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  1. Eminem was truly the biggest figure in the golden age of rap. When you could understand and connect with the lyrics. Like him or not, you have to respect eminem. The true, forever, rap god.

  2. Eminem Darkness just Brought me back to my Eminem phase! 😍
    His music still better than most of these artists with their one time single!

  3. My New Years resolution is to come here every month to listen to this banger
    January PASSED

  4. I don't mean to wish anything bad to happen to him or anything, but this song will truly hit us hard when he really is gone 🙁 😢

  5. Ele parece querer concertar tudo e ser um bom pai apesar de tudo, parece que ele não quer passar pra a filha os exemplos de pais que teve

  6. Hi.
    I am Jess and i am Guilty for The first in the room.
    Send lucky healthy wishes and dont destroy the rules Of freedom only stay stan or nocking Bird .
    Peace Eminem is One Of Americas best even best Around Planet Earth and more .

  7. THIS IS THE FUCKIN' EMINEM I KNOW. This era, these tracks, I'll keep playing these songs to my grave. Lyrical masterpiece, awesome beat and tune. These tracks will be played for years and years

  8. whatever revival was in your opinion i can't wrap my head around the fact that his own FANS could turn against him the way many of you did during that time. a legend is always a legend and even if you don't like something they put out (ofc you don't have to) you still stand by them. you always support them BECAUSE of all the good stuff you said you loved them for. that's what real fans do! Shady, keep doing what you're doing, without you there is no rap. ever.

  9. I turn around find a gun on the ground clock it put it to my brain and scream die shady and pop it

    Saddest line of the song

  10. When my dad showed me this it had my name in it and I have not seen my dad in forever so I listen to this and cry I miss I'm so bad

  11. If you tomorrow listen this song,you must be know when i leave, I'm happy in heaven. Cancer is a gift from god special for me dont be sad, i calm

  12. I would totally throw my life away and go to group counseling every day if it means getting live performances from Em every day.

  13. Перекрестился левой рукой как католик, но справа налево как православный

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