Ellen Helps Prep Jennifer Lopez for Her Las Vegas Show

Ellen Helps Prep Jennifer Lopez for Her Las Vegas Show

I was in Vegas last
weekend, and I can still smell it on my clothes. I did fun stuff. I did stuff I would
never do otherwise, stuff I could only get
away with in Vegas. Get this– I ate a donut. It was so good. I can’t remember the
last time I had a donut. If you haven’t had a
donut lately, do it. Get one. Eat it. I went to this place
called Topgolf. Have you heard of Topgolf? Yeah, it’s weird because
everything in Vegas is topless. This is Topgolf. And so, the golf was good,
but the donut was amazing. I even got a hole in one– in the donut, not the golf. There was a hole in
one of the donuts. I had a great time. One of my highlights
of my trip was I got to go see J. Lo perform. I went to go see the show. [APPLAUSE] “All I Have.” She is incredible. She is so good. She is like three donuts. She’s– obviously, I don’t
go anywhere without a camera, so here’s what happened. [MUSIC PLAYING] Jennifer. Oh, hey. Hi. What are you doing? Well, I’m your understudy. So I thought– are you
wearing this tonight? No. [? Understudy? ?] Well, thank you for letting me– for asking me to do this. I really appreciate it. Well, you didn’t ask
me, so I volunteered. Right. But thank you for– so thank me for volunteering. So I’m your understudy. We don’t really do,
like, understudies for– But we’re going to
do it this time. OK. OK. You’re not wearing
this at all tonight? No. OK, this is embarrassing. That’s not going to work. Yeah, yeah. These rip-away clothes, though– Yeah, no, they’re– Yeah. It’s sexy. OK. That’s nice. So we’re kind of– yeah. Yes. We are kind of exactly alike. Oh, I love this. Yeah. So, OK, let’s back to– because
we don’t have a lot of time, because the show
starts in five hours. There are no understudies
in these type of shows. You’re in denial. No, it is called “Jennifer
Lopez, All I Have.” And so– Speaking of that– It’s hard for it to
be Jennifer Lopez, but it’s not Jennifer Lopez. It’s Ellen. Right, Jennifer Lopez– All I have. –all I have is Ellen. If it happened. If it happened. I mean, I guess. I like the glasses. Do you need those or
are they just for show? No, I just like these. Yeah. Yeah. Thank god I don’t need glasses. These aren’t mine, but I just– Whose are those? I don’t know. I mean, you’re wearing glasses. I want people to
get the same feel. You want to be the
understudy, right? Yeah. This is a concert. This is me singing my songs. It would be hard
for somebody else to come in and make believe– I can sing songs. –that they were Jennifer
Lopez when they’re not, when that’s what people
are coming to see. It would be weird. Well, which is worse– me being
there or an empty theater? No, they would love to see you. Right. Right, but not that you would
be my understudy or be me. You’d just be Ellen
and they’d be happy. Why are you so angry with me? Why? OK, let’s do some
vocal warm-ups. You just hit a note
and I’ll find it. (SINGING) He. Ah. All right. (SINGING) He. He. You have good pitch. That’s good. You were a little sharp, but
that’s what makes you you. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, just a little
sharp, but it makes you– that’s why you’re you. OK, I’m going to check
your reflexes, OK? [BLEEP] Good. What are you doing? Am I good? Yeah. Good. Yeah. So this will be my dressing
room should you be sick. So I brought some things just
to make it look like it’s mine. I brought books to make
it look like I read. “Moby Dick.” I have a furniture line. I don’t know if you know that. So what I’m going
to do is I’m going to get rid of most of this. So I’ll just put stickers
on things to take away. Do you not like this sofa? It’s not as nice as mine. OK. So we’re just going
to change everything? Is that how it’s going to go? Well, if it’s mine, yes. I’ll leave the rest. You’ll leave the rest. You’ll leave that one picture? Yeah, and of course– You like the star? Here. [INAUDIBLE] You’re
definitely taking over. I can go now? Yeah, leave. No, that’s for the movers. They’ll get you. If there’s anything
I need to know– mainly about the show– do you stretch and stuff
like that beforehand? Yeah, I warm up beforehand. Like, what? Stretching your
neck, and your back, and your hips, and
your legs, and just making sure that when you
get out there and you start, your adrenaline gets
the best of you, that you don’t pull a muscle. OK. We, like, throw our head
around a little bit. Like that? We just want to
warm up your neck. Warm up. So you don’t get whiplash
when you’re out there. I’m dizzy just from doing that. Just from doing that? Yeah. Well, I’m also drunk, so– From last night? No, now. Now? [LAUGHTER] I just drank. So I guess that’s it. Yeah. So thank you very much for– No, thank you. –meeting with me. Yes, I just think– We should go? No, I mean, I have
to get ready soon. Well, you don’t have to go. You can hang out. No, I have things. I’ve got– I can’t. Thank you very much for asking
me to stay, but I can’t. [? No way– ?] OK. OK. OK. OK.

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  1. I usually forget that Ellen is a comedian after all. You are 100% hilarious. You make me laugh every time.

  2. Watching Ellen DeGeneres in her show would make you more knowledgeable to handle a show. She's so good, not a boring tho.

  3. everyone is looking at how jennifer is getting hotter im looking at how mean she got to ellen and i dont wanna judge but hello be a little bit nice

  4. This was funny I just wish they would’ve had a little background music/foley pit sounds added to the video 🙂because it would’ve made it even funnier I got have some many unpolished moments. In my opinion.

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