English Full Movie 2016 | SILK | New Action Movies | New Movies 2016 Full Movies | With subtitle

English Full Movie 2016 | SILK | New Action Movies | New Movies 2016 Full Movies | With subtitle

why should you crying Vijayalakshmi… have you started day dreaming..? you just wait and watch once you enter the field… all the top heroins will go away
from this field immediately what bro..? he is telling a n ew story he is inside with a new work will you close the factory or
do you want me to kill you? sir, I running this factory for the past 16 years that’s why I’m telling you.. if you don’t close thenyou have to
seen the consequences just give me one week sir Siva… we shall teach him a lesson immediately for what..? that Durai is threatening me the
I should not come for the .. temple two wheeler parking auction in that case I will have to finish that guy
sure in what way I benefited by doing this? tell me 3 things.. liquor,woman and 1 lakh cash..? ok…deal my dear god ..please listen to my prayer help us and given proper guidance without you we cannot live a
peacefull life in this world have mercy upon us dear god oh! my god please help me to fulfill my wish Madam..Madam.. who is that..? good morning madam good morning…come come…come…come… kaali Sir contacted me is this that girl..? yes madam..actually Kaali sir is out of town I see.. he told me to bring her here
that’s why I brought her here come child…
go…inside…go take god’s blessings Oh my god..whoever that may be give them
long life madam is got a very kind heart menna..
yes go and keep this there please sit down sit…. sit everybody called Madam as ‘annam’ she is given finance for more than 20 movies so if madam recommends.. then immediately you will get
a chance in the movie what’s your name? Vijayalakshmi Vijaya..lakshmi.. this is a very old name this name doesn’g suit for heroine your hair is just like silk dear your cheeks are also very silky here after your name will be ….Shreya I’ll take you to the dance class you have your breakfast and get ready greetings madam..
good morning why did you come all the way? you could have call me ma’am? do you know why I came here? she is not like other people she is my daughter oh..I see go dear go and fall on master’s feet and
take blessings.. hey..hey come on
that’s alright master, evening you come to the
charity home… and collect the sweets and your wages
..ok sure ma’am shall I take leave..learn
the dance properly hey… man get one for me.. ok hello Boss..
ye..what’s up..? what boss.. the bar person is not
giving the money we shall close the bar man
why are you tensed..? look that.. hey..young man coming to my place and you are
trying to show off you don’t know who this Shiva is.. if I lay my hands on you… then you’ll die hey..to whom are you talking.? then you’ll not listen to me who are the hell you running
man..come on.. brother if you are alive I will come
in the hospital..ok mother promise.I will come in the
graveyard ok..bye. please..please lilve me alone
please man listen..coming into your area and killing you.. Shiva’s style Shiva ..no.no.. if Shiva wins…that means you are
finshed man shiva.no…no mom… why did you bring me here? to take your photographs for the film
which you are going to act go and sit please sit down production..please bring two coffee is everything ready..? ready ma’am she just as to change the costume
I see then call them costume..come here fast show the costume what ..this dress..? show different one super god..I hate this what can I do dear..? in olden days heroine used to wear long
dresses to cover their whole body but you know now it is not like that way you can become a heroine only if you wear
such dresses even I don’t like this but this is our fate go dear..go and wear this what are you still standing..? go and help her
ok..please come ma’am don’t hesitate..go oh god how can I face everybody
wearing this dress can you come to this side..? little bit come on..still more
ok..fine ma’am… when I am going to take me
to the charity house..? I will take you there very soon hey come.. I told you to come here hey give me the money first is this a charity house..? but it doesn’t look like a charity house oh! my god what’s going on here..? ya..please go inside ma’am what uncle..why you are not touching me..? there is something wrong in here mom ma’am.. don’t you have any heart..? why are you torching us like this..? why are you spoiling everybody’s life
like this..? mom what’s going on here? this is the charity home this..a charity house..? daily…. you used to tell me to take you to charity home that’s why…I ordered to bring you here here after..this charity home is the place where you are going
to be live within one week time you have to go to the bar
dance attractively that is your job no I won’t do that mom I will make you dance I haven’t seen my mom..
since my childhood that love that you showed me I saw my mom in it a person like you… never be my mom at all in that case am I your mistress..? look here…look at me hear properly what I say in showing my anger I’m a dare devil no through my talk..I can control everybody in showing sympathy…I
I can overtake anyone If I stare at any one..everybody
will shivering in front of me if I tap my finger..people wil kneel down if I stamp my feet..
they’ll be crushed by patting my thighs…I
can rule everyone if I put one leg on the other
I’ll be a god I I giving boons..
I’ll be lavish all these qualities are hidden in
this Annapoorna Hey Vidhya..Bala..Meena.. until she gets fear, respect and devotion
on me… come on teach her a lesson.. start now..don’t hesitate please open the door..please.. aunty..
come in… all of you come here hey come on girls..come on..
come fast our wiki sir came.. so all stand in line he will choose who he wants.. her rate is 3000/- I’m not bother about the money.. but she should be very good looking its just one year since she came this field she came only one month back no..no..she’s not good Ragini…. she is ok.. fresh… I don’t need her by the by..how many years
experience you have..? 10 years… then definitely I choose you come let’s move let me take my bag I have fifteen years of experiecne..ok I come with you.. actually 3 of my friends got married recently.. within one month of their marriage their wives left them and went away I don’t want to become like that that’s why I came for some
training with you.. you need not think about anything.. I will give you a nice training.. thank you let me give this money to you
immediately.. come on..keep this 30,000/- thirty..thousand…? this is only a tocken advance alone what are you doing…? what is that…? wait..wait please calm down dear what are all these things..? whenever I start a learning something… I keep some tocken of love to my teacher ya this is too heavy.. let me break the coconut first let me start the respect of feet
of my teacher what are you doing..? wait ..wait now let me lit the camphor hey..what is this..? please wait teacher.. may god bless you abandonedly.. may you always have a strong and healthy life and your business also should improve.. teacher..please bless me
come on… its ok..please sit down eat this sweet… thank you… you too have teacher… why are you looking at me like that..? what you feel..? you are having 2 extra sweets than me.. am I right…? look at me.. I’m feeling afraid..
what happened..? today’s class is enough balance will have you tomorrow I’m leaving now..
wait..wait.. let me tell you tomorrow.. you have given me this much of money that’s ok..you kept that Viji..my dear..how long will be alive
without eating..? I can understand your feelings my dear I was also..cheated like you telling that.. they will make me act in the movies and they pushed me into this hell I have also tried so many times
to escape from this place but I couldn’t after that… I was forced to dowhatever they
told me to shut up you all are cowards.. I can’t be silent..just like you all I am going complaint to the police while coming did you a man sitting
on the sofa..? and doing dirty things with woman over there that man is the sub inspector of this area if you go and give a complaint to the police he will file a prostitution case against you.. and throw into the jail we all should never have come into them but we have caught we have no other way rather than to
listen to what they say god has given a destiny for us
to live like this only what dude..the moment you came from
bail are you going to temple..? if I get the bail ..I promised that I will just come to this temple Dude..dude don’t you want the blessing from god?
come fast my friend..I got the blessings here itself Diya..,Nikitha, Pooja,Sona..all of you come here whom you want among them? I want Shreya you want Shreya.. Shreya… what..? why did you take that apple? I am going to auction.. 10,000/-Rupees 30,000/- 80,000 1 lakh give cash and take it hey..don’t be so greedy..go who is giong to take Shreya? start the auction now 4 lakhs 5 lakhs 6 lakhs..
7 lakhs.. 8 lakhs madam, the authorities are strictly
prohibited dancing in the clubs club dance has been prohibited.. thank god wait..wait..don’t go away oh god..thank you for saving me club has been banned..just as we thought but how can we escape from here? don’t worry..god is always with us hey..just see behind yours why are you standing like as you
loss something? see ..sister is waiting for you come fast honey…. come and sit here see…. I have cheated all of you… I’m given you a lot of trouble now the club dance has been prohibited there should not be any problem in your life.. ..and in my life also so as per your wish… I’m going to make you a heroine.. tomorrow I will be taking you to
Producer Rajendrakumar’s house ok..? how can I believe would you saying now? I’ll not blame you at all for
suspecting me.. tomorrow you are going to see yourself this girl looks beautiful today I must..enjoy with her look Shreya.. from today onwards you are going
to be very lucky.. you’ll be famous soon madam.. Producer told me to give this juice to you.. please take it madam here..drink what happened..? I am feeling giddy.. feeling giddy… is it so..don’t worry slowly come on be careful come here hey..Annapoorni… come on you can start your hunting please don’t touch her…
please leave her come please don’t take her madam madam.. I beg you madam please tell him to leave madam please leave her madam.. shreya…. super figure.. let me leave… are you a woman…? don’t you feel ashamed..? will you do this same thing..? do you have daughter… you are shouting like this because
you are new… when the days go..you’ll get
nice training and everything will be alright get up and come with me hey..why are you crying..? can’t you see that I came here..? no..
hey come here.. please ..please leave me come here I said come here being the film actress I don’t want to be.. but I still accept it..
just for my sister’s sake for their well being so the whatever defaults me I am ready to face anything did comes I’m tolerate that.. I am assuring it mom I promise on you even if my life is distroyed.. I will bear it for my sisters Shiva..I’ve a severe stomach pain do you have any sense..? to win the election politicians will be
giving cheap alcohols after drinking if you say stomach pain..
what I will do..? better take the medicines everyday..
everything will be alright..ok I didn’t do it purposly I done it because they paid me for voting hey Shiva..
yes why are you standing there..come on Dad..I got an important work to do you take an auto and go home I will come later hey come on I am suffering stomach pain you come along with me you just go out and see..
toilet is there you just go there first don’t make fool of me I’m suffering from stomach pain or else I am going to sit here now
oh..Dad…don’t create a scene here come..come..let’s go how much? try to over don’t have given any with me.. I have given whatever had to madam now ..how much..? take this… Is your name Annapoorni..? yes my name is Shiva.. Chairman Mr.Narasimhan has sent me come you see..I am planning to start a charity home
in this place for that I’ve the support of MLA and Police
ok.. apart fromthat I need your help also for that I give 60,000 rupees monthly you see..for good work you are going to
do I don’t take money what are you give to those who comes
to your charity home? those who come to our charity home
we’ll sacrifice our body what body..? that’s right..sacrifice our body… offering body… if any body gives us any trouble
I will tell your name even then they don’t listen
I’ll surely call you ya..call me ma’am this your will be always there for a good work ok ma’am..I’m leaving one minute please accept this..
thank you take this Dude, can I ask you something? what do you mean by offering body..? offering body… have you heard about offering food… offering blood.
ya..I know offering education..
that also I know.. same as that…after you die..
they will offer their body after that they will donate eyes, kidneys
to those who needed not only that..they will give to the medical college students for practice in this way..offering the bodies.. so many people have been
benefited by this you understood when we are alive , we don’t know
what we have worth of but after our death..so many will be
benefited by the offering the body its going to rain..come let’s go grandma give that umbrella auto..auto..stop come here..come here slowly be careful bring that cover from the car
ok dude slowly grandma..be careful
ok give me that bag.. take this grandma keep this with you.. god bless you..
its ok grandma..be careful such a great humanbeing today whatever happends I am going
to kill him definitely hey..
ya… did you call me? good morning sir..
how are you sir…. good morning..what is this..? this is knife what is this knife for..? actually the reason is that I don’t have
the money to buy a pistil so I bought a knife you do one thing sir you give your pistil and take this knife ok..why are you taking this knife? this is for the people..whom
doing business with girls I want to kill her no..get into the jeep for what…? to show the girls… you are going to show girls sir..?
yes… that is the reason by everybody
call you as uncles jut get him inside come inside..I’ll show you
everything oh..is it you Shiva..ya..come in… what’s sir..? normally you used to call me
to your office and suddenly you ask me to
come to your guest house… what to do..?I’m fed up by having this
homemade foods man.. that’s why I came for special treat… Shiva…would you like to have..? Shreya…. a good piece… what sir..in front of you..
no need sir sir…..
what….? I’m moving out next time I will inform before itself you fix the date is that ok..
ya ok sir you see Shiva.. here is the list of defaulters are not the
pay the loan on proper time you take this list along with you… and ask for the payment if they will not
give take the vehicle and come back who are you dude..?
your father why did you pay the due for the vehicle? hey its a costly coolings man.. this will way of the interest..
get down from the bike. ************* this bike itself is not yours..
then why should I need you..? this rocket is enough for me my car broke down..let me
see if I get lift I can smell of nice chicken here wow..what a bomb she is… somehow I must trap her how will I trap her? yes.. I got one pray I should thank god for
showing this beauty my dear.. you stupid woman..why dont you die
in front of that man…. a real pain in the neck what did you say something…? be careful my dear.. I will take of her some other time..? did you take everything be careful darling ..come… lips are hipnotising me…
she is really hot and beautiful shit total waste of time hi..anybody want the free lift..? sir can you drop in the St Marys road..? hey its not for you…get out man.. what not even looking at me does anyone want a free ride? ya..she’s coming… can I get a lift..?
sure..get in oh I’m lucky how much will you charge for Basanth Nagar? no..no..I don’t take money
for rides then why are you shouting that
you offering a lift..? no ma’am..since I am going that way… I thought I will give you a free lift it is a kind of social service… you are such a great human being that day when the old woman fell down… I saw you the way you helped her… that’s ok..what’s your name..? Raja what is your profession..? you see I heard from a rich family
you know whatever type of work I do.. my parents never like it.. they were always tell me to help others that’s the reason I’m just doing all
kind of social works I can see that in here itself… may be owner of this car
has been donated his eyes.. I would tell something now to live god has offered as our body but for our victory parents are sacrificing
their life as long as we are in this world.. no one knows what we are offering…. atleast..after our death instead of wasting
our eyes… we can just donated to those who
are blinds.. I’m taking this application for me.., my father,my mother and my friends seriously you are really great 30 lakhs people are blind in our country even you can donate your eyes.. I’ll be very happy I’ll also do it give it here your name..?
Vijayalakshmi… your mobile number.. 96111….45811 just signed it here here thank you I have done a great thing just because of you can I call you regarding this…? ofcourse keep this hey..Ragini… I’m leaving out of station tomorrow I’ll call you when I get back Annapoorni will make you also a big
heroine just like your elder sister yes..yes… saw Girija Madam… your elder daughter now changed herself
completely she was like her before… and now see..how is she..? see her status.. wearing rich clothes.. lot of jewellery..coming in the beautiful car.. she looks like a princess of palace I promised you I will make your these
two daughters are also like that they will also become big heroins in the
film industry come its getting late..
get inside the car hey..stop it.. why did you come here? why did you… come here? after you left this house… have you ever try to calling us to
know how we are..? tell me that..? how your mother is ..how your sisters are..? did you ever think about us..?
tell me..? now why did you come here? now you have become very big
heroine over there and also travelling in big
big cars.. that’s why even I’am sending my daughters along with him to make big heroine just
like you Mom don’t you have brain…? mom..you don’t understand these all
please shut up money is your problem right..
wait… take this.. take everything is only for you.. you get you daughters married… ..with the money I’m giving you hey..who are you to give money
to conduct my daughter’s marriage? I will make my daughters also
big heroine like you.. that is why he is taking them along
with him what you thinking is wrong.. as he promised us.. he didn’t make me a heroine… he makes me a prostitute… he spoiled my life please give some way… Viji..I’m sorry..please don’t mistake me
I doubted you… I insulted you a lot… I made a mistake though I given you a lot of trouble you don’t taken it seriously… for me..and for your sisters…. you are distroyed your life what I will do now..? forgive me Viji…. forgive me my dear… everyone is watching us mom let’s go inside… come its only 20 days since we
open this charity home at least you thought of coming here today… oh… this is what you call it as charity home? I thought offering bodies as something
else… oh…. this is what called..offering bodies.. I thought you are doing a good
deed I said don’t want your 60,000 rupees.. but I am telling it now
I need 5 lakhs now fixed 5 lakhs rupees I’ll give you Shiva I will give ..definitely I will give call everyone..I want to see all the girls ya.. hey..Asha..Nisha..Usha, Divya
shreya, sneha come fast… Shreya..? call her now shreya… Madam she has gone with customer Shiva..shreya is not here.. there are so many others whoever you want you can
take them and go no problem.. who is she..? she is Ragini she will be a good match for you take her and go..go sister he don’t see me or what.. hey you go and do your duty… everybody go inside go..go.. oh..call from my girlfriend ya..tell me
where are you..? I’m in aunty’s house where are you..? I’m waiting for you in the park
please come fast oh..is that..? ok..I’ll come now itself sorry hi Raja… you stupid stop..Raja ..don’t go Raja..just stop hime get lost man..even the police also tried to
catch me they can’t do anything what these people are going to do today is the lucky day for me what non sense this is ..? I thought it will be full of cash but it’s full of condoms..not even a
single penny left here..idiot.. hey..don’t take anything from the bag here..take this money throw the bag to me throw it man.. here catch it… is that bag so costly or not..? get lost man what is there in this bag..? I thought something special will be
there in this bag that…
ya… this is the photo I need to print it
out and send it to my pappa who is that in this phot? he is my dad oh..is that so.. you say..you want to talk something oh..ya..ya princess..my princess… please come inside come..come..
why are you so late dear..? naughty girl.. what is this odour milk or
falvour milk..? my wife is feel shame.. bless me my dear husband
its ok.. no formalities… you will always have a peaceful happy
life come..come..I have opened a gift
for you.. open your mouth how’s it..? tasty..? you know something.. first you have to get blessings from
your teacher..come on… who is this..? actually she is a one who taught me
how to do romance.. ..my teacher… you are not ashamed..?
for what..? will anyone take training for all
these things..? what is wrong in that..? for example ..for learning driving we have
to go to driving school just like that for everything we should
have teacher ourself she is a teacher who taught me how
to do romance… my favourite teacher If I knew you are like this , I wouldn’t have been
married you at all no..no my dear sweet heart
don’t say like that leave me..please where are you going my sweet heart..?
don’t touch me I will get angry..
please leave me alone no…leave me why should you cry..? its me should cry oh..I paid my teacher 1 lakh rupees
in one hour but she didn’t teach me anything like this bad teacher..
oh..no I don’t know anything about this.. so I have not learned anything..? whatever happends today… I have to tell my love today itself dude..I have seen her somewhere she looks just like a girl of that type, my dear friend seen so..why don’t you pick her..? say so… come let’s talk… hey..come with us hye..who the hell are you..? hey..I’ll give you money come… hey..leave me..you.. you showing slipper to us.. you are look like a volleyball player we are not playing Volleyball..
we are playing cricket here do I look like a small boy playing a
volleyball for you.. more than volleyball..I will play football
very well not only with the ball..I will play
with body too let her be here..
you can go or else..you will get
nicely from us Shiva knows only to give back he never takes it Raja… I’m ready for the match this is bowling in cricket out If Dhoni hits its a sixer… if Shiva hits its a murder man this is called volleyball this is goal in the football you have seen only 2 eyes of Shiva you might have not seen third eye if you see my third eye… then you’ll close your eyes before I open my third eye.. get out why are you crying..? who are they..? I don’t know but they are behaving so bad to me.. look at him even for him I will give respect but that kind of cheap peoples… I will never give respect ok..don’t be upset..
come.. come..come… come and sit here sit here please..come how are you..? do you want tea..? I want coffee bring coffee for him get a strong coffe after leaving your previous place.. and coming here.. you have started your business..right..? SI Parasuram of that area has
strictly warn me… not do this business over there for
another 6 months.. you can do your business in area in
you wish but only one condition alone… I have to get my commission regularly.. in that case you are not
going to be alive what are you thinking now..? nothing.. I’ll give from next month what about your coffee..? did you see that sister..? you call him like a son..
but see what he did to you . if I want to live happily… I don’t need a son if he is an obstacle for my happiness.. I’m not gong to leave him call Shiva immediately..
just a minute hello..is it Shiva.. body builder has arrived why did you call me..? do you know one Mr.Amar..? he is a big Don are you friendly with him..? then kill that Don I’ll give you 5 lakhs I’m guaranteed..nothing will
happend to you I will not ask for what..
but I finished the deal why don’t you laugh? is it enough to you only laugh…? shouldn’t I laugh too..? who is there inside..? I am standing close to you..
Shreya Is shreya is there..? go inside come.. that is Shreya’s room..go.. who is this…?
Is this Shreya..? ya..
open the door sister…sister..police is come to rade..
switch of the lights… move girls..give me a hand brother..brother..can you just go
down little..? what..you want me to go down..? sir..can you just lift me..?
ya..ya..come hey..move..move help me help me my goodness..you are so heavy… what’s your name..?
Shreya.. what..Shreya….. Shreya..wait.. oh..no..seh escaped I love ice creams so..so..much you like this ice cream..? superb brother…. give me a hand.. keep this with you… it will be useful for you brother…if you can help me…. this time… h ere
take this money brother..now you enjoy…
get lost somewhere have seen him..? that guy… he is my friend..my friend why did you say to enjoy..? enjoy.. today is my brithday..
that’s why.. that’s why this ice cream a very happy birthday..
thank you…thank you… open the gift gift..? ya..let me see what is he gifted? the gift he gave is useful to the
everyone in this world come..come..let’s go my dear..lorry is coming… what is this..? is coming in front of me itself my dear..hit a break hey..why are you getting afraid..? let them come what is this..? is he mad or what..? I am going to finished this man
I will show him today whom will give license..? how long have been drivinng here? I will show you who I am what you know
I have 60 years of experience 60 years of experience..? bull shit can’t you see I’m showing the signal but you coming in front of my vehicle yes..yes I know..I know the
rules and regulations in driving you don’t teach me..ok then why did not give me way..? that is a good question now I will answer you I was actually showing that.. I will not giving the way by operating
my wife..you understand can’t you see this..
you fool after seeing this wiper is moving this side
and that side… that also you couldn’t understand..
you stupid I think these trees are kept only for lovers
to sit and talk can I get one ice cream..? no..thanks.. my throat is getting infected let’s do onething we leave ice cream and
go for coffee then your throat will be alright is this Shiva..? he picked up his girl into the park she seems to be also familiar hey.. come here me.. yes you… and you too oh..we are got
Oh.. my god god please save me sir he is trying to escape from her
come please..fast… we escaped somehow
hello why he called us..? for what just to swindle the
money from the lovers in the park but we are not lovers ..
is it.. we know that…how do they know come let’s go..otherwise
they’ll come back come on oh..I missed a very good chance I should have I love you viji… what happened..? what are you thinking of ? I think ..Raja is in love with me are you also loving him..? I know very well…about
myself I won’t think like that even in my dream… I am a dry flower nobody will accept me..
even as a garland I am seeing him as
my good friend if he get to know about me.. I’m afraid of lose him then why don’t you tell him
everything about you…? I try to say this many times.. but I can’t don’t just lose this opportunity I am going to say this to him ..with god’s sake you said … you want to talk something ya..but come let’s go by this way oh..no …will go this way.. no..this is the shortcut
come will go by this way this is very short this is my best chance to prove
my virginity I should not miss this hello..
get lost what a dirty busines is this..? instead of doing these kind
of business for living…. its better to die than to live shit..what a shameless creature they are first of all they will be infected by
AIDS… then they will spread into others… they not only kill themselves..
others too….. I hate to see such kind of a people sorry..you said you want to say
something I’ll say it later fine..ok..no problem
come let’s go I was tried to tell about my self but he ..he is totallly disliking this no I don’t want to say I don’t want leave his friendship auto..boat club sorry ma’am I can’t come hey..dude..look here ..
you lover where man…? auto… hide all those things ok.. if you see..Rajesh just kill him
or else jut call me auto..auto can you drop me boat club..?
ya get in hey Viji… just a second hey..Raja.. hi Raja..how are you..? I’m fine..where are you going to..? I’m urgently going to my aunty’s house which place..? its in Banglore
come..I will drop you no..no.. you just drop in bus stand ok… ya come you can go ok bye Viji..I love you no…nothing viji…I love you ya..tell me dude where are you…? what’s the matter..? I have a super message I saw Rajesh gambling in the paradise club is it a right information..? hey..keep searching.. don’t leave a single room..the
moment you see him ..just kill him sir..we have checked all completely
he is not there anywhere if he is not there in all these floors.. then surely he will be in this floor you guys search that side.. you go this way… hey..I don’t want anything less than 5 lakhs.. stop there..
catch him don’t you have any manners…?
what are you doing here? come..come either you should alive or me..? hey come and sit inside you sit inside… tell me who you are who are you..? first tell me who you are..? I am from… a small village
near Thirupoor a girl..just give some snacks.. for how much..?
5 rupees she looks very beautiful why should not leave her? what do you say charge of the snacks..? Five for Rs. 10/- one for 2 rupees give me for 5 rupees give him for 5 rupees I hope the snacks will be tasty.. is she your daughter..? why you are bothered about
who she is..? you mind your own business and
get out from here why are you running your business in
front of these drunkers..? this is not fair..don’t you have
any brain..? if I sit at my home me and my daughters
will die with hunger madam how are you going to run your family
just selling this snacks..? how will you conduct your
daughter’s marraige? I’ll give you an idea.. You send your daughter with me.. she is beautiful I will make her a big film star heroine…?
ya.. heroine.. she can earn lakhs and lakhs
of money you know in the film industry, I have
introduced a lot of heroins.. who have earned lots of money also.. you just listen to me..I am going
to give you a tocken advance just 1 lakh..come on have it… there is nobody in this world who
will not falls for money if I send her along with this man..
she’ll become a big heroine then will gets a lots of money I will get rid of this girl also .. he told me that will make me heroine… but he changed my name as Shreya I made me to dance in bar.. and finally…. he made me a prostitute So you are Sherya..is it..? have you heard my name before..? I only heard your name… but I haven’t seen you.. I told you about my stories..
what about yours..? my name is Shivaraji I studied till 12th my family is poor if you are not able to take the drunkard
take his wife also sure madam..
yes.. where is your husband..? he…he is coming brother…
where is the money….? I shall have it return to you without return your money I’m
not going to anywhere last 4 months he is saying the same
dialogue man… if we had come to know that we are coming… he would escape from here..
no brother…. ok… where is the autorickshaw..? that financial Nagaraj took back the auto
because I’m not paid finacne oh I see I shall have it return your money within
10 days sir..mother promise… believe me as promised if you don’t return
the money in 10 days…. the same way Nagaraj took that auto… I have to take your wife along with me shva..shiva..don’t get…
leave me dad.. so much fire at this age… my dad only borrowed money from you.. you just take him and do whatever
you want if you ever talk wrong about my
mother..I’ll kill you just get lost from here come on..continue the good the work that
you assisting with your mother.. do it properly man… I know how to wash the clothes… at the same time how to
handle the pople like you this Deva is like an ocean.. If I tried to hit you..you’ll not
be anywhere he..listen..Shiva means tsunami.. in front of this tsunami..
you are nothing… at the same time ..if this tsunami… wakes up then… and no one as ever survived in that… I’ll come here after 10 days… then let’s see who is going
to win…. you or me… come on let’s go now hey..Shiva…
just leave my hand… because of you dad..
see mom is suffering that man has to come and tell
to sorry to my mom otherwise he’ll see another face
of Shiva.. yesterday I want see Shakeela’s movie near to me my father was sitting ya..come shiva..sit… what happened Shiva..?why are
you upset..? we have to kill that financiar Deva…
why..? because he insulted my mother we have also angry because of him if you are ready, we also ready first let him come and tell sorry to my mother if he doesn’t do it… even the god has forgive you… But I won’t forgive you at all just see behind you.. what you are come to save your dad..? hey..still nothing is lost..
come fall on my feet hey…if you has pardoned to my mom
I would have left you… be you ready to face the consequence no Shiva… leave me you have seen Shiva..
now you seen his fierceness your body is going to be fully damaged… if Shiva opens his eyes…your eyes will
be closed permanently… I thought I’ll be a good man after
coming from the jail… but these police people didn’t leave me…
neither the public not only that ..my dad…started to
torturing me by asking the money… from there onwards..its continuing
like that… hello… sister, mother passed away…. what…? please come fast… what happened..? why are you crying..? my mom is passed away, it since you have helped me so many times but this time please drop me
in my native ok come ..I’ll drop you sister…sister…
oru mother gone away.. mom..why did you leave us alone sister..as per her last wish…. you do the last litter for her I am there for you… let we finish this formalities.. I will come later I will do the best things for you you didn’t lose your hopes listen to me the day I saw you in the temple..
I started loving you… but I never think that I will
see you like this now I understand..because of your family
situation you are doing this from now onwards you stop everything we’ll get married even after knowing about me… I don’t bothered about that your wish… but Annapoorni… Annapoorni… I will take care of her..
you get in the car see that sister… come here… directly I come to the point.. we decided to get married this girl…? then what..?
did you think its you..? no Shiva..everybody say god is everywhere like wise this Annapoorni.. I’m also everywhere so you never think you can escape from
my eyes… you will definitely be caught leave her here… to listen to your words…. I’m not a servant over here I’m Shiva while shouting, I’m like a giant.. in speech I’m like a king I’m great in showing sympathy if I get angry, you’ll be burned if I fight. I’ll fight like a warrior and I’m no.1 in crushing the people
into pieces if I think…I can tackle anyone
with in second if I sit on the throne, I ‘ll rule the country like a god , I can give the boons I’m the representative of the all these
qualities that’s Shivaraj come Viji hey.. I’ll bring both of you here again I will not come.. if at all I ‘m coming back..
you will not be alive to welcome us sister..do something..Shiva is taking
Shreya along with him you are challenging me..is n’t it? I’m not ging to leave you besides my anger subsides.. you breath your last breath Shiva I’ll kill you what kind of marriage is this..? last night only you ask me whether
you could marry this girl..? but in the morning…you married and
brought this girl here mom… my situation was like that..that’s why.. her family didn’t agree this..? doesn’t matter my daughter – in-law she looks
like an angel… be here ..I’ll go and light a lamp and come oh..what Shiva… you are somehow reduce the marriage expenses
of your parents and also you brought a beautiful
daughter-in-law to your mom hey..you stand aside.. your evil eyes will fall on her I pray that god will give you long life and you should live happily forever what Shiva..? didn’t you get any other girl to marry? how many families you have broken..? I have slept with 3 times oh..you drunkard..come inside..
no mom..what I said is true what is this Shiva..? what he said correct or not..?
mom…. someone has cheated and spoiled her.. it will never happen again mom.. do you know Shiva… the birth mark which we have will
never fade till we die.. that’s our destiny dear… mom even if we are placed soap or rub it
with stone… the birth mark will be never fade… this is also like that way… that’s why I’m telling you.. you break that wedlock which you
tied and sent her immediately mom..I married this girl to start
a family, not to deceive her are you sure that this is your decision..? mom… if this is what you have to say… from this day you think that your … father and mother both of us are dead
get lost from here mom…. mom…. come Viji..let’s go close your mouth…I said
close your mouth… see enjoy the TV..enjoy the cartoon come on ….come on… enjoy..enjoy.. mother is coming…
don’t worry see the TV..come on..come on my dear..why is son crying..? he wants to have the vegetable bag.. how can I give to him give it to him… ok I’ll give it to him…
come on have it here..take it..enjoy have it completely why is he still crying? I given all the vegetables..he is
going to start eat now you keep quite cut it and give it to him oh…you mean…
I should cut for him..ok I will give him… here..have it ..have my son come on..you’re a good boy..
have it..eat.. come on..slowly… my dear good boy…
come on have it my goodness why are you giving green chillies
to my son..? you told that to give the vegetables
by cutting…that I’ve done but he is not eat anything how long will I have to bare
your stupidity? its all my fate I should not bare this lady..
its my fate what can I do..? I have to uncontrol this non sense I was enjoying the cartoon myself viji… yes turn around why..? hey..turn around first.. Viji.. you are my wife.. I’m so lucky to have you…
as my husband why are you crying now? I’m not even share..that how many
people.. have shared my body… but..all my precious heart…. its only for you… Viji… I love you.. sister….sister.. who are you..? I’m coming from the departmental
store yes..just a minute what is it..? Siva sir has ordered some provisions.. that’s what I brought here ok..give me.. Its too heavy..I’ll
keep it inside yes..come.. keep it aside police why are they coming here..? yes sir sir… what is it..? after coming out of Madam’s house.. you are started here own business..?
you are started your own business..? no sir..I am not doing like that
now and all see sir…I got married.. where is Shiva..? he is driving an autorikshw sir he is provisional store boy hey..go inside..what is that inside..
yes sir sir..one person is hiding here sir bringing out here man hey..what are you doing there inside..? nothing sir hey..what’s there in your hand..? then why did you come here.. she told me to bring something.. by the time I could bring it… no sir..he is lying.. I don’t know anything..its because
of Annapoorni.. you come and tell all the stories
in the police station now you walk..come on..
sir..no sir after coming out of Madam’s house..
you started your own business there? are you trying to smart..? no sir..I didn’t do anything…
then what..? what did you see then? if you been at madam’s house…
you should treated like a queen even if I go out, I won’t do
like that at all sir oh..that much of guts.. hye.Shiva what is this..? you think it is your mother-in-law’s house..? sir, I was told my wife is in this station that’s why I came no..we didn’t bring anyone here ok..you just wait here..
I will ask the sir ..ok if you don’t listen to me .. you will be in the jail till
your death itself for going to that place.. I’ll be here itself..
sir.. shiva has come searching for her oh my god..Raja.. you keep beating her till she
accept to go to the madam’s house ok sir sir good afternoon sir wht’s the matter..? I was told..my wife is in this station sir who is your wife..?
Viji Sir Viji that’s what as Shreya.. what you didn’t get anyone else..? sir..its love sir.. loving that girl..very funny our love there is no caste, religion.. rich or poor..nothing is there sir she is not a prostitute now… she is my lover…my wife your love and your wish… don’t where they will taken her..? such kind of woman are being taken to several police station like this.. go and see where they have taken sir.. now you go… go and see man..go one minute Shiva your wife is here only ACP sir is coming after rounds.. you go and tell your problem to him he’ll definitely help you… sir hey..you Shiva right..? yes sir I heard you stop rowdism and became
an auto driver.. what are you doing here? sir I drive auto only… SI sir arrested my wife and brought
to this station and when I ask he said no one is here good morning sir what Narasimhan.. I heard you arrested
his wife and brought here sir it is not his wife sir… it is a prostitute sir sir..I gave her a life sir..but they are not allowing to
living peace sir bring that lady here viji… viji.. Raja… hey..
sir.. are you a human being or an animal..? you have beaten a girl like this.. don’t you know if she gives a complaint
what will happen to you..? sorry sir what is this doing non sense..
and telling sorry also nowadays it is very difficult to conduct the
daughter’s marriage.. the parents know the difficulty..
you know that..? giving dowary for the marriage… conducting the marriage in a grand way… when them ask the money they
should give him even after doing all these things.. we don’t have any guarantee
they will look after properly.. just see this man… he give a life for a spoiled lady… should be appreciated for that… you are really great… you don’t involve anymore in
his family… if this man gives a disturbance any more… you can inform me.. ok sir lady constable…
sir the shawl which was given for me
during in the meeting… you hand over to this lady and send it..
ok sir sir..we are leaving sir.. please go… sir since its Raja’s problem.. you have escaped but shiva is still alive if you bring that real shiva out…. each and evey nerves in your body… will be crushed into pieces then you will not… be here on the earth… don’t play with me this man has started rowdism only
for his mother… should he became a criminal again..
just because of you… you should feel ashamed of yourself
shit… oh..I hope my father is ok.. you know that now something will
happened to him.. don’t worry..he’ll be ok now why did you just keep quite..?
why should I be quite? what madam… just one minute..
one at a time please… only one person go at a time…
ok…you can go first you go first and see your father
I ‘ll go later I think he should gone by now what’s your name..? sister tell me why all of them are
calling you a sister..? can I call you a sister-in-law? shall I take my slippers…? its ok..I’ll just sit here have you come alone…? shape of your face will be changed.. wait..I’m also coming these 2 people are gone.. I don’t know when the patient
will go.. get up what your father passed away… ok..mortury please come fast.. my father is ok what is he still ok..? ok go and see him silently.. don’t show your extra talents ok.. ok..ok..I will come now..
you’ll be here its better you inform your realtives
earliest… just keep your mouth shut and go uncle..where are you..? you are here..? uncle…uncle… you naughty uncle..you remaining silent here.. what is this uncle? you
covered your face completely.. will remove this ok..? ok..ok..you keep it yourself pipe for you have been tied like this
this is not fair..my dear uncle.. this bandage is very big for you,… this is not fair at all any way leave it what is this uncle..you are
watching TV also here so you are enjoying your life inside the
hospital.. see uncle TV should not be kept here.. and should be kept it near your feet or
opposit side.. you understand…. or else you can’t watch TV properly come I’ll help you to see the TV
properly you are not able to watch
it properly.. ok..come sit properly…
come on.. now see the TV..ok I think the position is not correct.. come..I will come this side.. uncle..you do onething please sleep
this side ok..this is the way to watch the TV
ok come on even if not able to watch the
TV..I’ll help you… come on..you can lie upside down.. like this.. or like this..
coem on..come on I’ll help you what happened uncle..?the TV is not
working properly..? some cable connection problem.. that is only some voice coming..
video is not coming…at all what happened uncle? may be allow to check it again let me switch on the TV again..ok.. you also want to switch of the TV
Ok..I’ll do it for you you also want to switch of the TV
Ok..I’ll switched off Ok I’ll switch of your TV also I’m coming ..I’m coming .. ya..I’m switched off now are you ok now..? now sleep peacefully what happened uncle..? are you
showing some dance steps like this? come on sleep properly.. keep the hands down side this is the way…this man is
sleeeping in different position.. I’m coming..coming..ok my dear sweet uncle… you all
sleep peacefully..I’m going all are sleeping peacefully inside
the hospital..ya… there are some cable connection inside
now I’m rectified it nothing to worry….sister ok..come let’s go.. I want to see my father’s now daddy…… uncle is gone… as per the doctor said the medcines take
correctly.. so the child will be born healthy…ok hey Rahini… how are you..? Viji… what happened..? why are you crying…? Viji…I’m infected with AIDS nobody is coming to me now even anybody is not talking to me and even the society.. is neglecting me… I couln’t survive here I won’t survive why are you talking like a fool… see..so many people have AIDS in this world are they dying each second..? it is not supposed to come… but what to do.. that god will save you don’t lose your courage..ok for this kind of people… even government and endures
will help you… any time.. so you don’t worry at all even if someone touches you.. even if someone weares what
dress you are wearing… or someone eats with you… the disease will not even spread but once the used syringe
is used for another person… the disease will definitely spread ok if the society has abandoned you.. come to our place I’ll take care of you… please come with me I thought nobody is there for me but I’ve you both now I’ll surely come to your house
some day or the other Shyamala, Girija, Shubha..just
make sure everyone is attending the test madam has sold them
to somebody you know, nowadays she is bringing
teenage girls to the home … and torturing them a lot and forcing them to do business with her you both should do something.. and release those innocent girls
from that dungeon can you please… I won’t tell anything I will just do it why are you so dull today..? come sir ..come when your feet touch this ground.. our charity home became sacred if we will put you into the jail..then all
these innocent girls’ life would be saved don’t you know that I have been doing
these things…before itself sir..? I know that ..but I’m not receive complaint from
anybody who has the guts to complain.. against me sir…? oh..so this is your work… inspector arrest her and take her away yes sir constable get them inside the jeep before I come out of the jail you would have gone forever
from this earth since he is alive in this place… he saved the entire innocent girls this man will be here you will be behind bars take her away leave my sister..sister… I’m getting transfer tomorrow before I leave this place.. I will send these girls safely to
their own houses from tomorrow these girls will start
a new life thank you sir may god bless you dear good luck
thank you sir constables… girls..he is the one who saved
us all from this dungeon thank you so much sir come..come..come.. most welcome… what madam…when you are doing
your business… you forgot me when you came inside the jail,
you remember me… are you planning to your business
inside the jail madam.. ya… when I start this..I will call you and
ask you to inaugurate you have been telling me that you’re
the chief of all the rowdies when they hear your name… you said they’ll shiver.. when I see you like this… I feel like laughing…. he is not even the size of
my little finger but with his moustache he is giving
force… watching that fun and you are still
going and saying that you’r a man… we don’t have enemity each other
previously at all he doesn’t know whom he kept
his hand..you know that? when I came out from the hospital… I decided to send Shiva to the hospital..
do you understand…? but what to do..I had some finance
problem at that time finance…. that I’ll give but that is not for sending
him to hospital.. for sending him to graveyard you are going to finance me…? what he do to you? first he took away, Shreya from
me forever…. after that he destroyed my
whole kingdom and atlast.. he has sent me to the jail.. is that so..? You need not be worry about
anything.. you just enjoy your life inside this jail… regarding this matter…. I’ll take care of that completely sir we reached the S.N Pur
get down… why had we reached SN Pur..? you better take us to Vijayanagar ok..? sir you told me to go to SN Pur now you are telling to go to
Vijayanagar hey come on..we’ll pay you extra… but you go to that place itself… do you think that all automan are
beggers..? just read what’s behind… its 24 hours free service for pregnant
woman you can never seen this in Government
vehicle that is why we all automan are blessed
by god … to do social service like this you can just give metre amount hello.. hello.. my pain is getting severe so..I came to hospital which hospital? Vijaya Hospital wait I’ll come sir my wife has got delivery pain.. I have to go immediately.. please take some other auto brother..the auto driver is tellling he
is not able to come… you do onething..you better come to that
Vijayanagar tower ..ok we are on the way… better to do one thing.. drop us near the tower and
then you go so you are a lovable hero and a protector hero too totally you are a big star..
am I right..? I has stopped everything sir but I’m not left anything my wife is suffering from severe
pain… I’ve to go when one human being is born in
this earth… then definitely one more human being… it go away from this world please leave me sir I ‘m not brought you to just leave
your way.. come…come…come… just one thing… today either you should leave or
I should leave… hey don’t leave him come on don’t leave him Shiva no more.. come on god as given me… both the happiness and sadness… on the same day… to raise your father’s death day.. and your birthday.. however I manged our life.. however I can… as you wished I didn’t go
any bad way… and growing our child oh..god..what happened to you… why this blood coming..? by seeing this scanning report… we confirmed that your child is got a … internal aspiration… this can be cured by operation… how much I need to spend ..? approximately 25,000 ma’am if you arrange for the money.. the operation will be
taking care of how will I arrange 25,000? ok doctor… mom… hey..why did you come here? you kill my son is it not enough..?
mom… I didn’t kill your son,mom this is the baby to whom we
are given birth… you don’t see my ways… just look at this baby… for operating her..I need 25,000 but I don’t even have
1 rupee mom hey… already we lost our son… why don’t I want this child…? not only that… is there any guarantee this
she is my son’s daughter..? first you get lost from here before everybody laughs at
my family…. go..get lost from here sister… how are you sister..? come sister..please sit down Rani..sister came..please come out I’m coming… sweety…. sister… are you alright..? did you come alone..? where is brother-in-law? its been one year, he is literally
dead… then this child…? both happened in same day there is nothing in there to operate my baby..
I need 25,000 mom is already registered 2 acres
in my name..is it..? so you please take that
and give me some money there is no such place… give me just 25,000 I need to save my baby… I’ll surely give that 25,000 in few days…ok we are suffering here.. now you are asking for money… before my husband comes
and chases you out… you go from here..that’ll
be better to you… here..catch her coming for money.. mother is purchased a land
own her name… shameless creature… Oh! god I didn’t do any bad thing
to anybody but to me alone why are you give
this much tragedies do you want this…? mom… I know that… you..you’ll come here definitely in search of me mom..you have my… many jewellery all is it..? exactly… my child is not feeling well… I need some money mom can you give that..? your husband..he has stopped
my business… now…can I start my business with your help forever..tell…. why 25,000..? I’ll give you 50,000 apart from that… I will you decorate from head to
toe with the ornaments you told me that your daughter
has a dreadful disease….. throw away her and come back even after giving birth to achild.. you still look like a 16 year old with you I can attract
anyone what you say..? are you coming..? today I came here.. just for my child.. if my child is not there I would have die with my husband I would not been alive today so please… give me just 25,000 I will work in the house itself… and I’ll return your money… hey..throw your child away..
and come back to the business… if not… get lost from here.. are you a woman…
just count your days.. you will die so soon ok… hey..get out… hey..you get out from here..
don’t talk too much get lost..she is cursing you she came for begging money hey..bhai..
yes.. what brother….? just go to her and tell her that
I will give 1000 rupees….go ok..I’ll tell sister.. sister..that brother said he’ll
give 1000 rupees tell him that I’m ok with it
ok sister.. I… I don’t want 1000 rupees.. can you give me 25,000 I’ll give it back to you.. I’ll definitely give you by
doing any work.. but till that.. you can…. you can definitely come here.. 25,000 rupees I’ll give you later.. now I just have 1000 rupees..

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