Fashion : Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth

Fashion : Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth

Hi I’m Jack Hollingsworth in this
Picture Perfect episode we’re going to be sharing with you tips on shooting
fashion photography with your iPhone. Number one the iPhone is perfect for
shooting fashion because it allows you the photographer to maintain eye contact
with the subject. Number two Smartphone photography still needs smart photographers for creativity trumps technology. Number three Lower your camera angle to
simplify your background. Number four I tend to shoot an equal amount of
photographs where the subject is looking directly into the camera and off camera. Number five Make sure you give plenty of breathing space around the subject. Number six It’s much better to zoom with your feet, not with your fingers. Crop in software not hardware. Number seven check your batteries before you start shooting, avoid surprises. Number eight I also
check before I begin shooting how much storage space I have available on my
phone. Number nine I personally use both a screen protector and a protective case for shooting. Number ten The rule of thirds grid lines are a wonderful tool for creating off-center portraiture Thanks for joining me on Adorama TV
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  1. why iphone exactly ? there is a lot of better phone cameras, especially the Lg G4 that gives u a manual control like shutter speed and iso.

  2. First dump the IPhone and get a phone with removable storage so you can have unlimited pictures .How many people would a camera with built in storage only

  3. Why not try to explain something with a few photos, than just show a bunch of photos in such a speed my eyes hardly can follow? Give this mission to Mister Wallace!

  4. I own both IPhone 6s plus and Samsung Note 4.
    I have to tell you, the Note 4 far surpasses the IPhone camera. This clip was pretty much useless to me.

  5. I know And I apologize if I expressed myself in a negative way… I only think that people want to know how to make Dslr photoshoots in a Iphone… Especially portrait photos with depth field

  6. Thank you for the video. I just don't see the relevance of Tip #9 to the topic. By the way, I used to watch your Camera+ (snap snap snap) tutorials. I'd say it's more comprehensive, so hoping you'll produce more like those.

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