Ellen Celebrates National TV Talk Show Host Day

Ellen Celebrates National TV Talk Show Host Day

tWitch, do you have something
that you want to say to me maybe that you forgot? Well Ellen, first
of all, I love you. Mm-hmm. And then if you want
to remind me what I- [LAUGHTER] What it was that I was– It’s National TV
Talk Show Host Day. There we go. Yep. Happy– [APPLAUSE] Happy National TV
Talk Show Host Day. [CHEERING] Listen. That’s great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [CHEERING] Thank you. Listen, I’m not the
only TV talk show host. There’s a lot of them. It happens every
23rd of October. And in honor of
that, I put together a tribute of all of
America’s talk show hosts to say congratulations. [MUSIC PLAYING] This morning the doctor
told me I needed a shot. So a shot in your butt. And I said, well, I’ve never
taken a drink that way. [LAUGHTER] OK, doctor. Hey. And so I want to tell
you something exciting. So we rescued a puppy. [CHEERING] I need– I spent the afternoon with
Prince Harry and Meghan. I didn’t think was right to
go, could I get a picture? But I did draw a picture
of what he looks like. I went online. Happy Friday. Are you excited for the weekend? [CHEERING] Is most– You’re going to want to– All right. I have some good news
and I have some bad news. The good news is I
don’t need these. [LAUGHTER AND CHEERING] To all of my fellow
talk show hosts, Happy Talk Show Host Day.

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  1. But Ellen u didn't let them 😂 say anything i mean ur co-talk show mate if that's the word 🤪we or i only saw their faces 😂

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