English Full Movie 2017 | SECONDS – Crime Thriller | New Movies 2017 Full Movies | English Subtitles

English Full Movie 2017 | SECONDS – Crime Thriller | New Movies 2017 Full Movies | English Subtitles

A truly shocking incident
occurred today at ‘Cuckoos Nest’… Thambi, who is prime suspect
is also accused in many other cases We were informed that
this very morning… This case reported in to the police department This is Manoj,
Reporting from… Come on, Move… Move aside What is happened here?
Did anybody ty to harass you? Madam please Many suspect that you are the criminal
what you said about that Is this true? We happened to the 3 persons in the lift Sir,this is Shivankutty,
Lift operator What happened to the lift? The power failed mice After that it got
stuck sir How the lift got stuck? mechanical problem sir,
I repaired it.. Does it happen regularly? Few days back only I came here sir People said even before it
has happened in the same way sir. You can go
Ok, Sir Who were the 4 inside the lift? Why did they come here? whom do they want to see? Feroz Feroz, Please wait.. What happened? token is not just enough This month 20th is the due date fot their agreement Will anything happen?
or else we will do its true Everything will be fine I will give the full amount before date That will do I am going – Peace be upon you
– Peace be upon you too So this is where
you are, eh? Have you decided
to buy it, Feroz? It’s a prosperous place
Don’t let go of it You keep staring like this
You’ll sprain your neck “Come embrace me my man
Hug me tight and wantonly” “I’ll tax you
Pay the taxes and take me to bed” Hey! Take this thing away
Infernal nuisances Sure, now you will
feel like this it’s not enough
you beget kids smartly You must find means
to appease their hunger You can’t support two of us
Gone and brought another female Of course I’ll mary again
And do so again, if I feel like Who are you to prevent me?
Go away inside Sure! So many big rooms
in there to go in and sit Stop chattering
I’ll kick you! Go inside “Come embrace me my man
Hug me tight and wantonly” – I bring you some milk?
– Sure, why not Who do you think you are
Actor Fahad Fazil? You must feel the likeness
because I am without clothes it’s still early morning Get lost Can’t you think of anything else? “Come embrace me my beau” Do I really look
like Fahad Fazil? No! There is no such happiness, known
as the highest happiness in the world We have to enjoy every
happiness that comes our way What’s all this my girl? Instead of waiting for happiness
to come your way Enjoy the little joys of life that happen
and move forward in life All that is fine But the men who read this
will misunderstand you Let them misunderstand
Their thoughts will decide Have you made a vow
to post everyday on FB? My dear Haseena There are many people
who wait to read my messages Each one responds thinking
it was exclusively for them Just wait and see
the ‘likes’ that come pouring in There! Didn’t I tell you?
Some idiot has just begun Hey!
What’s that? Scared the hell out of me! What happened? Just a wake-up call Are you listening?
It’s already late Go quickly and buy milk Did you hear? Sure I did I’m going now Are you coming
to buy milk, sweetie? Ls this the map of
our Kunnamkulam town? Swamy, you have not
paid for the paper – Go bring it
– Okay The papers are full of
accidents new, aren’t they Ravi’etta? You come cycling everyday
during the morning rush hour, right? Yes! And the road
full of pot holes too Yes! In case something happens to you
what will happen to your family? Shocked you? That’s why I advise you
to take an insurance policy from me N4 dear Swamy
Please don’t utter words of doom I don’t care even if you
don’t pay me the subscription – You are traveling…
– Haven’t you gone as yet? I am going Here
Keep it in mind Sure! At this rate
my death will be announced! Father, I forgot
to tell you something What is it dear? Do you know who
is class leader next week? – No
– It’s me Really?! – Did you hear that grandma?
– Heard what? Next week she
is class monitor Very good girl Have you ever been one? I studied
Malayalam medium Those days we did not have
class monitors… only leader I did once Your father was not
very bright in school, dear Father, kingini has had a baby
I’ll go peep in and come But you said you were
coming to the shop? Come home quickly
Or you’ll be late to school Yes father – Thomas’cheta
– Swamy sir 2 packets of milk
Banana – Do you have rusk?
– Sure I do Pack rusk also What about
what I asked you? Banana and rusk, right?
I’ll give it right now – Not that
– Then? Policy N4 dear swamy sir
Don’t you have anything better to ask? Death and broken limbs topic
so early in the morning Sir This policy benefits
our family when we die, right? Sure Then get one for yourself, since
you buy your food stuff from here Haven’t I asked you not to sit
at my doorstep and talk ill of me? Get away you
shameless fellow – Be quiet you bandicoot
– That will be your father There’s a chance
for a couple of policies You have been listening to
Red FM and I am Mathukutty The next song, the one which
gifted us the great actor Mohanlal… …is from ‘Manjil Virinjya Pookal’ “On the boughs of yellow hued blossoms
On the tips of those bell shaped flowers” “A little bird swinging in joy
Where is her mate, her companion?” I have told you a hundred times
not to play the radio so loudly Who asked you to switch it off?
I paid for this radio If you play that again
I’ll shatter it to bits Allah! Impertinent fellow
He will do exactly as he threatens – This house still belongs to me
– Really? Then why don’t you
break off bits to feed yourself? Feroz, that broker(marriage)
will come today Why don’t you go meet
the girl at Eloor? I heard she was very good I will let you know when
I feel like seeing the girl at Eloor As grandparents, how do we
persuade you to get married? Let your parents also
be happy in heaven Sure, they’ll be happy if I mary now
listening to you… …my happiness
will go for a toss With a tiny studio and struggling
to make ends meet… …they come up with
such dangerous traps Nonsense! Jewel Palace is opening yet
another show room, aren’t they? He has nothing
better to do I have to travel so far
to the new showroom But no hike in pay if something better comes
I’ll jump out from there Tina, your mother
had called mice She said it was urgent
and to call back Okay ma’am, I’ll call her Why have you not given your
mobile number to your mother? I don’t get paid enough
to satisfy mother’s demands How does this look? Tina, what exactly
is the issue in your house? Rs 25 lakhs is the problem
Will you solve it for me? Haseena? I will solve my problems
all by myself… somehow! Wait for me, Thomas! Good morning sir Good morning I didn’t think
you’d come so early People who unload
will come in much later Doesn’t matter
We’ll find some locals to do it Hey! Come and help
unload all this stuff – Go ask your dad, dude!
– What? I said go ask
your father to do it Why ask me? What did you say? Get lost, you pig! How dare you abuse me? Sir, that is Thambi
Don’t! No… don’t Don’t! Dear…? Get on, quickly!
You’ll be in trouble He’s the new
sub-inspector here I don’t care The wound is quick deep Doctor has asked
stitches to be applied There is an injection
to numb it, okay? I don’t want
any injection – Where to now
– Nowhere Now you can
stitch it up – What is your name?
– Teenu – What?
– Te4-nu What’s wrong with you? Be quiet man, I was just going
my way when he started the issue This is serious, dude
You are playing with a policeman There he comes – Run! He’s come for you
– To hell with him! I won’t run – Get in
– Leave my hand I will Don’t glare – Get in
– I will Nuisance! Class monitor
from next week Does not know
how to wear shoes – What?
– Dear Come for breakfast Coming Go eat What are you preening?
Come eat your breakfast How many babies
did Kingini have? – 4, father
– Is it? Wait a moment! – See you
– Okay – Bye, father
– Bye, sweetie Open it Pack the camera What’s the job
for today, brother? – In a temple
– Who’s getting married? Where’s the pen-drive
I’d left here? I don’t know Where can it go
without your knowledge? Didn’t you see me
leave it near the computer? Oh yes!
I did take it yesterday Go bring it if ever you take anything
from here without asking… …you follow me?! What? Get out! What is it dude? Go! – Haseena, the bus is here
– Is it? Where are you? You cary on
I’ll come later Better you do
See you Is anyone alight here? Quick, get in Stand back Please make
space for others Where to? Kalamassery Chemmannur jewellers
announces the opening… …of their brand new
show room today at 9:30 AM inauguration is by our beloved
leader, district secretay of NYC… …and popular film director
Mr Satyadevan Is anyone want to buy the ticket? One, Edappally Get inside… – What?
– What? Are you capable? Shall I stay or go? Shame! Sir, he’s always into
booze and drugs He’s capable of
anything after that He’s already facing
around 20 charges So? The police have already
mauled him in the past If you touch him, you have
to be answerable to murder We’ll take care of this Open it man! You dare strike
a policeman? I didn’t have
my knife with me Would you have
stabbed me? Sure if I finish you off here
not a single dog will bother Get that rope and pulley
and hang him tied up Sir! Careful
We’ll deal with him Come away, sir – Deal with him good and proper
– Okay sir if I give you one with my knee bent
and you won’t pee for a month Don’t you have
anything else to say if I hear any more complaints
I’ll stick a lathi your ass Go ahead and do it
instead of chattering Utter waste talking to you
Get out from here Sir? Sir, pass me a smoke
It’s been so long Average Look at our
progress of last month Just a slightly slanting line Our city has plenty
of rich people Wondering where
to invest their money Find them
Convince them Next month it should be
a vertical line Everyone must reach their target
It is not impossible Have a great day
and all the best! Veeramani
Please Don’t think the company
is so desperate to continue… …with someone who has
never reached targets I will this time If you do its best for you
Otherwise you will be fired Only this belly is prospering
The company is not You should be fit always Jesus! – I do go to the gym sir
– For what Come with swelling bellies Don’t take this seriously
Go out and work, you can do it That is not the problem Mathews I am unable to convince customers Some kind of fear I have a meeting at 2 PM today
I big person if I get it I’ll be fortunate Sit Mathews I am thinking of
meeting a psychologist Is that necessary? But if you feel it will help
Go ahead Long live Sathyadevan – Hello Abey
– How are you? – Fine sir
– Do you know each other? We are neighbors
at Cuckoo’s Nest Known each other for long Come sir – Are the sweets ready?
– Everything is ready madam Come forward ls everybody within view Come in sir Give it to everyone Quite a spacious place
One of the biggest showrooms – Hello
– Hello sir So, may everything go on well
Let me take leave, okay? Thank you See you
All the best to you You attend here – Hi ma’am
– You go to the diamonds section Good morning ma’am
What were you looking for? Nothing in particular We have a good collection
in Chettinad and Kundan Kundan will suit you very well
Why don’t we ty it? – Okay
– Give it here This was worn by the queens
of Rajasthan and Gujrat – How does it look?
– Sir, have a look Good
Not bad it suits your skin tones very well Joe, give her an estimate
Its okay – Shall I bill it?
– Do look at the price too I will give you a special
discount on my behalf Do you have something
with more stone work Give me the pen Please sit Excuse me Tina You are good You have got yourself
a customer so quickly I am Abey George I will give you
a good proposition I expect a call from you
today itself All the best
See you Bye – Did you recognize him, Tina?
– No He owns many
jewelery showrooms He’s planning to open one in Kochi
But his reputation is not so good I felt it too
Adrooler Don’t call him Tina, don’t contact him Hey! It’s a wonderful day
Smile Smile man Look here
She seems quite stress free Why are you so morose? That’s not the point
Her brother is here Oh great! So it’s brother-in-laws treat eh? That’s what
I am scared about Go get into the car N4 dear girl Dad be quiet
Get in my girl Hey!
After all this is a temple You move man Hey this can be talked
over and solved What is there to talk Father, come this way a minute Come Prakash, come with me They loved each other
and got married Now let them live life happily Who are you to decide all this? I am no one, but we
can all decide it together Its easy to dole out advice
on someone else’s issues Why do you want to
discuss it with this vagabond Never interfere when
elders are discussing Haven’t you
taught him this, father You pig Let me see you
take her away Take him away
Go man Prakash I’ll deal with you
This is a temple This is a temple
Don’t shout here I’ll kill you
Just you wait What is it?
What happened? I am going out this afternoon
You must manage it here What is it?
Don’t get into any problems it’s not that
I have to escape The pay I get here is not
enough for anything, that’s why I will explain
after I come back I have everything
inside my head But unable
to convince my client A lack of confidence I am in this job
for so many years But I have not achieved
my target till today I feel I am a total failure
and its haunting me See Mr Veeramani You are an energetic
and healthy youngster You are swamped with
feelings of poor self confidence A mistaken impression that
the other person is cleverer than you That’s what is
pulling you down You must first have belief
in what you are saying There is no one on this earth
who know everything So go and meet the person today
with whom you have an appointment With full confidence, okay? And I’m sure you’ll do well Thank you sir Don’t worry
Be calm I will write you a medication But only if it’s necessary, okay? Take this in the morning
One tablet and… …every alternate day Anything serious sir? No, nothing Only if you think
it’s necessary, okay? – Thank you doctor
– You are welcome Doctor?
Why don’t you take a policy? This is the confidence I expect
That’s what I was saying – 2 first class
– 2 balcony (Advertisement) Hello
Who is it? Let me see Hey Moonga?
Did you see Thambi anywhere? He’s lying there
near the railway track There’s a phone call for him
Go inform him Thambi’anna!
You have a call – Who is it?
– I don’t know, go find out – N4 dear bro, go answer it
– You want a smoke? No, I don’t want it
Go find out – Get up and come
– Coming man Come
Who is it? – Ho, s the new girl?
– The job is all the same Is it? Hello Sir?
Yes? I must go home I got a call saying
mother is hospitalized On inaugural day itself? How can I remain here
when mother is in hospital? Okay
You can go Shall I go? Poor thing
Her mother is in hospital – YWCA Hostel
– Get in Make it fast I too had applied for
a degree course in St Teresa May be you should ty once more
You’ll definitely get in St Teresa’s is a women’s college, idiot! Go keep this inside – Can I touch it?
– Why do you ask? Well, I was warned this morning
To ask before I touched anything Go keep it inside man! He’s a foolish boy
What is it? Go inside Eyes are quite good interested in acting in movies? – No
– What? I said no Thank you Sajeer, get me
the raincoat Where the heck are you
looking while driving, dude?! So sorry! Move it man! Open the door Thambi’s injury was fatal
There was no way we could save him What about the other 2? One of them is serious Why did you lie
you were going home? Abey sir had
offered me a job When I called him, he said
there were others who… …had to be convinced
of my capability He said I had to attend
a small interview He asked me to be at
his apartment at 2 PM if I tell the truth
I won’t be allowed to leave That’s why
I was forced to lie Tina called when
I was in a meeting it was a short talk I offered Tina the job
because I recognized… …her capability while
at the showroom itself That’s why when she called
I said there was no need to come But Tina insisted
she wanted to meet me That’s why I permitted her
to come and meet me at 2 O clock The 2 statements contradict
Which one could be the truth? Neither
The truth will be thus We must create more
jewels with traditional patterns As well as trendy ones Our showroom must contain
something not found in others Sir, we are right now going in
for new and trendy designs These are all designed
exclusively for our showroom Good Show me that – Is Abey sir there?
– Who is it? – Tina
– Just a second Sir?
Tina Excuse me Hi Tina,
I expected your call I liked your smartness I was actually looking
for someone like you 3 times the salary
you are now drawing Showroom in charge it’s… my offer Are you really interested? Yes sir I was badly
in need of a better option – Thank you
– It’s okay I am in a meeting now
I’ll be free at 2 I live at Cuckoo’s Nest, Thammanam
Apartment ♪ 807 – I must meet you
– Sure sir – Alone
– Okay In such situations, no man
or woman will tell the truth They will have their
own versions of truth Truth will be in between
It’s up to us to find it This is altogether something different
Don’t you understand? No – Wonder what is in store for us?!
– Don’t stress yourself Greetings sir So you managed
to cary out your threat! Sir, we are not responsible He was threatened
he’d be killed by someone I was angry enough to kill him But I did not say it with
the actual intention of killing him You can enquire into
our family background We don’t resort
to such things When my daughter
got married without our consent We tried to prevent it Now that they are married Let them live happily now if I ever come to know
you had any links with Thambi I will not bother
to summon you I will haul you up
from wherever you are Sir, Satyadevan has come Okay, you can sign
the statements and leave Have you been waiting long?
A little while – Sorry
– It’s okay I called for a clarification
regarding that lift murder case it wasn’t necessary
for you to come here The insurance agent Veeramani
and Feroz have both written… …your flat number in the register Did you call them over? Yes Veeramani had an appointment
with regard to an insurance policy Feroz is working as
photographer for my next film He was on his way
to collect his advance from me Feroz has worked with me
in my earlier projects too I know him personally Okay sir
Thank you You are our
candidate this time I have not yet decided There’s nothing to decide
All the best and sorry for the trouble How are they? Veeramani is okay
But Feroz is critical Sneha Come – My hands suffer from a tremor
– Sure, it’s there in the story too Your hands had no tremors
while accepting the advance Work man! Good evening Sir, she is Sneha
I’ve told you about Let’s sit over there and talk What is it Feroz? Sir, I have clicked
a few photos of Sneha She’s quite photogenic Let me see them – Is this really you?
– Yes sir – How long ago was it taken?
– Only 2 years back sir – Have you acted?
– No – Do you know to act?
– No… I can ty Feroz, the script is getting ready
I will call if need be I have seen your
interview on TV Can I have
a photo with you Sure, why not? What happened? The bike refuses to start – Where are you going?
– To the studio I am going that way I’ll come and take
my bike tomorrow I’ll come with the guy
from the work shop Give me just 10 minutes
I’ll change and come Who’s the hero
your film? I’m yet to decide
Who do you want? Dulquer? No… Fahad Fazil will be okay Come on decide on one
I can then call and fix Do you have
their phone numbers? Hey! He has made
so many movies He will have numbers
almost of all actors What’s happening? There’s a lag
to the steering – What is it?
– We have a puncture – Do you know to change?
– Yes The spare tyre
is inside there Call that girl Where is Sneha? Where is that girl? Big problem sir What problem?
Where is that girl man? Stop the car it’s dangerous for us
to remain here Tell me where that girl is? – Sir please
– Stop the car – Listen to me sir
– Stop Stop right now Now tell me
What’s happened to her? When I went there She came with you
Trusting you wholly How could you
leave her there? We may be answerable
for her death Turn the car around Turn around Sir, since your
candidature is confirmed… …we need to focus
on it 200 percent I have a parallel machinery
to handle film related events You don’t have to
worry about that Roy That will take care of itself Todays political
atmosphere demands it We only emphasised it, that’s all The media who feed on tit bits
and lies that happen everyday… …must be alongside
with us in our election Our success will be
purely on our good image We can’t afford
any risk on that We have to painfully
and carefully construct it Police report that she was struck
on the head by a heavy object We will not be
affected by this What do you mean
not affected, Feroz? Sneha’s death is the hottest selling
story among the media today Even the smallest link with that
will adversely affect my political career But we are not directly connected
There is no evidence against us What are you
talking about? If a girl who accompanied you
met with an accident… …and we took her to hospital There is no law
to vindicate us in this county Have enough common sense
to understand this, Feroz I behaved irrationally
at that moment But if you taken a strong stand Didn’t you hear
what people said that day? A stoy built up by a few people who
just came in during those few moments I have walked in from
the cine field into politics I am in the midst of a bunch of fools
who wouldn’t hesitate to do anything This will affect my career Feroz But it was not deliberate
It just happened May be not deliberate But in her case
who is there to support her? She has only her mother This has to reach her mother I’ll send the remaining
whatever need be to your studio Hereafter nothing related to this
Look here? Nothing related to this topic
shall be discussed between us – I’ll take leave, sir
– Okay Feroz, my boy What happened to
your idea to buy the shop? I have blocked 2-3 others
waiting for your decision Then just sell it off
to them, brother Hey! Don’t say such things Will I not buy
if I had the money? Just pay them an advance it’s a lucky place, don’t let it
slip away from from hands See you Brother? See you Don’t you have
anything better to do? I ate biriyani Good morning, sir I’d gone to your flat
I was told you were at home I tried your mobile
I think it is switched off What’s the matter Feroz? Sir, just think back it was sheer luck we escaped Wasn’t it sir? Feroz, you promised
not to speak about that Have you anything else to say? I have an idea to buy
a shop at Palarivattom 3 shutters
1000 square feet You have seen
my studio, haven’t you? I am thinking of shifting Good idea, isn’t it sir? But it will cost me Rs 75 lakhs And the other equipments
will cost me some more I will manage all that somehow Can you help me with 75 lakhs? Sure! You want it in cash?
Or will a cheque be acceptable? You may have
to open a bank account Won’t that be
cumbersome? You are pulling my leg,
aren’t you? Because I have
no money, right? But when you were in danger
I was the only one to be with you So like a favor returned What danger? What is wrong
with you Feroz? You brought her here, to me You ran away like a coward
when she had an accident How can I be held responsible
for your mis-deeds? But that was not
how it happened Then? It was on your compulsion
I brought Sneha to your guest house – Come again?
– Isn’t this how it happened? Good evening sir So this is Sneha
You were telling me about Let’s sit out there and talk Feroz, work is still going on
I’ll let you know when it’s time There are many
other things to be decided Nothing can be done
on sudden basis Sir, but… What?
You can think and decide There is still
plenty of time When I got out
what did you say? Feroz you cary on
I will drop Sneha – How is that possible?
– Why, what’s the issue – I brought her here
– So? I must be responsible
to drop her back You don’t have to be such a stickler
She has to be dropped, that’s all That will not be correct
I will come with you I will pick up
my bike tomorrow When I was changing the tyre
I saw both of you walking away What happened
after that, sir? – Sir, where is Sneha?
– It will become a problem – Sir?
– What man?! What problem? Sir, where is that girl? Sir! Stop the car sir! If you had stopped
your car that day We could have saved
the life of that poor girl What absolute rubbish! This rubbish
I will tell the police I will be witness who confesses Take your hands off, sir I will show
this photo for evidence Remember the one we took There is no need to bargain Just a single settlement Rupees one crore I will give up the master file of this Shall I fix the deal, sir? You still hang your camera
around this neck of yours, right? You go ahead and do as you wish
And I will do what I want Sir, think it over
But sooner the better Elections are nearing
And you will become busy – I will call you after 2 days
– Go away for the time being Get the things out of the boot – When did you come?
– Some time back – Did you meet him?
– Sure I did – Did you go shopping?
– Yes, a small one Come – What happened?
– Nothing, why so late? It was so crowded
Couldn’t budge an inch – Can I speak to Mr Jeevan?
– Who is calling? – Satyadevan
– From where? – Kerala
– Just a minute if you can do the job, do it
Otherwise get lost Lazy fellow – Some Satyadev
– Go, do your work How are you?
What’s happening? I keep hearing a lot of
good things about you You must become
a member in the Ministry Only then poor people
like us can benefit Jeevan, I am in a bit of a problem
I want your advice on this What happened sir? This is a trap A trap that has a way out But be careful, because
that life was lost because of you if he blames you and
and confesses to police A case will be registered against you
for conniving and murder Since it involves a young girl
the media will ‘celebrate’ the event it is very easy to prove
your innocence in court But it will be
time consuming By then the elections will be over
And your family ruined Finally knew about
your innocence Will be carried in
the 3rd or 4th page of papers Visual media will ignore it
That is how it is how media functions What is the solution, dude? We can beat him and
threaten for the time being But for how long? This is a small thorn
Just pulling it out will be sensible There’s more risk in that
What if it all comes out? There is someone
who will do it perfectly… …right there in your city We are very sure Tina will soon
be free of the accusations on her No woman must go through
the mental trauma… …Tina has been in all these days
I don’t know how to comfort her Tina will now
speak to you Thanks for your support This is a second birth for me I never imagined
I’ll ever be able… …to stand and talk
before you like this Please pray for me Tina, come with me Be brave
Nothing will happen to you – Are you in pain?
– Yes, slightly Enough Did you eat? – I’ll eat after wards
– Give me some water May I come in? Sorry to trouble you – I am CIP Malvas
– Please sit, sir I am in charge of
investigating the lift murder case I came to clarify a few points Who are they? My wife’s mother
My wife and daughter What about your parents? – They are in Coimbatore
– Didn’t they come? They are not on talking terms
After these 2 got married Snatched her away, eh? Sorry sir – Since how long are you in Kochi
– 3 years – Before that?
– In Chennai Were you in
the insurance there also? Yes Did you know Feroz, Thambi
and Tina prior to this incident? No Did you find anything unusual
in their behavior while in the lift? The guy with lots of hair
appeared to be drunk The guy with small beard
Nothing in particular But the girl appeared to be
under some duress Okay
That’s all – Are you working?
– No, I’m a housewife What about his discharge? Doctor has not said anything – Get well soon
– Thank you, sir Enough? Jeevan, what did actually
happen that day? The murder inside the lift
The near fatal condition of 2 That girl’s arrest
What was your master plan? Every move from that morning
was pre-conceived by him The master plan
went according to that What are you preening?
Come eat your food Every phase of the plan
was well planned I will give you a medication His visit to the psychologist
was a ruse to show he was a coward He misled the police by going film After he got at at interval
his objective was to get Thambi Who is it? Let me check Did you see, Thambi? – He is near the railway track
– He got a call, go and call him it was his need to dump the murder
on someone else’s head – How is your new girl?
– Nothing special with her Really…? – Hello
– Is it Thambi? Yes dude, who are you? I have a quotation-job for you, Thambi 30 grand
Will you pay me before the deed? Yes, you must come, at 2 PM
to Cuckoo’s nest apts at Thammanam Where?
Thammanam? Flat number 604 I will tell you
other details later on He wanted the police to be misled That’s why he said flat
♪ 604 which was uninhabited As per Satyadevan’s promise
of the Rs 1 crore settlement to Feroz… …he waited outside
the building for him He made sure Feroz and Thambi
were within well within his view Everything was perfect But the girl’s arrival
was most unexpected I too don’t know
what happened after that – Shiva, what are you doing?
– Mom, my toy Toy! I just packed everything
Go away – Father, where is N4 toy?
– I don’t know Did you put the doctor’s
prescription inside the bag? Yes, mother How much is the bill amount?
Is it very high? It’s okay, mother My company will settle
everything in 5 days But food expense of Rs 2850
will have to be borne by us Did you hear? Then why no reaction? – Good morning Veeramani
– Good morning Are you all set to leave? It’s okay
There is a slight pain it will heal
in a weeks time I am adding
one more medicine Continue with the other
medicines as usual Anyway, take care Doctor?
How is Feroz? He is no more N4 dear boy! Hello Jeevan
Where should I send the money? I will come and collect it directly
Did you get hold of the pen drive? Thanks – Sir
– Sit I think we can close
this lift murder case Veeramani and Feroz had prior
appointments to meet Satyadevan Tina went to meet Abey George Thambi had written
Flat ♪ 604 in the register But we found that this flat
has been vacant for the last 6 months So it’s clear sir A guy on an overdose of drugs
got an insecurity feel in darkness A feeling he might be attacked
Hallucination That was why he stabbed
Veeramani and Feroz We have the psychiatrist’s
expert opinion to corroborate this Autopsy report also show
he was on an overdose that day The forensic report states it was
Thambi’s fingerprints on the knife – And Tina?
– She is innocent She struck Thambi fearing for her life
And purely in self defense Unfortunately the cut was
quite deep and caused death Okay?
Well done – Father?
– Yes dear I want to come
with you to Palani I will take you
next time for sure Father, don’t go What happened dear? Shiva, you must
not say such things I will bring you a good game CD
Do you want anything else? I want a cell phone Cell phone When you grow up
I’ll get you a cell phone I am unable
to cary you Stand here Father? This dress is super See you, dear Mani, this is for the temple These are snacks to eat in the bus Bless me Okay
Return safe Bye, dear Come When Ambi anna comes
Get the form filled See you “Let the story go on and on
Red hot coals live and burning” “Mind and body alike
Upon the funeral pyre” “In paths of darkness
Like waves of the night” “Like coals smoldering red
Did they flow in unison?” “Red hot blood
Upon this earth” “Like red stars
sparkling in pain” “Wild eyes burning high
Who do they search in vain?” “Like a tongue of flame
within wandering winds” “Far, far away burning away
As dying breath twisted in agony” “Unending betrayals danced in glee” “In paths of darkness
Like waves of the night” “Red hot blood
Upon this earth” “Like red stars
sparkling in pain” “In paths of darkness
Like waves of the night” “Red hot blood
Upon this earth” “Like red stars
sparkling in pain” “Wild eyes burning high
Who do they search in vain?” “Like a tongue of flame
within wandering winds” “Far, far away burning away
As dying breath twisted in agony” “Unending betrayals danced in glee” “In paths of darkness
Like waves of the night” “Red hot blood
Upon this earth” “Like red stars
sparkling in pain”

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  1. says its an English movie..NOT!! it is a Bollywood movie. 1st 7 minutes 3 people dead and i couldnt quit laughing at the acting. definitely a D movie. ok so why do Indian men hold their skirts up??

  2. its not bollywood. Its an Indian regional language movie (malayalam movie Seconds). such terrible English dubbing though..!!!

  3. Its very easy way to learn English greatly. Even it will help every learners to learn English properly. So I want to talk such very simple movie should release for the audience

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