Exclusive: See Inside The ‘Hype House’ Mansion For TikTok Creators | TODAY

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  1. I’m sorry but please tell me they consider tik tok as a “job” , yeah cause your definitely going to get somewhere in life doing little dances and lip singing or whatever 😐

  2. Aww man they didn’t show very much of the Lopez Brothers 😞 just one video and they live there. Being in this environment would exhaust me emotionally.

  3. Ok I everyone mentioned how they didn’t mention the damelio’s but what about the two set of twins and Daisy

  4. I hope their parents stress the importance of education and the significance of going to college and getting a degree. Social media is not something they can add to a resume, nor is it something they can ever fall back on.

  5. “does the fame ever get overwhelming?”
    All of them: yeah..
    um ok they should be grateful to be doing what they’re doing with the zero talent they have!

  6. I've always shipped Addison and Nick together but they're probably not gonna become a thing :/ But they do look cute together ngl.

  7. you guys are acting this is big like you didn’t have to make a whole video about it tik tok is going to like die in 2 years😂😂

  8. It’s really not all different content it’s all the same locations doing the same comedy sketch or dance just swapping out people 😂

  9. Honestly no one with common sense cares about these people. For once report on something more important that’s going on in the world. 🙄🙄

  10. Okay so some of them may be good dancers and hey at least they’re making money and are successfully popular but for the most part they are really talented lol. Just like Team10 and Magcon , etc

  11. talented content creators? excuse me but since when is being pretty and dancing to a song for 10 seconds considered talent?

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