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Hello.. Madam..Someone called Madhan
who is come here what’s his problem? I don’t know ma’am..he
never said anything.. But he seems to
be normal OK send him inside
ok ma’am.. You can go Ok madam Madhan.. open your eyes Madhan.. open your eyes please Madhan.. open
your eyes Tell me ..what
happened..? love who..? beautiful girl Name..? Pooja What happened
to Pooja? Madhan..tell me..What
happened to Pooja? Madhan Tell me..What
happened to Pooja? Madhan..
Pooja I’m crying and
she is gone She is gone..run away I loved her truly.But she
left me and gone… why..? I’m a poor guy I didn’t see my
father and mother I don’t know where
I get this face from I don’t know Then why did
you love? I don’t love..I don’t love She came to me..
she proposed to me She force me to love till
I don’t know what is love I did love her..I
explained her… I don’t know..I don’t know
what is this.. I asked and her
leave me But she said..she will die
for don’t love her She only say.. No..where is she..? where is she now..?
she is gone.. along with somebody.. ..with money, power,
position..that guy came with everything and she
left me and gone She is gone..along.. She is gone.. Why you didn’t think about
the consequences..? You are her friend who ask you
to love her You have to be slapped..
You have to be slapped.. That is your punishment That is your punishment.hit me..
hit..hit..hit me hardly I need this I loved her without knowing
the consequences I don’t know this
why happened She..she used to ya..she used to say
something what..what is that.. She told..I will be with you
till the last breath I was not able to
understand Now I understood that Now I know what
is that I will be with you till
the last breath… Now I understand
what is that.. And she left me
and gone I was dead that
woman I was dead I was like a dead
body sitting with ..wearing all
these things I was ashamed of
myself I’m not able to … Madhan..Madhan
cool down If Pooj is gone..
let it be If is not her..someon
else will come.. No..wrong…wrong…
wrong…it’s wrong what you are saying
is wrong..?it is wrong How another girl..?
How some other girl..? Wrong..it is wrong Try to understand
what thing.. On guy will have
one mother Like that..any guy will have
only one lover Just one lover Its a shame.. Its dirty..nasty
shit And she… I’m not able to
forget it forget her… For me love is like a
bunch of roses.. I felt she is also a rose
keep inside me I took grow a beautiful
a rose plant But, when she was going
she mercelessly uprooted.. ..the entire plant and
piercing my body.. Madhan..calm down
calm down Madhan calm down please No madam please
hey don’t cry… I’m feeling the pain please don’t cry Its ok Hey why are you asking me
to meet Arjun..? I want to tell him important
matter.. Ok..tell me Yesterday night one guy Did he pull
you hand..? rape me.. what ..? rape…? in dream.. oh..dreams…ok.. But it was like really..
very much real hey come on..who is going
to come into your room..? and see your character. You don’t spoke any
boy properly.. and that’s why in your dreams
some boy is come to rape you.. ok..fine..its ok Stop talking about your
dreams.. Let me to go to class
Malathi.. Hey..Do you remember the face
of the guy rape you..? Ya..I can..I can remember Oh..you know what ideologically
think as a guy like that… any way..be careful..ok..
bye Oh my god.she is
scaring me now Will they be really a
person like him..? Hi..I’m Mohan here Ya tell me sir I saw your company’s
auditing report. You have done a brilliant
job.But.. Your payment is
little too much.. what is this sir..? I can expect that,like other
senior auditors.. I’m not sitting and veryfying
the accounts… Oh that’s fine.. But I’m using my intelligent and
information I’m giving you is very useful to you
righ sir..? exactly right..
That’s why I able to say too much money.
Yes definitely.. Then you can pay me
ok.. I’ll preapare the cheque for you..
Than you sir come and collect from office
Thank you sir I’ll come and collect it
bye..bye Are you still thinking
about your dreams…? No yaar..I’m very
very scared Mythili..stop being
scared man.. You know I just joking to
scare you man… Ther is not a guy like the
person in your dreams and he won’t rape you Hello Madhan..what
here sir..? No ..sir ask me
to come Inside the cheque is ready
I’ll gone and collect it,right Hello..tell me Dude
I’m going to call you Yesterday in the movie’s the
rape scene superb man.. Its reallistic and
thrill too We are always smoking
and drinking..but.. we never rape
like this one If a chance be with a
girl she finished Hello..Hello Hello..Hello Hello..what’s wrong
with you..? why are fiddling with
button like this? If the lift stop, we will be
stuck here only We both have to be
only alone here I don’t mind Excuse me…
hello What happened to her? She is running as if
I’m raping her now Why are you got
this dream? Malathi says it’ll
surely happened I thought its just
a dream… But the guy..really came
in front of me.. Oh..god..I’m really scared I don’t know whether is
dream or real I’m too confused I wish it should
be a dream… I should that see
him anymore.. and I should not get
the dream anymore I should forget
this dream You should help me ok please…please…please… Oh my god Did you hear what
I said..? what..? Did you hear what
I said..? I don’t know what
you are speaking.. I’m hard of hearing That’s why I wanted to
speak to Nandhi Go to hell I’m so handsome ..
superb Excuse me..do you know where
is the dance classes? I don’t know..
ok.. Hello.. oh my god Hello.. Excuse me.. Excuse me.. Hello..wait…wait… why are you running? don’t come..
please wait don’t come near me
ok..ok..ok what happened now?
what harm did to you..? Even on that lift you
run away from me Even now you
are running what happened to you?
that day…. …you came… you came to my
room and Your room..?your room
what happened..? my hand..hand.. I left your hand long
back see I’m not holding you.. That day..your hair
was little different Oh..I see I had that lift on
that lift itself that you have
some problem But onething is
confirmed now You are a mad girl You are a mad..You
are mad girl right..? what..past two days I’m
talking to the mad girl Hi…Can I have some
hot please Thank you.. who is this? just guess..
guess..? I think Bolly…
no yaar not Bolly..Sameer
no… Vikram..
No.. Sunil…
No Naveen..
hey..its me.. Oh..my god..shit.I’m really
very very sorry ok..ok..stay cool I am extremely sorry
you know You just look like
my friend Anitha Hi I’m Renuka Menon what about yourself..? I’m Madhan Butt..I’m really
very extremely sorry I didn’t really mean it
you know You just look like
my friend Anitha well..its ok..but you
know what.. You look like my
friend too Is it..?
come on ok..ya.. Its ok..I just go to
my house Because my boy friend was
like me coming to the club. I like you..You are sweet
Thank you Ya..Do you
have a drink..? No..I don’t drink Oh..no..the mad girl hello..creature oh god hello..creature I got stuck again why are you running
after seeing me..? Now you know..
now you know Now you know the
pain of running away from somebody
you know You are also running
away from me You should think
about my side Now I am not scared If you are not scared,why you
are moving backwards Would like to have
a coffee with me..? oh yes what’s your name? Mythili Please love me
Hello.. Hey..its name
of a movie cool what’s your name? My name is Madhan Kumar ya..you can call me
Madhan Excuse me..in your childhood
did you swallow 2 eggs fully? No No..I can see two eggs
in your eyes..that’s why Hello..just look If you are going to tease
me I’ll go away.. hello..why are you being
tensed..sit down..sit down what is this..?You are getting
tensed as if you have BP I’m not getting tensed.
understand… see..see..see who
is shouting.. This is tension who got tensed..? Oh..my god you are
acting like a baby Ok..we came here
have coffee. I’ll order
and come Can you ask him would
the rape happened..? or else he will think
I’m a mental.. If he more asking this Will go to everyone and do
say whatever they asked him no..no Here is your coffee.
Thank you We’ll discuss something else Sorry..tell me about
your family Parents are in US I don’t want to
go there. I just love this place Actually..do you in love
with somebody..? why this guy asking
like these things..? If I’m say No..he
will say I love you and he will hold
my hands..bad guy..? no..no..I’ll say I have
a boy friend That is very good one day ask you one question
just give me one reaction why..why these reaction? Hello..look here.I’m in
love. I’ve a boyfriend very good..everybody
have to love. I’m happy you have
a boyfriend.. what is this..?He told something
he saying something… May be he is a
good guy… OK..its getting late.
can I move..? One more thing..now we
are friends right..? ya See..you are scared..you
said you won’t scared right? sorry who is Puncture Pandi.here? I’m Puncture Pandi. I’m Puncture Pandi. I’m Puncture Pandi. what do you want..? Will my cycle come..? call and if
come you take it But I asked you is it
in a good condition? All the cycles in my shop
go very easily Last month 2 cycles went.
It didn’t come back here Pandi..Can I take my
cycle..? Ya take it The seat is dancing In the assembling itself
in the seat shakes you adjust and sit there. can’t you adjust a
simple cycle seat..? push it or take it like
a walking stick Brother..shall I take
a cycle..?Ya take it Oh..there is no light.
Its burning there. Can’t you see? Brother..there
is no light in this cycle. For the me money you gave
you..one light and fan is it..? Take it and go man Brother there is
no bell also… Ya..here is the bell..
use it like this.. Ok brother Tell man..ask him to go
go..go Boss…Boss…
what are you saying? How much for the rent of the
cycle for one hour? 3 rupee The next shop is telling it is two
rupee. Then you go there He doesn’t have a
cycle now Then come when I don’t have a cycle
and I give it you for 1 rupee why are you getting so tensed?
I ‘ll break your hand into pieces Don’t pissed
me off Ya..I’m Madhan speaking Call my uncle from
opposit shop One minute..Brother Pandy
you have a call.. Whose that calling
me now? Ya..tell me what uncle..? how
are you now I’m doing well.
How are you..? I’m fine..Are you fighting
inside the shop? No..no I do all the
fighting outside.. Its ok..how’s the
town there? This town is getting worse.
then take the cycle and never return it see..that’s why I ask you to
come to the city.. oh..no..no..I’m willing to
loose the cycle But I never come
to the city ok..ok..How is your
auditor job..? Everythingis going good.
oh..really..? so what happened
to that matter? oh my god.. My goodness,, Malathi..I vomitted
thrice today.. I’m very much scared Last night your food may be
upset your stomach This is not that..I’m scared
that should not happened But what is that..?
Its rape.. hey..you said that was dream
know. Now what is this..? I’ll just come now Will just go to doctor
and check.Get ready Ok..I’ll ask them to give
the file tomorrow Is there anything else..?
Nothing.. Are you going to
the music college? Oh god..why you are
asking that..? I met a crazy girl oh..I’m very scared.
Don’t be scared..its ok Report..Report..
Report.. Where is my report.? I already told you.Don’t
ask me again ok.. Your report will come
in 5 minutes and hundred time you
asking me. Sit down I’m tired off this girl
Hello…Mythili.. This one or this one
which do I give? All give for any
one of them Here your report.
Check it and leave. Hey Mythili..
give it man.. How did its come..? Tell me what’s there? Tell me please..please.. Hey it is positive..YOu
are pregnant Mythili.. Pregnant… Hey..Mythili Mythili..what’s happened?
Mythili Hey wake up Hey..what happened you
are fainted…? give me that water See girl..If you are
pregnant.. ..all these giddiness, vomiting
sensation everything will come You need not be bothered
about this. Its very casual. Get up..get
up Isay I am saying..Don’t be
scared.. Go home..take rest and eat
something very timely You will be fine
alright then No..no.. why did you come alone?
where is your husband? Hey..why are you here? what happened..?why
she is crying..? You are pregnant.. Shut up your mouth No..I know you have a
boy friend But I didn’t realize
you had so quickly I don’t have any boyfriend You don’t have
a boyfriend..? Then how it happened? You are responsible
for everything.. what…? Hey my daughter is
not pregnant..? This sports man Veluchami
is a very bad man…. Is this a hospital..? Give me the report who is that..? Mythili..you don’t cry hey..my daughter is conceived
in very long time. I have celebrated it
in my town I gave feast to
my village I had lots of offerings to god But you tell me there
is nothing like that How is it possible..? Sir..sir.. who are you? why are you interfering?
Nothing sir.. just give me the report.
Why..? Just give me that.. Your daughter Mythili
is pregnant What are you telling? simple sir..Your daughter’s
name is Mythili …a girl standing there
is also Mythili They gave you the
wrong report This is yours.. Oh..then my daughter
is pregnant… Of course .Your daughter
is pregnant.. I should serve
sweet you man First go and wear
some shirt My shirt…? They change the report
and gave the wrong one You are not pregnant.
Hold it Don’t jumped a conclusion.
Just think a while… Take care
Hey.. why you want get
married soon? Of course it is .Why did
you feel for that? ..as if we are
some lovers So..what you are
coming to say now? Till now we have
been dating a lot Now you want a break up
with me right? Hey no not at all
Nothing like that. After marriage my husband
will go to Dubai I can’t go to Dubai. I will
be here only.. Always we can fun Why did you worry? Hello….Hello Hello.. Hi..I heard you are getting
married.Congratulations Ya..thank you..
who is this..? I’ll tell you about
myself later But the person sitting infront
of you. Who is that guy..? Hello..who are you? why are you
talking rubbish? See..within a week you’re getting
married to a man from Dubai. You went to Fisherman club
with this guy.. and lot of things I recorded
everything in my camera If I release that video, its
a big problem for you. So if you listen to what I say
both we can be benefitted.. How is the deal…?Think
and let me know now My Dubai fiance.. ok..ok..I’ll wit outside Ok what do you
want now..? I’ll tell you frankly You are wearing a one side black
sleeveless in your looking.. so smoking hot who are you? You are somewhere
here only.. don’t get tensed Please why do you
torture me like this? What do you want? I want kiss from you Idiot ! what the hell
are you talking? I don’t know anything
about you.. What do you mean if
suddenly call after a kiss I don’t even know how
you will look like… So..If I say how I look
Will you kiss me..? No..I didn’t mean
like that Then what do you
mean by that..? Ok..you want me to kiss
you right.I will kiss You tell me where
you are..? I myself will come
and see you. Atleast I should know
how you look like.. Ok..ok..I’ll tell you You also want to know
how I look..? Guys wearing a walkman
listen to the music I look like… Alright..where should
I come now..? Its raining..where
are you…? Take your right. I’m standing
in the bike parking. Ok I will surely come I need to discuss an
important subject Please tell me sir In the recent times in
Tamil Nadu.. ..lot of girls are
gone missing Our department is still
investigating But we are not able to get
any kind of details so far.. Were they kidnapped or
murdered..? Is it an individual or is
a group behind..? We have no information because
we can’t get any clues and no dead bodies
we can’t find anything and that there is no connection
between one girl and the other. The case of missing girls are
increasing everyday So far what we have
collected in this case those details are here..
in this file OK sir This should not get
public take big issue and should not attract the
government’s attention and start pressuring us.. You should find all
this before that So Mr. Devan..
Please act fast I will do my best sir why..why..why are
you shouting..? I’ll be there within
ten minutes.. I’m just wearing
my shirt.. God..ok I will come All crazy people.. She is asking me to
join for lunch.. and friendship is going
somewhere else.. I need to put an end
to this. what can I do..? Hi..
Hi.. Sorry ..I couldn’t
come at time.. some more rice..
no…no..its enough what happened..? ya..this..nothing I know..you must drunken night
and slipped somewhere. you are very smart then what happened..? I feel ashamed That’s ok..
tell me nothing.. My wife with me when
she was kissing me oh.. what wife..? yes.. what are you saying? You are married? of course Love marriage..? no..no Arranged marriage..? No then..? Accident Accident A beautiful girl like you
wanted to commit suicide I stopped her She asked, will you
marry me I married her? You would have seen
this in many movies. Typical movie type. She is
living in her house I’m living in my house From the day of
marriage We didn’t make
love till bed So whenever we
meet like this out of passion..when we kiss
she bites me thts why.. Food is awsome My stomach is full. where is the handwash? there Hi..I’m not able to
see you nowadays oh..yesterday live heart
now I’ve to do something wow..what can I do..?
what can I do..? Today I have to do
something what can I..what is this..? She is doing make over,when
she is counting a day Its like a shopping mall. Nobody
is attending the class. Excuse me..
ya May I have your
lipstic please For what..? No..I want a lip
mark here I have a lip stamp. would
you like to have? Ya..will do. will that do..?
this will do Is this lip stam? WE can get whenever
we need this Madhan…Hi Hi.. what..You are drawing
in the air.. without a drawing board
and painting brush No..there is a lipstic mark is it..? Is it gone now..?
This side.. I only applied.Don’t
I know that..? On the way I met my
lover and she kiss me Lover..?stupid ..
idiot Think about your wife.
she is living only for you How could you
do this? what do you thinking
of yourself? Think about her. You
will go to hell.. so..so..sorry Hello..hello..mind
your words Have you done or
something left My lover is my wife
My wife is my lover. If she keeps me happily
I call her lover If she hurts me
I call her wife… Its according to
her mood Sorry…Sorry…Sorry…
very sorry Please ..I’m so sorry I’m very sorry please According to me you’ve
not all changed. you and your reaction what the hell
is telling.. sorry…
what you want now? I want to see
your wife. My wife..
ya.. why she wants to meet
my wife what happened..? She is always
confusing me Madhan… That..you can meet But there is a small
problem in it what problem..?n
nothing If she see me with a beautiful
and intelligent girl like you you know what
will happened.. what will happened? You want to know.. She’ll say you
had an affair and she informed the whole
world within 2 minutes She is like
that species.. You won’t believe
what I say… Even if the TV
anchor is a girl my wife is asking me to
listen without seeing her Oh my god..then
its not needed. Madhan.. No need to introduce but
I can see her from car know From a long distance..? please I want to see ok..I will keep her ready Ready..? No..I said I will make some arrangement
for you to meet her nothing else
ok when…? tomorrow..?
what time…? I’ll inform
where..? I’ll think and say confirmed.. confirm..you can see
her tomorrow Can you leave
this place? Its library really a mad girl where can I see
lot of girls..? I don’t know come..come..where
is your wife? You told she on time where is she? Hello…
oh wait… what you seeing
everybody? You don’t know
your wife. If I know I would
show you earlier. I can manage with
that girl. oh..no..come here ….come here come here..look there
she is my wife hey..how she looks? She is good you see…she wanted
to commit suicide ..but I gave her a
beautiful life I cannot complaint her.. ..without my permission she
won’t use 100 rupees Excuse me..you have
change for 100 rupees? I don’t have change. You don’t even have change
for Rs.100 and .. you have a girl friend I’ll get my change
somewhere else. She is always like this ..torturing me
for everything Now she is torturing me even
in the shopping mall. Her father is like that .So he
is behaving like this you bloody..idiot
stupid whatever you told me
everything is lie I’m not going
to leave you Lover is wife.
wife is lover whatever you have told me
that’s why I told to bring her Now I got you right hey Hello..you remember me That day I wished I should
not seen Madhan I should not talk
to him like that.. I’m like that whatever I told that day
you have heard in this ear left out through that ear That’s for good only whatever I’m saying now
just hear properly But don’t leave
as usual. Madhan is a good guy. I want to love him marry him and to get
endless number of kids That I will take care He have to be with me.
You’ve to take care of them You ..that day.. You
cannot hear right..? Now that is then..I pray to
Nandhi and now I can hear. I heard what all
you said. You will get Madhan the
one you love Don’t worry..All the best
Thank you Enjoy In the last few days in Chennai
it is getting common that.. lot of young girls are
getting missed. And also there is no updates
whether they have been.. kidnapped or they have
been murdered.. This is becoming more and more
important and curious in the public. This case would be
handled by … Mr. Devan Assistant Commissioner
of Police as per the latest news. Why are you
standing there? No..actually you are
a young girl I’m also young and when the
TTR comes.. ..you’ll request him to send
me the some other coop. Its all problem for you That’s why I’m
standing outside Its ok..I will be
standing here. No probs..Please
come sit . ok Hi..
hi.. Where are you from? I’m from Chennai Where are you
going to..? To Banglore Where are you from? My native is Banglore.
ok I stay with my Parents
in Chennai. oh..Just going to meet my
couple of my friends.. ok.. This is nice ya..thank you This belt is too good. Where did you buy
this from..? oh..ya Banglore.. Why didn’t do something.. I think you have
upper berth I will sleep on the top.You
can sleep here ok why..? let me sleep
on top and you can sleep down No..genernally.. no..you are a girl, if you
difficult to climb up… I’ll stay here who said..?We are all
modern girls You see now I told you earlier climbing
and sleeping… on top is a difficult task.
what would wrong now? I feel fine only.. Now the next participant
is Mr. Vinu. Mr. Madhan…
Ya..Yes yes he is Madhan Oh..this is you
is it..? She said that 100 times
I’m Madhan Go to back stage please.
ok Oh..Gof he is tremendously
good Why are you bluffing
with mad He is really playing good. but if you want to play
you will show him You will get the
first prize. Don’t blab like this.They wrote
my name in the last catergory and you are saying
I’ll come first.. now let’s see See you on the ground.
Go man… Ok I’ll go to the
back stage Hey Madhan..
Best of Luck Hey..excellent Oh..so you are the last
participant.. why you even taking part..? The audience love
my performance I’m going to win
this time for sure.. The next participnt.. Go..go..go..you are
going to lose..go Hey..this girl is
getting inside Its a chance..
yes Buddy..you win..I’m telling
you ..you win Now we are announcing the
drums competition result The third prize goes
to Deva Second prize goes to
Madhan.. and the first prize
goes to Vinu I’m sorry..I told you
before right.. ..that I was goes to
the first prize. I agreed you performed
really well… But you are lost. Yes..I lost this contest For the way you played
just 3 people judged you But the way I played.. everybody here was
dancing on the floor Keep onthing in your mind We are always winning
we are going somewhere Don’t think like that In life its not important
who is going in the front at the end of the day who is finishing
first is the most important… I will be there hey.? where have you been..?
I’m searching for you girls.. You are not there when
I was played Why you are crying..?I lost
the contest..tht’s why..? See here..turn and
see Hello.. See here.. what happened..? what happened..? hey..you keep quite hey come on..
congratz.. You are naughty man Hey why you going
inside the lady’s toilet? Hey..how dare..? what..what you are
trying it is..? what..you bloody..? I didn’t see him
hitting you But you saw me
thrashing him That is enough
for me You are changing
the board.. You are board..
bad fellow Hey..what are you
doing there why are you punching
there sir? On this I don’t think
this case will get over.. till now we still haven’t
got a single clue This case is going
no where Everything is so confusing why don’t we just give up on this
case and go back to our place No..I’ll definitely
get it done. why the vehicles
standing here? Because it cannot stand
that’s why it stand here hey..is it a joke..?
I need to make a call. I will do it.
I will make a call She starts again I want to see who he
is going to talk… Tell me the number number please 9884092200 My phone is ringing Who is calling me? Hello Hello..Hello Hello I’m hearing myself then..you are calling
your own number.. then your neighbour will
attend your call..? Idiot ok..ok..come out I can’t come
ok..move Go out and stand.Otherwise people
will think we’re lovers Though what let
them think.. why we should not
stand together..? No human gets argue
with you To whom you are
calling..? Tell me know.. Tell me I say The grand dad was who
died yesterday. Can you stop irritating..? Hello.. Ya,,I’m Madhan speaking Call my uncle from
opposit shop Hello.. Hey idiot..can’t you tell
me ..It burned my ears. Receiver is here
brother Hello.. Hello..I’m Madhan speaking
uncle..How are you? Ya,,I’m doing well Ok..when you are
coming to the city ? How can I leave this
shop and come? Big shop..Are you running a
factory? All rusted cycles Leave that and
come uncle Ok..Ok..I’ll come
there in a week. OK uncle you should
come ok.. Yes uncle..you
should come please go on Hey why are doing mimicry
talking in a lady’s voice. Nothing uncle. A crazy girl
is standing next to me Why do you gave the
phone to a crazy girl ? Ok..Ok..I’ll come there Here have it you and
your phone Irritating fellow Sir..I have a
strong feeling that there is a big network
behind this case I think it is a big gang No..just.. what I am thinking is … one guy should have
kidnapped all the girls. Sir..I found out
what..? whisky is stronger
than brandy Sir..may be he
did that How..? May be sir he did this Tell me how..? We never know may be
he did that May be he did this go..go..go..
fast..fast.. You can suspected one
get them immediately..go Hello.. Mr. Deva, lot of girls are
kidnapped by somebody.. and that case was handed
over to you.. You need to find these girls or you should try to know what
happened to these girls.. But you are standing in a theatre.
hey who are you..? I’ll tell you.. who are you…? You are not able to find
me.But I’ll tell you The main reason behind the
missing girls..is me..ya its me My name is Manmadhan Hey..I will definitely catch
you soon.. Hey..hey shut up..You can’t
even pluck my hair Hey..hey..You don’t
show me your anger catch me ..if can Hey..hey..catch everyone who
is talking in the phone now Don’t waste your time.
You don’t catch me.. I bet with you Get the phone and check
the last dialled number. show me your phone..show Its my hero’s Movie You are talking in the
phone right… Take..where is your phone..?
come on tell me where is it? where is your phone?
idiot.. who is that guy..? Go and search now
useless fellow shit Hello.why did you
leave the college? oh..that..I had some
auditing works.. That’s why I am not
able to come ok..ok..there is a birthday party
today.You come with me I cannot come to a
birthday party I’m not feeling well.
I’m going home Don’t irritating me. Keep the
phone down.. hey..don’t shout
ok..bye Sorry aunty.Its
already late I will call you ok
See you later Well me get a
money today? Today is saturday,we ‘ll have
super duper collection For you or me..? Sir..both of us sir How much you want to fill?
5 litres Put it exactly ok.. Do you have all the
documents..? Yes I have it How will we make money? Hey..look over there..
Yes sir Hey stop..stop.. Rememeber of tellling about
the bike..this is the one.. Its looks very cool Don’t talk the bike sir
super figure sir ya..she looks
really hot what happened? why she
is sleeping sir? liquor sir..
oh liquor..saturday night Yes full tight You might not bring money but we do what are
you looking us You know who
we are? You give us the
money and go Give the money
..give it Our sir should also want
to buy like this bike Yes you are right Thank you for the money
you can leave go..go,, In Chennai the guy who is
continuously kidnapping the young girls, has kidnapped
another girl from city last night. The girl is identified as
Shilpa from Kottivakkal The girl’s father has registered
a complaint with police regarding this. According to
the police , they strongly doubt that Manmadhan who is
being kidnapping young girls might as kidnapped Shipa
as well.. But what she is saying he
is Manmadhan..? No..it will not be like that The girl who has seen
with him yesterday night disappeard. I saw it
it in the news You also saw the girl right
is the same girl ya.. He has changed his name from
Madhan to Manmadhan and he is kidnapping
all the girls The police is searching for
him and he is a criminal But you have found
him also easily and we should be going to
report this to the police No..never hey..we have to tell this Such a rascal how many
girls he kidnapped and he is also planning to
kidnap you That’s why he is spending time with
you. Don’t you understad this I’m not able to see that crazy girl
where is she..? Hey.. Did you see
Mythili today? She is also come
to the college Round up ..arrest him Don’t move Take him Sir..I didn’t do
anything wrong I suspect you in
the theatre itself sir why are you
arresting me..? I didn’t do anything
sir Sir..please listen
to me sir..why you are
arresting me sir? shut your mouth
I didn’t do anything sir Sir you are harassing me
Please try to understand sir..sir I didn’t do
anything sir try to understand Its not fair sir sir..sir I didn’t do
anything sir sir I didn’t do
anything sir He is the one right…? Yes.. get in..get in I say Start the vehicle go Reporter news
for the hour Another update from the
Police Department that.. Manmadhan who has been
kidnapping the young girls who has been arrested
by Police today Around 11 a.m
in the morning at Adayar Music college policeman surrounded Madhan
and arrested him It has come to
all knowledge that Manmadhan who
has been arrested studying in the same
music college After arresting him Police
department has been .. keeping him in a very secret
place and enquiring Hey..Mythili has seen you with
the girl in the bike right..? Yes.. But it was not me.. Tell me .. you are the one who kidnapped
all the girls in the city right..? Right.. But it was not me.. You are the one
who call me … at the cinema
theatre right? Right..But it
was not me.. Hey you told Police can’t
pluck anything right? Right..you are the one
you are the one ..right? Right..But it
was not me.. Idiot.. Sir..He keeps telling the same
thing again and again I thought he would give the
same answer that’s why I imitated him.Hey..what
you think about Sir? This is not the way
to answer He is a senior officer.You
don’t know about him. If he get angry,he will
be… ..On that day Adayar sir..sir he is repeating the
same thing again and again. How long are you going to
listen to this nonsense Sir ? Hey..you keep saying..Its me
But its not me..Its me but its… not me..If it is not you then
who is it? Hey we need an answer
Tell us Manmadhan Manmadhan..? You are not him right?then
who is Manmadhan? Tell me Tell me..tell me who
is Manmadhan..? The younger brother Sir. My name is Madhan Kumar My younger brother’s name
is Madhanraj. We lost our father
in our childhood soon after that we
lost our mother too. Then our uncle become
our guardian and he took care of us After I finished
my degree.. I joined as an assistant to
an auditor in Chennai. But my brother stay in
the village itself. He was not get along
with my uncle. My younger brother is so
waiting to join in the college For that year village
festival I went there. Guys..seeing happy I
can understand…. that my uncle is not here. Yes you’re right..
ok..ok.. I have to filled the air
in this useless shop. Do it quickly..
ok..ok This is a cycle shop and
You two are employees and my uncle is the owner. Hey..you go there I’m managing two
people. Are you managing 2000? You think you are Bill Gates’
Grandson..? Hey ..don’t come to me with
your big mouth you jeggler Hey..when his mom died,what
is she leave behind..? Did she leave a lot of property
that I am enjoying today.? She gave Rupees 10
in left her life He keeps looking at it
and made it dirty hey..Jegger### you’re insultin
my cycle shop right..? Look at this. I repaired
all these cycles and paid for both of
your education. You guys are eating
because of this. You are wearing a dress
because of these cycles. Because of this you
have a cycle.. Hey..don’t touch..
don’t touch… Don’t give me your hand
I ask you to don’t touch my cycle Don’t swallow the bell You will lose your teeth. I know you are jealous
of my cycle. Ya..this is a
Mercedes-Benz I’m getting jealous
get lost… Don’t put your leg
I’m going Go.. Should I fill air?
No need. I don’t want anything from
this shop. I’ll go to next.. Ya..ya get lost. But please
don’t come back here. One day his life
become U turn He met with a
small accident Oh God.. sorry sir Who the bloody
hell you man? You want to loose your
life under my vehicle? go to hell man. Bloody
idiot non-sense. Because of you my job
would have gone. Hey bloody idiot why the hell torturing
in the morning itself? Hey..what happened
to him? Uncle informed me about
his behaviour. when I was enquired him
about that… I get to know everything Then he got an admission in
Coimbatore college. Ya..hold this box. Why are you taking it ..
that’s his..give it to him Look here. when I go to
Madras I’ll call you daily. You too call me ok.. If anything troubles you
I’ll come immediately. Ok..don’t cry Hey..I say not to cry. Sir..you please start
the vehicle sir right Brother.. hey go inside..
go inside and sit. Brother ..brother Don’t baby put your
hands outside looks like someone is
kidnapping you…. Hello..what are you
looking up? Are you come to
clean the place ? This we will call a palace.Stop
staring at the cealing Who are you and where
are you from? Madhan Raj from
Madhanpatty Madhan raj..Madham patty
shit.. This guy is from
some village What sort of hair style
is this..? bloody hell hey.. a chain in your necek
a thread around your hand and a stupid old
suitcase. Have you come
to study here or woriking in the canteen? A college studenst should
be dress up like me. I don’t want to share my
room someone like you. why are you insulting
me like this? Already I’m in sad mood. Why you sad buddy..? What is the matter?
You can tell me Hey what happened? No..the box
the box Big brother… what brother? I’m not
a watchman here I’m a student buddy.
Call me by name Your name..?
Boby..Boby Boby..Boby Boby..Boby..Boby… I was making my name loud and
clear to you.That’s all man Boby..I fell down..came.. gone..came again…. gone again… Don’t tell this
to anyone This is one big secret.
I should not tell anyone. Please don’t tell anyone that
you told me your secret. Why..?
They will slap me with slipper. I should hate myself on
listening to you Go and keep this suitcase
Use it other pillow. I will see you in a while Hey..go and ask that guys
act like our hero is ok..? Hey..what the hell is
going on here..? It looks really stupid Hey look there.
Two new guys… One is that full
make up and one man is village get
up come on here Guys..
Me sir.. They are calling us. come ..come
come here… Who are you guys..? Are you
new to the college? What are you thinking
guys? OK just perform.. I can’t perform.But I can make
some biriyani for you. Are you kidding me..?Is your
dad is chef or what..? No sir..Just act like those
guys ok…? Like that guy..
that’s nothing I can perform better
than him. Do you know who I ‘m..? My name is Samba.
I’m a king here I will kill you.. Hey..what I said..? This is a scene from
our NTR’s movie. More your make up senior NTR
is the right person.Go perform ok sir You are beautiful. I
like you a lot. You are beautiful. I
like you a lot. What shall we do
with him..? Hello Madam..madam..
white churidar Junior sister come here
come here… come..come..come Are you first year? Where you are from?
Koimabatore. What’s your name..? Vaishnavi. You are looking like a local
village girl wearing a churidar..? This is so old. I’ll turn
into a modern girl Ok..give a kiss gave..gave.. What you are thinking? Gave.. Not for me..for him Just kiss him what she is thinking? ok..ok..all study well hey..let’s go
come.. let’s go I can’t believe everyone
is so puctual to college. I know why..? Its because
of these girls. Enough..enough your
watching sit down..sit down..
stupid guy Hey..Jiji , see that guy He is getting so
confused.. Hey why don’t you sit
on my shoulder and look at her..just
because she kissed you You are looking
other like that No..You know one thing?
what..? You know who she is? The girl I met in the village.
She is the same girl. Ok..how she came here? In the auto or the
college bus.. Don’t ask me such
stupid question.. Good morning students
Good morning sir.. Excuse me..Hello One minute please Excuse me..Hello Hi..Hey I’m sorry I kissed you..Please
don’t feel bad.. They ask me to..
that’s why… I’m really sorry..
Its ok..ok.. Vaishnavi.. Ok..bye bye bye Hey That girl is already left The watchman is going
to close the college gate. Come on..let’s go buddy
idiot.. bye hey stop saying bye
..bye now I can’t bear your non sense.
I can’t take it any more Hey..let’s go please
bye bye… He just not listening
to me Hey why you have
been so stubborn Let’s go man Hey.Vyshu.. Hi Cheenu Its been such a long time
since we met We are being on the phone for
the past 6 months But I came to know that you
joined this college only I hear from your grand
father told me I wanted to you be a
surprise for you.. Other than you whom to I know
in this college you know.. Don’t you worry..
I’ll take care See you later.bye
ok bye This is her first
day of college. She hasn’t come
back and when will she come and
I ask her to call you ok.. ok..ok.. Hey grand dad.. why are you late? Today is the first day and
seniors were ragging That’s why… Just now your father
called from Muscut Really..? I told him you haven’t
come yet You go to your room and
call your father ..ok.. ok..I have my bath first and
then call dad.. Boby..please..please..
please.. hey stop man.My back
hurts beating me continuously I will stand here.
Make that call But the Warden is
not here what problem if warden is
not here.Look atthis buddy Think this monkey is the
warden..Can I make a call Not this..where is real
warden?Noone knows where he is..Just make that
call in case he come back .. I’ll talk to him In office they keep some
photos or statues.. But here they kept
a toy monkey. Stupid warden. Ya..I’m stupid..Are you
super computer..? I’m sorry sir..sir.Can I make
a call sir? You already started.
Complete it.. Hello.. Big brother..I’m
Madhan speaking Ya Madhan..tell me
How are you..? Ya..I’m fine bro.. ok..how is your hostel
and college? Is it comfortable?
Do you like it Ya..I like it very much. I need
to tell you something.. that girl..
which girl..? That girl is studying
in my college. which girl? You said you met
her in the village.That girl..? Yes bro..the same girl I was ragged.. but the girl
gave me a kiss Oh you brave..you are
very lucky and you must
be very happy Ya bro..I’m really
very happy bro ok..ok..whatever happens
you have to call me. ok..? whatever happens
you have to call me. I’ll also call you Hey..that’s what I said
ok..? Put the phone down
ok bye ok…ok..bro Thank you sir sir, that made who
clean the floors harldy comes to our room. I have seen her
many times here. She keeps your place
neat and clean No wonder you always
under the table. Hey..I’ll take care
of you later. The hospital bed will be
better than this one. Just look at this pillow
its disgusting.. That wardern needs
to be slippered. God alone knows when this
bed is going to break Oh God…
Boby..Boby..Boby.. What happened? Did the
warden die..? Nothing like that. You have to
come with me. Where..? To the bar..ok.
let’s go No..I have to meet
Vaishu.. Vaishu..? Hey its going
to be 12 ‘O clock If you go now you
can’t see her. She might be
fast asleep. I have to see
Vaishu now Its difficult to find out
her address now buddy Please go to sleep Don’t worry
about that How’s this..?
What is this..? You just like a
magician. You want me to make
a boat with this paper. This is Vaishu’s Address.I took
it from college register. Oh my god. You looks so
innocent buddy.. You are like one of those
anti-heroes in the movie. You keep your dialogue
for some other day. Now let’s go..come Wait..I’m climbing. The wall is really high and scared my underwer
may tear ..instead of being
his friend.. I should have taken
as a security job.. ..in the night atleast I’ve
make some money Hey..No one is here
come Hey..where are you? where are you? Hey..Its me.. We came here right.But
where is Vaishu’s room? She must be in one
of these rooms. That one or that one..? Hey..the light is on
in that room. I think that is
her room Hey..climb..
let’s see Remove your slippers
and climb. You might slip Hey..day by day you are
getting shameless. I really doubt that he isn’t
going to come down If been shaking his back
very long time now. I think I’m going to miss
my classes tomorrow Oh.. this coffee
is not hot Hey..come down
we’re getting late. Hey..I think someone
is coming.. Come down Buddy Oh..no.. Very nice movie
oh..really..? My friends call
me yesterday. But I refused
to go Hey ok..then.I’ll call
you later.ok. ok bye..
bye Madhan.. Madhan.. Why she is calling
from somewhere? Look behind.I’ve a hurt
my head. What’s wrong
with you..? Hey just show your
hand for one second What Vaishu..? Not this hand..that.. That’s good. Now
write on my head She writes on his hand but
when I ask her she hits me This is bad.. What is she doing Stop staring that .I want
to go to my room My head is really
paining.Let’s go.. come on.. Hey..not that way..
this way.. come on this way..come on Good morning sir Good morning sir What kind of cycle
you want..? We have with carrier and
without carrier Hey..you shouldn’t talk
but I’m here. GO… What do you want sir? Brother, are you giving
cycles for rent..? That’s why I have cycles No..I want it for one month.
Could you tell me the rent..? For one month..Have
a seat sir.. Please sit down. Hey..You wants it for
a month? oh..that great Boss..
Ya..ya.. You want something to
drink..? No no..brother Tell me the rent for
one month Its 450 for a month. What is the
for the half? Why do you want half?
This is not a liquor shop. No brother..If you tell
me 15 days rent, it will be comfortable. 225 for 15 days Then for one week
how much..? Well.. 50 for a week Then for one day
how much? Valuable customer..? How much for one
day brother..? ok..leave it..how much
for one hour? How much for one
hour brother? Brother..how much
for one hour? Brother tell me how
much for one hour? Hey leave me.No cycle
for you. Get up What are you looking? Tell to me..on
my eyes.. Say it once again Tell to me..on
my eyes.. You don’t have an eye
which is to be seen we can only remove it.
Get lost If someone like you come here
I will cut into pieces I will cut into pieces..
I will cut into pieces.. I will cut into pieces I will cut into pieces hey..who is that holding
hands on me? What did you say? I will cut into pieces
I will cut into pieces Will slaps anybody? Yes I will do it.
Look at me and check Oh..no police..police.. Sir..I heard these words
in a movie sir I was repeating the
same here. what is cinema?
This is life.. What is this ?You allow
that in a movie but.. You’re catching me when
I’m saying here.what’s this? This is a public place.You’re
a nuisance case. come I’m sorry.. I won’t say
one again.I won’t do it. Dear friends..today professor
is not feeling well. so he will not
come here I will take a lesson. Just
listen me carefully F..L..A M..E..S FLAMES..Do you
know what is it? It is an important
information. I’ll tell you guys.. F stands for Friends
L stands for Love A for Affection
M for Marriage E for Enemy
S for Sister You can identify
a relationship between a guy and girl with
this FLAMES you know How can I trust you? hey..you have
to trust Let’s try..write my
favourite hero Ajith Kumar and
Salini’s name If it Marriage, I’ll trust
you completely. But it is not marriage
I surely get very angry Ok..just see here AJITH KUMAR SHALINI Now see the common letters
of both the names. A is there..just
strike it out. Next is I, just
strike it. then comes H,
just strike now Now you have to count
the remaining letters. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 Here we have 11 ok.. Now you have to
take this 11 and tally with this
FLAMES OK.. 1,2,3,4,5,6 7,8,9,10,11
no enemy 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 sister is also
not there 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
take out Affection 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
take out Friends 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
take out Lover what is the final
result ? M M stands for
Marriage. So the relationship between
them is the Marriage Have you understand it..?
Have you got it..? Now whoever has an
affection towards a girl Just get try with
this FLAMES All the best.. So If I try FLAMES, I can find out Vaishu will
love me or not Where this idiot
running..? Only Enemy and
Love is there oh..no.. 1,2,3,4,5,6 7,8,9 10 I got love
Yes.. I got love.Now she
can love me Yes..Vaishu will love me Yes..love between me
and Vaishu Its confirmed now
yes..yes.. Love… Love..love.Its confirmed love
between me and Vaishu And then one day he
met her personally He explained about
the first meet.. and her uunexpected
meet in the college. and then the way
he loves her He explained everything
to her But she didn’t listen
to that She just left
the place. When he turns back
he realized that she never cares to listen
what he expressed He was heart broke Madhan thought she
is not loving him But she expressed her love
in a different way by writing I Love You
on the wall. On this year in
search of her now he is walking
along with her. They found their love at
they were really happy Sir the auditor is
gone out to Town He ask me to
give you the key Ya ok..I talked to him
You can go Hey Buddy Hey Buddy I want to say an
information come…
what come with me..come
where? Hey come quickly come..come Buddy you are sincering
loving Vaishu But Cheenu is so
faster than you I have seen both of them
very closed lot of time. What did you say..? Hey buddy..why are
you beating Hello.. Hello.. Vaishu I’m Madhan here Hey Madhan..where did
you go after college? I was waiting for your
phone only. Nothing..today you know
that Ravi.. ..That idiot he was talking
bad about you and Cheenu So I thrashed him Rascal. He say there is a secret
affair between you and Cheenu Madhan.. Madhan.. You are suspecting me
and Cheenu But you are lying
as Ravi says me I know no..no..Vaishu You are definitely suspecting
me and Cheenu no.. You have no believing
me Not like that..not
like that Vaishu That is why you are
acting like this. Why Madhan..?why ?Why
are you susupecting us Vaishu..vaishu..one
minute Vaishu I didn’t talk like
that Vaishu He only..he only
said that He came to me and say
I don’t have any doubt You know how much
I love you..? You are the only one
important to me But you..you’re suspecting
me and Cheenu I feel so bad What Vaishu..why should
I suspect you Vaishu? Fom now on please
don’t talk to me Vaishu..please please
Vaishu…please.. please please
Don’t say like that God promise..I didn’t
suspect you I really don’t want
to talk to you please please Vaishu I really don’t want
to talk to you.. … talk to you..ok
Vaishu Hello..hello.. Vaishu..Vaishu Hey..what happened? Why are you crying?
Fought with Vaishu. oh..come on.stop crying
like a baby.. Look at me..
No.. I’m go to Vaishu’s house
and I’ll meet her ok.. Its really late.
Don’t go now. Listen to me buddy
please… I want to meet her
Brother..don’t go Don’t go..listen to me
No, I have to meet her. Oh No..already Vaishu
is angry with me..so As usual climb the
tree and see what Vaishu is doing. and then
press the calling bell. Vaishu..you look
so gorgeous But I can’t believe that
you are love with that jeggler and just not
liking it. His looks and his
personality and talking at all
shit He doesn’t have any
standard in him He is a low
class fellow Do you know
something? Even my servant will not
fall in love with him How are you able
to do that..? Who all not fell in
love with him? Do you think I’m mad..? Just because I want to
marry him…. I used the wedlock. Even he believe me So you don’t truly
love him..is it? No way..he is the
one who loves me and that is what
I want.. What are you saying? If I marry him now,he will
never lose trust in me. He will not hit me
or scold me… He will always treat
me well.. Even he will die
for me.. He will always
listen to me Like dogs..he will always
follow me around.. This is the kind of guy
I want to marry That’s why I didn’t
want to tell him that I love him straight it. I
wrote it on the wall.. After he becomes
my husband.. I can be jolly through
of my life Now do you understand..? ok..but what is that jeggler becomes suspicious
about both of us what will we do? Already he is
suspicious.. what are you saying? Do you know
what happened? only after that I cut the call
and call you over My grand dad not being
here is easier for us Now that fool is sitting in
hostel and crying loudly Cheenu give me
my clothes. ya.. here Who could it be..? Why did he
come here? Hey..why did you
come here? You want to apologize
is it? No need Please go from here I really don’t want
to talk to you You are suspecting me and that suspicion
will not go I don’t want to talk about
that you at all.. Even now Cheenu is here and I know that you
suspecting us to why he is here now? Both of us are
studying together Just combine studies..ok Madhan..You should
believe her We both are just
studying together She is telling the truth We both were studying
that’s all.. If you don’t like it I will stop talking to
her here after. Someone has filled
your mind with lot of filth..that’s why You are getting
suspicious Both you buddies are
sincere lovers Both of us should
live happily If there is a problem
because of me I can’t bear that… I’m sorry..I leave Vaishu ..we’ll stop
seeing each other Will you shut up..? Because of him why are you
cutting our friendship? Why should we stop
our combine studies ? If he wants let
him go Do you know what is running
your mind now? You are not believing
anyone of us now.. You are thinking that we were
doing something wrong upstairs If you want me
to be frank.. You think I was sleeping
with Cheenu Yes..You are having
sex with him Vaishu..Vaishu… Vaishu..Vaishu… Vaishu..Vaishu…
I’m sorry I saw him… Vaishu..Vaishu… no..no..Vaishu..Vaishu… ok… Why am I crying now..? You cheated me I killed you then why I’m
crying now? Tell me Damn it I can’t..I don’t know I won’t cry now I’ve changed right..? ok.. I want to ask
you something. How much she..? Was she hot..? I won’t kill you.. Nowadays if a guy
gets normal meal they have been
accepted She is a royal feast Who will say No..? She was hot right? Because she is
my girlfriend She is looking
smoking hot..? Oh my god..Have to
kill you now You saw that I killed ,if you
go out and say.. I saw many movies
from my childhood Madhan..I won’t tell
anybody.. I won’t tell this murder
to anybody.. We can cover
this soon. Please trust me Madhan. Nobody will come to
know about this. Madhan do you know
something..? Vaishu was the one
who started all this She force me and that’s
why I came here. I know that she
is your lover How can I betray
you Madhan? Only because she force
me ..I came here. Please tries to understand She call me that’s
why I came She call me and
that’s why I came She call me and
that’s why I went She call me and
that’s why I went She.. call me that’s why
you went right? Ya… If don’t you didn’t
have gone You went because
she called you You shouldn’t you did that She called you right? otherwise you didn’t
do that If she calls you
will go now If it is yes..node your
head like this If it is no node
your head like this. Shake something else. So she call
You went Ok..why are you talking
in girl’s voice..? where is Vaishu..?
Vaishu.. Tell me Vaishu.. Hey..why are you
looking down here? She died and she
went up You didn’t look up and
looking down You look up Ya tell me Vaishu Yes sweety..are you
bored there? oh..you want to do
combine studies Who..? You want Seenu
for company..? Oh..Cheenu Vaishu is
callilng you Cheenu Go Cheenu hey..what you..just
now you say, if she calls you ,
you will go You nodded your head like
this please go Cheenu No..I don’t want to go No Cheenu..You don’t have to
sacrifice your friendship for me Go there.You can get your
friendship up there Do combine
studies Cheenu Go Cheenu.. No Madhan..I won’t
go Madhan No Madhan..
You’re going now You’re going now You are not going..?
No.. I will send you.. Vaishu..2 minutes Vaishu
I will send him now Look..If you
stand there I will kill you
with one beat If you trying to escape , I’ll
hunt you and kill you You want that in easier way
or hard way..? Vaishu is waitng You want to die in the
horrible way I’m not even stop you
come on Madhan.no..no..
please leave me I am asking to go
with her I’m not leaving You are not going..? You are not going..? Hey.. brother..what are
you doing here? what are
you saying? Am I narrating the story
to you now..? I said I kill
them both Hey..what are you saying?
what are you saying? Hey..why are you raising
your voice..? why are you shouting?
sit down..sit down man No one I let me. I have to be tensed.Why you
are losing your temper? hey..whatever be
the problem.. You can discuss and
finished it Yes I did the same.She
discussed a lot. I finished them You killed her. The reason
behind it is love is it love..love.. In the name of love you
killed 2 persons now What you saw great
about love? what you know
about love? Did you love anybody? Do you have the
pain of love..? Even the parents die you
will only shed tears.. But if the one dies for his
lover she sacrifice his life Did anybody dies because
of loss of their father..? Did anybody dies because
their mother..? If somebody loss the younger
brother are they dying alone? No its not happening There is no value for
blood relationship. But without realizing the
caste,religion and status just for a lover, how many
people commit suicide? That is the feel..that
is love… That is a pain..
a greater pain Only people in love will
understand You will not
understand. In this world
not only you nobody has to right to
criticise about love Ok she love you now she had sex with
somebody else For that you
kill her..? ok..You are in love
with a girl You are marrying
her also If I have a secret
affair with her You allowed
me that? How are you
feel then? hey..hey..don’t talk
rubbish ok..? She is equal to
your mother Your mother.. Hey.. Are you ashamed
now..? You feel insulted..? I was not able to bear that
that’s why I killed her. There is lot of girls
out there Lot of girls are
cheating I will search and find
every girl and then..I will
kill them too what are you trying
to say now? All the girls in the world
are bad is it..? hey..hey..All the girls in
the world are bad When did I said that? who are you to change
my own story? Its my story Don’t try to build
up a new story. Just listen what
I’m saying now Now you’re sitting there.
I’m standing here The reason behind that is
our mother I’m not talking bad
about my mother There is no orphans
in the city I’m their mother..said by
Mother Teressa. I’m not talking ill about
the great soul My mother gave
me life I’m not talking
anything about her Look in girls There is a good category
and a bad category All the girls wearing
churidar is not good All the girls wearing
jeans is not bad The girls who is cheating
in the name of love… I will kill only
that girls You will murder and you think you’ll
escape with that..? Police will not leave
you like that.. Even Police can’t
touch me even you cannot
come near me From tomorrow I’m going
to change my get up, style and everything
will be changed Brother..behind every
successful man.. there is a woman said by somebody Behind every successful
criminal there .. might be a girl also..
said by me From tomorrow I’m not
the loser Madhan. Manmadhan. No..you are mad
you are mad.. I will not.. I cut the cable before you
enter the number. Stop yelling.Now I
lock the door also. You can’t come
out of this place. If you tries to
act smart and tries to inform
this to Police I will kill you also ok..bye..bye Mad fellow I’m not a mad man
Manmadhan ..ok..? and then police
enquire me a lot. I said I don’t know I lie to them and say
I didn’t meet him Even police was not
able to arrest him. I have no contact
with him and the case
was pending Ond day suddenly my auditor
was passed away. After his demise all the
clients came to me. Very soon I earned
a lot and then I joined a music college. There I met Mythili Me and Madhan
are look alike We are identical
twins. She saw him she
thought that’s me and she informed you I can’t blame herself. Yes..this is the truth. This is what happened. Hello Hello..I’m Coimbatore B2
station inspector speaking constable Surendar
here sir Surendar..the statement
given by Madhan to you and my investigate
details are matching ok..sir I will courier these to you
Mr. Surendar Please receive and
prceed. ok sir.. and tell ASI Deva Sir I
called.Don’t forget to say. Ok sir..thank you sir Welcome Sir..I’m Madhan’s
uncle He didn’t commit
any crime sir Please release him sir Enquiries going on.We
can’t release him You have to wait.. Sir..he didn’t do
anything wrong.. Sir he didn’t commit
a crime sir Hey look don’t cry
Forget it You came to know the
truth when I told you See..whatever has to happened
will happened Mistake is mine. I
only inform Police. If I would have
known before You are Madhan’s uncle
yes sir Madam..You shouldn’t have
complaint about him We are necessarily arrested
by investigation that he told us
everything We are going to
releasing him soon His identical twin
Manmadhan … what wrong he
has done He killed girls who
betray others Don’t worry we
won’t arrest him Ya ..I know that you
and all talks only Do you know what..?
These guys were … Don’t worry about
anything sir Madhan is going to
release soon. Don’t take any
tension Don’t worry about anything.
He will get release soon I’m serious..we won’t
catch him.. ya..ya..I know these people
won’t arrest anybody.. Don’t cry..control yourself
Everythign will be alright. Unexpected change happen
in the case in Chennai were lot of young
girls are missing. Suspected Chennai Music
college student.. …Manmadhan is
really an innocent… …as per tthe police
investigation report Police officials are
also said that.. …his own brother he is
exactly looking him… ..has done all
this kidnaps So in the situation the
court has decided to give the final judgement
tomorrow. Well the innocent Madhan
get released or will he be instead under
the police custody until his brother becomes
ot by police will come to
know later. Madan be released,
for sure? I’m sure that he’ll
be released today. Looking at the concern that you
are showing on him… I think you are in
love with him ya… Have you told him
about this..? No oh..No..that’s a
mistake what is this..?You should
not delaying such things.. I’m sure Madhan will
get released tomorrow You don’t have to go
to the beach and park to tell your love
to him.. Go to the court
and say Madhan I love you and then you watch the drumbeat will start
cracking like crackers.. and you both will be singing
songs together and I’m sure you both
going to be … very very very
happy in life.. He is going to be
going around you. That’s what the people
are waiting for.. Operators..start
the song Madhan who is
accused of.. ..kidnapping lot of
yong woman.. ..he is actually innocent and
his brother Manmadhan.. ..is the real culprit has
been established.. well done in this court… ..so the accused Madhan is
admitted by this court of law. So Madhan should be
immediatley released. and at the same time
this court orders ..the police should find out
Manmadhan’s hide up and proceed to the
prosecution Madhan..
How are you uncle..? I’m doing well.
How are you..? Madhan… Madhan… Madhan…look there..someone
is waiting for you Go there.She is been waiting
for long time..go.. Go Madhan..go My mistake ,I informed
police about you If I would have
known before.. I would not complaint
about you.. You know how
much I like you I love you so much Look here..I know long
back you are loving me How is just bluffing
saying that… I have a wife she
is kissin me.. Just to avoid you Knowing all these things
you didn’t stop loving me So I didn’t wants
to hurt you.. that’s why I all these days
I behave just like a friend. I’m telling you
frankly.. Definitley I cannot
love you why..? I can’t give you
a reason.. Things will not go right
between us Just look..you must of
thought I’m a mental You know something.. You thought that I saw
you in the college..? But I first saw you in
my dream.. That time you came
and raped me When lost myself to you You know.. after seeing you
in the college.. I came to know you
are a good guy Then I gave my
heart to you If you are going
to say No I’ll just die
for you I beg you..don’t say that
you don’t love me shut up Don’t love that you are
commit suicide There is a lot of
reason for me not loving to you Trying to understand.
I can’t love you When you are confident
in your decision I don’t want your
company any more I believe one day..
You’ll say Yes to me I’m leaving..
good bye I too like you I aslo love with you. but..I’m not able to
express my love Unable not express it
because…. My mistake I informed
police about you.. If I would have
known before I would not complainta
about you You know how
much I like you..? I loe you so much The guy who kidnaps
and kill the girls.. is me..and .. There is no connection
between … my brother and
these murders. The truth is equal Vaishu
and Cheenu..that’s all… and then he came to
my home.. I’ll kill all the girls…
I’m Manmadhan These all are just
stories..I created.. just to cheat
the police After he murder Vaishu
he came to my home.. but what happened is.. hey.. Hey..bro..what are you
doing here? hey..don’t cry.I feel
what you did is right. I’ll take care of you No brother..I didn’t do
it deliberately I saw that
nasty thing So..out of anger
I killed her.. But I scared
now brother. Hey..there is nothing
to be scared of I said I’ll take
care of you… You go and take rest
for sometime.. Everything will be alright
You go and take rest I tell you know..
go and take rest Hey.. the door Hey..open the door Hey..Hey.. what are you doing? Bro..forgive me bro
I have to die I don’t want to
live.. hey..hey..don’t
do that Don’t do that..
Don’t do that.. Hey listen to me
Don’t do that.. get down..get down get down..I say I’m your brother telling
please listen to me. please listen to me.
please..please I’m begging you..please
listen to me hey get down A man get search for a job
earn for some cash.. You should not search
for your death.. You should
come to us Hey ..I’m begging you..
please get down I already dead bro Its just a dead body It should not
live brother. Let me go no..no..I don’t have anybody
apart from you Please listen to me.. If you are hang yourself
it will be paining You can’t bear that pain..
You can’t bear that pain.. I know… What is this bro..?
is this a pain? I bear that pain..
this is nothing ok..I can understand Bro..once I killed her I would have died
at that moment. But I cannot
die there I don’t have father
and mother For me everything
is you bro… The one who gave life
to me is you bro.. I don’t know whether I’ll
get a brother like you in my next birth..
I don’t know I don’t know
that’s why.. one..one..last I.. I want
to see your face that’s why I came
all this way please don’t go I saw you bro..
I saw you that’s enough for me
I’m going bro.. I’m going….I don’t want
this..I don’t want this. I’m going..I’m going.. Hey..please listen to me
please don’t do that I’m leaving bro.. please don’t do..I
don’t have anybody I don’t want live bro bye..bro no..no.. my brother.. He is gone..
he is dead. stupid..stupid fellow You didn’t die You are still alive One girl cheated you and you killed
that girl There is lot of cheating
girls in this city… I won’t leave them I’ll kill them all
from your place I’ll kill them
from now Me is you..
You are me.. From now you are
not mad Madhan.. Manmadhan.. I’ll hide your death I will do it Please wait Like I burn
my brother.. I burned the love
in my heart also. If my brother loved
a good girl like you.. he wouldn’t commit
a suicide I would have live
happily with you But everything is
run by fate I would be
like this This is important
for me.. I don’t know whether
this is right or wrong But god knows that.. and then god
is with me

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