Family Pictures USA (2019) | Official Trailer | PBS

Family Pictures USA (2019) | Official Trailer | PBS

Host: When you look at these images,
what do these photographs mean to you? Woman: This photo means the world to me. Man: That’s my great grandfather right there. Man: These are my cousins and I love ’em. Woman: This is Family Pictures Woman: Family Pictures Girl: Family Pictures Man: Family Pictures Girl: Family Pictures USA. Action! Host: I’m Thomas Allen Harris,
host of Family Pictures USA. I take pictures, make films, and now I’m traveling the country looking for stories hidden in the family album. Girl: When we were little we would go through these pictures like a journey. Man: My dad worked at this plant for 20 years. Thomas: Do you have a picture of your dad? Man: This is his ID badge. Thomas: Whoa! Thomas: Was it a crisis when
you made the shift from tobacco? Farmer: It’s not like a paycheck every month. Thomas: Yeah. Farmer: You know, and the bills
certainly come every month. Thomas: Using family photos Such a beautiful family! Woman: He came from nothing and provided for us through picking oranges that meant the world. Thomas: we’re expanding our history Man: My mom brought us here from Vietnam Woman: from Italy Woman: Mexico Woman: from India Thomas: from Guatemala Woman: from Iran Thomas: Exploring the stories that connect us to
people. Man: It’s maintaining your life and your culture. Thomas: and places What happened to this neighborhood? Man: There were a lot of these beautiful
buildings that were mowed over. Thomas: Finding ways to unite communities. Woman: You’re his daughter? Woman: Yes, I know you probably
don’t know I exist, but I do. Thomas: through our shared family experience. Woman: She used to wear my clothes. Sister: I never wore her clothes.
Look at this. Family Pictures allows us to
come together Woman: and we’re one family!
Thomas: and we’re one family. Join us on this journey and you’ll never
see America the same way again. Family Pictures USA, coming summer 2019 to PBS.

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  1. Truly Cutting Edge Storytelling – and perhaps a really effective way to combat the cancer of anti-immigrant bias!

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