Episode 5 – Mining Boom – Season 1 – Comedy Web Series

Episode 5 – Mining Boom – Season 1 – Comedy Web Series

This episode’s brought to you by our
mates at Consolidated Group. With depots in Perth and the Sunny Coast, they’ve got shiny new tippers, excavators, graders and heaps of quality gear for all your civil
& mining projects. Check out Consolidated Group’s website in the description. Hello and welcome. I’m your counselor
Shannon. How are we all feeling? Now come on, you can do much better than that.
Today’s the first day of the rest of your happy drug-free and alcohol-free
lives, how are we all feeling? Bit shit. Yeah, I need a shit too. Well, over the next 4 days I’m going to try- No, I will show you the real joy of life. Not from drugs, not from alcohol, no, but from a place of love. See this? My ten-year medallion, a full decade with no drugs or alcohol, and I’ve never felt so good, and
you can do it too. Think of me as a friend, in a vault of trust, chime in anytime. What’s the fastest way to get weed out of your system?
Good question! Well, exercise, water, vitamins, good diet are the obvious but that’s not really my area of expertise. I’d rather we focus on… Which vitamins? So this time… Wes can go first. Wes, what’s something that makes you happy, that has nothing to do with drugs and alcohol? Something you find you can really want
Wes, and really break it down and think about what it is that makes you so
happy to drive that want. It’s a bit embarrassing to say… Vault of trust Wes. Well, I’m so happy to be married to my soulmate. I really want to be with my missus. She has, she has a soft little touch when she holds my shoulder in her sleep, but then she’ll wake and bite me on the back of the neck. She likes to sit facing me, and just ever so slightly tickle my nose… with her bare, hard nipples, the way she cups my… Okay thanks Wes!
Tommy? What do you really want? I want… to also
root this guy’s missus. Come on, anything. I’ll start then. I would
say a con is cost, and a pro is temporary confidence. And it makes you talk to
people. Right, social. And a better dancer. okay Better at picking up.
Yeah last longer too. Well that depends on… Funnier! Makes you funnier.
Ah so true. And what about the cons? Lose your job?
Good! More creative.
Well that’s a pro. Yeah pro. Had nothing for a bong once so I ended up hollowing out a banana. It was a goddamn work of art. Gives you better stories. Okay Wes, you got a con? Stress relief? Hey Cuz, I’m all done. Just finished up
the counseling, fly back tomorrow night. See ya Tommy!
Yeah see ya Wes, you dirty dog. Yeah, catch ya tonight.
Yeah, we all passed your piss tests at the doctor’s this morning so we’re doing a bit of a graduation bash tonight to celebrate. That dude can get the cheapest pills, aye.
Gonna go off, bunch of loose c*nts. Hey bro, what’s the deal when there’s smoke coming out of the silencer on the vac truck? No, we’re just doing trenches for the sparkies, Dan’s bringing the diesel mechanic but has that ever happened- Jesus Mary and Joseph! Fuckin’ Sparkies.

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  1. Now if we could only get the real AvE to guest star, if a guy asked I bet he would. Spot on boys cheers from Kansas.

  2. Drugs drinking and mining have ben around for along time leave the miners alone it takes some balls to work at a mine rough way to make a living

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