Fam (CBS) Trailer #2 HD – Nina Dobrev comedy series

Fam (CBS) Trailer #2 HD – Nina Dobrev comedy series

I cannot stop looking at this ring. I love that you want to come
straight here and tell my folks. I don’t have parents to tell. And yours are like the
mom and dad of my dreams. You remember the plan, right? Not a word until dinner. We’re getting married! Aw, Nick, your mom is so adorable. She keeps texting me asking if I have
the guest list to the wedding. That woman is obsessed with
sending out Save-the-Dates. Unfortunately, she calls them STDs. Oh… that explains her other text. You know, what’s gonna make
our first dance really special? Is when I do this. Solid abs, kid. Hey, sis. Shannon, what are you doing here? I cannot take living with Dad anymore… Shh! I told Nick that Dad was dead. Why would you do that? Because he’s a narcissistic sociopath. Then what are you marrying him for? I’m talking about Dad. Oh. Oh, yeah. He totally is. Hi-ya, Dad. What are you doing here? Shannon broke into my apartment last night. That’s awesome. I taught her how to pick locks,
just like I taught you. You are unbelievable! Oh, hey, babe. How’d it go with your dad? Fantastic. I’m so glad that we’re finally alone. Shannon’s in the other room. And when my mom found out Shannon was here, she invited us over for dinner. Please tell me you said no. Of course I said no. Thank god. But I really said yes. It’s so wonderful to finally meet your sister. Half sister. We share the same dad. Who’s like totally dead. Oh my God, he’s alive! Nick, I am so sorry. I was afraid that if you knew the truth,
you wouldn’t love me. Of course I’d love you. Shannon’s all alone, Nick. I need to be there for her. Shannon, we want you to come live with us. Are you guys sure about this? We have never been less sure
about anything in our entire lives. For the record, I never wanted this. Me neither. I mean, I never wanted kids. I knew I’d be bad at it!

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  1. everybody’s hating on nina for doing this, but it’s her choice and i personally would watch the whole entire show because of her.

  2. Why do some of you people decide to click on the video just to give it hate. There are people (Like myself) who actually thinks the trailer was good and so was the show.

  3. God, this show is disgusting! it's dirty, although the dirt itself is missing here.

    God, I want to be in the police slaughterhouse now, to bring order and provide the righteous.

    I think after watching this show. Now I will start looking for a dealer who will sell drugs and try to open the locks – after all, the law-abiding policeman will cover my skinny ass and help me develop my business).

    Great show to keep up, now my business is on the rise.

  4. The comments here are so negative. Shouldn't we be at least a little more supportive? You can't judge without watching the series. Sure it might be horrible but give it a try . At least that's my opinion.

  5. I don't know why people say that this is not funny because it is for me. And yeah I agree that this is not a great role for Nina. I will still watch it because I'm a fan of Nina.

  6. So she left one of the most popular shows on tv at the time to go do this?. Tvd made her so popular and the show was doing so well and she decided to leave after the just 6th season? Clearly she let fame get to her and overestimated herself. I will never forgive nina for that. She ruined a good show by doing something this stupid. I dont understand why actors quit good shows to go do something not worth their time or do something that they aren't meant to do. Leaving a show midway makes a bad image of you and the audience kind of hates you for it. So congratulations nina you ruined your career.

  7. This could have been better with better writing…. story plot is good but better writing could have made it something

  8. honestly, I can see why this show was canceled. Nina's acting is so forced, it makes me uncomfortable to watch. Not everyone is fit for comedies.

  9. HEY GUESS WHAT? Maybe moving to Georgia to film Vampire Diaries for half of the year every year was making her unhappy? Maybe she missed her friends and family and wanted to work in the same city her life is routed? This show probably shoots at an incredibly convenient time on a soundstage in LA and I’m sure she is far happier with this tone and content rather than the dramatic and most of the time deeply emotional work she was doing on the CW.

    Just a thought.

  10. Y’all are just haters and judge a book by its cover, I just watched the show(Fam) and holy shit its amazing.😍I’m so glad I’ve found it.

  11. So, am I the only one who sees SJW stereotypes here? Disfunctional family is a white family where the father is a cop, while the mixed family has no problems at all (at least in the trailer).

  12. This show looks absolutely TERRIBLE and cringe worthy. It’s clearly corny as hell and just not funny. Nina left TVD for THIS??

  13. U really appreciate Nina's acting capabilities after watching TVD. She was so good at going back and forth between Katherine and Elena while Stefan and Damon were not so smooth at switching between on/off humanity switch. Even when Nina had to act as a 3rd doppelganger she nailed it, the 3rd character was soo diferent.

  14. Love the representation of a narcissistic family. This kind of emotional abuse & dysfunction isn’t as understood as it should be. And <3 Nina Dobrev

  15. I feel like we all are so used to seeing Nina in TVD that we just cant seem to see her doing a funny part for a change because to all of us people here, it's always looking like Elena Gilbert having fun while the world is collapsing or Katherine Pierce being friendly with people instead of snapping their heads off. I guess that's what happens when you get famous of such a dark show that we can't see past that character you played back when you were 19 years old.

  16. Don't get why people are so mean. Have you not learned if you can't say something good to keep your opinion to yourself…

  17. You are all just fucking salty she left TVD get over it it wasnt even that fucking good and actors are allowed to want to do other stuff not be stuck in the same show for decades

  18. i feel like this tv show wants to replace FRIENDS but i have some bad news for you guys FRIENDS IS IRREPLACEABLE :))))

  19. It’s funny how self entitled everyone thinks they are in these comments to tell a person what they should and should not do with THEIR talent

  20. It actually seems funny idk why people always have to be negative and fake supporters. “I love Nina but…”, yeah okay you definitely don’t 💀. Y’all judge other people like you have any talent .

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