Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB 4k Enhanced Projector

Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB 4k Enhanced Projector

Hey, is Blake and Jeff here at the Screen Innovations galactic headquaters thanks so much for coming down here Jeff and showing off the new 6040UB dude this thing is awesome first thing I got to make is a comment beautiful design cause this is not a re-do of an old design brand new from the bottom up. Correct? Absolutely inside and out this is been redesign with every system in mind. New lenses, video processing, the external design I particularly like completely streamline very smooth looking. This is our best preforming lamp base projector today. You know is lean, is clean, is sexy, so we now got electronic lens shift, electronic zoom, and how does that play into multiple aspect ratios in this evolving world where we are seeing the need for 16:9, 2.35 in the residential both the living room and in the dedicated theater you are able to do that with this product without having to do complicated lens systems, but if you have a lens you can right? Absolutely, with or without a lens in actual fact there is many sizes of video and this projector allows them to fit any screen. With a bezel without a bezel, the long hollywood aspect ratio shape or the 16:9 shape of the television And obiously the buzz going in the industry 4K 4K 4K 4K You guys have done 4K you got the inputs for it you got the support for it tell us how that is a little different on how Epson does 4K in this model. Well have 4K in both inputs both HDMI inputs. Many projector manufacturers only have one, so two is a convenience also we have 4K with HDR which is an enhancement and our projector plays well with all HDR. Weather is via streaming, blu-ray disc, whatever your source. It will present you with a beautiful breath taking picture. And bright I mean let’s face it you guys are known for being the brightest for the buck. Exactly 2500 lumens is a beautiful size go 150″ diagonal screens. Any size you want it will be your biggest TV in your home. We got a little brighter lamp, we got 4K ability, we got electronic lens shift we got electronic zoom, I mean this is a step up and the price hasn’t really changed from the previews models all that much. Not really, It still represents a tremendous value to the customer and we back it up with the best warranty in the industry. That’s important! 3 years unlimited hours and no dead pixels. If you get any problem with a mis-behaving pixel we replace the projector. You know this is great for the living room and the dedicated theater. The one of the things I want to point out is standing right next to it. I can barely hear it. Is vey quiet, whisper quiet, bright lamp 4K, beautiful design. I’ve be happy to put this in a bright living room or in a theater no questions asked. And is going to big a great mix for our Zero- G® in the 2.35 or the Transformer® we are bringing out here shortly that we are showing at CEDIA. Where we can do again multiple aspect ratios with constant height. I think you got a home run here buddy. I do we are very proud of our brand new product. You should be.. You should be. So check it out on the web Screen Innovations and Epson showing off the 6040UB and for those who are going to be at CEDIA come on by and we are going to be showing them off together. Yeah Thanks Blake! You are the man!

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  1. just bought this one and can not wait to see it on my 120" black diamond zero edge! I have a feeling its going to be off the chain.

  2. If im running a pc on my 4k enhanced projector will I be able to set my screen resolution on the output higher than 1920×1080 ?
    Or can a e-shifting projector enhance 1080P content ?

  3. the Epson and other lcd projectors do not have a sealed light path and will therefore encounter dust blobs on the panels at some point. what is the situation with Epson regarding this issue. a couple of owners have reported dust problems.

  4. link to 2 owners with dust blob issues

  5. Did he just say it plays well with HDR? Because it doesn't.. Try it plays well with the Phillips uhd player only! Xbox one s, does not play HDR across all sources (Blu-ray player, streaming from apps, or gaming) and is not recognized as a 10 bit source.

  6. WRONG! at 2 min when he says the projector plays well with all HDR, IT DOES NOT!It does NOT do HDR with The XBOX One S or the Sony PS4 and has issues with other 4K players. On avsforums there's thousands of users frustrated and trying to figure a work around and there are none.Even on projectorpeople site where they sell it, there's a brief note at the bottom stating:*NOTE: currently, the Epson 5040UB and UBE projectors are not compatible with gaming console HDR specifications.

  7. This will be my next home theater projector. It will be replacing my JVC I've had since 2005 , I believe. It's about time for a new PJ.

  8. Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB – Native Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) pfffffff .. ….
    2017 it's time for 4k projectors with native resolution.

  9. We installed in Brazil a 5040, dedicated home room, all black, zero light …. I did not like the definition of focus, that brightness in the eyes of the actor, I found a little blurry …. the image is beautiful in general, In particular I did not like it

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