I’m just so torn Steph. I know it’s more practical to stay with my current boyfriend Mr. Wrong but I just met this new guy that I really like. What’s his name? Mr. Right. Definitely Mr. Right. I just don’t know. Every Rom-Com Ever. You know what Daniel? That’s it. You are the most vile, disgusting, rude, horrible man that I’ve ever met. Yeah, you want to know what you are? You’re an uptight, goody two shoes BREW! Gah! Yeah! [argue] Oh Daniel it was you, it was always you! I’ll have what she’s having. Coming right up! When Harry met Sally! If anybody has an objection to this holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace. I do. *audience gasps* Excuse me, excuse me, sorry, sorry, excuse me. Christina, I love you. I love you too. *clapping* Well, what can you do? I’m kind of an as*****. Have been this whole time. You saw this coming. It’s just like real life except everyone’s pretty. Who is that? That’s Regina, the new IT girl. Augh! She’s so clutsy and adorable. So unique. She has vertigo. Hot. You’ll never guess what happens next. Do they fall in love? Oh… crap. Oh um… if anyone has any objection to this woman boarding the flight, speak now or forever hold your peace. Christina wait! Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. Christina, don’t get on that plane. I love you. I love you too. *clapping* How did he get past security? I literally heard a TSA guy say go get her. You flew to Rome just to kiss me? I did. It’s really weird. I can’t believe Rebecca broke up with me. What am I gonna do? Hey, don’t worry man. We’ll help you get back on your feet. You know, your group of stereotypical straight guy friends. Like me. Your sleazy lawyer friend who slept with 15 girls in the past week. It’s time to live it up man. And me, Tyrone, your black friend. See, I’m here to make sure this movie has some diversity. But I don’t have much of a back story or a personality. And me, Brad. Your best friend since second grade. Who inevitably give you the advice that motivates you to get the girl in the end. Do I know you? No, no, no. But our old sad friend died so we’re looking for a new sad friend and here you are so… Yeah, no thank you. Ugh! Sorry. Moonstruck! Our memories at Christina is gonna live on forever! Christina wait! Don’t get in that ground. I love you. Woah! Christina! Christina no! Stina! Stina! Yo that’s actually a felony we should call 911. Every Rom-Com Ever Thanks so much for watching guys. To watch Every Guys Night Out click that box on the left. And to watch Every Elementary School Ever click that box on the right! You know I’m just a silly lawyer. You’re just a girl working at a coffe shop. Want to go out some time? I’m sure there would be a huge conflict but… inevitably we’ll resolve it.

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  1. Olivia: "I'll have what she's having!"

    Me: Aight, That'll cost 16,000 and not to mention the interest payment- NVM Go get him!

  2. 0:56 why did the girl marry the guy? When he proposes you can always say no.

    Speak now or forever hold your peace ✌️.

  3. 2:15–2:20.

    Out of all the jokes in this video, that's the one that made me laugh my ass off. Because it's true, and it happens in every single damn rom-com. No matter how outrageous or ridiculous their pursuit to run to their loved one is, every dumbass on the street apparently is overcome with emotion and supports their cause.

  4. Lol last scene someone random not apart from Smosh riding a bike looking at Shayne dragging of wat looks like a body and see’s a set up of a graveyard and like “omg wtf?” Hahaha omg dude

  5. Pew pew and a time to get to work ha kk was a good night I call it and call me bye call you tomorrow and I call him tomorrow bye call him tomorrow call him bye bye love yeah bye bye love him call him bye call him and dog dog poop poop dog dog and dog poop dog dog poop poop dog dog food and dog poop dog dog poop poop dog dog food 🥘 e yeah yeah I t tort is a good day for you coming to my dad and I call him and call you and dog dog poop poop dog poop and dog yytttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt was the bee and dog poop dog dog poop poop dog poop and poop dog dog poop poop dog dog and dog poop dog dog poop poop dog dog dog poop and dog poop dog dog poop poop dog dog food and dog poop dog dog poop 💩 u

  6. I never understand those scenes where someone is boarding an airplane that they already paid for and probably have plans for wherever they are going and someone just shows up out of nowhere and is like "wait, I love you" so they just STOP EVERYTHING THEY ARE PLANNING AND JUST LEAVE THE PLANE THEY PAID FOR TO BE WITH THAT PERSON

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