English Full Movie 2017 | Mysterious Island | New Movies 2017 Full Movies | With Subtitles

English Full Movie 2017 | Mysterious Island | New Movies 2017 Full Movies | With Subtitles

Vikas.. Good morning sir Hello Vikas Hello sir
please be seated How are you? I’m fine, little bit drowsy I think I have taken
more antibiotic What did you say? Nothing, any improvement? yes, now the case is
going to be ….. handled by the criminal
psychologist what..?
Criminal sphychologist..? Yes…criminal psychologist How a criminal committed
the crime.. and tryng to escape
from the crime… ..this is connected
with the mind.. well study personality really..? Its amazing… what is so amazing
in this..? Normally we used to take
second opinion from him.. He studied the criminal
deep thoughts of his heart and will pull the
secrets out.. finally they also appear in the
court to submit their finding really that’s great May I know who is? Of course..he is
on the way… He will be there within
few minutes…. Mr.Ajith Pande from Mumbai Vikas..I’m sorry to
say this.. Even today you are going
to be under our custody What..? Hello sir.. hi… Welcome to Chennai sir.. Thank you .. Vijay, Investigation Offficer Yes sir Am I right..? exactly.. I heard a lot about you…. sir..new to Chennai? I have come here
sometime back Thats when I picked up
the local language I can speak a little bit of it
and understand also… That’s fine sir ok..today the climate is
very beautiful ..cool…. but the topic is hot Let’s come to the point.. Tell me sir.. Mr. vijay..I went to the
mortury and saw the body.. It was terrible..
it was very bad.. sir..the way murder
was done.., ..looking at the condition
of the body.. something supernatural power
has killed this brutally… what..rubbish…? Do you really think
this is a fantasy movie? this is reality.. come inside Please take your seat..
ok…. 701..get me the file..
yes sir sir… sir, this is post mortem report,
investigation details and etc. well..2 foreigners were also
killed in this case.. that makes it a
little complicated Yes sir.. we too got a call
from UK Embassy. Obviously.. This is become an
international issue what I personally feel is
we can finish this case.. today itself I too believe it sir Sir, would you like to
have something? Coffee..Tea..? Not thanks Please call him Yes Sir Bring him out come Vikas Sir, this is Mr. Vikas Internationally acclaimed
photographer.. Vikas, he is Mr. Ajith Pande Hello Sir World famous criminal psychologist come…sit down come here..
please be seated cigarette.. No thanks so..what you do..? I’m a professional
photographer wildlife photography
and then…. Fashion Designing
photography also is that all? then.. the time of incident I was
doing calender photoshoot… Calender photo shoot… what is that..? explain Some of the multinational
companies …. ..print their calender for
their publicities.. for that top actress and
international models we called for Mr. Varma, M.D of
VArma Distilleries I agreed for this
assignment Varma..? Yes ..sir, even he came here He is very clear He is completely
depending Vikas He is right We kept this very
confidential confidential..ok Tell me about your unit Who all were there? How many people were
there in your unit..? how many light officers..? I selected 5 models for this
important assignment Two were foreigners Roma from UK and Katherine from Hollond other 3 were Indian
top models Preethi from Banglore Naina from Mumbai Monisha from Chennai including them I had 2 of
my assistants… Guru and Kamal then on behalf of
Varma Company Mangaer Johny We all went for a
photoshoot Roma and Katherine.. Indian citizen..? No sir..they came to India
in work Visa If there is a
shooting… they will be lot of
equipments…, light officers….. everyone would be
there..right..? No sir…mine is not a
cinema shooting Photo shoot one camera and
one reflector That’s my unit fine.. Tell me further… I fixed my location
coastal side with some amazing beach
back drops No man slanding
Arabian Sea we don’t get any
network there Was it this island.. that the murder happened? Yes sir They booked the rooms
for us in the resorts.. Me and my assistants
went to see the location Tell me more.. What happened? Hey, enough doing work outs
come fast You are super sir You know why..? You reached here 5 minutes
before you promised How fast you drive sir..! If you would have
been quite I would have been
reach before Let it be there….
make a call to Johny ok sir Hello..where are you? Is that so…
ok..ok Sir they will reach
in one hour ok..Bring all the
lugage inside Let’s have bath and
get ready.. ok sir come on ..lift.. what a weight.. oh my god Wow..what a beautiful place! My beautiful girls.. Now I’m going to take you
to your rooms Get ready fast.. after that we have a
small get together..ok..? ok.. Follow me..
ok sure wow. look there If I publish a calender, you’ll be the
man…photographer Then shooting will
be here right..? No..no… not here Because our is foreign brand Its not local ethics Hi…Boss Hello Boss Where is other 2 girls..? Two of them are
on the way What about Roma..? Roma is committed with
a fashion show in Paris after finishing it
she will join us Bull shit..I’m very
much aware… where she is? she said that M. D
given a permission I’m the one who
making schedule.. permisson should taken
from me Is your MD doing
the photoshoot? OK..forget it.. let her come any time Let’s come to the point.. girls.. we will start from
tomorrow It is going to be a very rare and
unique kind of current shoot I hope you will enjoy it Thank you boss Sir, one minute where is the location
tomorrow? Its here what is the costume sir? First come to the room
we’ll discuss there. ok boss So you had problem
in the first day itself yes..that is my policy All my models should be
there infront of my eyes. This is … Your photography
inspiration,is it? Tell me ..tell me further That’s not my inspiration Each one have differnt background
and life for them If everyone are
there with me… I can change the models and
finish the photoshoot faster. This Roma is from UK..?
Am I right…? hmm ya Were there any personal
problems between you? like professional jealousy,
ego…? something…something… Nothing like that we are all close friends If there is no problem then what is the reason
behind all this Because she is a
show stopper. what is this show stopper? what is this
show stopper? In all the big
model shows …the person who lives
as a main attraction.. ..is called show stopper. is it so.? After she became
a show stopper… she lost the interest
in my projects. I was also not
much bothered.. I was fully involved
in my work. Inspite of knowing
all this.. you still sign her.. why..? ok… then what happened? I started the shoot without
her presence. I got very upset
because of her.. Hey Johny.. Johny.. coming… My fate I try to
run like this… Yes Boss… Hey sit there.. Its ok…I’ll stand Take a drink No ..no Boss You drink.. When did I drink Boss? So you don’t drink..
you love a drink Yes Boss Roma , she is in Paris Mad Lady… Bloody show stopper Your MD is give
her privilages Boss, enough drinking. go to your room and
take rest Boss… How was she in her
beginning days..? How was she before..? Boss..first time she came
to our office … ..with her complete
photo profile… I remember… she don’t even know how to
stand in front of camera.. yes Boss.. Even now she
don’t know Yes Boss.. what yes Boss..? That kind of lady is
a show stopper… No.1 in modelling world ..only because of
your MD Not because of
her caliber.. Yes Boss.. Do you know how the show
stopper supposed to be..? Do you know how the shape
should to be..? This Monisha hasn’t
given up time for because its scenes Not even here this girl
is coming to this field why he is given more
importance to her? Because said that he’ll take
me to the photo shoot Will he take Preethi for
photoshoot or what..? Because he is
interested in you.. You are so lucky dear… I think everyone are
thinking of me ok All these girls are
coming here….. for calender shoot or
for mobile ad.. Not able to understand ok..ok..hi girls.. Tomorrow there is
no shooting. holiday….Jolyday… Roma and your MD.. yes…. correct… So Roma sign this
assignment… ..due to this reason… Yes Sir You mean to say that… he didn’t know all these
confidential things, is it? sorry sir..I think I can
give you explanation Varma is given full
freedom in his job. But then Roma’s matter.. he was forced to
compromise with that Roma and MD’s
relation ship You and Monisha’s
intimacy… looking at all
these things.. I don’t think there is a healthy
atmosphere in your unit Am I right? No Sir.. We didn’t have
any problem.., or never had any
controversy… ok..ok…continue That intimacy into makes
the models work perfectly Even one does this to keep
them in a comfort zone other than that..no other
second rethoughts.. because it was a
shooting break… I went to see the location Girls went to the beach
to spent some time… ..there was an
incident happened.. Hey come on… catch… hey given to me Hey come on… catch… catch…catch… wait yar… wait for me hey, I’m coming ..wait..
come.. wait yar… wait yar… wait for me hey come let’s go
have a pack ok come let’s go.. I’ll kill you hey, who the hell
are you? You will come
half naked… in front of the god
we worship.. and you smoke too Which God..? You can’t see God
with your bare eyes what..? for you ..this sea is just
a salt water… but for us..that is
our God These trees and plants are
just a wood for you… but for us it is
our God. Even the sea this rocks
and sand as our God You come from the city.., and drink and dance here
and spoiling divinity.. Don’t think the tribals
keep quite saying all this I will kill you Come on Preethi..
stop crying If you would have inform me
that you coming here I would have
joined you oh! you are bodyguard.. If you are also here
with these 4 girls.. he would have thrown
you into the sea… I was born and bought up
in the sea shore man oh! you are the who thought
the fishes to swim..? Relax guys.. girls ..nothing happened.. Anyway village people
have some sentiments If someone tries to hurt it
this is how they behave.. So next time be
very careful wherever you want to go,
take Johny along with you Yes Boss
come on..let’s go who is that guy..? Someone from the
local area May be a fisherman But then, your assistants
or your manager, none of them saw them..?
no.. All of them were
there with me without security five girls
go there… Don’t you think
it was risky? please answer the questions
properly Vikas. Ok..without proper
security….. bringing international models…
why did you do that…? I warned them not to go
out of the resort.. But they disobeyed me and
went to the beach What is my
mistaking this? Models were very scared I tried to console them.. ..even my assistants also did some comedy to
make them relax But Preethi couldn’t
come out of shock Hi..
Hi.. what happened..?
Are you not feeling well..? No..nothing with it looks like you have
temperature Johny.. Johny.. oh..over there Good morning Boss
Good morning Preethi has temperature.
call the doctor Is it so…? ok Boss Vikas.. Preethi, you don’t have to
come for shooting today. Take rest in the room ..ok Will there be any problem
if I don’t come..? Don’t worry. Doctor will come
and treat you.. then she can come
to the location Ok boss take care..
Thank you come on dear..come Hi Vikas..
Hi everyone Hi… how are you…? ok..? control.. I am so sorry darling..
that’s ok so sweet of you.. why don’t you talk? You have a extra
colour story. You naughty.. Johny Yes Boss Why all are standing here? don’t you know the location?
take them there.. ok Boss..
girls follow me ok..come on.. Keep everything ready .
I’ll joined you Ok sir
come let’s go Roma… get ready Ok darling..give me
one hour ok Guru…
sir.. Take them
ok sir..come on everyone oh..be careful..
come on come on come on …come on
slowly ..slowly hold my hand oh my pant is getting wet.. hey come ..come fast come ..come both of you come back Don’t get scared ..ok Don’t worry alright Its very hot I think the resort is a
fully secured place There you would not if
had any problem. It was there That man came to
the resort also That was the day
Roma joined but Preethi was
still in shock I told the manager to bring
the doctor ….. and give her
treatment. ok very good very good ok Vikas Vikas Vikas Johny come on.. what happened..? Vikas Preethi what happened?
why did you scream? There… how do you say that he came
specifically searching for you? He would have come
for some other job No Vikas..He came
suddenly ..and he scared me Preethi, it is not easy to
come to the resort. This is full secured area. Hi Roma.. hi..come and sit Thank you You want a drink..?
No thanks Its too early for me Vikas and you were
very close..? oh..from my struggling days.. oh ok.. I shall call him ok
sure excuse me one second Hello Hi darling.. Tell me come for a drink No Oh come on yar.. I can’t come right now and please don’t drink
too much we have shoot in
the morning what happened..? Roma…don’t disturb me
alright..? what..? Am I disturbing you..? Yes I will disturb you Please Roma..don’t
go there.. sit down..sit down.. sit down.. I going Am I disturbing you..? Am I disturbing you..? Yes..Yes you are what’s wrong with
you Roma? Look at yourself.. look of you become this industry
runs on your glamour The day that disappears shoot repeat nobody You better take care
of yourself, Roma trust me..If you go at this rate
not me…nobody….. I mean nobody can
help you. Just because of your
god father doesn’t may you are
going to survive Models like you come and go
every single day. Don’t think you will
be permanent.. Boss Boss..come with us
everything is ready. I’m not in a mood today. come on Boss.. Their costumes, make up,
back drop everyting is too good
today Boss.. come on Boss.. ready..
ok Bring them… Ok Boss..
come bro.. Ready Catherine Turn your left come forward Kamal call the reflector Position Position Ready Preethi not happening Preethi
one more.. one more chin up nice.. lovely now look at me
and smile Nice body Nisha..
come on smile Monisha..relax call Johny Johny…Johny… I’m coming..why are
you screaming? ya…that we know Now is the time to call your
company’s brand and called she is telling don’t disturb and
I’m talking over phone go and call her again You do one thing.. Go to her..talk to her
nicely….. ..and tell about Boss
call them Kamal .. go and call
Roma here ok Boss You need to understand what ya.. madam, my Boss Vikas sir
is calling you Ok I’ll be in a minute ok The problem here is you
don’t understand.. Shall we begin..? That’s your position alright.. Ma’am cigerette..
ok… ok change.. change.. change.. Hey Vikas..can I see the pictures
for a minute please.. Its not right the
expression and the lighting are
not matching.. what…? excusem me.. Try again.. ready…? I’m ready.. I’m sorry..Can I have a
touch up please..? Ready Roma..? ok..ok..I’m ready no change Its not happening Roma.. Its not happening at all.. what you mean it is
not happening..? Pack up shit Hello
Hello Connect to Mr. Varma please sorry sir..he is currently in
the meeting… Look..its urgent
ok…let me try sir please Hello..
sir Vikas Hi Vikas, I’m in meeting
I’m busy Sir just give me
2 minutes.. I’m throwing Roma
from the shoot Why..?what happened..? She is horrible and
tolerable she has come with a bloody
baggage and lot of attitudes What dude..? you are used
it now… No sir..Its just
impossible Bloody hare..
Johny Johny Yes Boss Photoshoot cancelled for how many days…? Tell my models get
better.. Hey Roma..5 years back
taking drugs in Goa Having at done and
shabby album. ..just to get an opportunity
you are behind me.. But today you are..
show stopper… Multi millionaire Varm in
your hand… He is admen and then
he wanted.. your rested face
in calender why is that..? You are saying pack up
in my shoot… I’ll pack you from this
industry itself ..without any assignment You’ll roam around
road by road.. Yes….that is my target Preethi… Hey Roma.. wait and watch ..in front of you I will make this girl as
No.1 model Preethi..you are the one ..is going to be No.1 in the
fashion industry Thank you Vikas come on..get up come Don’t touch me You are trying to kill me..?
what..? Are you crazy..? I’m leaving.. Go to hell Johny..Johny.. So you trying to
kill her No Sir..you too have
that thought Why should I kill her? It is because she embarass
you right? That is true..I got angry
at that point of time But I control myself I compromise with that..
why..? Did you get scared
of her? Not because of I scared
I love this profession and I respect it.. that’s why I choose
this field They are all the passing
clouds for me Life is only till this beauty
and glamour is there.. But until I have strength to
carry my camera I can survive in
this industry You are very smart
to talk If it was not you..then
who pushed Roma ? some pushed or she slipped
and fell I don’t know all that But she created this
as a big scene Good morning madam Did you had your breakfast I don’t want anything
I am leaving Why madam..? what
happened..? Because he is going
to kill me.. ..and I’m scared I’m going to say
to Varma and I’m leaving No..no madam.. I think you are
mistaken… mistaken..me never..I’m going Madam please..I’ll
do onething.. I’ll talk to Vikas Don’t taken a wrong
decision..please.. ok..
thank you Friends..we all came here
to do our work This is our profession which
we love and respect If we have ego
and attitude.. …no one can come
up in life with that only onething
can happened.. we all will be loses So if you want our
career to be good we all have to work
together.. ..and complete this
project Its my humble request and one more thing.. Unknowingly if I would have
hurt anyone here… please forgive me Johny
Yes Boss Call Roma here
ok Boss change Lovely Roma….
one more Nice Lovely Roma….Lovely Ready Catherine Lovely… Lovely Roma..lovely change Hi Anything wrong..? Boss, we are searched
everywhere but couldn’t find Roma Did you call her? Her mobile switched
off Boss I think she has left
from here All her luggage is
in her room That is her one
our earning life secures.. Boss we are searched
all over the resort She is no where I told you right.. She would have left I know her from the
beginning days.. She is a psycho..
Is it…? You better inform our Boss Ok Boss Girls follow me What..? Roma missing? Don’t you think it is a
serious problem..? Nothing like that I know her very well She will never maintain
her callsheet or she never come on
shooting on time ..used to escape from the
location… I know all these
well.. If that is so..if you know all
these details before.. ..as a dedicated photographer how did you accept her
in your photoshoot? Your MD Mr. Varma
thinking that… so many things that you
compromise just for him I’m not able to believe
that so… You mean…I have planned
to bring her the photo shoot.. …with some other
intention.. Yes..that is so I could
able to guess it Sir,what you think
about this sir..? That’s true.. We have to deal with all
the probabilities Hello.. yes sir..tell me sir ok sir..right now I will
come and collect it Sir Thank you sir Sir, the call is from Home
Minister’s Office.. There was a fax from England
and Hollond I was asked to collect it Not now…Let’s finish
this job first.. Yes sir Look here Vikas This incident is a big headache
for the government ..to create a very big
international problem This kind of incident is more
than enough.. Sorry sir All these are done by whom and
why they two..? I don’t understand
anything Roma came..give
some problem suddenly she absconded
from the location and the other day the unknown
person came and hit Preethi. In spite of all these
problems.. I have forced to have
the photo shoot Actually I want to inform
Preethi also about this. ..even Catherine was
behind me She is an innocent girl What about Roma..?Do you
have any information? I didn’t bothered… because I had so much
problems in this project I didn’t have a mood to
think about anything. Who is that..? wait… Catherine… Catherine…Are you ok..? I don’t know somebody
pushed me.. First Preethi..next Roma
then Catherine.. What was his target..? Even I don’t understand But then, one thing I
understood… He didn’t like us
staying there Just to chases away he
might out and this So that we have decided to
change the location. So didn’t you see his
face even once..? Never Bad luck I think you don’t have
that luck.. That luck came
just like that.. Boss..I got an idea What’s that..? What is he give a complaint
to the police? What is the use of giving
a complaint to the police? Even Catherine said that someone
pushed her from behind I don’t know whether it is
illusion or real… I don’t understand Forget it I think this location is
not good for us.. some mystery or
misunderstanding happening everytime.. Can we do something..?
what Boss..? We can shift the location. To where Boss..? Exotic location..
Beautiful island.. inside the sea
one hour journey.. He supposed to be here..
where he has gone? Did you cheated us after
collecting the advance..? Good morning sir.. Vikas..he is the one
who slapped me.. Jeeva You are saying that as soon
as Preethi saw his face… she recognized him..? But who pushed Roma
and Catherine..? I had a doubt..that would
have been him.. Who are you..? Where is he..? Are you the one who wanted
to silent to the sea..? Where is the man who
took advance from me? He is the one
who send me.. Oh ! is it so..? What’s your name? Jeeva Before telling your
name you have …taken half of my face. hmm ..work.. ok follow me But then he was
friendly with us That particular day the sea
was vey rough He was the only man
who control the boat.. and reached us safe
in the island Then he took Johny to
bring food for us… Boss..I go to the village and
collect food for us.. You guys be here.. They will be here..
you come with me Is it ok..? They will care themselves.
Let’s go… So they never came
back ,is it? Never came back.. Girls..
yes sir.. Get ready in one hour where should be changed
our dresses? This is no man’s island.. No one is there to
watch you You can change
anywhere? Guru..
Boss You bring Monisha..
I’ll see the location Ok Boss Can you please
tell me… how this person
look like? I can tell you sir vijay..
Yes sir Bring an artist from the
department .. and make a sketch
ready.. Yes Sir..
ok.. I will call them immediately
fast and then he had arrested
one more guy… who is that..? We don’t know sir.. He was standing near the
island as suspected We arrested him and
brought him here He is not opening his
mouth at all sir. Bring him..I’ll try and talk
to him OK sir.. Vikas, thank you for your
kind cooperation.. My pleasure sir whenever we call you,
you may have… to come to the station
…for enquiry In that case..may
I go sir.. Yes..you may go..yes..
thank you sir Jeeva… Sir, he is the one
who beat Preethi, and he is the one who
threaten her… he is the one who took
us in the boat.. Do you know
this man..? I know him.. When I was here on
my posting.. one day I was on
my rounds.. Hey shuffle the
cards fast man.. put the card now drop the card.. wait..wait..
stop ..stop hey drop the card
fast now Give me some good card
Take it man.. You put these kind
of cards to play.. Take it.come on hey what card is that..?
take it hey give that you put it Its my time somebody put joker.. Don’t see my cards yaar.. Its my bad time give me cigarette keep it that hey who are you
guys..? where are you
coming from..? sitting here drinking,
smoking.. playing cards and misusing
this whole place Just destroying this
greenish trees.. …plants and nature.. Do you think all villagers
are foolish ones? shut up you fools.. Because of all your
misbehaviour ..these animals and birds
are dying… As you have the right to
live in this planet’s earth.. ..the same right
they too have what is this guy..he is
telling a new story.. Hey, I’m tell you something
listen carefully.. ok If you keep distroying the
nature like this… the same nature will distroy
you and remember that. Stop! laughing like fools These drinks,Kanjavu,brown
sugar all these things.. are distroying the
whole of humanity ok..ok..you go man hey you singers..these plastic
bags if you throw here… causes these mini creatures
are dying and distroying. The curse of Godess coming to
you..remember that…! God is not going to spare
anyone of you.. Where could you get
this drugs? Where did you get
it from? You want me tell? I’m not going to
leave it like this.. I’ll complaint to Police..
Wait and watch stop..stop stop there I thought you are.. going to police station We thought the nature
lover is trying to teach us.. something for singing and
entertaining… You bloody hell..you going to
the police station.. leave me hey come on..
escape His head was injured badly I took him to the hospital
myself That’s how I came to
know his name is Jeeva His brain nerves
were damaged When he was under
treatment… all of us absconded
from the hospital The doctor even warned
that he had become a psycho. We searched for him..but we
couldn’t find him anywhere One day near the river
we got the deadbodies.. …of rowdies who were
fighting him that day After that I left
to Mumbai But now I think it
is possible.. ..that the person who
killed these rowdies ..would be this guy.. Even I have a doubt this man would have
killed my people too.. Yes sir..I too have
doubt on him.. Sir, whatever we do he
is not opening his mouth … we hit him, threat him
spoke to him… we had done all the treatment
whatever we want to give But still he is not
opening his mouth There is one more
way out Hipnotism… we have to take him to
subconscious level and every truth should come
out of his mouth easily… Let’s try it out.. If this techniques is
not working…. we can go for
brain mapping.. or narco analysis ok… ok sir Jeeva… I will count till 10 You must close
your eyes.. Now you are going
back 10 days 10..10 9…9 8.. 8 7…7 6…6 5… 5 4.. 4 3…3 2…. 2… 1…. 1… Now you have travelled.. 10 days backwards… now you can… see the
sea clearly… Yes I can see and now you can see the
island also clearly… Yes I do see.. Jeeva 10 days before who all came
in your boat..? whom did you take..? You took them and left
them somewhere…. Tell me Jeeva.. what happened 10
days before? Tell me…
Tell me… on that day.. that day… Relax..relax You stupid Boss called you
come on… very nice… Relax Thank you… Where is Catherine? sure..she was
right here… Her phone didn’t
have network.. She looks for it and
went away… go and get her here.
ok Boss Hi.. no don’t kill me please… Vikas.. Where is that Arabian
Horse…? We are searching
for long time.. but not able to
find her yaar.. All the time she will have her
phone in her ear only she would have talking
with her boyfriend.. yaar she is not to be seen
anywhere man.. what we tell Boss..? I don’t think that..I can
do this anymore My legs are paining.. we will try calling her
from here… Catherine..hey Catherine.. Catherine.. Catherine.. Catherine..where
are you? where she is gone man..? Oh I can’t walk
any more.. I can’t do this anymore
oh my god Catherine..where
are you? oh my god.. Hello Catherine Where to search
her yaar? where did she go..? Catherine. she is not here Let’s go oh..its you..food
has come..? This place is very cool
isn’t it..? ya..its too good ya..its very good I’ll be back in a minute.
ok Vikas..where is
Catherine..? That’s what I ‘m
thinking of even the guys who went
call her also missing… Preethi..You do
onething.. You stay here..I’ll go
see and come back. Please..please Vikas
don’t leave me alone. even the guys who went for
searching also is missing Please..don’t leave me
alone..I’m very scared.. Ok you come.. shit..bloody hell now the time is 2 pm Johny has not at
come back ..no work is completed
till now There is no water to drink
and nothing to eat… …getting exhosted searching for
the people who came with us. If try to call..no
network here.. Preethi..as soon as possible we have to escape
from here I’ll find a way for that…
ok..? Vikas..
look here You are not able
to walk.. I’ll come fast..Don’t get
scared…Take care I’ll come back… kamal Guru… Catherine Preethi… something is happening
here come..let’s go
from here Preethi… Preethi… Preethi…get up.. Preethi… Who are you..? Who are you man..? why did you
kill her? what did you do
to my people? Did you kill them..? You killed everyone
of them..? what did they do..? what did they
do to you…? why are you hiding like a
thief and not coming out..? If you have guts
come on… come out come out and kill me come man… Vikas..I observed him
till the end.. but I’m not clear
about 2 points.. No.1..what happened to
your manager? second..why did he
spare you ? leave it.. Vijay..
yes sir File and FIR on him
and take him to court ok sir I will prepare my report
and come to the court and job there I came
for is over I have to rush now Thank you sir
Thank you Vijay My wife is waiting
for me sure…
thank you Bye Vikas..

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  1. my one request sir , plz sir download option open beacuse I am not able too share to my friends on this romantic movie…

  2. very nice movie..thank you for doubed to English.. it helps who wants learn English.. add sub titles it help some not understand words and conversation..

  3. haha how amazing
    tree god
    river god
    beach god
    stones god
    never associate any things even prophits with allah
    he is the only one neither he hjas wife nor childern etc he is cleaned of all thse things

  4. if anybody habitate with subtitles they never feel language and that will not be permanent.friends make friend who are eager to speak english . and share numbers then learn each other,

  5. don't upload the such kind of fiilm bcz it is only for west of time till the end could not know the reason that beside of all murder and berofe in the film nothing happning but only showing the photoshoot.

  6. سلام مرسی بابت فیلم زیباتون
    اگه میشه راه دانلود هم بگین ازیوتیوب سپاس

  7. It's nice movie for the first time watching wanna enjoy this thanks to translate English language. More Indian movie.

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