Encounter Shankar (2015) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Mahesh Babu, Tamannaah, Sonu Sood, Shruti Haasan

Encounter Shankar (2015) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Mahesh Babu, Tamannaah, Sonu Sood, Shruti Haasan

After snatching the bag in the
second house in the gold shop.. ..near the bus-Stand. Shopping
malls. In the cinema halls. Many robbery of this
kinds are occurring. Fear in the people’s mind
and in the last.. ..thirteen days 10 reports
have been filed. We have to stop this anyhow. Catch him. Sir,
give expression of shock later.. ..1st of all put me in lock-Up.
– Hey, lock them up. Sir will beat you and bring
out everything.. ..that you have done till date.
-Remember you kid we won’t leave you. As the patient come searching
the hospital. How come these robbers have come
searching the police station. They haven’t come by themselves
searching the police station. Sir, what we do to trap the mouse? We use bait.
– I too did the same thing. Hey! Look here. Brother,
what that kid must be having? His parent’s must have sent him to
mislead us. – What do you say? Yes! Big brother,
I’m telling it from my experience. There must be at least
one lac in the bag. Big brother,
go and snatch the bag quickly, go! They have made us sweat for
the last three months. But kids like you have
got them arrested. Sir, he is not a kid, he is a goon. If this goon would become a
policeman then he would rock. Now nobody can stop you.
I’ll talk to your parents.. ..and make you a policeman. I don’t have parents, sir. I’m alone in this world. Then come with me,
I’ll make you a policeman. Sir, really? Hey,
now this Shankar will stay with us. Hey,
from now on this is your own house. Is that fine? – Thank you! Sir.
– Why are you calling me sir? If you want you can call me father. From now on you have to take
care of each other.. ..as you don’t have a mother
to take care of you. The path we tread shouldn’t
cause any loss to others. Bye papa.
– Okay. Bye. Hey, Shankar, you eat and
tell me how is the food? Isn’t it good? Check mate!
– You are faster than the computer. Son, you are a master in mind game. Father, we are ready. Hey, it’s your exam today, right? Go and take blessing from God. What are you doing?
– You are my god. Yes, hey, look there. I have cut your kite.
Hey, look there. Brother, brother, stop! Brother. Brother, brother. Brother, stop! Let him go. Brother. Brother, stop! If father comes to
know then he will scold you. Brother, come, let’s go home. Hey, why are you turning
your back as a girl. If you have the guts
then come back. Come back!
– You want to see my guts. You have so much of anger that you
killed a child while playing. Don’t you have any mercy! I wanted to support you
and make you capable. But because of my wrong decision
a child has lost his life. I’ll always regret this. Never show me your face again. And even if you try to do so then.. ..that day shall be my last day. Take him away. If you are caught then
everybody would say.. ..that Mr. Rajendra’s
son has done wrong. And father won’t be
able to bear this. You are Mr. Rajendra’s real son. I’m an adopted child
and if I accept.. ..the blame then he
won’t be defamed. You won’t tell father anything
about it. Promise me! To reform juvenile delinquents
like you.. ..and make them useful
to the society.. ..is the objective
of juvenile homes. Here along with studies
there will be.. ..games and social activities too. You are given an opportunity
to use this facilities.. ..and make your future once again. So, all the best! Very good! You have scored very
well in extra curricular.. ..activities too along
with your studies. You will always get the support
of this juvenile home. Thank you, Sir.
– What is your goal? – Police! Sir, inspector Ram Prasad has come
to meet you. – Send him in. Situation is getting worse
day by day in our area. Mr. Ram Prasad, you are CI.
You are given powers by. Sir,
nobody follows the system here. It’s a dream project
of my brother.. ..and you want to stop this, right? This project is dangerous
for the environment. You just care for your benefit
without testing it. Without caring about the workers
and the villagers.. ..you are leaving the
chemicals in air. If this goes on then this
place will become hell. Then let it become hell. Why are you beating him? Will you do as you wish? Police job is to listen to
us and not to question us. Sir. Look!
Because of you brother’s B.police.. ..became high, he had to come here. Brother. There are many things in the
world that I don’t like. I didn’t liked Abhishekh’s
wedding with Aishwarya.. ..was I able to stop it. I didn’t liked the retirement
of Sachin Tendulkar. Could I stop that. You don’t like me starting my
project. Can you stop it. You thought about the people
for the project.. ..now let’s see what people
think about your death. Hey, who tried to stop the
project that I was about.. ..to start for the development
of our area? If anyone would raise his hand to.. ..save him then I’ll leave him. Don’t think that if
you will raise.. ..your hand then I’ll kill you.. ..but think well before
you raise your hand. Do you know why I’m killing
you before everybody? So that nobody would dare
to stop my project again. The project won’t start
even if you kill me. File has already reached
the collector. What should we do about
this collector? Sir, The collector committed
suicide after a week. If we have to work there then
we have to kill our humanity. We have to bow down before Damodar. And I can’t do both.
Please! Sir, transfer me. Otherwise I won’t have any other
option then to give resignation. Okay! Mr. Ram Prasad,
I’ll see your transfer. You may go now. – Thank you!
Sir, thank you very much. Ram Prasad.. ..don’t think that what
you are unable to.. ..do that can’t be done
by anyone else. Well! I believe that today
Damodar rules your area. But I too have a warrior. He will end his rule. Wherever he goes. Breaking news! Circle inspector Shankar.. ..who takes law and order
in his hands.. ..because of bad behaviour
of that encounter.. ..Shankar department
has transferred him. Brother has been transferred. Our lives have become hell by being
underground because of him. Our boys are having skin disease
as they couldn’t go out. They all are doing nothing brother. Because of Patnaik, shoot at sight
order was released for us. I won’t get peace until I kill him. Hey, where is Patnaik? Brother, he is on the 5th floor.
– Bring him here. Encounter s. Instead of saluting the police.I. Why are you standing like fools? Aren’t you transferred? What is done to bring out the
rats from their borrows? We give them food. – You too were
given food of my transfer and you.. ..came out of your borrow. Despite being a policeman
you cheat. Police officers do the correct
duties. I’m from Boston School. Hey, Now listen my school history. So far I have done 24 robberies.. ..32 murders and 48
rapes in my career. And kidnaps are unlimited and all.. ..these I have done in ten years. This is not my track record.
This is all time record. Whether the film makes an
impact on the audience.. ..or not but the punch dialogue
definitely does. Action has even more! No matter how strong
is the cock but.. ..he dies at the chicken shop.
Aaah! I told you so many times
to change your habits. You didn’t change it and now
your ticket has come. Is it a ticket for a film?
– It’s a ticket to kill you. Shoot at sight order. Encounter! I won’t get scared by your threats.
I’m a lion! Nowadays every rat has
started comparing.. ..himself with lion or tiger.
– Now I’m getting irritated. Oh God! I have said a dialogue
from the film. Enough of dialogue, now action. Next item. Poor fellow! He is shouting so
much before getting beating. Will you now attack from
behind or what? I’m not worthy enough to
attack from the front. Come on turn around,
– All right! Sir. End of the story! He is in the police station
since half an hour. How is it a nil? It’s a full count.
– How is it a full count? I told you it’s nil.
– This is wrong sir. He cheats because he
has your salary. Take care that you don’t
burn the clothe. If there is anything wrong then
Madam will take off your skin. Why you make me iron everyday? I have other imp work too
please try to understand. Shut up! Every time you are
looking for some excuse. In our times we use to massage
the legs of S.I. Your father died due to
typhoid and therefore.. ..you got this job for free. But we have worked hard.
We have come with degree sir. Should I worship you or what?
– We won’t feel bad, sir. Leave that! Tomorrow new C.I.
Is coming. Is he like us or is
he very sincere? It makes no difference! If he is
like us then we will enjoy.. ..and if he is sincere then we
will get slippers like him. Hey,
you haven’t send home the cake yet. I won’t get dinner because of you. Good morning! Sir. Good morning!
Dakshina Murthy, how are you? Everything was fine until now, sir. You have come here to roam. Now I’ll stay here only. – It means
you were to come tomorrow. Yes, I’m the same person. I had B.police and sugar
problem by working.. ..for two years under him. Now I’ll have cancer.
I didn’t expect this. I didn’t inform.
– For giving surprise. To give shock! – Sir, you didn’t
change. – Neither have you changed. Still you have the same face same.. ..weight and the same expression. I feel like going inside by
seeing the atmosphere here. What is the price for the
entry ticket? Mr. Murthy. It appears to be more of a casino
club then a police station. Sir, who is he?
He looks like the hero of a film. He isn’t a hero. He is our new C.I. Good morning! Sir. Frankly tell me, what is the
condition of the city? – What to do? What not to do? – Sir,
here meaning of what to do is.. ..to do anything other than duty.
-What not to do means that you can.. ..do anything but not your duty.
– But what is the reason for this? The reason for this is
a man named Damodar. Everything happens here
as per his wish, sir. If we don’t accept
then it’s the end. We are police only for name sake.
– Everybody is afraid only of him. Instead of putting handcuffs
in his hands we are.. ..going around by putting
bangles in our hands. Why are you provoking Damodar
and inviting trouble.. ..can’t you be at his
feet and be happy? Who is inside who is praising
the high command so much? Biryani Raja,
he is our constable sir. He didn’t come out for C.I.
He don’t come even for the C.M. Why is that? – From the bulb that
lights in Damodar’s bathroom.. ..to all his business details
he has all the knowledge. Mr. C.I. Greetings! Biryani is ready,
would you like to eat? Who is it? Hey you! Same hair, same weird nose,
body like a buffalo.. ..eyes like the vulture.. ..stomach like the camel and
ears like the elephant. Everyone told that you are
only useful person here. I’m a useful person.
Yes brother, you! Nobody told me till today.
– I’m telling you the truth. You will help me, right?
– Yes! Thank you!
– Thank you. Tell me, what’s going on here? W is this Damodar and why everybody
is afraid of him? Biyani, you are my ace card. You give me direction and
I’ll do the action. Look Shanku, listen to no one here. I’ll tell you two things
about Damodar. If you go against him
he will bite you.. ..if you would shake hands with
him then he will bless you. I should know about business to
shake hands. I’m telling you.. ..liquor, betting.. ..duplicate all three business
have different heads. You know.. ..I have very old relationship with
all three. – They are the fish.. ..and Damodar is a crocodile. If you shake hands with them
then you will get blessings. But how would I shake hands.
– I’m there.. ..yes, I feed them Biryani
with one hand and.. ..make them drink liquor
from other hand. Then only I can let make you
meet them. – Really! – Yes! Oh my god!
– Hey Biryani.. ..when I talk about Damodar then.. ..I can see frustration in them
and I can see devotion in you.. ..in police there shouldn’t
be devotion but there.. ..should be aggression against him. Remember, this is a police station. If anyone try to make it a cultural
club and gamble here.. ..then I’ll cut him into pieces
and feed them to dogs. Sir, did you understand?
– Shut up! Till now you were frightened by
Damodar and doing your duty. Now your duty should be
to frighten Damodar. Which is the 1st month of the year? June.
– This is Shinu. In-Charge of Damodar’s
liquor business. As his face.. ..so is his bank balance. For the past ten years.. ..he is trying to become a hero. But the poor man hasn’t
been given.. ..a chance by anyone till today. And above all in some places.. ..he is even banned from
giving auditions. But still.. ..his dream to become a hero hasn’t
broken till date. – June. Hey Subash. – You lazy! Work fast.
– Brother Shinu, what is this? On one hand it’s the temple
on other side.. ..school and this liquor
shop in between. Brother,
liquor is a very important thing. What do you get in the temple?
– Peace! What do you get in the school?
– Knowledge! Drink Quarter and see
you will get both. Stop all this business or we will
complaint to the police. Very good! – Why are you waiting?
Go right now and complain. Get away from here.
– Hey, rock star. You are a rack star, right?
– You are telling me. Yes, to you only.
– He will get solid. Beautiful face and superb features. Body guard’s body and
eyes of a tiger.. ..and figure from top to bottom.. ..it’s a correct combination
to become a hero. I have come from Mumbai.
I know big directors. My friend is worried
since a long time. He is looking are the main lead
and he is not getting it.. ..he wants an actor having
six feet of height.. ..and the actor should
be beautiful. Everyone in the police station
told me to meet you. ,and that’s why I have come to you
with a lots of expectation. I’ll be obliged if you would
do the film of this friend. I’m six feet and fair too.
Their film will be made C.I. Not C.I. I’m Shanku and of
course it will be made. Why it won’t be made? – Should we
start it right now? – What else! C.I.
You search your hero afterwards. 1st of all remove this
shop from here. Pandit,
which shop do you want to remove? What is written on a liquor shop?
– Liquor is harmful for health. Does anyone leave it on seeing it? In theatre before the film
Mukesh’s story is shown.. ..does anyone leaves cigarette? Last yr our people drank
380 crore it beer. That too in the name of festival.
– Where were you then? Today our state is on
top position in.. ..India for liquor
consumption and.. ..if our hero is contribute a
little in it then let him do. Stop unnecessary discussion. Hero, come on. I’m hungry lets
talk while having breakfast. Hey, hero.
– Yes. – Look at their jealousy! You spend lacs of rupees
and start the business.. ..then they stand up to
close it forcibly. Should I tell you one secret?
– Yes tell. We don’t take tender nor
do we take license. When brother Damoder is there
then there is no.. ..tension and there is no
need of license too. What is the big deal! You have
started only one shop. – That’s all! Where I use to work there
we use to get license.. ..for one shop and we
use to run six shops. We too runs dozen of wine
shop on a single license. Then why you want to become a hero? I’m becoming a hero because I have
the guts and personality. Shanku, right? – Correct!
You have said the right thing.. ..you have a quality of a hero. But 12 liquor shops isn’t that
too much. – Should I tell you? I have the address on my tongue.
I can tell you right now. Prabha, you write it quickly.. ..If our people would go
towards the shops.. ..then I would whip of their skin. Write down.
– You just tell. – Number 1. Gandhi Nagar Balagi Kirana Store,
it’s a wine shop. Gandhi Nagar’s Balagi Kirana Store
is an illegal wine shop. Number 2. – Kalpana Cut Piece
Shop at Nehru Junction. Kalpana Cut Piece Shop at Nehru
Junction is also a wine shop. Okay sir. I shall be the slimmest hero.
My waist is 28 inches. Why do you out the belt? – Just
for style. – Vow! What a style! It costs 3 lac rupees. – This belt
worth 3 lac rupees. – Yes. Prabha, counting is over, right?
– No it’s not complete yet. Then who will count this shop.
– Hello, brother Shinu. Police has closed our wine
shop and have caught me. Well, there is no need to worry.
Wait, I’ll do something. Hey, Shanku, our wine shop has
been closed by the police. Reopen it quickly. – Call them.
– Hero of a C grade film. When I have closed it then how can
I reopen them. – What do you mean? Sir, has made you a hero to
get all the information. How could you think that you can.. ..become a hero with such a face.
– Oh! Ho! Yes. I’m preparing to take you to
cemetery straight from here. C grade hero will kill the A grade
hero. – Hey, hold the watch. Take him on. Jagga, listen. You owe it to
my liquor don’t leave him. When I’ll become a hero then he
only will because the villain. Go! Oh my god! It’s special item. Shinu, why are you sending
the others? Come yourself. I still have one more.
What are you looking at? Go! Hey! Despite being a hero you sat
down without doing action. I’m a romantic hero and therefore
no action, dear. You are not worthy to become
an actor. – Many said it. Hey, my legs. Hey, you liquor king, how
are you feeling now? It’s paining I want to
go to the doctor. From today onwards will you
do any illegal work? What legal and illegal,
you have made me good for nothing. After being beaten so much still
your dialogues didn’t stop. If a single shop is reopened then.. ..I shall take you and brother
Damoder on a picnic. – Picnic! Picnic doesn’t mean a foreign tour.
Forest tour! Encounter! Sir, what is this?
You have left him like this. My target is not this frog
but it’s the crocodile. Cheers! He is our tour coordinator. He will arrange whatever you want. Listen. They are the officers
who will clear our projects. They should get whatever
they may ask. Okay! Okay sir. Hello!
– Brother Durga. The new C.I. He closed our liquor shop. How did he do that?
– Really bother. He has put me and my boys behind
the bars and has beaten us. Right now,
brother is in a happy mood. He will get tension from this.
– You go and meet Firangi. Firangi. Hey Govind!
– Yes! Have to filled all the things.
– I have filled it sir. Hey, Rambabu.
– What is it? Have you kept the vegetables
and the grains? Can’t you see!
– Why are you getting frustrated? If anything is short then
I’ll get beating at home. Vegetables are okay. Grains are okay. Sir. Some people don’t have shame
word in their dictionary. I’ll send the bill of whatever
he has eaten.. ..till date with interest
to his house. Tell him, Prabha. – Sir has said..
– No need, I have heard it. Sir, how can I take money from you?
– Let it be! Hey, take it quietly. Do you want
the interest too. Keep it! Yes, wait! Everyone will get it. Sir, what are you looking?
– That girl. – Which girl? The one who is distributing sweets. That girl. – How is she?
– She is very good, sir. Hey, look properly she is very
good. – She is not so special. She has character too along with
face. A very rare quality. In two seconds you knew
the character. She is distributing sweets
in such a heat.. ..isn’t that enough to
now the character? Then, what should we do sir?
– Nothing dear! The whole life is spent among
thieves and robbers.. ..my age is passing by.
I’ll have to see someone, right? The girl over there.
– Of course. Should I go right now
and do the setting? You are unable to do it for
yourself till today. And if she is not interested, then?
– You are nothing short of sir. If that girl character
with colour then.. ..you have glamour and guts sir.
– 100%. – Then go! All the remaining have come.
– Sr. Saroja. Listen! Saroja, please! What is your problem?
– Heart problem. It’s more than six months that
I have given you this heart. I have become your patient. In this depression I have made
four suicide attempts. By profession I’m a
doctor and have a.. ..hospital and therefore
I was saved. Will you say yes after I’m dead? When a doctor. Can’t impress her
then how would I impress her? Dr. Chakravarty, whether you are
a doctor or an advocate.. ..I don’t like anyone.
– Have you head it sir.. ..today’s girl likes only
the policeman nowadays. And the policeman looks
like the postman. I feel like vomiting on
thinking about them. Btw, I have a lots of
ambitions and plans. Don’t have any expectations from
me. – Saroja. – Saroja. Prabha,
did you hear what that girl said? She said “Yuck” at the
name of police. – So? Nothing! It’s just that if
you don’t get the girl.. ..that you like than the
life becomes a hell. One of my friend by being
fail in love.. ..committed suicide by hanging
from the ceiling fan. If he is his friend then he must
be have brains like him only. All this things doesn’t
matter for me, right? Prabha, tell him it’s not so
easy to impress a girl. Prabha, tell him that the girl will
come and say me Ilu on her own. Prabha, tell him. It’s impossible! Her family will get her married
to me as a bonus. Poor fellow is saying
anything in tension. If that happens then
I’ll shave my.. ..head and sit on a
donkey and ride. Prabha, tell him to search
for some barber shop. Sir, you come with me. Why did you stop me?
– I had to stop, sir. It’s fine that the old
man challenged you. But how will you impress
that girl.. ..who doesn’t like the
name of police? If you want to impress her then
you will have to make a plan. Get the details of the girl for
making plan. – I’m Narayan. Database Narayan. Shankar. Encounter Shankar.
– Local, national historical.. ..mythological, contemporary,
controversial category.. ..all data available here. This is not all but from the
history of political.. ..leaders to the secret of film
line from the problems of common man.. ..to the love life of superman. From the affairs of celebrity
to their.. ..day night diet he has all the
data. – I hate everyone. I’m not interest in people but
interested in their money. I sue about everything. Once smell was coming from the
chicken shop in Gandhi Nagar.. ..my blood burnt because of
that smell I sued him.. ..and got twenty five
thousand rupees. During childhood I failed
and my parents beat.. ..me I sued them and
got money from them. The shadow of my neighbourhood
fell on my house and.. ..I sued them and got lac
rupees from them too. What problem did you
had by the shadow? Shadow blocked the sunlight
and my body.. ..became deficient of vitamin D. By the loop holes of the people
I achieve my goals.. ..and this data base is my source. If your data is over then tell
the bio-data of this girl. You have very less patience.
– Work is too much. Madam’s name is Saroja. The only daughter of the
owner of Saroja sweets.. ..Keshav Sharma. – She leaves in
a joint family. – Two uncles. Gawada Sharma and Virat Sharma. Before many yrs her family
use to sell.. ..fast food on a moving vehicle. You write! When Saroja was born a store
on her name was opened. Sentiment worked and business
became strong as cement. They have four branches in the city
and three to four lands outside. Now they are in a very
good position. Their talks are sweet as
the sweets they make. This is not all. They can go to any extent
to sell their sweets. See this! What happened brother?
Why are you so worried? I’m trying since last thirty years
I don’t have family happiness. I have tried all the medicines.. ..but I couldn’t become a father.
– Why to take tension? Saroja Sweet’s pudding is there,
right? Use the experience of the experts. The only medicine to get child.
Saroja sweets. Once I was like a coal. My flower business was
not doing well. Give me 250 grams of jasmine.
– Yes, giving. Leave about the girls
even the aunty.. ..use to run away in
seeing my face. I had so much of loss.
I was almost to close down my shop. Then a friend of mine told
me about Saroja sweets. By eating them I become
like this and.. ..today I’m a big rich
man in my city. Only one suggestion of
all skin specialist. If you want to become
fair then eat.. ..the pastry of Saroja sweets.
– Ah! Out swing. Eat Saroja sweets and hit boundary. Family is fake but
the girl is good.. ..isn’t it Prabha? – Yes sir.
– No sir. – Why are you saying no? Poor girl was distributing sweets.
– ..to the children in the hot sun. What would have happened I could
tell you from right here. Hey, get aside. If it’s free then you would
come like beggars. Go home and tell your parents to
purchase these sweets everyday. Otherwise refuse to go home,
did you understand. Then Prabha,
what we saw, what was that? It was an illusion of your eyes. Commonly a unmarried girl thinks.. ..about her husband or honey moon.
– Am I right? But the dreams of this
dangerous girls are.. ..to open sweet shop
in California and.. ..to sell Indian food in Chicago. Basically to extend her
business in America. After falling 10 times in
10th she understood.. ..that it’s useless to try. – So
now she is thinking of searching.. ..some NRI boy and get married.
– and she can adjust with anyone. I thought that finally
I would settle.. ..down but this girl will sell me.
– Yes! She is merciless emotionless.. ..ruthless, stone hearted,
hard core business women. Hey,
Veer Pratap you are taking so long. Be quick we have many other orders
too. – Madam, it’s almost complete. You have said this 50 times.
Customer will run away. Useless fellow. – Baby, what is
this? At least respect his age. I can see day by day you are
becoming bad mannered. Sister, why are you marrying a
married boy? – Don’t bore me. Don’t forget that I
have to start a.. ..branch of Saroja
sweets in America. He stays there and that’s
why I’m marrying him. Come on! Now get out of here. Sir, it seems you will kill us
by feeding us with sweets. This is nothing. I have planned 50 items
for the wedding. The people who will come the
wedding will get diabetes. Daughter, do you like photography? He is a Facebook addict. He updates
his status the whole day. Your daughter seems to be mild. I swear!
– Not mild she is gold. Why should we delay the
auspicious work? If you would do everything
then why are we here? Still 5 seconds are left
for the right moment. Countdown starts. Five..
– Four. Three. Two..
– One. Go! Police have come.
– Officer, arrest her. Ma’am. You are under arrest. How did you enter into the
house of a gentleman. You are talking about arresting
at an auspicious occasion. What mistake our daughter
has committed? You sale sweets to people by
fooling them with your fake ads. This is a business, how it became
a crime? – How it became a crime? What is the relation of your
sweets with child’s birth? What your sweets have to do with
the sixer of the cricket player. Above that you use the face of
the celebrities like a ball. How much money our
captain took for.. ..doing the ad for Saroja sweets?
– It’s wrong, sir. Film stars photos are displayed
in the salons. Do they cut their hair there?
These are publicity stunts. People are loosing their life
because of your fraud stunts. And therefore this lawyer has filed
a murder case on your M.D. What! Murder case! Yes! – If you will marry
this criminal then.. ..I’ll put you in the jail too. –
Start your family behind the bars. I swear! We are not involved. I swear!
What kind of people are they? Will we have relationship with
them? No! Of course not. Hey, what are you doing? Sir, I’m updating the situation on
the face book. – Have you updated? Now celebrate your honey moon
too on the Facebook. Can it be celebrated there? The news of your getting arrested
will come on it on the net. Now leave about the NRI you won’t.
– ..get offers even from the NGO’s. Hey! You have come to marry
or for chatting? You will update this on
the Facebook, right? You will update this
on the Facebook.. ..take this and update this
too on the Facebook. You will update this on the
Facebook, right? – It’s even worse. Go and save our son. I swear! Aaah. Go to him, take this. Hey, you girl, have you gone mad? You call me mad!
– Daughter, listen.. ..you won’t get any offer if
you behave in this way. Who are you to say this? I want get offer! Daughter, he is a Pandit. You are the main villain
behind all this, right? You will file a case! Silence! You hit the bridegroom
and his parents. And above all you have
hit that Pandit too. Now you are beating
this poor lawyer. Now will you beat me too? Beat me! Beat me! Beat me! – It is her
childhood dream to Go to US. So you will kill people for that. Now the case has become even more
stronger. – Sir, listen. Son, if you will arrest her then
what would people think about us? Let the people think whatever
they want to think.. ..what can I do in that case? –
-Don’t do this! Please! Leave her. Son, do some favour. – Why should I
favour you? Am I your son in law? Son, it’s not that, you look
a hero of some film. His heart won’t be less
than nay hero. A hero sometimes spares even
the producer who does fraud. Won’t you leave our M.D.
In such a small case? Hey, shut up! I’ll get diabetes
on hearing your talks. I’ll do what I can. – But for the
time being madam has to come.. ..to the police station
daily and sign. Police station! – Hey, enough! No
more arguments. – This is fixed. Prabha,
why have you brought me to the.. ..garden so early in the morning? Prabha, tell him people come in
the garden and do bad things. Hey!
Both of you go behinds the bushes. It’s the proper use of bushes. The poor fellow who don’t
have can’t go anywhere. Prabha, tell him to stop
laughing and look there. Why has she come here? – To meet
our sir. – Meet sir! – Yes. Why have you called me here? It’s a lover’s point, that’s why. Some people cross their
limits and I.. ..have got the duty to stop that. I thought I should call you here,
your time will be saved. Sir, thanks!
– You have saved my time a lot. I have saved you yesterday.. ..from that Facebook update person. Yeah! Really! He was a foolish man. Foolish! Man without brains. Stupid! Why are you feeling bad? He updated my photo on Facebook.
Won’t I scold? Don’t scold him,
think about the future. Give your details in some
good marriage bureau.. ..I got ten offers in a week
but the girls were.. ..more educated and therefore
I refused them. If education is less then
it’s a problem.. ..what is the problem
when it’s more? There is a problem,
if the girl is having a degree.. ..then she would need freedom,
privacy, shopping 24 hours. And I’m a simple man and
therefore I think.. ..that some 10th fail girl will do. Nowadays it’s difficult to get
such a girl but I’m trying. I feel as if he is trying on me.
– What kind of girl is this? Day before yesterday she
was saying that.. ..she don’t like police inspector.
– C how she has changed. It don’t take too long for
the time to change. He has come here to
control others.. ..or to get out of control himself.
– Don’t fear. Saroja, if you know some 10th
fail girl then let me know. By the way outsiders don’t
know the difference.. ..between postman and a policeman. But you will be surprised to know
that how much I earn. – How much? Taking together TA and DA.
– Apart from PF and HR.. ..I get monthly thirty five
thousand in my hand. We give 50 thousand to our cook. You are bothered about the salary,
what about the security? Can your cook give you
24/7 protection? Money is not everything in life,
you require power. Hey, get away.
– Why is sir shouting like this? The girl must have offered
dowry and.. ..that’s why he must
have got angry. This is not something to get angry. When a new film is released
then everybody.. ..has to get in line
and get the ticket.. ..but when we go then
the seated person.. ..gets up and offer us the seat. Whether we want to go to some
temple or in the ashram of any Baba.. ..no matter how big the queue is,
we get direct entry. That too all over India.
Did you understand? I understood it very well. Now please sign, I’m getting late. I have to give a shock
to Dakshina Murthy. Hey, something went into
my eye, please blow air. Sir, this is not allowed. – Oh! To
sell sweets in the name of Dhoni.. ..but it’s not allowed to blow.
– Bend down. – This eye. Yes. If you will blow so
powerfully then.. ..the whole eye will come out.
– Do it with love, smoothly. Okay, good, very good. What are they doing?
– What it appears? – Kiss! How are you feeling now?
– Feeling better. So now, can you sign?
– Yes, I can. Hey! – What happened?
– I forgot the register. What should we do now? – Doesn’t
matter, tomorrow sign twice. All right! I shall leave now.
– You will come tomorrow, right? I have to come, right? Bye.
– Bye. Prabha, please see that by seeing
my progress he won’t get.. ..such a deep shock that he
would forget the challenge. I remember it, it’s not enough
to convince a girl.. ..you need to convince the family
too, tell him Prabha. You heard it but I can see it.
– What you see? You have become bald and
you are roaming.. ..in the city on a donkey. This is Firangi. He is an ordinary boy
from a small city.. ..who plays with the bat and ball. Today by becoming the owner of
Damodar’s betting business.. ..is earning lacs of rupees.. ..from the same game of bat-Ball. But the poor fellow is
a little emotional. If anybody tells him a sad story.. ..and he slips there. Hey, Sino. – Yes? – Watch, what
I’ll do to this police? I’ll tear off the department. Then I’ll take over your liquor.. ..business and make you my servant.
– But it’s wrong. What right thing I have done till
today? – Dakshina Murthy. Since yesterday you use to survive
on our thrown breads.. ..and today you dare to close
down our business. Today I’ll kill you
Dakshina Murthy. Who is it? – He is the new C.I.
– Well! He is the one. Colour like tamarind.
Figure similar to pumpkin. Hair like Chinese noodles,
eyes are red like tomatoes. Skin like bitter gourd.
Chin like a coconut. Similar to my Pandu. – Who is
this Pandu? – My best friend. Murthy. God is so great. I have once again found
my lost Pandu. Was he lost?
– He died. How? – I only killed him.
– You killed your friend. Listen the history of this mystery. We both wanted to become policeman
right from our childhood. From 5th standard we started
solving crime. We both became cops by passing
with good marks. He was undercover and I became
an ordinary inspector. Once the Mafia gang attacked
me by covering their face. I encountered them all. When I checked their face
and removed their cover. My heart shivered on the last one.
– Why? Under that cover was my undercover
friend Pandu cop. – Oh! I said, hey! But he didn’t get up.
He was dead, right? To get rid of the guilt
of killing a friend.. ..I tried to take a hot shower. Body boiled but the
soul couldn’t cool. But today I want to
do something for.. ..you to get rid of that guilt. Open all the wine shops
that you have closed. Such a small thing.
You have such a large heart. Come on! Let’s talk on lunch. I got beating on breakfast now
he will get beating on lunch. Why Shinu shows that he is
the right hand of Damodar? He won’t make him even
his left hand. What he must be earning
in the whole year.. ..that I earn in a single match. What are you saying? So much
earning from a single match. It’s less in the game but
there are more schemes. If your team will win then whether
Priety Zinta would hug or not? Whether Kohli will look at
the cheer leaders or not? Ambani’s son seating
among the audience.. ..whether he will eat chips
or drink cold drink? When there is betting on
so many things then.. ..what difference it
makes to anyone? But the one who loses
will pay the money.. ..what is the guarantee for that?
– First we take the blank cheque. If it bounce without balance then
we remove the parts from the body. There is a separate department for
that. – You have a department! Department for betting,
for breaking hands and legs. For this job we have
a team of 20 people. Team of 20 people. Nonsense!
– I don’t believe this. Shankar, it’s true!
– Pandu, I don’t believe this. There is a team of 20 people. –
-I’m telling you, I don’t believe. If we call everybody here
then would you believe? Yes, call them, let’s see.
– Wait! I’ll call them. Bookie boys,
everybody come to police station. I have send a group message. Everybody will reach
here in ten minutes. This is my team 20. Hey! Pay greetings to brother. Sir, greetings! Hey! Start 20/20 match with his
team. – What kind of match? Help! Help! Don’t beat! Help! Don’t beat! Help! Speak!
Now, what has happened there? Brother,
our betting business is over. He beat me and my boys
in the lock up. I’m thinking of leaving all these
and going to some ashram. Don’t act smart and go straight
away to Mr. Sampangi. We have to pay for last night. I’m doing it sir.
– Should I leave it like this only? Look! She got ready like
bride for our boss. Do it! From the time you said it.. ..the whole night I saw
policeman’s films. I understood the power of police. So now, will you become a police? 10th failed not allowed. Then,
I can marry a policeman, right? For that you need no qualification.
– It has come, sir. I think you can search
for some offer from.. ..an inspector in your circle,
right? She is proposing! Shut up!
– If you could arrange it, then.. ..the commission of brokers from
both sides will be saved. Do you understand,
what I want to say? I’m leaving.
– Yes! Bye. Fasted finger first. Your question is on the screen. Arrange this numbers in
the ascending order. This is Sampangi. Owner of Damodar’s duplicate
business. And the most illiterate. This dumb man.. ..can’t pass school till date.. ..but still.. ..don’t think himself to be any
less than some scientist. He feels that.. ..there is nobody more intelligent
then him and never can be. From childhood he has a hobby
for reality game shows. And he wishes that one day.. ..by winning some show.. ..he would earn crores.. ..and settle down in Dubai. It couldn’t happen yet. So he watches reality
show day and night.. ..and convince himself. Time is up. Now let’s see
what is the right order. 9, 4, 0 and 3. Let’s see, how many people have
given the right answer. What this illiterate person
is understanding.. ..for which he is so happy. Now speak! We are having problems in between.
– I’ll solve everything. Thanks! Sir. – I’m only the
one who will take over.. ..your business after solving it. If you will look there then
you will get double shock. When you both complaint
me about him.. ..then I went to the police
station in anger. And on seeing me he understood.. ..that I’m not an ordinary
man but an angel from god. This eyes like the monkey. And this nose like an ape. Eyes like the bats,
teeth like a rabbit. You appear intelligent
from your face. Are you telling the truth?
I have a friend in Mumbai.. ..will you help him.
– Yes, definitely! Poor guys went astray
during his childhood. He use to create nuisance day and
night. – Nobody had any hope. But one day, everybody was shocked. Because that fool got a job. He started grooming on the
sets of reality shows. Slowly he got lots of shows
four then forty. And now he has such contacts
that he can.. ..send contestants to any shows. There is just one condition.
He keeps 10% of the price money. But he is so unfortunate
that the one whom.. ..he has send so far
on the game show.. ..nobody from them ever won
and he never got his 10%. But today he will get his 10%. B you appear to be winner
from your face. All right! Should I leave?
I’m starting my business. Then, you meet me on dinner
in the evening. He is saying I’ll go to KBC. Don’t forget the 10% of my friend. You got breakfast and I
got lunch now this.. ..poor fellow will get dinner. Cheers! Kiddo, what is this? Everyone is drinking wine and
you are drinking cold drink.. ..you better ask for milk.
– I like cold drink a lot. And by the way I don’t have the
habit of drinking anything else. I go to the parties only to talk. All right! I won’t force you. Isn’t it our liquor?
– How can we drink our own liquor? Why won’t we drink?
– Hey, only the label is original.. ..the thing inside is duplicate. Now listen to my intelligence. Our cost for one bottle is 300. And we sell it outside
for three thousand. That means 10 times profit.
Oh my god! And listen, you have refined oil,
right? – Sunflower oil, right? Flower is only in the name
and ears of the people. Then what is there in the oil?
– Duplicate product. And that’s not all, brother.
– Pebbles in pulses. In salt we put lime. Papaya seeds in black pepper. Red powder in chilly powder
and flour in milk powder. And rice flour in ice-Cream.
Butter. Flour in butter,
we mix in all this. Peoples health will get bad health
by eating all this, right? Hey, it’s good! Then they will
come in our hospitals only. We mix chemicals in the
medicines over there. Shanku got shocked brother. If you will tell something more
then he will get unconscious. Tell him!
– Kerosene in petrol. Crude oil in diesel and
I mix tar in grease. Vehicles must be getting damaged. This is also good.
They will come in our garage only. By cleaning the old parts we will
make them new and sell them again. Kiddo, this is a chain. You must have many units
to maintain this chain. Where have you made set
up for all this? Don’t ask such a personal question. He didn’t tell. – You won’t tell
your new friend. I felt bad. We too felt bad. Hey, if you felt bad then
finish everything and go. Kiddo, don’t mistake me. I don’t tell my business
secrets even to my wife. Nor I save anything in my mobile. I keep everything in my mind.
– As my memory power is good. Hey,
why won’t we ask a demo question.. ..right here to test your memory?
– Yes, yes. I’m made for game shows. Really! Should we play the game? Yes, let’s play. Welcome to our wonderful game show! The most intelligent goon. Accumulate points and win.
Our participants.. ..Shinu.. ..ferocious Firangi.. ..super Sampangi. And our judge glamorous
Mr. Prabhakar. In this there will
be three rounds.. ..international national, locals. And there would be an additional
anchor round. The one who would press
the buzzer.. ..he only will get the
chance to answer.. ..and along with this correct
answer is plus 10.. ..wrong answer is minus 10. Therefore think 100 times before
pressing the buzzer. Everybody understood! – Yes! – The
one with most points will be.. ..called as the most intelligent. Let’s find out who is the one who
is most intelligent among you. Are you ready! – Ready! –
International round. 1st question. Who is the president of Zimbabwe? Robert Gabbier Mugabe. Right answer. Next. Capital of Argentina? Buenos Aries. Right answer. There is a species of dogs in
the world who don’t bark.. ..it’s name?
– Basenji. Basenji. Fantastic sir, you are amazing!
– Thank you. – Good! What is the name of the fastest
bird in the world? – Swift. Shut up. Swift. Santro, I-10, I-20. 4-20.
Tell the names of all the cars. This is a wrong answer,
minus his marks. – Sambangi.. ..you are not the person
to decide.. ..what is right and what is wrong. Judge will decide it.
– You tell. Swift, is the right answer.
– How that’s right? How it became right? He asked the name of a bird
and he told name of a car. How this can be right? Sambangi, go stand there. This isn’t a fish market. Swift,
is the fastest bird in the world.. ..and it’s name has been
given to the car. It’s a fact we have to accept it. Next question. – Human body has
300 bones at it’s birth. How many are there when it grows? At birth it’s 300 then it will be
more when grown up. – 400 bones. Wrong answer.
– Cancel! It will remain 300. That is also a wrong answer. Then what is the right answer?
– 206. Two hundred and six is
the right answer. International round complete.
Let’s see what are your scores. Prabha madam. Firangi is at the top at 40. Lion Shinu is still not
out of his sleep, 0. Shinu, wake up! Due to wrong answer and bad
behaviour Sambangi at minus 20. Now National Round, first question. National bird?
– Peacock. National animal?
– Tiger. National fruit.
– Mango. National game. Hockey. How many chapters are there in
Bhagwatgita? – 18 chapters. Name four out of ten incarnations. Chinese Kamal Hassan Indian
Kamal Hassan.. ..American Kamal Hassan,
Granny Kamal Hassan. Brother, they haven’t asked for
Kamal Hassan’s incarnation.. ..they have asked for
Vishnu’s incarnation. Matsya,
Kurma, Ram and Krishna incarnation. Right answer Shinu,
you have a bright future. Thank you, sir. National round is complete.
Scores please! Flying Shinu, 17. Thank you, sir. Ferocious Firangi, 40. Super Sambangi, Minus 30.
He is very close to elimination. This is all useless, nonsense.
I don’t accept it. I don’t accept it!
– Mr. Anchor, I have doubt.. ..I know about him very well. This Firangi use to sell Jamun
on railway station. – Yes. And this Shinu fool use to
sell tea at the bus stand. How can they get knowledge? The real thing is that paper
has been leaked here. Paper has been leaked here.
Hey brother. Hey brother, which business I do? Which?
– Of betting. – So what? 24 hours I talk to people. I keep on checking what is
happening in the world. I have learnt it from there. I have been playing
since my childhood. I have won many prices.
I was topper in my class. You must have seen the
gate of the school. How he could have seen
school’s gate.. ..he got into wrong things
from his childhood.. ..and therefore today he
is in this condition. Sampangi, don’t worry! For special contestants
like you a special.. ..Anchor’s choice round
has been kept. Anchor’s choice, 1st question. Ram’s wife?
– Sita. Laxman’s wife?
– Sita. Mother of Luv Kush?
– Sita. – This is a wrong thing. You are asking the same question
differently. – Firangi, shut up! Questions in the Anchor’s choice
are like this only. – Sampangi. The answer to the next question
is hidden in my body language.. ..therefore think properly and give
the answer. – Okay. – Okay. How many people means five Pandavs? Pandav means they must
be at least 20. Sampangi, come on! How many people means five Pandavs? He is giving so much pressure
to the question.. ..that means at least 100
people must be there. I repeat the question,
How many people means five Pandavs? What joke is this? You asked us president of Zimbabwe
and capital of Argentina.. ..and you are asking him
the question of five.. ..Pandavs and that too
by giving signs. They were five people.
– Yes, they were five people. Still you can’t tell. – Firangi,
the aim of this game is not to win.. ..but to bring out the
talent within you. I’m trying to bring Sampangj in
the position that you are in. Try to understand the concept
of this fame and my efforts. Sir, you are saying the right
thing. – I agree with you sir. What do you say? Yes, I wish that he too have
equal points as we have. Thank you!
– No mention! That’s the spirit.
Now we will start the local round. Local round 1st question. Where is the post office of
this area? – Gandhi Nagar. This is not enough, you will have
to say the complete address. Where is the library?
– Indira Nagar. Complete address. All right! I’ll make the question
more easy for you.. ..but this time there will
be time limit in it. In 20 seconds you will have to tell
any five complete addresses. What say? Are you ready? I’m ready. Your time starts now. Go! Go!
– Number 1. 2-8-283/4/because/24. Kalimata street. Number 2.
Door number 7-11-75/because/44.. ..Narayandas Lane, Borivali. Number 3. Door number 1-2-3-/43.. ..Rajshree Nagar,
near the railway station. 400+120+420+see+124. Opposite Andra Bank, Hindupur. Number 5.
Road number 4. Govind Nagar. Anchor, you gave 20 sec.
I have said it in 15 seconds. Now I’m the winner of the show,
right? What is the guarantee that the
address you told are correct? What is the guarantee? They are the original address
of my duplicate units. If you want you can check it.
– There is no need. It’s time to declare the winner. Most intelligence.
It’s none other than.. ..Super Sambangi. Hey. Hey, you have won. Help! Help. Help. Excellent! Oh..
– What nonsense you are talking? He has killed 5 men and has beaten
us on the near platform. You know it very well,
how intelligent and powerful I am! Brother but he defeated me too. I have not seen such a
policeman till date. Sambangi changed so much that he
didn’t stop even when he saw. You remain hidden in Dubai itself. If any one of you would come here.. ..then he will whip off your skin.
– You couldn’t manage a CI. If brother will come to know
that our business.. ..has grown weak then think
what would happen. Book tickets for the next flight.
– But that. Book the tickets. For the future of our family
committee took a decision. What is that?
– To close this case.. ..we are thinking to getting
you married with the CI. Daughter, tell me one thing.. ..there isn’t anyone else in
your mind, right? – No papa. I too wanted to say the
same thing but.. ..I couldn’t understand how to
say it. – Then say it now. The truth is that I was in
love at the first sight. In my attempt to trap him..
– I myself got trapped in his love. Why didn’t you say this before? The cloud of selfishness
had imprisoned my heart. Now it has showed by becoming
the rain of realization. But there is a bad impression
of our family on the CI. How shall we convince him?
– I’ll tell you. Uncle start.
– Daughter Saroja.. ..a very good offer has
come from Chicago. The man is very rich. – There is
even an offer from California. The boys look smart. We have a very good offer. Papa, I don’t want to marry a NRI. If I will marry then it will be
only with some policeman.. ..that’s all. Prabha,
ask Dakshina Murthy that whether.. ..he is having his BP
tablets with him. Is there any breaking news that
will increase my BP. – PP, ask him. Prabha, tell Dakshina Murthy to
move his head towards South. Yes, North, South. Sir, greetings!
– What is the matter? The whole family has come
to the police station. If he won’t agree then we
will offer him dowry. All right! But don’t go above 10
lacs. – The matter is that.. ..you are like a hero and our
Saroja is like a heroine. Now you both are of the
age to get married. Right now, I’m not interested. Then arouse your interest.
Well, just think.. ..two sweets of Gandhi Nagar
and 10 lac rupees cash.. ..and if you get a Royal
Enfield bullet. If he is refusing then why
are you going after him. We may do anything,
what you have to do with it? When two big persons
are speaking then.. ..the small ones should
remain quiet. I’m just telling you that your
daughter can get anyone. Who asked for your opinion? It time for your retirement
but you are not improving. We will send sweets
to your house also. Son, we all have our hopes on you. If you will say no then our
our hearts will break. You are convincing very
nicely but I have a.. ..little doubt by seeing
your cunning face. Leave my cunning face and look
at her stunning face. I have more doubt on this face. Now, how should we convince you? Papa, I know how to handle him.
– You please go outside. Daughter, why? – I’m telling you,
right? Go! – You will marry, right? Yes he will, go!
– Don’t you have trust on me? You think yourself to be a
very big heroine that.. ..you are sending everybody
out like this. What is the matter? Speak!
– Stop staring at me like this. Tell me, what you want to say? Sir, almost all the business
of Damodar are closed. Only the main business is
remaining. – The thing that is branded.. ..there is no need
to worry for that. You are my Ace of trump.. ..but the main match
is still remaining. We have to show this Damodar.. ..what is the real power of police! Sir, you just enjoy the match. I will bring them before
you on their knees. Until now all police officers
were afraid of him. But today everybody in that
area are afraid of you. Let’s watch a film and
go when we are here. 1st put a the end to Damodar’s
film then.. ..we will go to watch other film.
– Correct! Sir, who was he?
– He was my dad. Never show me your inauspicious
face from today onwards. And even if you tried it then
that day will be my last day. This is not an ordinary love of a
father and a son. – It’s a devotion. God never keep his devotee
away from himself sir. You will definitely meet him again. Don’t beat! No! Where is the old CI? Tell me, where he is? Hey. You are a policeman or
a hero of some film? If you have the guts then
show me your heroism. Cover and keep it,
no dust should get on it. Sir has removed the watch it
means the match begins. Hey, it already started. What kind of people
Damodar has sent? Everybody is so afraid.
Hey, someone come. If you will see all this then
you will get worried. Close your eyes and just jump in. Whether you are a police or a hero? That’s what you were asking, right? Police means hero.
Look at our hero. Look! Look! Look at our hero. I’m going to hang your brother
Damodar very soon. Go and tell him. Dear brother. CI hasn’t come for Shinu,
Firangi, Sampangi.. ..and neither for me.
The way he has seized.. ..the small business that you had.. ..similarly he will close
down your dream project. He is going to end your story. Nobody can stop him. If you have the guts then try it. He made us run like a dog
and had beaten us. But CI got us here.
– But will he come or not? Yes, he will come. What are you sitting like
a hero in this shades. Your joker didn’t gave my message. To touch my dream project is.. ..not as easy to full my men.. ..and seize their small business. Hey, PWD has given the clearance
for this project. Energy commission has
given the license. Forest authorities have
given the permission.. ..and the health department
have given the NOC. How can you stop such a project? Btw I have the hobby of writing
poetry. I’ll tell you one. Don’t hit me with a stone.. ..accumulate them and built
house from them. Don’t put fire to burn me.. ..I burn the lamps with that. Don’t think of removing
me from here.. ..or I’ll move you from
here and send you up. And yes, remember one thing. Don’t give poison to kill me. Or I’ll drink it and
become Neelkanth. The one who drink whisky
on foreign.. ..tours shall drink poison now. This is not a foreign tour
coordinator but an undercover cop. I planted him there before
you landed here. How did you got the NOC
from which department? From whom you had massage?
–Everything is on record and I have.. ..brought a stay on this project. You are a two bit policeman. You will touch my dream project. What is your value?
– Make his pieces. And you will feed the eagles and
crows, right? – Dear, I’m updated. For this first you will
have to make pieces.. ..and you won’t be able to do that,
try it. Excellent!
– How clever CI is! Clear the garbage and put
the board. Come on! Mr. Damodar.. ..special division court put
a stay on this project. Damodar, look! I stopped your dream project
as I have told you. Now my dream project is to
take you to the gallows. Why are you staring like this?
Will you eat him? With your permission sir.
– Proceed. Do you think that sir came here.. ..to listen to your petty poetry.
– Police. Now have you understood the
strength of our department? Now you will talk with respect.
– They don’t have emotions.. ..there is no feelings
or consideration. Here there is no recommendation
only elimination. I will teach you all a lesson. Whether he is a rowdy
or a gangster.. ..whether he is a terrorist
or a criminal. Nobody among you shall escape. Because once he concentrates,
it’s god’s grace. Dear, your poem was better than
his. – That’s enough for today. Brother,
didn’t I say a bit too much. Shekhar, if he died after
hearing your speech.. ..then whom I’ll kill. Sir, his name is Harshad
he is an eye witness.. ..of the murder of Human
Right officer. First of all tell why didn’t
you complain about this.. ..to the police for so many days?
– Sir, I was afraid. But from the time I saw
CI I got the courage. My faith has increased. – and
therefore I have told him everything. Damodar killed my friend
before my eyes. Sir, he should get punished. Shanker, one witness is
enough to arrest Damu. Take non-Bailable warrant
from the court and.. ..put him behind the bars
tomorrow itself. I want it immediately. Sir.. sir. Damodar has murdered the eye
witness. Look for yourself. What SP?
Why have you brought the battalion? Mr. Damodar. You are under arrest!
– What is the charge? You are accused for the murder of
an eyewitness named Harshad. Hey. Harshad, there is no need to fear. Tell clearly to SP whatever
that has happened. Sir, CI has some personal
enmity with Damodar. That’s why CI forced me
give the witness.. ..that Damodar has killed
Human Right officer. This is not all. – He only has
made a video of my fake.. ..murder from a duplicate
of Damodar. After this someone tried to kill
me in the custody of CI.. ..and therefore I ran away from
there somehow sir. – Mr. Shankar. Department have given the
power to protect public.. ..and not for your personal use. You have to give an explanation
for this. Otherwise you will be suspended. Mr. Damodar, I’m extremely sorry
for the inconvenience. I say you sorry on behalf
of the department. You played with my people for so
many days now it’s your turn. I knew that your man
is following me. Now I can easily suspend you
by using my influence. If you want to be safe
then clear the.. ..allegations on my over projects. Sir, you had to bow down
your head because of me. Damodar, had kidnapped
my wife and children.. ..and he threatened
me of killing them. I didn’t have any other way. Sir, forgive me. He won’t escape from me. He is the reason for
my brother’s death. He killed your brother. When IG sir gave me that file
then only I came to know. The collector who committed
suicide in this case.. ..he was my brother. Then I decided to kill Damu. But target missed. Shankar never misses his target. I know you didn’t do any mistake. Whatever happened at that
time was only your love. There is a very big conspiracy
behind the suicide.. ..of your brother and
sister in law. The Human Right officer
who died was.. ..a classmate of your
sister in law. People will be harmed from
this power project. I need your support in this matter. Sir, not because you are a
good friend of Rekha but.. ..because you are doing a
good work for humanity.. ..therefore you will have
my full support. This project will not get complete
under any circumstances. Trust me! – Damodar didn’t
like the interference.. ..of the officer in this project.. ..and therefore he killed
the Human Right officer. After this your brother told all
the details of the case.. ..to SP Arjun Rao and
minister Naagraj. They promised to support
your brother. Sir, all together 1500 people
stay in our village. Children have to walk three
Kilometer for studies. When we tried to open a school
nearby then Damodar seized this place. As the children have right over it.
– Give me some more time. Very soon school will start in
your village. – Trust me! Thank you sir.
– Mr. Collector we are from ACB. His brick factory is legal still
you are asking for a bribe.. ..he has filed this complaint. No sir, he has come with some
school work. – Sir, it’s all lie. If you want you can open
the folder and see. He told me bring 5 lacs. What is this? – He is lying sir.
– I didn’t make any demand. Yes sir. – Whatever you want to
say, say it in interrogation. You are under arrest.
– Now everything is clear sir. Damu has implicated
me in this case. What benefit will he get by
implicating you in this case. Damu is going to start a power
plant construction illegally. I have given it’s report to
minister Naagraj. – Absolute lie! This collector is lying. I have neither met him
ever till today.. ..and nor he has given any report.
– To cover his mistake.. ..he is taking name of
big people like us. Such people shouldn’t be forgiven. Sir, the Human Right officer who
was killed in this matter.. ..his information I have given
to inspector Arjun Rao. Yes sir, our department did 20
investigation on that case.. ..then some truth came out.
– That Human Right officer.. ..had illicit relationship
with collectors wife. Collector can’t bear this.. ..and he killed Human Right
officer in the day light. Here is the report of
the eye witness. Collector has asked me
a bribe of 10 crore.. ..for the power plant. When I said no then he blackmailed
me in many ways. We don’t work hard day and night.. ..to fill the pockets of
such corrupt officers. Sir, they should get the
most severe punishment. They didn’t stop there.. ..after your brother went to jail,
they targeted Rekha. Hey, your husband is in jail
and boyfriend has gone up.. ..what will you do know?
– Who is it? – She is married. What difference does it makes? After this when Bharat
came home on bail.. ..then all the news channels
were defaming him. In collector Bharat’s case
of taking bribe.. ..some new things have come forth. We have doubt that the Human Right
officer who was murdered recently.. ..that officer had illicit
relationship.. ..with collector Bharat’s
wife Rekha. And that’s why Bharat murdered
that officer. Police are still investigating
this case. Brother, what is all this? Sister, listen. Don’t worry. We know, what is the truth? It’s their job to throw
dirt on others. Papa,
I want to talk something with you. I know you have done no mistake. I have committed a mistake papa. Shankar wasn’t the reason for the.. ..death of that boy in childhood. It was me. He himself went to jail
to protect your honour. Promise me that you will not say. –
..anything to papa regarding this. He listen to your words and
went far away from us. I should have told you this before. Why did he told me
this on that day? I did a mistake in understanding
that. Uncle.
– Yes. I want to take sister and brother
in law home for a few days. They need a little change.
– All right, son. – Grandfather. What is the matter?
– Come with me. Look that. Bharat. What has happened? Bharat. My son was fighting for the
betterment of people. They insulted him.. ..and then they became the
reason for his death. The 2 bit CI is after our project.
– Hey, cut him. If we touch him now then we will
have to close the project. He is the one who opened the case
and it’s still in his hand. Then he only has to close it. Whatever I had to do with
him I have done it. Now the ball is in his court. I knew you will come to surrender
and say sorry. Shut up! Don’t argue! I don’t
want to hear your nonsense. I closed your liquor business.
Banned your betting business.. ..locked your duplicate business. Why did I do all this? I did it because I was in power. I understood if you have power
you have everything. We get defeated,
get weak without power.. ..and therefore I’m giving
you a proposal. I want my power and you want
your power project. You withdraw my suspension orders.. ..I’ll let your projects
run smoothly. Very good decision.
– Problem is solved. Sir, home minister you here! He is sleeping partner
in this project. I didn’t gave the permission of
the projects just like that. I gave your suspension order.
– You gave it! – Yes. When the captain is sold out then
what the players can do? If you will behave like this
then promotion is confirm. Minister, I took this step
only for promotion. We love you.
– Thank you! Shankar, you were the only
problem for this project. And now I don’t want any problem
till its completion.. ..remember that.
– Tomorrow it’s my birthday. You will be my special guest.
Thank you! Now neither I’ll create any problem
nor let any one create it. Excellent!
– Happy birthday! Damodar,
all the cases on you have.. ..been removed as a birthday gift.
– Absolute lie! Tomorrow it’s also the hearing for
the power project’s appeal. Neither there is appeal
nor hearing. You will get the orders in your
hands within one week. Handcuffs will come.
– All the guests have come. Cut the cake, for whom are you
waiting? – My Shushila. Now minister, who is she?
– Shushila. Damu’s girlfriend. This madam is very cultured. Vow! Gorgeous! Mesmerizing! Spell bounding!
You are looking so sexy. – Hey, SP. Damu, what wrong I have said? By sexy I meant only
to compliment her. If you want to give compliment
then say some decent words. What do you think about Shushila? Sorry dear, he is a fool.
– Come on! Let’s cut the cake. Happy birthday to you. Oh my god, Chandni Bar. Mesmerizing eyes. Oh my god the whole world.. ..appears to be drunken. Drinking slowly. Enjoy it bit by bit. Drinking slowly. Enjoy it bit by bit. Hey, Billo. Hey, Billo. Whoever I see, I make him drunken. People crazy about me
are on every street. Hey, Billo. Hey, Billo. Whoever I see, I make him drunken. People crazy about me
are on every street. I’m famous at every place.. ..whether it’s Chennai or Mumbai,
Delhi. I’m famous at every place.. ..whether it’s Chennai or Mumbai,
Delhi. Whoever I see, I make him drunken. People crazy about me
are on every street. I’m famous at every place.. ..whether it’s Chennai or Mumbai,
Delhi. “You are amazing.” “You are the talk of the town.” “You are exemplary.” You give current on touching,
Hey Billo. Hey, Billo. The vehicle is standing at the
station since so long.. ..give signal. Line is clear for you.. ..let the vehicle move ahead. Dance. You are in my lane. You are inebriated. Don’t be silly. I love you, Lily. Hey Billo. The vehicle is standing at the
station since so long.. ..give signal. Line is clear for you.. ..let the vehicle move ahead. Enough of party now we should
concentrate on the project. Btw, Delhi is very angry.
– Hello! Brother,
there is a call from Delhi. Yes, Suri sir, speak.. ..I’ll see all that. No! No! You don’t take any tension.
I’ll see to it. Suri sir, I’m there. Bell Suri.
– Bell Suri. Few years back he was a bell boy
of a Delhi municipal school. Along with ringing the
bell there has also.. ..learnt corruption
in a very nicely. He is the top most broker
of India in today’s date. He only gets finance for almost.. ..10 to 15% illegal work
in the country. For any project for which
he arrange money.. ..2% of that comes goes
to his pocket. No matter how much difficult
the task may be.. ..this broker does it anyhow. Even the one who don’t know ABCD,
he makes him a graduate. He can even make a passport
for a Pakistani terrorist. Throw 2% and he can do any work. If you give him money then he will
even swim in the gutter for you. He is worse than you.
Is he married? Wife can’t bear him the
therefore she ran away. Where can this sample be found?
– Only contact.. ..it’s very difficult
to meet personally. Daily 4 hours on outer Ring Road.
– 3 hours on the airport. And for 2 hours he is in flight. He don’t even meet his children
without proper appointment. To say in one sentence.. ..he is infected,
corrupted, contaminated. Fraud,
manipulated, perverted, fraudulent. Rotten. Unethical. Faithless, unprincipled, two faced. Twisted,
crooked, crippled, criminal. Yes, I’m like that only. This Delhi Suri don’t have
hearty sentiments. I don’t want emotion
but commission. My percentage are everything
for me. If you will pay me more
then I’ll shift.. ..the project already given
to Tiwari in your name. It makes no difference to me. Hey, first of all you talk
about the commission. After that we can talk
the other things. He is not so smart by his
appearance. – Put on the camera. Will you with that Malhotra..
Hello.. hello. Ops! This network..
Now I have to do something. Sir, is it necessary to spend so
much on flight and go to Delhi? If we think about our expenses.. ..then what will happen about Suri?
– Now, who is this Suri? Backbone of Damodar’s
power project.. ..but he is only using Suri. By giving just 2% commission
he will earn 1000 crore. What is wrong in that? Minister has been given 25%
for project permission. SP has been given 25%
for local support. But only 2% to the person who
financed the whole project. What will you do in this case? I’ll tell about all this wrong
things of Damu to Suri. I’ll tell him to work on
partnership and not on commission. What benefit you will get by that? Dear, if he would get 200 crore
then won’t he give us 2 lacs? Hey, this guy will get me 200
crores by taking 2 lacs. It’s time for the flight.
– Where are you going? – Delhi. There is no need for it. – Who are
you to say this? – Delhi Suri. You are Delhi Suri!
– Oh my god, you are Delhi Suri. Sorry Sir, I didn’t recognize
you and said all nonsense. It doesn’t matter.
Such mistakes happen at this age. I can understand. – You are
outstanding. – You too are nothing less. You have opened eyes which
closed due to commission. Today itself I’ll have a
partnership with Damu. Why should we delay for
an auspicious work? There is no network.
– Try it. Yes, speak Mr. Suri. – Look, I’m
coming to your house tomorrow.. ..arrange a meeting with
all your partners. I’ll talk the remaining things
there only. – All right! Mr. Suri. Hey, you will die.
– What kind of ring tone is that? It’s my wife’s voice after our
divorce she use to curse me.. ..but I benefited from it
instead of getting loss.. ..now she has stopped me cursing.. ..and therefore I had to make ring
tone. – Sir, you are amazing! But remember don’t let him know
that we have met. – Who are you? Who are you?
– You are superb! What! Mr Suri we have talked
about brokerage. Now why are you asking for
a share in the project? Why?
If I’m a broker then I have to be.. ..broker always can’t
I become a owner? Hey Suri,
if you will talk too much.. ..then I’ll cut you here itself.
– Then the loan is cancelled. If you will frighten me like this
then I’ll leave. – I’m going. – Hey! Durga, stop!
Mr. Suri, you be seated. You want partnership, that’s all?
– Yes, that’s all. In this project 50% is mine. The rest of 50% belongs to them. They will sacrifice 10%
from it and give you. Is that all right?
– I’ll never give it. We got the permission
for your project.. ..and you are giving
5% to this beggar? Hey minister, watch your words or. Or what?
– Or I’ll cut you. Just touch and show me? What is all this? Will you spoil your old
relation just for 5%. SP, make them understand. Please! Be silent! After all whom we are giving the
share? It’s our brother Suri. If we will give them one gift.. ..then he will finance ten
more such projects. Brother Suri, Isn’t it?
– Yes. – Yes. Do whatever you want to do,
I’m going. Listen, where are you going by
getting angry? – To hell. When he is frustrated
then he goes to the.. ..farm house and eat vegetarian
after hunting. – Be seated! Mr. Suri, are you happy now? – I’ll
be happy only after getting.. ..the partnership deal in my hand.
– It will take 3 to 4 days. Then I’ll stay here until
the work is completed. You stay at our guest house it’s
not less then any guest house. By seeing the frustration of
minister and irritation of brother.. ..I’m afraid. I need 24 hours
security. – No problem! Shankar,
I give you the responsibility.. ..of complete security of brother
Suri. – Okay sir! – Okay! Happy!
– For the time being. Congrats! Mr, Suri, now you are
the owner and not a broker. Small gift for you.
– What is this? – Battery backup. You talk a lot on phone, right? If you charge it for 1 hours
it will work for 10 hours. It will be very useful to you.
– This is your advance pay. It’s short of two thousand.
– Shankar, what are you saying? Yes Saroja. – If you want to remove
your name from the case.. ..then you will have to
help the department. What we have to do?
– Nothing big! We are planning a short film to
increase the awareness in people. I was looking for artist for
that then I remembered.. ..that your family is full of
artist. – Thank you son! We have only acting in our
blood apart from blood. What is the title of your film? Short Cut! Welcome to Short Cut!
– An ordinary broker.. ..how did he became the owner
of 60 crores in a 6 weeks? By just using his the
power of his brain. And this is the story in
our Short Cut today. You use to work only for
commission, right? Now, all of a sudden, why
are you asking for share? Hey,
shouldn’t we move forward in life? Should a broker always
remain a broker only? Will he not become a owner?
– My money, my risk, my tension.. ..and you enjoy for it.
– When your work is over then.. ..you pay us a some money and
put us aside and forget us. It will not happen after today. All right! Who are you getting so
angry? – We will talk comfortably. But this criminal broker didn’t
got satisfied here. He had his eyes on
the whole project. He got ready to go to
any extend for that. Why have you become so serious
after seeing the film on TV? Situation has changed. – and now,
I should have 50% in the project. This is wrong!
They are giving you your share. If you will expect others money
there will be many problems.. ..greed is not good.
– No! No! Sir. Hey you shut up! Go and give
your lecture somewhere else. You are my friend or
enemy like them. I don’t want your suggestion,
I want your support. My soul won’t support it, right? It will come to my house,
in my kitchen. In my bedroom, in my bathroom. When I’ll go to god then what
answer I would give. Delhi Suri will give you extra
2 lacs. – Really! – Yes! Now what your soul says? I’ll convince it sir.
Tell me what I should do. Read before signing all documents. Mr.Suri, what are you saying?
I’ll sign wherever you may say. All right! Sign wherever it’s tick. You are going to die. Hello!
Speak, I have helped you right? Listen to me!
Why do you get so angry? It’s common for the waves to
rise in the ocean and.. ..for the partners to have
fight between them.. ..we should sit and
solve the matter.. ..there is nothing in shedding
blood. – Hello, hello. Suri, whose phone was it?
– What you have do? You sing it. He is behaving like this
since yesterday. He is not telling who
is on the phone. He is talking like this with
everyone and when asked he gets angry. Don’t talk too much.
Concentrate on your work. Problems decrease by sharing
brother Suri. I don’t want to share
anything with you. Damu, where is the bathroom? That way. You have a text message
from Mr.Naagraj. Dear Suri, after doing all this
that Damu reduced my share.. ..I fell like killing him.
– Naagraj. It means Naagraj is the
one who has phoned. Damu have you signed everywhere. Are you getting minister Naagraj’s
call since last night. How did you know? Why did you hide this from me?
Tell me, tell me. What should I tell you that Naagraj
want to take revenge from you. He will put a CBI inquiry and
close down the whole project. Should I tell you this? Why would Naagraj do this?
– Is Naagraj your classmate.. ..that you always take his side? Do you know what is happening
in your own police station? What is happening there? Your SI Mruthy is going to give
all the proofs of his cases.. ..to Naagraj today. What are you saying?
Why didn’t you tell this before? What I would have told you? I was going to his farm
house to save you? I can’t believe this? – If you
don’t believe then come with me. Good morning sir!
What good morning? When I’m in frustration
then I come here.. ..to the farm house away
from everybody. I don’t even bring my securities
with me. – Why have you come? Sir,
there is no fault of mine in this. CI has sent me here to
give you information.. ..that are happening in
the police station. What are the problems? Speak!
– Look with your own eyes. Mr. Suri, you know lip reading.. ..will you please tell us what they
are talking? – Yeah! Sure! Look this! – Colour of the walls
are getting dull sir. Sir,
this is the real world of Damodar. Next. – Power is not there
throughout the day. Power project shouldn’t
have been started. I feel ashamed even to say this.. ..even the door of the
toilet is not strong. I feel ashamed even to
say that he wiped of.. ..the evidence of some
crimes in such a way. And above that the mosquitoes.
– To hell with the mosquitoes. They are everywhere. To hell with friendship.
Now Damodar won’t escape. All right! I’ll see it, you go. Sir it’s festival time and if you. Take this. – Thank you sir.
– I’m leaving. – Yes go. I never thought that dm
will behave like this. You only tell me,
what option that poor guy has? Are you giving him salary
of lac rupees? Naagraj will leave
for Delhi early.. ..in the morning with the file.
He has a very powerful hold. He has contacts even in CBI.
– Mr. Suri, now what should we do? We should remove Naagraj. Oh my god, he is Damu’s friend.
– What kind of friend! Whether it’s a part of the body
or partner in business.. ..if it is spoiled then we
cut it or we are finished. There is no need to think.
Cut him immediately. Give some time to think,
what cut it, cut it you are saying? There is no need to think.
Cut him immediately. I say cut him off. What have you done? I was about to hunt it and
you made him run away. That deer still has time
but your time is over. B the collector who
committed suicide.. ..because of you was my brother. Today your story ends.
– It’s not mine but yours. Those who dig graves for others,
they themselves fall in it. You defamed my brother and forced
him to commit suicide. I defamed you before
Damu and he thinks.. ..that you want to kill him. Now your days are over.
– Let me see.. ..how you get out of the trap
that I have led for you. Check me! Damu is very gullible. I don’t know what he must
have said about me? It’s a very serious problem. How should I call Damu? I’ll climb this tree then
I’ll get network. Network come. Network come. Who is it? Hey. Have you gone mad this is all
illusion, it’s a conspiracy. Shankar has created drama
and provoked Damu. What are you saying? I’m shouting and telling you.. ..can’t you understand what I say,
you fool! – What? Oh! Ho! So Damu has sent such goons
who don’t know Hindi. What? – Shut up!
You are not understanding.. ..me and I’m not understanding you. I’m telling you that Shankar
is a dangerous man. Everything will end this way.
– End! End! End! Will you end us? Yes!
– Us! Yes! Let’s check it out.. ..whether the plan of social
net worker’s worked or not? Film is over. – How did they killed
a minister in this way? You only planned the murder and
now you are only asking. When did I plan?
– Just have a look at this scene. That Naagraj should be removed. There is no need to think about it. Cut him immediately. I told to cut the share
and not a man. What meaning we understood,
we did that. If the court see the video
then they will arrest.. ..if Damu will see he will kill.
– There is no video. Then watch this video. By creating fight between
Damu and partners.. ..I’ll take their share also.
– This is a wrong! Are they good people?
They are also greedy. Damu is worse then that.
– How clever you are! How did you record such a HD video
like a high budget movie. This is not only a battery backup.. ..but it’s charger plus torch
plus MP3 plus record. That means you cheated me
by using my own phone. This is injustice. If I make injustice
wear pant shirt.. ..then it will look like you.
– And when I stopped you.. ..you told me to keep my
suggestion with me. Man can make mistake, right? – If
you will not listen to me the I.. ..will post this video in You Tube.
– What I’ll have to do? Sir, script is very complicated. And therefore you have to be sharp.
What is my name? Encounter Shankar. Shankar,
now tell me what is my real name? Shankar. Aaah. Encounter Shankar. Be sharp! Naxalites (rebel) are behind
the murder of the minister.. ..which we came to know
from investigation. We are studying the case
even more deeply. We will tell you the entire
information very soon. – Thank you! SP,
you have diverted the case so well. There is a lot to learn from you.
– Ilu. – SP is gone! Day before yesterday CI said “ILU”
to minister and he went up. Next wicket is of SP. – We missed
photo with the minister.. ..lets click with him.
– Come on! SP, can we have a photo with you? I helped Damu that’s why, right? We want to save this
memory that’s why. CI, click a photo, please!
– Right now! Thanks! It’s a very nice photo. CI, what’s app me this photo.
– I’ll make a move. Thank you! SP.
– What would have happened if you.. ..were not there in this project?
– I’m so happy. Don’t be formal.
You are all like family. Hey, SP. Why did you touch her? What is wrong in that?
I touched her casually. If you touched her again
then I’ll cut you. Sure! Be cool! Are you fine? Dilly Lilly.
– Shushila. Right now she is a working partner. Originally she use to do belly
dance in Hyderabad. While studying in college
classmate said.. ..that you look like a heroine.. ..so she ran to Mumbai
and she got.. ..friendly with some big shots. They showed her dreams and
fulfilled their own dream. She tried a lot by getting
in frustration.. ..but finally she got
only C grade films. If she was unable to
become such a star.. ..then she became that
kind of star. Her popularity increased so much.. ..that in some videos she went
around the whole India. During this she met Damodar. She immediately took divorce
from her husband.. ..and wooed Damodar telling
him fake emotional stories. Leaving logic and seeing drama.. ..Damu got emotional
and agreed to marry. Btw, on whom are you going
to use this rocket? SP Mallik Arjun.
– You can’t. Why?
– Because he is gay. What nonsense are you talking? Everyone calls him a romance
king in the department. Isn’t it? – Yes sir. – He send
messages and definitely goes.. ..to Bangkok once in a month.
-Whenever the product is fake then.. ..the publicity is at the peak. I’ll tell you four things
that sinks.. ..in this situation, listen!
– Water snakes are not poisonous. People give empty threats. The dogs who bark never bite. All that glitters is not gold.
– I can’t believe this. Shocking things always
create confusion. If you will check flash back
then you will get clarity. Sir, today it’s my birthday. Oh! Happy Birthday! How old are you? 32 running, sir. Great body! Well maintained! That means he touched that day
with some other intentions. That means he was testing me.
– It’s really dirty picture.. ..and this SP is big picture.
It’s mission impossible. Don’t use your brains and follow
the plan that I have told you. Everything is possible. Right now, I’m incapable
of following anything. Once again if you gave
a twisted answer.. ..to what I say then
what will I do? You will take all videos and show
them to Damu. – I’ll do encounter. Sorry, teacher, I’ll do
whatever you may say. Driver,
it’s time to go to the temple. Go and get the car ready. Hello, Lilly. Hey, Who are you?
My name is Shushila. You can’t fool me,
I know everything about you. Shut up! Wrong number. Madam, by saying wrong number truth
will not turn into a lie. And what is the truth.
Your real name is Delhi Lilly. And you were a dancer in
a club at Hyderabad. Then you ran away and
came to Mumbai and.. ..started working in
C grade movies. Many business men in Mumbai
know you very well. You have some misunderstanding. Whatever you are saying
is completely false. Should I send a CD to your house
to decided about truth or lie? I’m about to start my
family with Damodar. Please! Don’t spoil my life. For not doing this I
need 2 crore rupees. 2 crore rupees! I can’t understand,
what should I do? Give me some time to arrange
for the money. Okay, I give you 24 hours time. I’ll be in touch every hour. Bye! So you are Lilly. You use to dance before then
you use to do movies.. ..if Damu would come to know, then? How did this fool come to
know about all this? I’ll have to close his mouth too. This is my problem, Mr. Suri. You handle anything, you set big
issues very easily, right? Solve this little problem of mine. I’ll give you whatever you want. Please! Mr. Suri please. Okay, don’t cry. Stop crying.
– I’ll solve everything. I too feel like crying
when you are crying. Aah. Listen, if you want to cry then
go to that Arjun Rao and cry. Bsw, he always stares at you. He will solve your problem
in a moment. Hello! I’m Shushila. Sushila baby,
what a pleasant surprise! I’m in a problem. Tell me baby, what’s your problem? Somebody is blackmailing
me he is calling.. ..me every hour and telling.. ..me he wants 2 crore rupees
or he will kill me. I don’t understand,
what should I do? Mr. SP, please help me. It’s such a small issue.
I’m there to help you. Don’t worry! But the issue is. Damodar will not know about it,
it’s my job to manage this. Trust me! – The one who is
threatening you is going.. ..to call you every hour, right?
– Don’t waste time. I’ll reach your house
in 15 minutes. And your work will be
done in an hour. Don’t panic please, I’m coming. Hey, Suri. Mix SP’s questions and
Lilly’s answer carefully.. ..and make ready a trap
and let Damu hear it. You lead carefully, be sharp.
– Be sharp! Shut up! We will have to finish
the project work as.. ..soon we get clearance from
the court. – Hey! Wait! What are you doing? You are stopping me instead
of stopping the fraud. What’s wrong in that?
SP is brother of Shushila. And both are Damu’s friend. One is a close friend and
other is a girlfriend. When common friend is sitting here.
– ..then what is he doing there? Suri, you have a bad habit, you
open your mouth anywhere. Damu will have to forget Shushila. Suri, what nonsense is this? What are you looking at my face? Let him here the phone
call recording. No sir. – I’m telling you let him
hear. – No sir, I can’t do this. You can’t do this? – No sir.
– I can’t be more sharp then this. You have created such a big scene.. ..what brother Damu will think?
– Shankar, what is the matter? Brother Damu, nothing happened. You have killed minister
Naagraj this news.. ..shouldn’t get leaked
and therefore.. ..I got SP’s phone tapped and
I got this shocking news. Listen to this. I’m going to start
my family with Damodar. Please don’t spoil my life. This is a small issue.
I’m there don’t worry. You have some misunderstanding.. ..I’m not that kind of a girl. It’s my job to manage that Damu
will not know about this, trust me! I can’t understand
what I should do? I need sometime to think about
this. – Don’t waste time.. ..I’ll reach your house
in 15 min and.. ..your job will be done in 1 hour.
– Are you satisfied now. Yes, but brother’s eyes are red.
– Hey Billo. Whoever I see, I make him drunken. People crazy about me
are on every street. Hey Billo. Hey Billo. Whoever I see, I make him drunken. People crazy about me
are on every street. I’m famous at every place.. ..whether it’s Chennai or Mumbai,
Delhi. I’m famous at every place. Lilly, SP has come to your place.. ..Damu came to know about this.
– What should I do now? Do what I say.
– Okay. Please don’t do anything.
I beg of you. Please spare me.
– What happened? Don’t ruin my life. Let me go. Lily. Damu.
– No. No..
– Open the door. Dear. What is happening here? You’ve come on time,
that’s why I was saved. Or else I would have
been dishonoured. Hey..
– What were you doing? A girl who looks like me.. ..acted in a vulgar film. He brought that DVD.. ..and tried to blackmail me.. ..and he tried to molest me. When I refused, he. She’s lying. I didn’t do anything. You betrayed me. Damu, she’s lying. I can’t do that. I can’t do that.
– Why not? I’m telling you, I can’t do that.
– Tell me why. I said, I can’t do that.
– Why? Because I’m gay. Hey.. you called girls in
guest-house so many times. Damu, it was only publicity,
there is no possibility. I try to act like a straight
in front of others. I swear, I’m a gay. Did you see how he’s acting
in front of you. He was after me a while
ago now he.. ..has changed the entire story. Don’t trust him. Damu, whether you trust me or not,
but don’t trust her at all. She’s a third grade lady. What did you say? Take back your
words or I’ll kill you. Before that I’ll get you
killed in encounter. Hey..
– Hey. Don’t fight like kids. Suri, don’t just stand.
Separate them. Come here. Don’t be so angry. I want to kill you. Did you see how he talks? Did you see, Shankar? I told him the super
secret of my life. Still he didn’t trust me because
of that third grade lady. No good deed goes unpunished. I’m blamed for what I can’t do.
– Life is unfair. But you can’t do anything about it. I’ll convince him.
You rest at Suri’s guest house. Shankar,
don’t tell everyone I’m gay. I won’t tell, sir. Go. Be quiet. He came at the
right time to save you. How to save Damu. What are you saying? That SP said he’ll get Damu
killed in encounter. People say that in anger. But one who can rape can
also do encounter. Suri, you’re over-reacting. It won’t happen.
– It won’t? Then it’s fine. I mean if the lady is attractive.. ..it’s dangerous. – Girls are the
reason for maximum murders. I’ll tell you a recent crime story. Suresh and Ramesh were
best friends. Ramesh had a girlfriend like you. She was also decent like Sushila. But Suresh ogled at her. He threatened to defame that girl. When the girl didn’t listen.. ..he tried to force her.
– Ramesh entered at that time. Because of their friendship
and for humanity.. ..he didn’t kill Suresh. But Suresh with cruel intention
became a criminal. He cut Ramesh into small pieces. Then?
– Then.. ..that girl has to
stay with Suresh. It’s not important it happens
in this case.. ..but we can’t trust people. Suri, it was so wrong. Damu and I were best friends. We used to walk with hand in hand. Leave my hand. If this secret is exposed,
I’ll be disgraced. Everyone will know I’m not
Romance King but gay. If someone of my own could console
me I would feel better. Get back. Will you turn me like
yourself? – Be quiet, Suri. What are you saying?
– I’m so troubled. Is this how you get troubled? You’re a glutton. I eat more when I’m tense. But just think.. ..why did she phone and call me?
– Why did she trap me? What did I do to harm her?
Someone else is behind this. Correct. You’re cop so you’ve
guessed correctly. I’m behind all this. Corrector Bharat was my brother. He gave report of murder
of Human right.. ..officer to you and the minister. And I’ve killed the minister. It’s your time.
You’re my next target. Hey.. if Damu learns you want
to kill me, you’ll die. Where is my phone? Suri, did you poison his food? Not me, sir. That Damodar sent
it. I just served him. He sent, but you fed him. – Should
I show the video recording? It’s not needed. – That’s the only
work you do properly. – Thanks. The post mortem report
creates suspicion. Our SP Arjun Rao’s corpse.. ..was examined and doctor
said the death.. ..was because of food poisoning. Durga, even Damu didn’t
learn you killed SP. Hats off. Love you. I think Durga will die next. Durga, photo please. Suri, tomorrow is my engagement.
Do come. I’ll surely come.
– Who is the lucky girl? Saroga. She’s from the city.
– Love or. You hear the story and decide. You must’ve blackmailed her.. ..or else who will marry you? Isn’t the decoration nice? CI’s engagement is today. Is everything ready? – Yes,
brother. – Since when do you’ve BP? Since CI entered my life.
– And you? When I entered his life. Your condition is worst than mine. Let me make your condition worst.
– How? You gave a file to the minister. List of the requirements. He used you to get Damu
kill the minister. Now it’s your turn. There is balance sheet
from the consultancy. You gave wrong investment tips. I suffered loss of 5 crore. If brother finds out,
we all are doomed. You lost money in the share market. Shares? I didn’t buy it. Tell me the truth.
– You’re mistaken. What is it? It’s true. The money was lost. It happens in share market.
– Why be so tense? Won’t I be tense on
losing 5 crores? I know how to recover. Be cool. Why did he yell at you? Suri, I never saw a man like you. You showed him letter.
Now you’re instigation a fight. Don’t you’ve any shame? It’s not a small thing.
Before investing 5 crores.. ..he should have asked.
Anything can happen tomorrow. That’s why I say. Durga, don’t be bothered. Today you lost,
tomorrow you’ll earn. Yes. I hid it from the brother
has he has BP problem. You did the right thing. He would have been troubled hearing
about the loss of money. Just think how to recover
the money. Damu thinks you’re responsible
like me. Suri, you’ve earned a
lot in share market. Give him your agent’s number. I’ll tell my best share broker
to meet you tomorrow. I helped Suri earn millions. My tips are 90% correct. First we’ll invest small amounts. Then decide on seeing the result.
– Who is the stranger? What is Durga telling him? – Shut
up. – Don’t interfere in everything. I’m not interfering.
Already he lost 5 crore in shares. What new trouble he’ll bring? Start with 25 Lakhs. Take advance. He gave money..
– Why do you doubt everything? There must be a reason.
– Now no tension. Okay? – Okay. Shankar, when will our
project get clearance? It will be done. Leave it to me. Sorry, Damu. He fled. He escaped, we’re worried. Damu escaped, Durga is worried.
– Why? Your memory is weak. Durga gave money to that man.
Who attacked today. Durga must’ve given money to
that shooter to kill Damu. You mean what I thought
came true today. Why did you think?
– I’ll tell you. – Tell me quickly. Durga will kill Damu.. ..to get Damu’s wealth.
– Who will get my shares? Durga.
– Correct. But before he does anything.. ..you’ve to take strong action. Because he has become
very dangerous. I had only heard that a person
can do anything.. ..to get wealth and property. But now I’ve seen it’s true. You should show who the
elder brother is. Who is it, brother?
Who attacked you? Tell me, brother. Who attacked you?
– You just tell me his name. I’ll kill him.
– Who was he? You tell me. You tell me. Why are you standing
quietly? Who was he? Why are you dumbstruck? Why don’t you speak? Who was he? Stop shouting like a stray dog. I had planned that attack. You had killed that human
right officer. Understand who trapped minister and
inspector and got them killed.. ..because now it’s your turn. Why are you looking like this?
Kill him, brother. If you don’t kill him,
he’ll kill us. He shouldn’t be spared. Kill him. Why are you staring?
You’ve to kill him. Kill him. You had said it right. If I would have heard him,
I would have got emotional. Now I’ve no enemies. Prabha. – Sir. – Because of
Database Narayan’s information.. ..we could trap everyone. Give him money and get us free.
– Okay, sir. Hey.. go there.
– Suri. What are you doing? Hey.. what are you doing? Hey.. Suri. Whatever it’s,
we can sit and settle. You want settlement. You want settlement. You want to bribe me. Why do you think of me? I play football with everyone. You gave my data to Shankar.. ..so he started playing
football with me. So many people died because of you. You made Damu suspect minister
and kill him. And after that,
he said SP was after Lily.. ..and poisoned him food. In the last, Durga who loved
his brother dearly.. ..was killed at the hand
of his own brother. If Damu learns this truth.. ..I’ll die too. Listen, if I die because of you.. ..I won’t spare you. Come on.
– You destroyed all my data.. ..but you gave me all your data. I’ll see your end. Suri. Where did he disappear. I don’t know, sir. Hello.
– CI, sir. Suri attacked my office
and misbehaved with me. So I told the truth to Damu. But I didn’t tell anything
about you. I said Suri did everything. Damu called me to his guest house. I’ll make some excuse
and flee from here.. ..or my murder will be next. Hey..
you prepare to reach the airport. You’ll die..
– I won’t answer your phone. Why did he disconnect my phone? If Damu catches Suri,
he’ll kill Suri. Come, Suri. Sit. – What is
the matter? You called me. I had a dream in the morning.
I want to share with you. Really? Morning dreams are
often true. Tell me. In a forest, lion was the king. He had a peacock for lover,
and tiger for brother. His best friend was a
mouse and elephant. All the powerful animals once. Did they start hunting? Started power project. A fox came from Delhi
to finance it. That broker fox wanted to have
the project for himself. First he levied allegations
against the elephant. The brainless lion
trusted the fox.. ..and killed that elephant. But that fox didn’t stop. He said the mouse was
eyeing the peacock.. ..and made the lion believe him. Lion lost his mind,
and fox took advantage.. ..and gave poison to the
mouse and killed him. Still he wasn’t satisfied. In the end he accused
even the tiger. The foolish lion didn’t know
what was happening. And he killed his brother tiger. I can’t run from here in this age. It’s better to beg for life.
– One question-answer round. Who was the lion in this dream?
– You. Good. And elephant?
– Mr. Nagraj. Very good. And mouse?
– SP Arjun. Excellent. Peacock.
– Shushila. Tiger.
– Durga. Amazing. Last and final question. Who is the fox?
– Why do you want to know? There is a dinosaur behind him. There is no real dinosaur.
It’s Spielberg’s creation. And that fox’s manipulation. Boss, don’t talk to him.
Let’s kill him. Not like this. His death should become history. There will be a concept behind
every wound inflicted on him. First wound should
change his face.. ..and second should break his neck.
But he shouldn’t die. Third wound will be at such a
place, people won’t forget. He should wriggle thinking
why he’s still alive. He should beg for death. Then I’ll give such a wound.. ..that his soul should
leave the body. Only then I’ll be pleased. You’ll wriggle in pain
every moment. Let’s kill him like
in English movies. Our Hindi films are no less. Let’s put his hands
in juicer machine. Let’s bury him alive. Let’s put drilling machine
on the chest. Bring DVD of English film. We’ll see them for reference. Finally we’ll shoot his murder
video and put on You-tube. Hey, fox. Listen.. ..until he doesn’t bring the DVD,
let’s do time pass. What do I’ve to do? You made me dance to your tune.
Now you’ll dance. If you stop, I’ll kill you. You should dance to music. If you stop, you know the result. Okay?
– Okay. “Dance..” “Don’t mess..” “Slowly and slowly..” “Slowly and slowly..” Get up. Hey..
you can’t die like this. Get up. I had thought of plans to kill you. Hey.. you can’t die like this. You can’t die so easily after
torturing us so much. Get up. He’s a joker. You thought that fool had
brains to make the plan. The collector Bharat who committed
suicide was my brother. My father shed tears in his sorrow. I got you kill your partners.. ..and used it as evidence to get
shoot at sight order for you. I would have killed you even
without the order.. ..but it’s fun to kill legally. Your story ends. Listen everyone.
Kill him and burn him here. Don’t kill me.
I’ll give you whatever you want. I’ll do whatever you say. Our collector was a
very good person. His wife was an angel. I defamed his family and forced
them to commit suicide. I confessed to my crime. Spare me now.
I’ll leave this country. Democracy will decide now. Department has given shoot at
sight order for his crimes. If anyone thinks it’s wrong,
raise your hand. I’ll spare him. You’ve 3 seconds. You can try. He’ll kill me in an encounter
in broad daylight. Please raise hands. Everyone makes a mistake. At least give me a chance. Raise your hands. I beg of you. Move aside. Brother. My partners have come. Very good. Hey, CI. You said one raise
hand will be enough. I’ve 3.
– Come on, raise your hands. – No. We didn’t come to save you.
– We came to bid farewell. The story has twisted.
– Your time is up. Hey.. get going. CI.
I’m a fool. I made many mistakes. But you’re big hearted. End of story. There is a new revelation in
collector Bharat’s case. The accusations because
of which he.. ..and his wife committed suicide.. ..they were proved to be baseless. Government announced that
he was an honest officer. In childhood I made you go away.. ..but you removed stigma from
your brother’s image. Son, how do I thank you? Don’t embarrass me by thanking me. It was my duty. Sir, I too made a mistake.
How will you punish me? You helped our department. So I exonerate you from this case. You’re great, sir. Take BP tablets as fees. You’ve to stay with him for life.
So have them. Bye, sir.
– Why the rush to go home? First listen to my condition.
– What condition? Nothing much.
The department values talent. So we’ve decided you’ll become
undercover police officer.. ..that too under me.
Did you like the condition? Now you keep it. Action.

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