Facebook New Picture Transfer Feature –  FB Pics To Google Photos

Facebook New Picture Transfer Feature – FB Pics To Google Photos

Facebook the biggest social media giant
has recently announced the launch of a photo transfer tool to allow users of
its social network to transfer their pictures directly to Google’s photo
storage service through encrypted transfer the photo portability feature
will be initially available to Facebook users in Ireland according to Facebook
they are still experimenting and tweaking the feature based on feedback
but it will be available worldwide in the first six months of 2020 it also
recommends porting to other photo storage services that will be carried in
the future in addition to Google photos defining which services it may attempt
to add Facebook claims the transfer tool is based on the code developed through
its support in the data transfer project a combined effort initiated in 2018
that’s currently supported by five tech giant’s Apple Google Facebook Microsoft
and Twitter who have invested in developing a collaborative framework
with open source code this framework can combine any two online service providers
allowing a smooth immediate user initiated portability of data among the
two platforms Facebook also directs to a white paper issued in September where it
supports clear rules to rule the varieties of data that should be
transferable and who is accountable for preserving the data as it transfers to
different providers following all these progress the rising threat of antitrust
law with lawmakers and agencies on either side of the Atlantic now firmly
eyeing platforms hold on markets eyeballs and data that’s unquestionably
correct to the portability of user uploaded data can be useful in
encouraging people to think they can leave from a compelling service however
it is also something of a smokescreen mainly when the platform and the subject
is social media like Facebook because it’s people who hold other people
attached to these types of services secondly the value acquired from the
data is preserved by the platform despite whether the pictures themselves
move away Facebook processes user uploaded data such as pictures to get
personalised insights to profile users for ad targeting prospects therefore
even if you send your pictures away that doesn’t reduce what Facebook has already
discovered about you having prepared yourself is group photos baby pictures
shots with the pet and so on it has also created the portability tool to transfer
a copy of the data Facebook still holds your pictures except you take further
action such as removing your account the company does not allow users any
controls portability tools or access rights over the inferences it offers
depends on personal data such as photos or admittedly control over insights it
discovers from its analysis of people usage of its platform or more general
browsing of the internet Facebook traces both users and non-users over the web
through tools like social plugins and tracking pixels moreover there’s little
risk to Facebook to propose a portability feature embedded in a
submenu someplace that allows a few in the know users to click to transfer a
copy of their pictures to another tech giant admittedly
it may hope to serve from related incoming ports from other platforms in
the future Facebook says we hope this product can
support advanced conversations on the privacy issues we classified in our
white paper additionally Facebook also claims that
we know we can do this independently so we urge other groups to join the data
transfer project to increase options for people and proceed to promote data
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  1. Would you be interested in transferring your facebook pictures to google photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

  2. Not sure what will be the consequences of this new feature in future
    People should be more careful in uploading their pictures

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