s only through British, our
country got introduced to cigarette. This habit which was followed
only by rich people, today it’s being spread
across common people too. We have been seeing people hiding
cigarettes and buying them. As he said, even though we introduce
strict laws and jail them it’s difficult to stop people
from smoking cigarette Sir, what kind of health problems
occur due to smoking cigarette? When we smoke cigarette,
the smoke that we exhale mixes with carbondioxide
and becomes more toxic People around get more
affected than the smoker Instead of stopping, if they
continue this habit, in fifty years people will get addicted to
it and suffer from cancer Sir, when are you going to find the
gang of people selling cigarettes? For this, we have formed three teams
and are taking drastic measures to find. We will find them very soon. Ah! What a crowd! It’s growing. Let’s start.
Boys, come in. Listen carefully. We are going to play cop
and thief game. We should rock. I have no clue which
shop I would sneak in. I will decide it on the spot, you should
follow. Do you understand?- Okay, Eli sir. – Now put on your cap.
– Done! – Hold the stick.
– We have. Use your brains. Start the game. Walk on, man. Walk.
– Oh God! Please don’t beat me. I will tell you
the truth, sir… I will tell you, sir… What happened, sir? What did he do? Why are
you hitting him hard? He is a thief, sir. That’s why we
are hitting and enquiring him. Oh! He is a thief, is it? You
shouldn’t hit him like this Roll him over hot tar road
and hit him with the stick Kaanthavalli Jewelry Palace. Got you! Kaanthavalli’s
secret affair. Sir… I gave everything to him.
– You gave it to him, is it? – Did you give it to him?
– I gave it to him. What did you give me? I gave
you the ten sovereign jewelry I stole. Ten sovereign? When did you
give me that? Oh God! He says he doesn’t have all
the twenty sovereigns he got from me. Hey! I am telling you I did not get ten
sovereigns and you are saying twenty sovereigns. Just because he gets the stolen gold from many
others, he forgot that he got from me too! Sir…I will show you what all I gave him.
Please take me inside the shop. Show us…Show us. Get inside. Please stop. – Why do you enter the shop listening to a thief?
– Don’t you interrupt. – You show us.
– I will show it. This one, this one too. – All these bangles and this one.
– Move out of my way. This chain, stone studded necklace
and the entire jewellery in this. These will be more than
a hundred sovereigns Finally he has blurted out the truth. He paid me for twenty sovereigns and has
jewellery more than hundred sovereigns. I am a thief, but this guy cheated me.
Imagine what a fraud he must be! – Surrender all that he pointed out.
– I don’t even know him. Boss! Hand over all that you got from
him before the cops bash you up. Did I hire you for this? You run a business with stolen
jewellery and you are hitting him. Before they start hitting you,
please keep all the jewellery I showed. He is getting beaten up
for saying he doesn’t have it. This is the jewellery
that I stole. When you thrash me for stealing, why don’t you
thrash him for having bought it from me? Let’s file an FIR and
summon him in the court. – FIR?
– If you don’t want an FIR compensate with a fine. Money? I will not give. – He might point out the remaining jewels also.
– Please take this. You have got the money, please leave.
Inspector might be looking out for you. – You gave them the jewellery and money.
– I only did it to save you. – Get in the car
– You’ve hit me enough, why are you hitting again? Please give back the jewels, I
don’t even know this thief! Sir, please give back my money
and my jewels. My car… My car… Oh God! My car…. Hey! Who are you? I parked the vehicle and was taking bath.
He used a duplicate key and took my car. Oh my God! I have been fooled
by a bunch of thieves! How did you got fooled? They pretended to be cops, entered
my shop and stole my jewellery. Oh no! Did they get my
car to steal your shop? Hello! Sir.. Tonight, at ten o’clock,
near Thiruvanmyur crossing, they will be smuggling cigarettes. Lorry’s number is MSR182.
Please catch them this time. Hello…Hello… Officers! We have an infomation about
smuggling of cigarettes near Thiruvanmiyur. – We shouldn’t miss this time. Okay?
– Yes, sir. – Hey! Who are they, blocking the road?
– Brother, take right and go. Hey! Why are you riding in the middle
of the road. Move to the corner. Don’t talk too much. Go… I’ll take care of you later! Brother… Police Now look at this. – Stop that lorry.
– Stop there! Hit them, brother. Catch him! If it’s not in this
vehicle, then… Where must it be? We have transported in the right vehicle. Wow! Great product. We do have business now. Pure
hundred percent tobacco. How many containers do you want? – One hundred containers.
– What? One hundred containers? – Yes.
– Alright. – We need a month time.
– Okay! Once the ship reaches your coast,
you pay me the money I deliver the product to you. It’s all yours from then. Alright! We have transported the
consignment in the bullock cart. What, boss? Seems like you have talked
over a greater deal this time. Yes. Hundred containers. – Hundred containers?
– Yes, Karunakaran. Such a huge smuggling
needs to be planned. As far as you are here, nobody
can harm this Nagarajan. That’s what you think. But Kumar and
his gang are beyond our control. It’s a struggle to go beyond
him and smuggle goods. Besides that, he is demanding
half of our profit. – He’s been jailed. Then what’s the problem?
– So? With the help of his brother Pattinambakkam
Ravi, he is operating from inside. I am scared if he
might get us caught. Finish him in the jail. Okay, boss. This is your salary
for this month. Thanks, boss. Cheers! What, brother? You
have come to the bank? We shouldn’t disturb the public by
snatching necklace and earrings. If we want jewllery, we should go
directly to the Jewellery shop. Similary, we shouldn’t
pick pockets for money We should go directly to the bank.
This is my policy. Eli sir, the steps you
take are so thrilling. Dude! Brother is a brave man Anything might
happen when I enter. Just watch the chaos in the bank.
Follow me. The bank looks to be crowded. It’s only in the crowd,
this Eli plays a game.. – Don’t you abscond looking at the crowd.
– We will not do that. You should be alert.
Do you get it? With the way you walk, you
look like bank’s M.T. It’s not M.T. It’s M.D. Excuse me… What? The thing you wanted to say is “I am thief. I am here to
loot money from here.. After reading this, without showing any
reaction, give three lakhs in a bundle. If not, I will shoot you”, Isn’t it? You got it, right? Then why are you discussing?
Get the job done and leave us. – That’s fine.
– Then what? But, you have written
everything wrong. Wrong? As what? The spelling of thief is wrong! The spelling of bank is wrong! All your spellings are wrong! Instead of writing reaction,
you have written real aunty. – Do you know who is real aunty?
– Who? The one sitting next to me, Maliga.
She is a real aunty. The spelling of bundle is wrong! Can we start teaching you the language? Are we running an educational
institution here? You don’t even know to spell gun! Hey! I might have made
mistake in my writing. But, I have got a real gun.
Do you want to see? Look at this. Let it be there, sir. You have come here with a legal written
statement, I can only move the process legally. If you write it with mistakes,
how do you think I can sanction? Please rewrite it without mistakes.
Please go. Hey! Hey! Hey! What? I am having a gun and
terrorizing you You are not scared a bit and
move around carelessly. You don’t know about me.
Ask them. If you see the real
me… Do you want to see? Your gun..everything is okay. But
you have failed in your writing. That’s what we have solved, right. The
remaining sentences are correct, isn’t it? Why don’t you compromise by
giving us a discount and send us? Why are you being stubborn? Sir, we return even if there is a small mistake
in a cheque. This is our bank’s policy. Let me give you an idea. Meet a lawyer and get
this statement written without any mistake. I will sanction it. Loook here. Look at me. As the time fleets, my eyes are turning red.
If I get angry all of a sudden and shoot, the bank will burn. Look, there
are female staff as well. Don’t get into trouble by making me angry.
You seem to be God fearing. You are talking
without getting scared. There needs to be some respect
given to the original gun. He doesn’t seem to understand the rules of the
bank. Please take him out and explain it to him. Brother… Let’s go. Eli sir. Let’s go, sir. Hey! Stop! If I trust him… Hey! Stop. Why did you
guys leave me alone? You can’t even write properly. And you are not giving
a tough look as well. – I had a tough look only
– No, your face is becoming like a mouse. Mouse, is it? Hey!You look like a monkey in disguise
and you call me a mouse? – I will hit on your face.
– Hello… You left this slip upstairs. Please go correct and bring it back.
Meanwhile, I will have food and come. Look how decently he behaves. If we write it correctly, would
he refuse to give us the money? We cannot blame him for
our mistakes. Justice is on his side, sir. Justice is on his side, is it? Sir, I forgot to tell you
something important. What? Bank closes by 1 PM today. You can get the money today if
you get it corrected by then. If not, tomorrow is Sunday.The next day is
Republic Day and we have five holidays following. I say this for your good heart, If you miss today it will get delayed
by a week. Do you understand? Best of luck! Come soon. He is dealing with
us in a new angle. Not just this bank, he is capable of handling terrorists
even if put him incharge of many banks. Brother… I forgot to
mention another thing Oh God! He is roaming around. – Why are you entering the bank again?
– Bank? Again? Oh no! What will I do?
Looks like I will go mad. I came here to loot the bank without knowing
there will be managers like him. Save me, God! Sir! Check the newspaper.
Media is attacking us. Not just one or two days, for almost a
week, they are attacking us with this. I am unable to go to the assembly because of
you guys. When are you going to find them? The opponent party is
accusing me saying that Minister of Police,
Puchimuthi is useless. Am I useless? Am I? What can I do if I get
blamed for your mistakes? It’s a big deal that I
have become a Minister. Sir…We… First you sit down. Sir, you are a minster and it wouldn’t
be respectful if I sit in front of you. Respect? I have lost it all! Whenever I come you are
standing like a ladder. Last week, my neck started aching
talking to you like this. Sit down. Sir…We will catch
him in few days. You have been telling this
for almost six months. There is immense pressure from the
centre to transfer this case to the CBI. Do you know that the credibility of the
government is at stake? Can you do this? Sir… One minute Please understand, Monhanraj. You
have dealt with many difficult cases That’s why I gave you this case. If you
delay, what would I answer higher officials? Sir, I have been taking
steps to solve this case. But, whatever I do, somehow
Nagarajan gets to know. Without the help of someone in my
team, this wouldn’t be possible. What? A spy in the department?
What are you going to do? Like how he has a
spy in my team. I have decided to send
a spy to their gang. I need your permission for that. Okay, sir. But whom have
you planned to send? Brother…What’s this? Instead of stealing, you are staring
at this police officer’s picture. He is the reason why
I became a thief. Eli sir, What are you saying? With a passion of becoming a police,
I went for police selection He rejected me saying that the
width of my chest is one inch less and hurt this little
heart of mine. So, he is the one who
ruined your life. That’s why, the knowledge
that I saved to be a cop, ..is spent as a thief. Today, I have decided
to steal from this officer’s house. In ten minutes, we should
clean the house and.. …put a rangoli at the
centre of the house. Brother… You are a lion to steal
the police officer’s house. Hey! This Eli is not just a
lion, he is a shaved lion. Shaved lion? It will look bad, if
we shave the lion. Rhyming is fine, but you
are missing the meaning. Okay! Pick all the stuff. Hey! Where are you going? Go there.
Fast..Fast.. Pick them. What’s this? I hear a car sound. Has the police officer returned? – Hey! Some other police has come.
– Hey! Don’t panic. Take the stuff and
load it in the van. – We can only load half.
– Oh God! Meanwhile, I will manage. I don’t know how I am
going to deal with him. It looks like he will break
the door and get in. Sir! Who are you, sir?
What do you want? Retired I.G,
Rangarajan’s house… He got shifted to another place. – He said he got shifted here.
– No..no..You have mistaken He vacated this house and
shifted to another place. Sir, but he told me… We are doing Ganapati Homam
with my family today. When will we finish the rituals
if you people keep disturbing us? Sorry, sir. Or else we will leave the place. You do everything
and ask for sorry. How come his photo is here. – Those guys forgot to take that.
– Forgot? Sir….I meant he forgot. Why torture me?
It’s so difficult. It looks like I can’t finish my homam.
Please leave. – What’s that sound?
– That’s my wife boiling the milk. – Be careful, Padma. – Okay! Okay! – Two voices [Team MEGA]?
– Sir…I have two flowers. That is…I have two wives. One
is Padma and the other is Bhama. I have been dealing
with them calmly. Is it enough? – Do you need all of these?
– No, I don’t need these. – Then, please leave.
– Okay! Sorry! If you meet him, please send
someone with the address. I’ll put up a board
at the entrance. He looks like an ostrich! With his tortures, I am
sweating from head to toe. Sir! – Hi! Hello, Mohanraj.
What’s the matter? – How are you, sir. – Good. – I came here to meet you (arogyame).
– Is it? Then you should have
come home, right? I came to the house, but you have
shifted somewhere else, it seems. I shifted to some other place. Okay, sir. But you
could have told me. – I informed you that I shifted to this
place, right? – Sir,you are confusing me. – Where do you stay right now?
– The same new house Which house? Kanaguthara Illam,
53, Kovil Street Go straight and take right.
Third house from there. I went there, but a guy told me you have
left the place and he is living there. Somebody is living in my home? Who is that? Oh God! Thank God!
It’s locked upstairs. They stole everything
except for my photo – They might have gone that way
– Let’s go! – Drive.. Drive fast –
It isn’t going beyond. Stop! Stop! He is riding it like a bullock cart.
Drive. It’s a good decision to choose spy from outside
rather than from the police department. But the guy you send
shouldn’t be a common man He should be able to
tackle any situation. That’s what I am thinking about One guy can do that Who, sir? The guy who filled smoke inside
my house few minutes ago. Sir… That thief? A thorn can be removed
only with another thorn A thief can be caught only with
the help of another thief. Sir, do you want me to hand over
the case to him with full trust? Don’t you say that. Police and thief
have same minds. We think on how to catch him He thinks on how
to escape from us. Sometimes, he thinks
more than us. What you say is correct. But how do you
trust that he would handle with the gang? What are you talking, Mohanraj? I am a police officer. He
sneaked inside my house You are a police officer, he
has cheated you with acting. And fooled both of us by
stealing in front of us. Isn’t this enough? I am saying it through
my experience. He is the right person. Find him and handover
this job to him We knew that we will have our
moments The moment is here.. now Sculpt it in a golden plank
Tomorrow is all ours Success will follow us Fortune will pour upon us There is no denial anymore Sky is our limit We knew that we will have our
moments The moment is here.. now Sculpt it in a golden plank
Tomorrow is all ours Do birds die of hunger here? Birds don’t have minds like
us to save for the future The strong ones have
planned for tomorrow The good ones have
come to the streets We want neither strong
ones nor good ones We want the ones who
seize the opportunities We don’t see religion.
We are all united now. We are not related by blood, but
by our friendship and deeds We share what we
possess amongst us We stand by each other
through thick and thin We give our lives to
protect the other We learnt to live as an epitome
of living for the other Hit me! You could
have done this there. Why are you hitting
me in private? You have a reason to hit me. Similarly, there is a
reason why I steal. With that look, you are asking
me the reason. Isn’t it? Let me tell you.
Please note it down. Even I wanted to be a
police officer like you. If not that, I wished
to be a mini constable. For that, like a snake, I had more
than thousand eggs and litres of milk …to shape up my body and I
went for police selection test. But do you know what retired I.G.
Rangarajan did? He rejected me just because
my chest was one-inch less. Just one inch, sir. Once inch. What’s
going to happen with just one inch? My life is spoiled now. Believe me. A passionate man
like me with fire, was not used by your department.
But it has gained a lot from me. As a thief, I sacrificed and
worked all day and night and have given work
to your department To be honest, all of them in
your department should give me, one percent commission
from their salary. – Commission? – Yeah. Do you think I might
have asked anyone? Or would you have gotten it from someone
and given me? Please think over it. What did I say now that
you are raising the gun? I just told you my position. But don’t
you take wrong decision because of that. There are six hundred
criminal cases against you. We have all the
information about you. If I wanted, I could have taken
action against you with these cases. Do you know why have
I called you here? Please don’t point the gun there.
My heart will stop beating. Please take it and tell me
what you wanted to say. – I am on an operation, right now.
– What? Operation? Oh! You have studied to
become a doctor as well? Which operation, sir? Brain or piles?
Which one are you specialized in? -Oh no! He is tucking that
behind…Might get shot. – Hey! There is another meaning for Operation.
It means to plot and find a thief Oh! Even that’s called operation, is it?
Sorry, sir. Please tell me. My department has assigned me
to catch a gang of smugglers I am going to find
the gang using you. You are going to find the
smugglers using me, is it? If you do this, I will cancel all the cases against you and
I will make you a police as you wished. Police? Me? But…you shouldn’t
wear the uniform. What? I shouldn’t
wear uniform, is it? You shouldn’t even reveal
that you are a police. Sir…Without the uniform and without revealing that I
am a police, are you calling me to do a maid’s job? You are a spy. What does that mean? Secret police officer. Oh no! He is telling so much. Come to the place I tell you tomorrow.
I will give you the case details. Please tell me , sir. He is Nagarajan. For the outside world, he is
the owner of a star hotel. But, secretly, he is doing
many smuggling business. In recent times, he smuggles
cigarette illegally. Somehow, you join the gang know their secrets and share
details with me from time to time. Sir, you have all the details, then
why are you sharing it with me? -Why don’t you catch them?
– It isn’t easy. He’s got a long link. Where does he get Cigarette?
Where does it get shifted? Where does he hide it and to
whom does he sell the stock to? We don’t have any proof
for these information. You are joining the gang only
to collect the information. With what you say, seems
like he is an ace criminal. Do you think I can reach
his place easily? You are correct. I
have a plan for that. He is Padagu Babu,
Nagarajan’s goon. You have to befriend him
and enter the gang. Okay, sir. Where is he now? Give
me his address, I will follow him. – He is in jail now.
– What? Inside a jail? Okay, sir. Once he comes
out, I will start my duty. We don’t have time for that. You have to get
in right now and get acquainted with him. Then you drop me there Hey, Eli. Do you think I
don’t know such ideas? No matter what, nobody should
know we know each other. If anybody gets to know,
our plan will be spoiled. I am telling you once again, Eli.
If you want to become a police you must get in
and befriend him. What’s this, sir?
Is this called spy? If I were a thief like before, I could
have done a crime and gotten in Now what new can I do? – Are they even making me think?
– Hey, Eli! Is that a mango on a tree? Why
are you aiming it with a stone? – It’s a flight – Exactly! As of now, that flight
is a mango to me. Watch my show! We will protest until death We strike Until our wish gets fulfilled. Ban… Ban aeroplanes! Ban… Police has come
just as we thought. Stop flying…over our head. Stop flying aeroplanes
with noise. Ban… Ban the aeroplanes. Don’t you fear…until
they ban aeroplanes. What? Ban aeroplanes?
Are you kidding? -What is your problem?
– Then what? At night 11 o’clock, 1 am…3am
and at early morning 5 am How can people sleep if they continuously
take off and land over the head? That’s why we are doing
this hunger strike. How do you think planes can
fly without making noise? Sorry, sir. Listen to me. Sir, if the husband
snores, wife divorces. If the wife snores,
husband divorces. Just for snoring, we have issues.
But all night… If planes fly with a loud noise, how do
you think families can sleep peacefully. Who gave you permission to fly
with a loud noise? Can you answer? Even if we permit or not,
the noise will still exist. Then why don’t you change the route
instead of flying planes in the city? Sir, why are you talking over it? If it’s a confusion,
vacate the airport. Is airport a rickshaw stand
to vacate it easily? As of now, it’s
like that for us. – Who are you guys?
– Who are we? How could I tell you? We are social activists – Social?
-Activists Did you hear? He looks like a terrorist and telling
you that he is a social activist. – What is he saying?
– We should deal with him differently. – Are you going to vacate this place or not?
– Can you vacate the airport? I will do it… – I spoke correctly, right?
– I don’t know. Hello…control room – How many are protesting?
– Twenty to twenty five people. Will you be able to clear it in half
an hour before the collector reaches? – No, sir. I can clear.
– Is it possible? Definitely we can clear, sir. What is this? He is saying
he is going to clear. We asked him to vacate
the airport, isn’t it? I guess that’s what he
is saying it in English. Oh God! Why is everybody falling down? You said you would buy
them food secretly, isn’t it? People have come without
eating, trusting you. – Put all those who have fallen into a van
– Yes, sir. Move… Throw them into the van. – They are throwing them like corpses.
– Let me ask. I will try out a rehearsal. – You ask them
– You are our leader. Ask them. I am telling you to ask. Shout out! Hello, sir! Without the
permission of my leader you cannot touch any of us here.
Be careful. Throw him in. Sir…. Boss…Save me. Boss…They have hit me on my head. – Why are you being quiet leader?
– Is this called getting charged by the police? Save me leader! They
are taking me away. They are being brutal. They are thrashing
even the one who voiced for you. It looks like they might put us in as well.
Please decide soon. – Eli, sir. Make a quick decision
– Wait. Be bold like me. It looks like he is aiming me.
We will take rehearsal. You ask them. What? I should ask them? Okay…Chill…He escaped. Hello, sir.Why are you
throwing everyone like a sack. I am the leader here and you
misuse your powers in front of me. Why don’t you decently arrest? Why
do you thrash people so badly? Isn’t he a human being? If you request, we will
withdraw from our protest What? Withdraw? – What is the slogan you have written?
– Is it something new? As usual, we have written
‘Protest until death’ -What have you written?
– We have written ‘Protest until death’ -It’s written ‘Protest until death’ isn’t it?
– Yes. Then everybody die. We will have to die? You are asking as if
demanding a property. You come as a gang, ..put up a tent and hang a board
saying ‘Protest until death’ In the meanwhile, you eat enough for four days and you say the flight shouldn’t
make noise, the trains shouldn’t blow smoke and
the bus shouldn’t honk, cycles shouldn’t ring the bell.. Don’t you have any purpose
for protesting? Do you think Government
officials are fools? You protest and we should leave our family
all day and night and hold a lamp for you? Then you get convinced,
drink lime and leave. Why are getting tensed for this?
What do you want us to do now? I am not going to
leave until you die. That’s all, right? I would do the same
thing if I were in your position. Hey! Everybody sit down. If he was in my position? It looks like he might have also
attended a lot of hunger strikes! I thought I will get arrested and befriend
Padagu Babu. But he is asking us to die. Police has surrounded us.
How do we escape? When there is dam, there
will be irrigation All the irrigation
sluice are open here -What sluice?
-Don’t you understand? Look over there. That’s the way to escape. Who ever can escape, go
through it and run. Or else, like he said, die here. Do you understand? You should
start once I say joot. Is it fine? Joot! I am stuck. Everybody bite their legs. Sir…Please leave. Where are you trying to escape? Go run… Don’t you let go of anyone.
Arrest them all Sir…Please don’t protest saying
‘Hunger strike until death’ Police is dealing
in a different way. It was so stupid of me to
protest against flights! We have been looking for you. I called everyone for the protest trusting
you. Now, everyone is looking for us. What happened to you?
Have you changed? Eli, sir. We are
going to our native. You will go.. Only if I leave you. This guy looks familiar. He is the owner of the
jewellery shop we stole from. Is that the guy? I not only deal with jewellery, I
started the shop dealing with people. You have ruined my life Hey! I got cheated trusting
that you were cops. If I had know the truth earlier, I
would have proven my skills to you I will not leave you guys
without taking revenge. Why are you pushing me? I will not let go without
killing you guys. Hey! Look here. – He has become a gangster
– Because of you. – Because of me? What can I do?
– Don’t worry. Show him this. He will run away. Why are you giving me a knife? He is threatening you with the rod,
right? You threaten him with the knife. Sure? Give it to me. You thought you can
take me for granted? – Come here.
– You come here first. – You come here…
– You come… Hey! He will not come, you go. Oh God! It’s a murder!
What do I do now? That’s alright, sir. Oh! This salute wasn’t for us? Eli Saami. -What is this name? Eli Saami.
– You are asking about that? Mom’s name is Elizabeth, from London. Dad’s
name is Saamikannu, from Kottampetti. When mom came to tour India, dad
was a guide and married her. I was born for them. That’s why they mixed both the
names and named me Eli Saami. -What did you do?
– I was helping a ghost to deliver a baby! Don’t you read newspaper? You are becoming
lazy these days. – So, you know nothing about criminals here and feed them!
– What did you say? No, sir. I am feeling high after
seeing your carelessness. Oh! Really? Take him to room number eight I will smash him. Please go. Move on. What to move on? – Walk…
– Why is he getting tensed? Didn’t he pay fees for his children? Please deal smoothly. Is this what they call smashing? He completely smashed me Pity… He seems to be dumb! Oh! He is asking about the
person who just left. Is he also the same? Oh! He’s gone to eat? They are serving food here.
Come soon. Go! Do I not know to eat? You come
with me, but you go alone for eating. – I troubled this guy, searching for you.
– Hey! Just come. Let me go eat and come. I though these guys were dumb, but
for few minutes they made me dumb. What? Here… Do I look like a mad guy? What? Why is he shouting like this? Wait…Wait…What
are you looking for? He is really dumb! What’s the problem? – Sir, he is asking me to drop at your house.
– What? My house? He can’t speak. When he asked the way, you hit
him and now you are lying to me. Please wait, sir. I hit him, thinking
that he was acting. Does he look like an actor? It looks like what I
gave you wasn’t enough. Go…Do your work.. No
food for you today. He hits with bare hands so badly! Why does he need a cane? Does
he use it to pick his ears? Everything is going
wrong the entire day. His look isn’t right. Is he really…. Or is he a psycho? They are coming continuously.
Who is sending them? I don’t know what he is up to. What? I have no clue Leave…Just can’t take it.
Leave. Don’t bite me. They are serving food there.
Please go. Is he Padagu babu? Let’s get it started One minute…Brother..brother… Mad guy He went without receiving me. I should throw this on his
head and end his life. He is having a rod in his hand. Will it work out here? I doubt if he will sync. Let’s see. Hello, brother. Who are you? Why do you
wish me unnecessarily? They have introduced this
gesture to get familiarized. It’s a tradition to
wish each other. Why are you being rude instead of being
sweet and receiving me. – Why?
– Why, is it? If you disturb me, you will
not have hands to wish. You may lift the rod Do you think it’s a
mistake to wish? – When did you wish me?
– Hey! Don’t interrupt. Just because you have the rod, do you
think you are a Bheeman in Ramayanam? Bheeman is not in Ramayanam.
He comes only in Mahabaratam. Hey! He has played a guest
role in our stage play. You should wish back, or else you you
will not have hands to lift the rod. Idiot! Whom are you dealing with? Who is this guy? He is interfering. He is not here. We shouldn’t
let go of him today. Whistle. I wanted to be a police, but
forgot to train myself whistling. Let me train myself. Oh God!
Whatever I wish should happen. It blows well. Let me
try it out differently. It’s so hard to blow it!
Let me try it out once again. He has escaped. – Were you whistling all this while?
– Yes, I was blowing. Why are taking warden’s whistle? I was wondering if it would sound the
same way when the warden whistles. But I am getting extra tune. If you want, you try it out. When I wish, you don’t wish back. You tell me not to whistle, are you
running the administration here? When did I? The government
is only running me. Don’t interrupt. I will forget
whatever I wanted to say. Listen to me carefully. I am also a gangster. They give you the same food what they give me. I wear the same shirt. Have they give you a
suit and shades? Police is unfair to me as well. If you try to interfere you
might have to see the real me. Go. I will go. What is this? Why are
you standing here? Whenever I cross by
your side, you beat me. I was just playing with you. -Did you find only me?
– You were the one that time. – Do you know who am I? I have come here,
murdering my family. – You killed everyone?
– Are you playing with me? Oh God! What is this? -I am going to poke you with this stick and kill you.
– No need of that -Treat me like your elder brother.
– He was the first one I killed. Really? Then treat me like
your younger brother. I killed him heartlessly. Treat me like your uncle then I killed my uncle with a cane. Is that why he is aiming
me with the cane? -Don’t you move.
– What are you going to do? – What am I going to do, is it?
– No, it’s wrong to commit another crime. I will not play with you from now.
Please put the cane down. Where is he? He left…. There are loads in him I shouldn’t act silly without
knowing the criminals in jail. Did you tease or
disrespect woman? Were you caught selling drugs? Did you fight or
murder your superior? Did you sell illegal
stuff to youth? Did you break someone’s bones? Did you run an
illegal pawn shop? Did you fight with your mistress Or suspect your wife
with infidelity? Did you blow up your family rivalry
And kill your blood relatives for ego? Your life is priceless to
be a prisoner at this age Your life is priceless to
be a prisoner at this age Does bland food suffice for
the rest of your life? Do you want to have a
toilet where you dine? Do you want the ring of a
bell call for your meal? Do you want to spend sleepless
nights behind the bars? Relations shall
keep away from you You’ll be an accused
till your life ends Prison ends your
chance of marriage Your life shall become a stone
thrown at a glass house You don’t own your life anymore Someone controls
your life in prison You shall only cherish your moments at home Your life is priceless to
be a prisoner at this age Your life is priceless to
be a prisoner at this age One who acts upon his anger
Digs his own grave to end his life Momentary anger changes the course of one’s
life And makes you repent for your whole life The dreams that you
aspire to achieve Shall shatter in to pieces
in that moment of anger The good deeds
that you have done
Shall count no more if you act upon your anger Great leaders have disappeared Patience is priceless Your life is priceless to
be a prisoner at this age Your life is priceless to
be a prisoner at this age Go…Go fast Padagu… What are you thinking over? Do you know that you are going to be released
today? Eat soon and come to Jailer’s room Go. Why are you all moving like a tortoise?
Go fast Unload the sack and go eat Are you still cutting?
Go eat and come Do you think they will specially
serve you food? Go eat. You murdered and entered the
jail for food only, right? Go. -Is the dal ready?
-It is ready -This is more than enough.
-Hey! Come here. All of them are standing in a queue.
Carry it. Somehow I sent them all out. I should escape before
they finish eating. Hey Bald-head ! What are you doing there? Oh God! Ladle!
Thank God I caught it right I might have hurt my head.
What happened to him? Oh God! He is dead. – I called you Bald-head, but why did you fall for that?
– What’s that noise? He hit and killed him. Oh God! He killed him. What? Did I kill?
What are you saying? -What happened?
-He killed him Look down Sir, he killed him with a ladle -A ladle?
-He finished the work I wanted to do. He must be great. It ended up like the
story of a Jack Fruit. Is it a mistake to
catch the ladle? He fell down and ended his life,
but they blame me for it. Even I have come to a decision. The gun has been made. Just see what I will
do with this fake gun. Let me have two.
What if it breaks. Look at him…He has
committed a murder, and he sleeps like as though he has
come for a Kodaikanal trip. Before we take him to the court tomorrow,
I will beat him up. You please come, sir. Hands up! -Don’t play a game
-Who is playing? This is the original gun.
Raise up your hands. – Open the door. Open it fast
– Yes, I am opening. -Don’t you move. If you do so, I will shoot you
-Now move Where are we going
this late night? To see your astrology. I am pointing the gun and
asking you to raise your hands, You are asking me
where we are going! Open the main gate, find a taxi
and send me off carefully. Or else, these bullets in the
gun will pass through you. Will it pass through? – This is wrong
– I will have to abscond now. Brother, I treat you like my twin When? After I pointed out the gun at you? Before this, you made me lie down and rolled over me like an Elephant. Now when I point out the gun,
you call me your relative Are you fooling me? Come to the point Brother… You killed someone by mistake. Now, if you point out the gun and
threaten senior officials like us – the crime rate will increase
– I will deal with it. – First, you both do as I told you.
– Go. Look at them…They may be 300 kilos..
not walking at all. Go! -What happened?
– What? It’s raining, isn’t it? You are
walking like a pregnant woman. Walk fast. The foam
is gushing out. Oh God! This rain doesn’t
know the right time. Why are you raising
your hands and walking? Can’t you see the guy
behind with a gun? What? Gun? Sir, he is holding lather in his
hands and you calling it a gun. -Lather?
– Yes, sir. What is this? -It got melted.
– What? – Soap
– Soap? Soap revealed its
true colours, sir. Sir, can’t you buy a
hard soap in the jail? You were showing off with a
soap and you are complaining. Thrash him up! Partner will be taken to the court by this
route. We shouldn’t miss him. Be alert. Sir, may I have this? Let it be there, sir. Who are you guys? Hey! Why are you
shutting my face? Leave me What are you doing? Who are you? Who are you? Why did
you bring me here? For this face, why did you
wear mask and kidnap? What do you want? Even if flies hover around my brother’s
head, we look for it and hit it. But you hit him with a ladle. Oh! Are you that Sparrow
headed Kumar’s brother? You have dubbed my brother
a Sparrow headed Kumar? No, not me. Somebody dubbed him
like that and I used it to on you, Hey! Thrash and kill him. Thank God! He threw me carefully.
He is a good guy. Hey! You have got guts.
Bash him! Hammer! Where are you running? Stop… You move. Hey! You move that side. – Thank you!
-Thank you? Who is it? Sparrow- head… Move that side. Get lost. Get lost… Thank you for
placing the ladder. -Where is he?
– They have taken him to the godown – What…godown? How many people?
– Ten to fifteen people. Oh no! Partner is in trouble. What is this? He is not our partner.
Come inside. Come in… Padagu Babu has
come with his gang. I am already tired of escaping them! He is not a simple guy. He killed Kumar and smashed
his brother and his gang. Yes! They are under the impression
that I smashed them. I will join their gang
with this reason. He has got skills
that he doesn’t know. Without his knowledge we should use
him and get a good name from boss. Eli…You have got the way. Boss… Oh God! He is the boss, is it? I told you, right? In
jail…my partner. Did you kill Sparrow
headed Kumar? Not just him, but he smashed his
brother and his gang as well. Really? Oh God! The way he looks seems like he might
want me to put up a fight with ten people. Your name? E-e-e-Jolli, boss. Jolli! What is this, boss? From now on, you are an
important person in the gang. You are my man! Nice to meet you, boss. Nice to meet you too. Thank you! What, Jolli…? You are looking there Are you wondering who he is? Having been in my gang, he tried to reveal
confidential information. He is a traitor. He pretended to work with me He is a spy who came here
to collect the evidence. A spy? They sent me for
the same purpose. But… He did not know that we had
collected information about him now he is going to die Going to die? Yes, Jolli. To tell it in your slang,
we are going to boil him. Boil, is it? You boil me or you kill me. You do
whatever you want to. Our police department will
continue to spy on you. Who asked you now? You cannot escape
from their eyes. He is talking too much.
We should begin the work. Blow the conch! Why are you panicking? What do you want me to do? You sent me there saying
that I am the only spy. But there was another spy already.
They killed him in front of me. When I ask you, you are questioning
me who might have sent him. In future, if they kill me
too, you might ask the same. Why do I have to be
trapped in your game? Eli, to complete an assignment, they
form various teams in the department. Similarly, he might have been an
informer from some other team. Don’t you take it
into your mind. I did not take it into my mind. With the
bullet sound, it automatically got fixed. How do I continue
with such a fear? – You have to continue, Eli
– I told you that I cannot. You will be in danger. What are you saying? You have now joined the gang. They will
suspect and look for you if you go missing. Will they look for me? Then they will know who you are. So, it’s safe to be in the gang. – What are you saying ?
– Don’t you worry. Nothing will happen to you. I will make you a police
once you finish this case Oh God! Knowing all my weaknesses, he some
how tackles and pushes me into the gang. Oh God! You should
take care of your son. Let me leave. Boss… Yes, boss. Sorry. We have been fooled. He made us believe and betrayed. Whom is he talking about? – We never expected he would do this.
– Yes, boss. Aren’t you ashamed
to say this? If you would have got him here I would have killed him. Oh God! He’s talking about me. He knew you would kill him if he did not
get the goods. He ran away out of fear. He wasn’t talking about me, is it? You frighten me every time. For a minute, they
creeped me out. Let me go ahead boldly. Why are you upset? The business party cheated me and
gave away the goods to someone else. I feel so ashamed. The price of Gold, Diamond
and Gemstone keeps changing. But it’s always cigarette that keeps
increasing in terms of price and value. I am the master in this business I wouldn’t let go if someone
tries to take the place – Jolli
– Boss… Can you do me a favor? Do I have to? What do you want me to do? Somehow you should
bring back the goods. Me? Boss, that’s an easy thing for me. I will bring the goods. – Wait and see, boss.
– Okay! Give it to me fast. Okay! Come. Let’s go. Who is that?
Ganesh…. Look over there. Look over there…
It’s a foreign girl. Look…There is a stone. Turn… Close it… – Kill them.
– Okay. Take them. – Fast…Open…open.
– One minute. Please take it. Wow! – Where is Jolli?
– Jolli….Here. Hello! How are you? Jolli…? Yes. I did not believe you even
when Padagu Babu told me. Now I know who you are. Wonderful, Jolli. I am extremely happy! I am going to throw a party
for you this evening Thank you, boss. An ocean of beauty
is spread everywhere Feel it yourself to believe it I need to hold hands with you To caress me with a cozy hug I am the grammar of beauty I am the secret of youthfulness I am a world wonder An ocean of beauty
is spread everywhere Feel it yourself to believe it I need to hold hands with you To caress me with a cozy hug He who admires beauty
shall not ignore me He who adores me
should be honored Enjoy the pleasures of this
world while the age lasts Realize the real meaning of life Life is an illusion, pleasure is real Time and again,
pleasure shall win over The thirst for pleasure shall never lessen Everyday shall
feel new and fresh Teach me the art of love
and blow me a kiss of love An ocean of beauty
is spread everywhere Feel it yourself to believe it I need to hold hands with you To caress me with a cozy hug I have heard stories
of wonderful woman Today I feel the pleasure of seeing one I feel the urge to steal the beauty And get the warmth of
holding you closer to me We are destined to be together Everyday shall feel like a festival I shall be the dress
that covers you Know me better for us
to enjoy life together And shower me with your love An ocean of beauty
is spread everywhere Feel it yourself to believe it I need to hold hands with you To caress me with a cozy hug I am the grammar of beauty I am the secret of youthfulness We are a world wonder Cheers! I have got a foreign liquor. Hi! – Jolli!
– Boss… She is Juli My five star hotel is shinning
because of this star. Juli… He is my man Jolli. Jolli? Nice name. Thank you… The most talented man
I have ever found. – Nice meeting you.
– My pleasure. Same here. – You have got a call.
– Okay – Juli…Please take of Jolli.
– Sure. Juli… Jolli…You know what? I have been
dancing here for so many years, but this has been by far the best
performance and it’s all because of you. Thank you! I was praising myself in this
song, but you went beyond that. It was so flattering. – Thank you…Thank you…
– You are such a fantastic… Stop…Don’t you know Tamil? Why? – Don’t you know English?
– What? I don’t know English? If I start speaking, you will
stop speaking English forever. You will regret for
learning English. Why? I speak fluently… Then why don’t you speak? – I don’t prefer speaking in English.
– But why? Juli…Try to understand When you know Tamil, then why do
you have to speak in English? This is my question. According to me, English should be used
in short and sweet and that’s my style. Jolli… Even if you don’t know English, you
tackle well. You are a robber. I see you have the skills. She says I have got
robbery skills. I am not sure if
she really knows. I should be careful with her. Who is it? Is it Vijaya? I have lost the Yellow bag… I had it in my hand. I did not even
get down for eating. I did not sleep. It went missing when I
got down from the bus. Hey! Why are you crying
over the useless bag Even if it was useless, it
was a lucky bag for me. I may live without you,
but not without my bag. I cannot live… Stop it! What’s your problem? My bag went missing when
I got down from the bus. What did you have in it. I had nothing. But even it was
an old bag, it was a lucky one. – Old bag, is it?
– It’s lost Keep the phone down. Come here… People in town are worried about various other
bags and you are making a fuss over your old one! Moreover you are crying over it. If I meet you at the
post office again, I’ll parcel you off! He wasted a lot of time. – Please dial the number.
– Tell me. – Hello…
– This is Eli. Tell me… – I have settled here
– Very good. Any information? They were telling that they were going to
get the goods from a business party soon. Watch him very close. Search for any evidence
related to his smuggling. Evidence, right? Don’t you worry.
I will take care of it. Importantly, find out with whom he has
got contacts from our department. Okay? Okay. What about the police job? As soon as we complete this
operation, you will take over the job. Okay. Thank you. – Are you playing cards?
– Yes, Jolli. Why don’t you join? No…I don’t want to. Sir asked me to collect the evidence. How do I find out when
these people are here? Let me find out from them. Padagu… The other day boss killed someone telling
that he’s got an evidence. What is it about? Oh! You are asking about that? When boss has a link with
someone or smuggles, we take photographs for
our safety and file it. He tried to give it to the
police without our knowledge. That’s why boss caught
and killed him. He is the boss. Okay! Where are the photos? It’s safe in his room. That’s correct. Why are you asking
about all this, Jolli? To give it to the press and
make it a breaking news. Idiot! I wanted to know if
boss is having it safe now. What? Hide your cards,
he is looking at it. Why are you
looking at my cards? Why did you look? How dare
you look at my cards. Let me search in boss’s room,
before they finish fighting. Oh God! It’s nowhere. I will go upstairs and look
for it in his personal room. Loads of money… Why do I get to see loads of
money only after I change? Let it be. It’s going to be
in our department, anyways. They have completely cleaned it. How amazing! It’s a new experience…. That’s right. Everything seems to
be a new experience. Where else shall I look for? What is she looking
for in boss’s room? I wonder if he has sent
her, not trusting me. Let me see. Whatever evidence she takes, I should
steal it from her without her knowledge. She is coming here. I hear a whistle. It seems like the boss is coming. Juli! Wow! You were fantastic on that day. What
a performance you have given, Juli. You were coming down like
this..bending down. Excellent… He is sitting on the couch. Why have you come to my room? What? Her room? Hey, Juli! Is it enough if I have
the drinks alone? Do I not need a side dish? Side dish? Side dish, right? Here it is. Oh! Don’t you mock at me. I did not ask for this. This one… You have drunk too much.
Let’s talk tomorrow. Can you please leave now? Oh! No! What, Juli? I came here with much love. But you are asking me to leave. No… I will not leave. You don’t love me.
But I love you. What are you doing here? You look beautiful when
I see you from here. Why are you being stubborn like a child.
Let’s talk tomorrow. Now you go and sleep. You don’t love me, but… But…I love you. You love anybody,
everybody except me. Jolli. Come out. Come out. Oh no! She is angry. What do I do? Get up. What are you doing in my room? That is… How dare you come in to my room? Don’t get angry, Juli. All the rooms in the
hotel look similar I came here thinking it was my room, but
it’s yours. I wanted to tell you and leave. Boss arrived before that. Boss might mistake you
if he sees you with me. That’s why I hid. Indeed,
you should thank me. Jolli….. You came here for some other purpose.
You are tackling it well. – Nothing like that.
– Come here. Juli… I experience something
new in her…. Go…Where
are you going? Boss will be waiting outside for the side
dish now. I will leave later. . Go fast. I will have to change
my dress and go to sleep. Go… – Boss, Karunakaran here.
– Tell me. I have planned everything to
smuggle goods from Nigeria. Very good. Make sure we don’t get any issues
from your department this time. I will take care of it. Come to Hotel Ambassador Pallava at two
in the afternoon. Rest we will talk later. Okay. I will be there
sharp two o’clock. Department? The guy who spoke, might be the one
helping him from the department. If I follow him now,
I can catch him. Let me leave. He has crossed. It isn’t starting. He has gone a long way. It was working fine. I
wonder what happened to it. Now if you don’t start
with the kick… Please start….Start… I hear it broken. It’s broken. It’s totally gone. Even the key is missing. I am ruined. It’s better to get on the
vehicle that’s coming. Sir…One minute… – What?
– Take me. -Then lie down in the front.
– No. I meant take me on the back. Then lie down showing your back. I meant to say, drop me there. Leave the vehicle. I have got
an important work to do. – It’s important for me as well. Can’t you help if it’s urgent?
– Listen to me. Please go fast. – Go..
– I am going, right. Shoot him! What? I hear some one shoot. – Why is police chasing and shooting?
– They are shooting at me. – Why are they shooting you?
– Obviously, why would they let go of a terrorist. Terrorist? You look like a seller and you are
calling yourself a terrorist. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I refused, but you got in. So, I thought
it would be safe for me to have you. You made me your protective cover! If you interrupt, I will drive under the
lorry and jump into some other vehicle. – Would you do everything at once?
– I will do everything. Please don’t shoot.
I don’t know him. Drop me down. Please listen carefully. The
terrorist driving the vehicle and the gang leader sitting
behind, stop the vehicle. Or else, I will shoot you both. What’s this? They are
calling me a gang leader. You look like that. You got
on the vehicle comfortably. – But, I feel like my God has
come in disguise in you.
– Your God? Cry..Cry… You deserve it. I am telling you to stop. Let me see
how you are going to drive now. Stop! I have reached the place. Follow them..Follow… Boss…I will never leave you. Is this where they sneak in? I should enter and find the person
talking to him. How to get in? Let me get in somehow. He’s turned that side.
Let me wait. Let me wear this. Excuse me, sir. May I help you? How many rooms are
there in this hotel? How many rooms do you need, sir? German, London, Switzerland, Australia…If
I calculate these, I might need 150 rooms. – 150?
– Of course. Sir…You? John Freto from London.
My friends are sailing on a ship. All of them are
businessmen and landlords. – Is it possible to get rooms immediately?
– Definitely, sir. Please wait. Any juice? – One Strawberry, Orange… two
– Okay, sir. – He isn’t turning.
– Excuse me , sir. – One second, sir. Let me call the manager.
– Okay. – Excuse me…
– Yes… My glass. – Sorry. It’s a mistake.
– It’s okay. Tell me what the plan is. Nigerian ship is going to be there
for four days near the border. We shouldn’t miss the chance.
So, on tenth… I have arranged everything
to get the goods on tenth. We will not have any problems.
That day at 11 o’clock…. Continue…continue… At 11 o’ clock, when you arrive,
hundred boats will be ready. – As usual Palavakkam?
– No. There will be more cops. This time it’s Pattina… – Let us have it at Pattinapaakam this time. That’s safe.
– Okay. Let’s move. Have they stopped talking? They have left. But
here, it isn’t stopping. Any nerve problem? Unnecessarily, I drank the juice for free.
Now I am in a trouble. It is stopping. Oh my God! Oh God! It’s got stuck in the zip. Where is the car? The person who was speaking to the
boss is walking alone. Somehow I should find him
and reveal it to sir. He is going there. Hey! Who are you guys carrying me
like a rice sack? Please wait… – Put him down
– Who are you guys? Beat him up…. Stop it! Why are you beating me? You want the reason, is it? Beat
him up. Will you ask for the reason? Will you ask for the reason?
Bend down….Punch him…. Hey! Why are you sitting
down and punching me. Wait! Come…We are beating
the one you said. Show me his face. Let
me beat him up too. Hey! Show his face to him. He is not the one. That guy is
a huge man, he is a small guy. Small guy? For the money you
gave, we beat him up. Why should I give you 10,000
for beating him? If you give him 10 rupees, he
will punch his nose ten times. He is thinking cheap about us. You did not beat the one I said. I will arrange some other goons
to beat you and get the money Our plan has gone wrong. What’s the point in regretting now? You should have thought about it earlier.
Stupid guy! Let it be. You first give
10,000 for beating you. I should give you 10, 000
for getting hit, is it? You thought you could run
away getting hit for free? You are starting up a trend. You
should apologize for beating a wrong person and should give 10,000
for my treatment. Instead of that, you are
asking me 10,000 rupees. Who asked you to
come in disguise? For the 10,000 he gave, we hit you. You
should give money to hit the man he said. I have no money. We are all goons. We borrow money, eat meat and fish and
build our body to run this business. Are you heartless? You
aren’t giving us the money. We have to run our
family with this money. Is this even a profession? And
you are adding family sentiments. I cannot answer for all these.
It’s so difficult. He speaks English.
He must be rich. You are right. We should punch
him hard and get his property. They think people who
speak English are rich. I randomly spoke English.
Believe me. – It’s burning.
– Please tolerate it. Below my ears…. There is nothing. On my throat… Eli… Who is it? Please come, sir. Give that to me. I will do it. – Please let me know if you need anything else.
– I will call you. – Alright. How is your health?
– I feel like tree, caught in a tornado! This will not work out.
Please leave. He has given me the job of a
spy, in which everyone beats. – What happened?
– A lot of things are happening. Ten people came from there One person said he is the guy. The other
person said, no, that guy is him. – Oh God! I did not ask about you.
– Then? What happened in the hotel? Tell me, Eli. I have been beaten up, but
instead of asking about that, you are keen about your work.
Is this fair? Oh God! Please tell me soon.
Why don’t you understand? As you said, a guy
from the department reveals all the information about
what’s happening there. It seems the goods are
going to arrive by boat. He is the one who scheduled
the time and date. When and where are
they going to smuggle? On tenth, night 11 o’ clock… – I forgot the place.
– Come on, Eli. You can do it. Think over it. Come on..Come on… Please wait, sir. Am I
riding a horse in a race? As if you have made a bet, you
are saying ‘come on..come on’ I have got it. I heard them say that
they are going to smuggle at Patinampaakam. On tenth, Pattinampaakam… I struggled a lot to look at his face.
But, my face… Where is he? I said only tenth, but he
left for Pattinampakkam. It’s so difficult
to go by his words. As far as I become a police, it’s fine. I got into trouble, following
the guy from the department.. Jolli… Padagu… What happened? You were telling
something about department. That’s …That’s
secretive, Padagu. Secret ? You are hiding something
from me. Tell me the truth. No. Why would I
hide it from you. A guy from the police department
was helping us, right? Suspecting him, Boss
asked me to follow. So, I followed him and when I arrived…I
was babbling and you heard it. What? Boss told you, is it? Oh! That’s why he asked to smuggle
today instead of tomorrow. Did he tell you as well that
we are going to smuggle today? Okay! You know where we are
going to smuggle, right? Why, Jolli? It’s
Pattinampakkam, right? Did he change the place? It’s the same place. I just wanted to
know if he told you as well. Let’s go. You are playing cards now. In two
hours, we will have to get the goods. – Please wait. We will finish this game.
– Finish it fast. They changed the date
all of a sudden. I will have to tell it to sir, but they
are sitting right next to the phone. – Please finish it soon
– Wait, Jolli. We have two hours left, right? Oh God! There is no
point in standing here. Let me change the place. Hello… – Hospital…Please tell me
– Hospital? I just now came from there.
I have dialed a wrong number. – Hello!
– Sir. It’s me Eli. They are going to smuggle
goods today, which they planned to smuggle
it tomorrow at Pattinapaakam What are you saying? Please come soon and try to catch them.
I am ending the call. Oh God! You are a police, is it? I have been struggling to become a
police, please don’t reveal and ruin it. – I am going to inform to our boss right away.
– Jolly… Please don’t reveal it.
Listen to me. No way…. How dare you join our gang
and plan to betray us. Just see… Did you get scared? Don’t be afraid, Jolli.
I will not betray you. But be careful. You can come
to my room anytime and can make calls. Queen of my dreams,
when will you come The amorous season has
come, when will you come My lifetime will pass,
when will you come Come, you come Queen of my dreams,
when will you come The amorous season has
come, when will you come My lifetime will pass,
when will you come Come, you come The alleys of love,
flower buds in gardens All the surrounding nature is asking The alleys of love,
flower buds in gardens All the surrounding nature is asking On what day will you sing
a song near the well? Queen of my dreams,
when will you come The amorous season has
come, when will you come My lifetime will pass,
when will you come Come, you come Blossoming like a flower, come close to my heart Meeting from far, I get no rest Blossoming like a flower,
come close to my heart Meeting from far, I get no rest For how much longer
will you torture me? Queen of my dreams,
when will you come The amorous season has
come, when will you come My lifetime will pass,
when will you come Come, you come Come, yes you come Come, you come Come, you come Come, you come What’s happened?
Jolli is babbling. Is he not feeling well?
Wake him up and ask him Jolli…Jolli…Jolli – Elephant!
– Ah! Not Elephant… – It’s us.
– Oh! It’s you guys Why did you wake me up now. You were babbling.
That’s why I woke you up. What? How long have you been suffering from cold?
Shall we call the doctor? Suffering from cold? – Why did you guys come here?
– Boss asked us to call you. – Boss asked you to call me?
– Yes. Okay! You guys go, I will come. Go.. – Please come soon
– Go… Get lost. I was singing a song and
romancing with Juli happily These guys spoiled my mood
asking me if I have got cold. – All of you should be careful. Do you understand?
– Okay! Everybody is going
to get caught today. – Is everything ready?
– Ready, boss. Let’s leave. Why is the phone ringing? I have no clue. The phone is ringing and they are
standing as though starring at a snake. I am scared. Phone, boss. Nagaraj speaking. – Boss, Karunakaran here.
– Tell me The entire department knows that
you are going to smuggle today. What are you saying,
Karna? Karna? Boss, there is a
rat in your gang. First find him and
then take the goods. He is looking at us
for a long time. Let me look at him. Jolli… Boss… You come inside. Okay, boss. What happened? You
got upset with the call. Jolli…Today, our plan
has been cancelled. Cancelled, is it? Why? A rat has sneaked into our gang. Rat has sneaked in? Yes, Jolli. A spy.
Police informer. What I thought was right. The black sheep in our department has told
everything about me. What do I do now? What? What are you thinking? Nothing, boss. Earlier, we killed
a spy sent from the Police department. But knowing all that, a rat has
sneaked in listening to someone. It’s useless to kill him. This guy is innocent. We should kill the
one who sent him. He is the reason for everything. You give me an order. I will kidnap him
like I kidnapped the goods that day. You beat him up, crush
him and kill him. Jolli…Jolli…Cool down. We shouldn’t lose goods worth
lakhs because of your anger. Moreover, instead of kidnapping the one who
sent, the rat which is roaming here… It isn’t roaming, boss. It is
stuck, looking for a way out. Exactly, Jolli! Find and send him here. I will chop off his
eyes, ears, nose, mouth, brain, kidney…. Looks like he is a butcher! Eli! Did you hear what the boss said?
You are caught now. How will you escape now? The plan
has been cancelled because of you. – Jolli shouted out saying the plan has been cancelled.
– Yes, Padagu. Jolli is right. The police
got to know our plans. What? The police got to know?
How is it possible. Only because you lost trust
on Karunakaran, you decided to smuggle the goods
today instead of tomorrow. Then how did the
police get to know? What? I don’t trust Karunakaran? Yes. That’s why you asked Jolli to follow
Karunakaran for two days, it seems. – Padagu…
– Boss… – You are not a normal person
– Boss… – You are such a fool. What do I do now? They
are almost close. Oh God! Nobody should come.
Let me lock. Hey! Why are you
locking me inside? Yeah! As if I am about to rape. Why? What happened? He is asking me to find myself. When
somebody gets caught, they celebrate pongal. But if I get caught, they will celebrate
Diwali, Ramzan and Christmas. Move… – What are you doing?
– I am making a call. – Oh God! The phone is out of order.
– Out of order? Boss… Jolli! My Man! Good news… I have found the
rat in our team. Do you want to see? Why have you tied Juli? She is the one who informs every
detail to the Police department. Today, I am going to blow
the conch and kill her. Blow the conch! You shoot her. Shoot… I am going to blow the conch. He is playing a game with me,
knowing that I am a spy. Untie her. The real rat has been caught. Catch him… Catch him… What are you looking at?
Catch him… Eli… Eli Saami… Today, with the conch I am about
to blow, no spy should come in. Blow the conch! Are you blowing the conch for me? Now, I will blow the
conch for you all. I will not leave you. Shoot… Here… Take it and get lost… Jolli… Juli…Go… Oh God! My hand..
Is it tummy or a pot? You can’t even shoot and you are
carrying a saw? Go, get lost… Carry it carefully,
without breaking it. – You are doing a load man’s job well. Catch it.
– What? Load man? Break it…I have found my way. Boss, we have caught him.
Come soon. Eli, I will smash you now. Come…Come… – Boss, what happened?
– Leave me. You catch him. Hey! He is beating us…. What happened? Hey! My leg… Come….Come see the
worth of this plant. Is it itchy? Scratch….
Scratch hard that you bleed. Scratch….Scratch hard… Where are you going?
I will not leave you. Are you guys smuggling Cigarette? Until the
police come, scratch in the midst of smoke. You are under arrest. Order them to arrest, sir. Arrest them. Go…Don’t talk back. Go..Why are you dancing? Go… Go… I will not leave you. Police will not leave you. You are saying that you
will not leave me. – Jolli…
– Sir… Why are you also
calling me Jolli? You are Jolli.. Eli alias Jolli! Such a big gang, but you
have caught them easily. It’s all due to your support. – It’s a pride to our department because of you.
– Thank you, sir. – Thank you, Eli
– Thank you, sir. Eli, just as you wished, I have
made you a Police. But your duty… – Where, sir?
– Not here. Then where? A Mafia gang is smuggling. To catch
them you have to go as a spy to Mumbai. Again? Mumbai?

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