EPISODE 7: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

EPISODE 7: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

Oh– game on! Come on game, why won’t you save?? [exasperated sigh] hmm.. URHG. SON OF A— [door slams] [exhales] Huh? Why Sam Young, are you trespassing? Just returning what belongs to you! DUHG AH! Oh god– I’m sorry! Oh my god. I’m so sorry! Always good to be reminded of the physical world. I had no idea that it actually hit you Point taken but I was only trying to help I know, but please this is what I want okay? I’ll consider it Next time, please just knock. Okay? Yeah, your girlfriend didn’t seem to like that last time Huh? Girlfriend?! No, Monica is just don’t worry about that. Okay. Well, thanks Okayy, well thanks. Any time Hey fancy meeting you here. Yep, seems like it’s my job. No, I didn’t mean— What will it be? The usual? I guess.. You got it! So did you see anything good that night? What night? At the movies, when you wanted to go? Oh, nothing’s playing… Have a good day Sam. Uhh– Yeah, you too. See you later, or maybe the same time tomorrow? [nervous laugh] Fancy a lift?~ This is awesome! You’re really not gonna follow the story on WEBTOON? Read Let’s Play only on WEBTOON.

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  1. “Your girlfriend didn’t seem to like me knocking on your door, so I just decided to creep through your sliding glass door.” Lmao

  2. Omg I know that song from the scene on the balcony with Sam and Marshall!! It’s Longing by Kasey Andre and Joakim Karud, but I’m assuming this is the instrumental version of it?? But this is still very cool and I love the animation of this WEBTOON so so MUCH!! 😀

  3. Why do I feel like these series was made with the help of the creators of the voltron Netflix series the art style is the same, honestly I’m not complaining

  4. Fun fact: The author who made this comic actually was the one who made Markiplier's banner on his channel.

    Just wanted to put that out there.

  5. Damn, the videos really be out here missing the good shits. You really are missing out, READ THE COMIC I promise you it's waaayyyy better!

  6. DIRECT HIT FOR SAM…marshall you must listen to sam…Stop lying about your girlfriend…. sam did you ask Link on a date

  7. Well played webtoon. I'm hooked. Reading this on your website. This a marketing genius move to have these animated shorts advertise the comic.

  8. Marshall: she's not my girlfriend, she is my… Never mind

    Me after reading the story: She's not your anything, your her sex toy Marshall

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    EPISODE 7: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

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  10. I just realized they havn't animated her gaming group yet. I want to hear the butlers voice! If I remember correctly his name was Edgar?

  11. Link was a lot better in this episode. He's way more chill than they first depicted him in the first episode. Links not supposed to be all jumpy and awkward.

  12. Did anyone else realize that the coffee scene around 2 minutes and 50 seconds was just a jazzed up theme for "Take me down to the ballgame" XD

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