Enter The Girl Dragon Trailer 2 | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

Enter The Girl Dragon Trailer 2 | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

Bruce Lee Pooja is a fighter And as you go , take your Bruce Lee also with you It’s an insult to bruce lee I love you for who you are Your love for Bruce Lee will destroy you Empty your mind Be formless Shapeless Like water

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  1. RGV Sir Trailers anni nachuthunnai but Cinema chuste antha bokke ane talk undi… I need your response if you can!!!!

  2. ఇదే సినిమా బోయపాటి తీసివుంటే ఈ పాప చైనా నుంచి ఇండియాకి విమానంపై నుంచొని వచ్చుండేది…

  3. ప్రతి అమ్మాయి ఆత్మ రక్షణ కి మార్షల్ ఆర్ట్స్ అవసరం ఈ రోజుల్లో

  4. Guys don't get attracted to teasers and trailers and go to movie with lots of dreams and expectations.
    In the final movie there will be lot of cuts, censor cuts in addition to other extra direction cuts due to length. Whatever is shown in teaser/trailer might not be found in full length. So relax. Also, understand martial arts and fighting are different. Here it is only fighting I saw.

  5. రె తు ని నిమెహంలనె చెత్తగ ఉందిర ట్రైలర్ యాక్ తు ..

  6. తెలుగు లో ఒక్క డైలాగ్ కూడా లేదు ఇంతకీ ఈ మూవీ రిలజ్ తెలుగు లో నేనా కాదా

  7. I love the indo China martial combo, but I felt bad about camera angles, in heroine with that bleady costumes. Will you imagine your family members in that roles. Content is over mr, RGV. not exposing…

  8. EDI dragon movie la ledu sex movie la uandi ….. Adem trailer ra … Diniki super movie ani comments …… Eka nuvvu blue films tisukovdame ….

  9. WTF is this trailer.
    Shit show all over.
    And I'm wondering why people are praising this in the comments 🤮🤮.
    Can make this as porn series in brazzers.

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