Ennadi Maayaavi – Tamil Short Film | Thaman Musical

Ennadi Maayaavi – Tamil Short Film | Thaman Musical

Hmm After calling only I realised
you will be at home It’s ok. Let’s leave
this place soon Hmm? Where are we going? Where should we go? I don’t know Will go for long drive, coffee
shop and by evening.. I must return in 2 hours;
drop me at work Why did you come then?
I’ll drop you at the office now Don’t get angry
Please Oh no..I am not
getting angry How can I lose control as I am
given 2 hours time after 2 days? Please understand…
-Leave it I’ll drop you after coffee shop
just do me a help Won’t you help? tell what is it? Don’t give any explanation
till we go. Ok? Shiva.. Shiva… Don’t do this Do what? Ma… At lunch only mmm.. Don’t know when I’ll start No ma.. Ok I’ll come
Ok Bye So how did the ceremony of
groom visiting go? Did they like the bride? Of course they would
have liked you Did the groom wanted
to talk to you? What did ‘He’ say? I like you, Do you like
me? are you interested… Shiva Please I beg you
I am broken now I can see that What can you see?
-What is happening around me Don’t assume -I am
not mad to assume things Friday you will suddenly come and
tell on Sunday groom is visiting you and you will leave but
I must die here No phone call or sms
in these 2 days You are online but
cannot reply me What else to think? Sent a text in the morning
‘Shall we meet?’ then you laid the
condition of leaving in 2 hours more than missing you; I am
fearing after seeing you Will you sit one side in
my bike always? Are you maintaining
distance? So I must get used to
this. Isn’t it? No need to discretely or
without causing pain.. ..you need not move
away from me You can inform me
and then leave me Let’s go Stop the vehicle
-What for? Stop it. I need to talk Why are you
looking at me? Is it one final look?
-Shall we marry? What are you
thinking? Shall we marry?
tell me.. Priya… talking too much
since morning Asking too many
questions.. also listing out the
differences you can spot Did you know my pain
in these 2 days? So far no problem.. I was carefree and careless
about people noticing me but now, there is an
unknown fear Before we could inform at home;
no one should see and create issues I can’t talk like you;
Am I not like this always? I can’t express and talk
instantly isn’t it? or did you
let me talk? I managed too
many people with a fake smile
I stood there like a doll It felt so painful I eagerly waited for the morning to
see you, hug you and cry I thought you will tell ‘Let’s
manage, I am here for you’ So you are asking me
to tell you and go? I will kill you! It’s not me but you
will get used to this You will smoke and
drink with your friends Did you think
what will happen to me? You decided that I can
be without you I want to live
more and more with you Don’t leave me Shiva So how did you
manage that guy? It’s a long story;
I’ll tell you later Don’t change topic
-What did I do? Can you be without me?
-Of course I can be Is It? – Don’t hug me
move aside It is not me but
you are hugging me!

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  1. Usual content… Elaroda life la oru point la nadakra vishyam but adha super ah visual la show panirukinga… Kudos to the team💐💐💐… Background music❤️

  2. hats of to director romba simple concept yentha oru twistum kidayathu but story kondu pona vidham and screen play awesome and bgm my god vera level intha short film intha alavuku best uh irukarathuku screen play and bgm played a major role….. behindwoods la yentha oru short filmum nambi paakalam bore adikkathu…..

  3. 11.30 …. என்னையா அந்த புள்ள அண்டர்டேக்கர் மாதிரியும் பையன் ரேமஸ்டூரியோ மாதிரியும் இருக்கு….

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