ESL English Games – Zoomed in Picture Guessing Game 2019 // The ESL Guy

ESL English Games – Zoomed in Picture Guessing Game 2019 // The ESL Guy

Hey how you doing guys? Welcome to English games, with Andy – The ESL Guy in this video, we’ll look at the zoom in game, where students have to guess the object from the picture. Let’s take a look So first of all, you need to organize your students into individual teams, and how I play the game if They can guess the object from the first picture give them five points, second picture four points, third is three, second’s two and Finally the last picture will show the whole image So if they can say the correct English name for the object give them one point, okay? So hope you enjoy the game guys. Let’s take a look. This is Jack Hello. Jack say hello. You already said hello, okay. Okay, guys. Hope you enjoyed the game and any requests for future content Please put in the comments below and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye. Bye

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  1. Hey everyone, you can check out part 2 to this game here:
    Hope you enjoy!

  2. I've used this before with s single zoomed in pic but I really like the idea of having a series gradually revealing more. Very cool.

  3. My students loved this, right through from elementary to middle! They've been asking to play again ever since but I haven't been able to find one as good as this.

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