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  2. My farvoite scream film scream is scream 4

  3. Maybe Scre4m didn’t kill off the three original characters because they regretted killing off Randy

  4. Actually there is a real life device that can be placed under your armpit to silence your heartbeat. Saw it in Sherlock. I hate Scream 3 as well, but that part is kinda realistic.

  5. I don't think any of the scream sequels are even close to the brilliance of the original. But I do like the 2nd one better than the 3rd. And the 3rd better than the 4th. In the middle of the 4th I was getting a little bored with it.

  6. Scream 4 as number 2?! Well, it is surprising for an expert as you. Except the old characters and the location, this movie has nothing left from the number 1. They tried to recreate the atmosphere form the original, but looks very manufactured. The references to cinema in general are a minority compared to social media, which is bad. Should be able to combine the things way much better. And the big age gap between the characters and their lacks of psychology don't give us any empathy to the young cast. No cafeteria scene? Well, I guess I would prefer a cafeteria scene than the Perkins' death scene. But it's all about taste I guess… 🙂

  7. OMG can't believe you mentioned the vaseline on the lense in Scream 4.. It's one of the big things that keeps me from rewatching it. Oh and the kills are very boring (almost everybody gets stabbed in the stomach, wtf?) and Gale and Dewey are SOOOO off character. I did love the ending though.. Scream 2 is WAAAY better than Scream 4 imo.

  8. i got plans on doing scream 5 and its gonna be different scream 5 will be even more scary but with some humor it will have the best kills great gore and an amazing ghostface revild

  9. Imagine a being a killer and being about to stab someone and he's like "I'M GAY!!!!! I'M GAYYYY!!!!"

    And the killer be like "Oh…r-really? I…I didn't know you were so…uh… puts knife down s-sorry…"

  10. that face sid makes after the ghost face reveal in scream 3 could be the next visible confusion meme

  11. Personally I really like scream 1 BUT….I prefer the 4th. Idk why but the story is really good. Personally I also think 3rd is the worst by far but I also think it's the scariest, the Sidney's mom scennes are kinda scary. Maybe it's because I watched it when I was very young. My ranking 4th>1st>2nd>3rd

  12. I’m so used to binging Kill Count that I got completely thrown off when James didn’t say “Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies.” But I’m not complaining because James stomping on Scream 3 is the best.

  13. Scream 4 had the best twist, Scream 2 is structurally the best film but had the most obvious killers, I constantly find myself going back and forth between them, they are easily my favs

  14. Scream 4 Is By Far The Worst Of The Series. I Can’t Take Your List Seriously. Scream 4 Better Than Scream 2 And 3? Cracc? Is Cracc What You Are Smoking?

  15. My sister was born the year the first Scream was made. My dad raised us on horror movies and fangoria magazines and my real name is Olivia so before she could even say my name she would quote matthew lillard’s “liver (a)lone” at me and from 12 months to 3 years old she wouldn’t go to sleep with out seeing “the girl hanging from a tree”. One time my mom went out of town and my dad dressed up like ghost face and I found out really quickly that I’m the one that survives a horror movie. I locked my door, threw some clothes in a bag and threw my sister out of the bedroom with her and ran. I was like 8 I think. It was actually pretty impressive. Some of my earliest memories are tied to this movie franchise.

  16. I think the gay comment was, maybe, about the increasingly sensitivity towards films and representation that may have started to rise during the production of scream 4, however, the only critique they had of it was an (un)elaborate gay joke.

  17. Since Scream is currently a quadrilogy with Sidney Prescott, perhaps the 4th one could be the first in a new quadrilogy with Kirby.

  18. James:do not say butthurt you sound like a ten year old.
    Me:1. I’m ten .2.i don’t say that .3.my mom and dad are ein

  19. How can you talk about the original Scream and not mention The Fonz? I know his death scene wasn't the best but come on😬

  20. Scream 4 was the best of all idk if bc I’m not a 90s baby but it’s just the best I’m sorry 😂😂😂

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