Elizabeth Warren Reveals Her Medicare-for-All Plan | The Daily Show

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Her Medicare-for-All Plan | The Daily Show

This is crazy, but the 2020
presidential election is in exactly 365 days. -(cheering and applause)
-Yeah, that’s right. At this time next year, you will be watching TV
and saying, “Oh, shit,
I was supposed to vote today.” But we still don’t know who Trump’s opponent will be
on election night. So let’s catch up
on all of his rivals in the Democratic primary race with our ongoing segment
World War D. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Over the past few weeks, the Democratic herd
has thinned considerably. You know, due to low polling, uh, due to fundraising problems, and partly because of that lion that keeps picking off
the trailing candidates. They need to do something
about that. But this weekend
came the biggest name to drop out so far. Beto O’Rourke,
former Texas congressman and inflatable man
outside a car dealership. And if you missed
his dropout speech, it was very moving. He was like,
“It is with a very heavy heart that I announce my campaign
is (bleep) finished, bro.” But on the opposite end of the
spectrum is Elizabeth Warren, who has been surging
in the polls. She’s right behind Biden
nationally, she’s leading in Iowa and she’s polling at 100%
among registered cardigans. But the one big criticism
of Warren is that she hasn’t explained
how she would pay for her Medicare for All
health care plan without taxing the middle class
specifically. So this weekend,
she showed us the money. REPORTER: Elizabeth Warren
is today putting a price tag on Medicare for All, $20.5 trillion in new spending
over ten years, paid for by taxing billionaires
and big business. I have a plan that shows
how we can have Medicare for All without raising taxes one cent on middle-class families. Warren would eliminate all private
employer-based insurance. How would she pay for it? Employers would pay
the government almost $9 trillion
over ten years, similar to what they now spend
on employees’ health care. She would boost
her billionaires’ wealth tax, impose a new tax
on stock trades, higher taxes on investment
gains for the top one percent and cut military spending. Yes, to pay for her plan, Warren plans to raise taxes
on the ultra wealthy and cut military spending, which, if you think about it, actually doubles
the health care benefits. because all Americans
would get health care and people in Afghanistan
won’t get droned. Be like,
“Oh, I feel so much healthier “now that I haven’t
been blown up! Yay!” And if you’re a billionaire, you’re probably not happy
at the prospect of having to pay more taxes,
you know? In fact, what Warren should do
is try and sweeten the deal and let the super rich
get naming rights over the health care
that they helped pay for. Yeah. So then, instead of getting
a heart transplant at the hospital,
someone will get “Jeff Bezos presents a heart
for Bob Sullivan.” So that’s Warren’s plan
to pay for Medicare for All. But her Democratic opponents
responded the way Sean Spicer does
to a beat– they were hearing none of it. REPORTER:
Elizabeth Warren under attack, defending her plan
for Medicare for All. Mayor Pete Buttigieg
is questioning Warren’s math. Well, the math
is certainly controversial. Bernie Sanders also weighing in, telling ABC News, “I think the approach
that I have, in fact,
will be much more progressive.” REPORTER: Former
Vice President Joe Biden calls Warren’s plan unrealistic. I promise you,
you couldn’t even get it passed. Oh. How ’bout some personal
space, Joe? (chuckles) Even when Joe Biden
isn’t giving you a massage, he looks like his eyes
are giving you a massage. But, yes,
Warren’s Democratic rivals all have different issues
with her plan. Biden says it goes too far. Bernie says
it doesn’t go far enough. And Tom Steyer was like,
“Oh, thank God! Someone asked me a question?”
(laughs) Now, unless you’re an economist, it might be hard to know
whether Warren’s plan is achievable or not.
But what’s easier to understand is the effect it would have
on the insurance industry. It’s estimated
that 385,000 people could lose their jobs
under her plan. Right? But don’t worry. Warren says
they’ll land on their feet. Some of the people currently
working in health insurance will work in other parts
of insurance– in life insurance,
in auto insurance, in car insurance. Some will work for Medicaid. Damn,
Warren doesn’t mess around. She’s just gonna move people
around to another job? No, I mean, I don’t– I don’t
think it’s gonna be that easy. So, someone who works
in health insurance now is just, the next day,
gonna be dealing with cars? That’s gonna get confusing.
Just like, “Hi, I’m calling to let you know you’re fully covered
for your recent prostate exam.” “You mean my oil change?”
“Hey, it’s your body. “Whatever you want to call it. That’s your decision.” Now, I-I feel bad for anyone
in private insurance who’s scared
of losing their job. But, on the other hand,
screw private insurance! -(cheering and applause)
-I’m sorry, insurance companies
are assholes, man. Not the people who work for them
but the companies. They ask you what’s wrong with
you so they can charge you more. Then they won’t even cover
your appendix surgery. And then you’re like,
“Uh, why did I even get my appendix enlarged
in the first place, you know?” I mean, it makes me feel more
confident, but was it worth it? I don’t know. And, you know what,
I’ll be honest with you. What I really found interesting
over the past few days is that Elizabeth Warren’s
health care plan has been dissected
from every angle. “It won’t cost $20 trillion. It could get closer
to $30 trillion.” “The IRS enforcement
can’t get that much money.” “She’s gonna ration
your health care.” Everyone is dissecting
the thing, which is good. But what’s funny
is that Trump ran for president and he got into office and his health care plan
was a lot less specific. We have to come up–
and we can come up– with many different plans.
In fact, plans that you don’t even know
about will be devised. I am going
to take care of everybody. You will have the best health
care you’ve ever, ever had. We’re gonna bring down
the price of health care. We’re gonna bring it down
big league, big, big league. It’s a complicated process,
but, actually, it’s very simple. It’s called good health care. -(laughter)
-Yep. You can’t argue
with those numbers.

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  1. Warren's plan will lead to a precarious situation of existing jobs, as it burdens businesses indiscriminately. A better solution, like Bernie's plan, would cut the intermediaries between citizens and their health care plans, actually providing everyone healthcare.

  2. Healthcare is a human right


  3. It's sad that this country will do the opposite of MATH. People of America would rather vote with their cuts than brains. If I am wrong, how would you explain the fact that Trump is the president and this disingenuous woman?

  4. Elizabeth Warren you just lost my vote. I work for a good company and have great benefits with my insurance. I'll be damned if I lose that insurance for a government ran Healthcare. Democrats you have no way in hell to win this election.

  5. Wish people would just watch some Andrew yang videos. Not videos about Andrew yang. Videos with Andrew yang lol. Because for some reason all the democratic media doesn’t like to talk about him😂and if they do it’s half truth and back handed compliments. Confuses me why the obvious person to beat Donald trump is not getting the support he needs

  6. Seriously, I hate YouTube now…I was watching videos from Kyle Kulinskis channel Secular Talk and the YouTube autoplay algorithm redirected me to this shit after every Secular talk video….autoplay used to be a cool and convenient feature that redirected you to the next good video without having to do anything…now, it forces you to watch vaguely related shit for the next video if you dont manually select every video you want to watch next….seriously, I cant be the only one with this problem, am I?

  7. I would rather have Warren in the white house trying to get health care for all done then someone else who isn't even going to try. I'm all for trying to make America great by making more like Canada.

  8. The media needs to stop lying about Warren “surging”. She’s plummeted like 6% over the last month and that’s one of the biggest drops of anyone this whole campaign. The corporate media loves Warren and that tells me she’s not really a fighter for the working class.

  9. The private health insurance for profit business makes zero logical sense! Let's make money off the sick and dying. Isn't that the role of actual Satan, if Satan needed cash?

  10. Yeah. Those people are going to need new jobs. But that shit's got to be done. And fuck the way they're making money now.

  11. Y'all are so precious to think that Billionaires wont just leave. They already moved their business out the country. This country wants to be like Norway but don't want to BE LIKE Norway where EVERYONE not just the rich pay 40%. The MIDDLE CLASS always pays.

  12. Wooooooohhh🥳this woman's on fleek! I hope this includes PR…I believe in her proposition.. IT…IS…REALISTIC..DON'T BE FUCKIN BABIES

  13. This isn't "medicare for all", it's obamacare 2.0. You can't split the fight and push for a public option, then single payer 3 years later. You'll never get the single payer through and the next fucking republican in office is going to break the public option. You need to bulldoze single payer through on the momentum of an electoral mandate. The more cynical side of me thinks it's intentional, to grift the voters who want medicare for all while winking at the large doners who don't.

    Mark my words, if Warren gets in she'll never pass the single payer portion and that's by design…

  14. Don't let these hacks in mainstream media fool you. Warren's plan is basically just a public option. The only one fighting for Medicare For All is Bernie. He wrote the damn bill.

  15. Warrens plan is awful. Bernie is the only way forward. Warren is a corporate shill. Please people wake up before you all screw us again

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