Enter  the Grandma Tamil Cartoons Movies,Action Series Movies,Kids Youtube Videos EP-12

Enter the Grandma Tamil Cartoons Movies,Action Series Movies,Kids Youtube Videos EP-12

[TITLE MUSIC] ♪Our Dreams came true♪ ♪Happiness also came to us ♪ ♪To live forever friendly ♪ ♪Bom…Bom…Bommi…Bommi
& Friends ♪ ♪To win over some lies,
to tell many truths ♪ ♪We can live unitedly
and show to the world♪ ♪ Bom…Bom…Bommi…Bommi
& Friends ♪ ♪Friendship is priceless ♪ ♪Taco, Remba, Maya,
Yip and Boris ♪ ♪Will join in a friendly way♪ ♪ Bom…Bom…Bommi…Bommi
& Friends ♪ ♪ Bom…Bom…Bommi…Bommi
& Friends ♪ ♪Bommi & Friends♪ [Libro comes in] [Libro opens up] [Bommi] -Sister, where is Jack?
-Go there, sir. [Jack is crying] -Jack! Ha! Jacku! Jacku!
-Uncle! Look, what they’ve done? It’s
like lion kept in a cage. What wrong did I do?…Uncle, what have
you in your mouth? Tell something loudly. What shall I tell? They have
brought you to the correct place. If I tell this to your sister,
she doesn’t listen to me. I don’t know, whether it’s the effect
of any serial that she had seen? That’s why, she is scoring
with her 20% sentiments. Sister! My dear Sister! Because
I was born after you… …for many days I felt sad
and regretted. But I’m feeling proud today, sister.
Feeling proud. Having deception over me, you had
been planning to take revenge on me… …you didn’t want your bro to be harmed
and shown stretched your helping hand. I don’t know how to payback this, Sister?
What am I going to do? Hey! You staying here,
is the best payback. Uncle! Time and place for everything. -Hey! I’m telling it seriously.
-When, I was doing my duty… …you might have been upset and got
angry. But don’t leave me here, Uncle. Because of injections, they
have wounded me at the back. Hey! For that, you should
keep your mouth shut. What did you tell to the compounder? I didn’t telll anything
to upset them, Uncle. Hey, When you told them that
you’d come to deal a case they thought … …you to be a new person to catch
Mental cases, and took revenge on you. At least at that time, you
should have spoken clearly. Go Uncle! When I say that I’m not idiot,
they tell that every idiot is telling… …the same thing and
gave me an injection. -Hmm…
-Hmm… Hmm…Now I remember, in five minutes,
they’ll come to give me an injection. Before that, please take me back, Uncle. Jack, you’ve waited so long. Just
adjust for this time alone. Today, a new nurse has joined. Let her
alone, give injection and get practiced. -Uncle?
-Sorry, Jack. They requested me, I couldn’t refuse it.
You know about me,right? If somebody came for help, I
won’t even bother about Obama. Hey! For that Obama should accept. [Sister comes with an injection] [Uncle frightened and cries] Oh, my God! This one they
give it to the cattle. [Uncle sleeping in couch] Oh brother, What happened? You’ll be
always busy roaming here and there. They have thrown, as if he’s a garbage. What? What did the Doctor tell? They asked us see them once a week.
They were very excited and… …telling that it’s an advanced case and
how he’s been wandering for so many days. Why are you adding fuel to fire? Ha! Your brother was
upsetting everybody. I just added fuel to fire.
What’s wrong in this? Oh, my God…You rhyming, is even worse
than, my brother being in sedation. -Please, Stop it.
-Why it happened to him? This fella, thinking that he is enquiring,
has questioned everyone in the street… …disturbed them. ‘bcoz of his questions,
they’ve called the Mental Hospital. Already her brother is always like that. Whey they came, without even
think a second, they took him away. [Both the children laugh] Always, we shouldn’t disturb others. If we listen carefully to what
the other person is talking… …and then if we talk,
there won’t be any problem. Then only the communication
will be effective. Hmmm…Pintu! You listen
and learn these things. While communicating you are
not getting proper words. Pintu, is an intelligent boy. There’s
no proper person to encourage him. Well said, baby. Since you’re
there, teach him well. Hereafter, you’ll have
to take care of Pintu. -Sure, Uncle…Pintu and
me are thick friends. Now and ever. What’s happening here? My
brother is in sedation. And you’re celebrating
this talkative mosquito. Who is she to take care of my son? Hey! Kalpana, don’t take Bommi lightly. Because she knows many things. -Bommi, That one, how many asanas?
-Twelve! Ha! She knows each and
every asanas very well. Aunty! When uncle asked me
to take care, he meant… …whatever I knew, he wanted
me to share with Pintu. -Is it right Uncle?
-It’s right, Bommi. Hmm…what is the use
in knowing good things? Only bad things are
happening around her. Bommi, is a very good girl. Don’t
talk like that about Bommi. [Kalpana gets up] I get upset on seeing her face. [Kalpana walks away angrily] [An Auto rickshaw comes inside the house] -Have this bag.
-Give it to me, Ma’am. -Have this.
-Yes, give it. -Thank God! Have this.
-What’s this, Ma’am? I asked you Rs.300, but
you’re giving Rs.200. Ha! For 3 Kms, will you charge Rs.300?
Try someone else to cheat. Ma’am, I’ve brought you, but for
cheating should I find someone else? -Take the money, Ma’am.
-I can’t give a paisa over Rs.200. This you should have thought, before
getting into the auto like a Queen. Hey! Even if you tell it
or not, I’m a Queen only. I’m not like you,
cheating for 100 and 200. You can cheat others, and build
big buildings like this. I don’t want that business. When you got
in the Auto, it was agreed for Rs.300. -You give it and go.
-Look, you should not change words. When did I tell you that I’ll give Rs.300?
I told, we shall see. I came to know about the situation,
especially with the sole intention of … …cheating me, for all
the different routes… …that you took me, I thought
of giving Rs. 200. That’s why, I gave you Rs.
200. You got it , right? Get out I brought you through
lanes bcoz of traffic. You’re now talking without
any consciousness, Ma’am. Hey! With whom are you talking
about the consciousness? Let my villagers know about this, they’ll
tell that you have ruined consciousness… …and will be ready to fight
it out, do you know that? Ma’am, why are you doing like this?
You accepted to pay me Rs.300. Now, you are making me wait.
Give me money, I’ll go. Ha! Even if you agitate till your death,
I won’t give one paisa more than this. Oh, God! Today doesn’t seem to be a good
day. Get lot. You’ll surely go to hell. Go. Get lost. Thinking himself
to be Big one to curse me. Ha! [Takes out the hidden money and Giggles] Today Rs.100 is the gain! I only know, by throwing which
stone, which mango will fall. Hey, Sarasu! Till your mouth doesn’t
close, you’ll be living prosperously ever. [Lady takes the luggage] Uncle got into trouble, only bcoz of me.
Don’t worry, Pintu! Uncle is fine. If he sleeps
well, it should be alright. One who thinks high of themselves,
will suffer one day. Not only that, the people
around them will also suffer. This is the moral of the world.
This is what is happening here. -That’s why, arrogance…
-Should not be there. -Egotism…
-Should not be there. Super! You’ve told it very fine. [Bommi claps] Ha…Oh my God! It seems we’ve escaped
from cat, but got caught with a tiger. -What happened?
-My dumb Grandma has come. [Bommi turns around and laughs] -Pintu!
-Gramdma! When did you come Grandma! I came when you were
telling dumb. Ha! It’s not dumb, I was telling
about the gum to paste the book. Oh! Oh!…who is this girl? [Bommi stands up and laughs] Just one minute over. I was just wondering
why questions didn’t come, It has come. Why lips alone is moving, but
no words are coming out? It’s nothing, Grandma. Telling a newly learnt respect-giving word
loudly, is considered an indecent act… Oh! Without answering to the question,
you’re answering to all other questions. -Is it your Dad’s training?
-No, Grandma. Friend. Mummy!…Mummy! Grandma has come. Mummy!
[Kalpana hugs her mother] [Kalpana cries] (From the starting, everything seems like
over-acting.) (Now, why are they coming inside my area?) Why, dear? Since I came,
why are you just crying? Hmm…Just thinking, are you a mother? Many times, I’ve thought and
sometimes I’ve heard it directly. But, by using mother’s
sentiment, you defeated me… …and proved yourself as a Divine Mother! What favour did this
mother do for you, dear? Your son has just now
returned from the hospital. Without information about anybody, you’ve
come here with a telepathy, Mummy… I don’t know, by what Mummy’s name
shall I call you? I don’t know Mummy?! -Hospital?
-Yes, Mummy! They thought our Jack as an Idiot,
and took him to Mental hospital. What? Did they take him to the Hospital?
Ha…Ha… Then it’s very good. We need
not feed him. Leave it! [Pintu and Bommi laugh] Mummy! I thought you to be God’s
Mummy but you are a very Bad Mummy! Leave that, useless fella! Leave it.
Who is this girl? Why is she laughing like this? [Kalpana pulling Mother nearer] You are the right person,
to know about her. As of now, she is the biggest
trouble in our house. (Trouble! Nobody in the house
should be like that, except me) [Kalpana reluctantly
peeling vegetables] Hey! That girl doesn’t
look like a trouble. Who is that girl? Please tell! Else I’ll become crazy. Mother! Bro got confused while speaking
her story, and now he’s in sedation only. You don’t speak the same story
and go directly into Coma. Also, I don’t like that. It’s
alright, let’s go and see brother. Hey! Leave him. What is that story?
The story which I didn’t hear? Don’t! It’s a hell of a
confusing story, Mummy. Ha! Whatever it might be, you tell it now. If I don’t hear that story,
I’ll faint and fell down. Hmm…Even if you hear
it, you’ll only faint. Ha…Alright…Our Pintu’s
birthday came this year, right? I and his father, ordered
a laser gun for him. [Time’s vortex winding back] Yes! I got the laser gun! Hurray!
I got the laser gun! [Pintu happily opens the package] [He finds a book inside the package] [He angrily throws it down] -Hello?
-Daddy, I asked you Laser gun, right? -Why did order a Book?
-He might’ve delivered the parcel wrongly. I’ll come back home in sometime and
enquire him about this through phone. Why do you need that Book, Daddy? He’ll give laser gun,
only if you give that. No, Daddy! I like that book very much. The book has many good things, that
is required for the young children. Then alright, you keep that Book. -What’s your name?
-Bommi! Please tell me, dear.
Where is your house? [Bommi gets up and runs] Who is that girl? When I asked
about her house, why does she run? Baby, Where is your house? [Bommi points to the book] Uncle! Don’t just talk
like an idiot, Uncle. Only if we have this book, she
can go back to her place. [Pintu catches the book
from Uncle and runs] [Pintu runs as Uncle chases him] [Uncle catches him] [Pintu throws the book outside] [He opens the door and runs] [Pintu not noticing a speeding car] [Uncle pulls him aside] What is so special about that book? Bommi became my friend,
only because of this book. [Pintu crying in the bed] [Sudden brightness comes
from below the bed] [Pintu sees a book] [Pintu keeps hand over the
hand symbol in the book] [Brightness comes from the book] [Frightened Pintu unable
to take his hand] [He falls down] [Animated young girl comes from it] [Pintu is surprised] [Animated Bommi turns into Real Bommi] [Time’s vortex rolls back] [Grandma surprised] [Kalpana waves then clicks] -Hmm??
-Haa… Both: One, two, three, four, Jump!
Six, seven, eight, nine, Jump! Eleven, thirteen, fourteen, Jump! Sixteen,
seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, Jump! [Grandma still spellbound] [Kalpana pinches her] -This is what happened.
-Ha… You’re seeing the
continuation of that, now. It’s alright. What shall we do next? You tell that. -Be Good!
-Be Good! -Feel Good!
-Feel Good! -Say Good!
-Say Good! -Do Good!
-Do Good! [Grandma gets an idea] -Did you get an idea?
[Grandma nodding] You take your son inside. Till I
tell, you don’t come outside. I’ll deal her separately. -You too?
-Hmm… -Ha…Jack also said the same way. I think, I need not tell
about his current situation. -Don’t tell it. I’m getting frightened.
-Hmm… Hmmm…You get inside. -Confirmed?
[Grandma nodding her head] -Hmm…Then it’s your wish. -Both: One, two, thee, four…
-Pintu, come here. -What, Mum?
-Mum has some work inside. -Will you come to help me?
-Hmm. I’m getting inside, Mum. You come. [Kalpana gives a false cry] -Hello! Till they finish their work,
will you be besides me. [Bommi gives a fast nod] [Grandma hesitates] Not here. Shall we go
to the room and speak. It’s OK! OK! Come Hey! Hey! Come here. Don’t
sleep while walking. Come. You’ll tell like that. You’ll understand
only if you were given an injection. You wouldn’t have gotten
up from bed for a week. Sorry, bro! All the your
troubles are not wasted. We shall know, who is
Bommi, within one hour. Oh, My God! Sister, Are you
going to start it again? Give me some rest. I don’t have the
strength to get further blows. Hey! Hey! You don’t do anything.
You need not cry like this. Now, all the control, is
with another Officer. -Another Officer? Who?
-See inside. (Oh, My God, somebody has
come ruin my career) [Uncle sighs] Grandma, Why are you seeing me like this? Baby, I want to continuously
look at your face. You are very
beautiful, aren’t you? [Bommi laughs] Ask your parents, to
keep you away from evil. I think my sight itself,
will create evil for you. -Do you who I am?
-I know. You’re Pintu’s Grandma. Now only
you’re coming from the village. You’re always very talkative. You won’t leave Pintu to play happily. You are, called all over the
village, as the talkative Grandma. Wait! Wait! Did Pintu
tell all these things? [Bommi nodding] [To be continued…] ♪Our dreams came true ♪ ♪Happiness also came with it♪ ♪To live forever friendly ♪ ♪ Bom…Bom…Bommi…Bommi
& Friends ♪ ♪To win over some lies,
to tell many truths ♪ ♪We can live unitedly
and show to the world♪ ♪ Bom…Bom…Bommi…Bommi
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