Father John Misty – Pure Comedy [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

– [Radio Host] At 6. – [Man Voiceonver] There’s
some reason why I go there. – [Man Voiceover] Yeah. ♫ The comedy of man ♫ Starts like this ♫ Our brains are way too big ♫ For our mother’s hips ♫ And so nature, she devised ♫ This alternative ♫ We emerge half-formed ♫ And hope whoever greets us on ♫ The other end ♫ Is kind enough ♫ To fill us in ♫ And, babies, that’s
pretty much how it’s been ♫ Ever since ♫ Now the miracle of birth ♫ Leaves a few issues to address ♫ Like say that half of us ♫ Are periodically iron deficient ♫ So somebody’s gotta go kill something ♫ While I look after the kids ♫ I’d do it myself, but what ♫ Are you gonna get this thing its milk ♫ He says as soon as he
gets back from the hunt ♫ We can switch ♫ It’s hard not to fall in love ♫ With something so helpless ♫ Ladies, I’ll hope you don’t end up ♫ Regretting this ♫ Comedy ♫ Now that’s what I call pure comedy ♫ Just wait until the part ♫ Where they start to believe ♫ They’re at the center of everything ♫ And some all powerful being ♫ Endowed this horror show with meaning ♫ Oh, their religions are the best ♫ They worship themselves
yet they’re totally obsessed ♫ With risen zombies,
celestial virgins, magic tricks ♫ These unbelievable outfits ♫ And they get terribly upset ♫ When you question their sacred texts ♫ Written by woman-hating epileptics ♫ Their languages ♫ Just serve to confuse them ♫ Their confusion somehow
makes them more sure ♫ They build fortunes ♫ Poisoning their offspring ♫ And hand out prizes when
some one pact insecure ♫ Where did they find these goons ♫ They elected to rule them ♫ What makes these clowns they idolize ♫ So remarkable ♫ These mammals are hell-bent ♫ On fashioning new gods ♫ So they can go on being godless animals ♫ Oh comedy ♫ They’re illusions, they
don’t show stuff to believe ♫ They’re horizons that
just forever recede ♫ And how’s this for irony ♫ Their idea of being free ♫ Is a prison of beliefs ♫ That they never ever have to leave ♫ Oh comedy ♫ Oh it’s like something ♫ That a madman would conceive ♫ The only thing that seems
to make them feel alive ♫ Is the struggle to survive ♫ But the only thing that they request ♫ Is something to numb the pain with ♫ Until there’s nothing human left ♫ Just random matter ♫ Suspended in the dark ♫ I hate to say it ♫ But each other’s all we’ve got ♫ Bedding Taylor Swift ♫ Every night inside the Oculus Rift ♫ After mister and the missus ♫ Finish dinner and the dishes ♫ And now the future’s
definition is so much higher ♫ Than it was last year ♫ It’s like the images
have all become real ♫ And someone’s living my
life for me out in the mirror ♫ No ♫ Can you believe how far we’ve come ♫ In the New Age ♫ Freedom to have what you want ♫ In the New Age we’ll all be entertained ♫ Rich or poor ♫ The channels are all the same ♫ You’re a star now,
baby, so dry your tears ♫ You’re just like them ♫ Wake on up from the nightmare ♫ Na na-na na na-na-na-na na-na ♫ Na na-na na na-na-na-na na-na, c’mon ♫ Oh, oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh-oh oh oh ♫ No god to rule us ♫ No drugs to soothe us ♫ No myths to prove stuff ♫ No love to confuse us ♫ Not bad for a race of demented monkeys ♫ From a cave to a city
to a permanent party ♫ C’mon ♫ Oh, oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh-oh oh oh ♫ When the historians find
us, we’ll be in our homes ♫ Plugged into our hubs ♫ Skin and bones ♫ A frozen smile on every face ♫ As the stories replay ♫ This must have been a wonderful place ♫ It got too hot ♫ And so we overthrew the system ♫ ‘Cause there’s no
place for human existence ♫ Like right here ♫ On this bright blue marble ♫ Orbited by trash ♫ Man, there’s no beating that ♫ It was no big thing to give
up the way of life we had ♫ Oh ♫ My social life ♫ Is now quite a bit less hectic ♫ The nightlife and the
protests are pretty scarce ♫ Now I mostly spend the long days ♫ Walking through the city ♫ Empty as a tomb ♫ Sometimes I miss the top ♫ Of the food chain ♫ But what a perfect afternoon ♫ Industry and commerce ♫ Toppled to their knees ♫ The gears of progress halted ♫ The underclass set free ♫ The super-ego shatters
with our ideologies ♫ The obscene injunction to enjoy life ♫ Disappears as in a dream ♫ And as we return to out native state ♫ To our primal scene ♫ The temperature, it started dropping ♫ And the ice floes began to freeze ♫ From time to time ♫ We all get a bit restless ♫ With no one advertising to us constantly ♫ But the tribe at the former airport ♫ Some nights has meat and dancing ♫ If you don’t mind gathering and hunting ♫ We’re all still pretty
good at eating on the run ♫ Things it would have
been helpful to know ♫ Before the revolution ♫ Though I’ll admit ♫ Some degree of resentment ♫ For the sudden lack of
convenience around here ♫ There are some visionaries among us ♫ Developing some products ♫ To aid us in our struggle to survive ♫ On this godless rock ♫ That refuses ♫ To die ♫ Naturally the Dying
Man wonders to himself ♫ His commentary been more
lucid than anybody else ♫ And had he successfully
beaten back the rising tide ♫ Of idiots, dilettantes, and fools ♫ That were on his watch ♫ While he was alive ♫ Lord, just a little more time ♫ Oh, in ♫ No ♫ Time at all ♫ This will be the distant past ♫ So says the dying
man once I’m in the box ♫ Just think of all the
overrated hacks running amok ♫ And all of the
pretentious, ignorant voices ♫ That will go unchecked ♫ The homophobes, hipsters and one percent ♫ The false feminists
he’d managed to detect ♫ Oh, who will critique
them once he’s left? ♫ Oh yeah ♫ In no time at all ♫ This will be the distant past ♫ What he’d give for one
more day to rate and analyze ♫ The world made in his
image as of yet to realize ♫ What a mess ♫ To leave ♫ Behind ♫ Eventually the dying
man takes his final breath ♫ But first checks his newsfeed ♫ To see what he’s about to miss ♫ It occurs to him a
little late in the game ♫ We leave as clueless as we came ♫ From the rented heavens
to the shadows in the cave ♫ We’ll all be wrong someday ♫ Take off little winged creature ♫ It’s nothing but teens in ravines ♫ And antiques on concrete down here ♫ Are you really as free ♫ As all the great songs
would have me believe ♫ Well, let me tell
you why someday, birdie ♫ You’re gonna envy me ♫ Some dream of a world ♫ Written in lines of code ♫ I hope they engineer out ♫ Politics, romance, and edifice ♫ Two outta three ain’t bad ♫ Some envision a state ♫ Governed by laws of business ♫ Merger and acquisition ♫ Instead of violence or nations ♫ Where do I sign up ♫ Take off little winged creature ♫ It’s nothing but falling debris ♫ Strollers and babies down here ♫ You may be up in the sky ♫ But our paradigms are just as deep ♫ And just as wide ♫ What with all our best attempts ♫ At transcendence ♫ Something’s bound to take ♫ Soon, we’ll ♫ Live in a global culture ♫ Devoid of gender or race ♫ There’s just one tiny line ♫ You’re either born behind ♫ You’re free to peak inside ♫ Life as just narrative ♫ Meta-data in aggregate ♫ Where the enigma of humanity’s ♫ Wrapped up finally ♫ That as they say is that ♫ Oh, that day can’t come soon enough ♫ It’ll be so glorious ♫ When they finally find out ♫ What’s bugging us ♫ I was living on the hill ♫ By the water tower and hiking trails ♫ When the big one hit I’d have a seat ♫ To watch masters abandon their dogs ♫ And dogs run free ♫ Oh baby it’s time to leave ♫ Take the van and the
hearse down to New Orleans ♫ Leave under the gaze
of the billboard queens ♫ Five foot chicks with parted
lips selling sweatshop jeans ♫ These LA phonies and
their bullshit bands ♫ Just sounds like
dollar signs and 80 grand ♫ So reads the pull quote
of my last cover piece ♫ Entitled “The Oldest
Man In Folk Rock Speaks” ♫ You can hear it all over the airwaves ♫ The manufactured gasp of the final days ♫ Someone should tell them ♫ ‘Bout the time that they don’t have ♫ To praise the glorious
future and the hopeless past ♫ A few things the songwriter needs ♫ Arrows of love, a mask of tragedy ♫ If you want ecstasy or birth control ♫ Just run the tap until the water’s cold ♫ Anything else you can get online ♫ A creation myth or a .45 ♫ You’re going to need one
or the other to survive ♫ Where only the armed or
the funny make it out alive ♫ Mara taunts me ‘neath the tree ♫ She’s like “Oh, great,
that’s just what we all need ♫ “Another white guy in 2017 ♫ “Who takes himself so goddamn seriously” ♫ She’s not far off, the strange this is ♫ That’s pretty much what I
thought when I started this ♫ It took me my whole life
to learn to play the G ♫ But the role of Oedipus
was just a total breeze ♫ Still I dreamt of
garnering all rave reviews ♫ Just believably a little
north of God’s own truth ♫ He’s a national treasure
now and here’s the proof ♫ In the form of his major label-debut ♫ A little less human with each release ♫ Closing the gap between the mask and me ♫ I swear I never do this, but is it okay ♫ Don’t wanna be that
guy but it’s my birthday ♫ If everything ends in a
photo then I’m on my way ♫ I watch my old gods all collapse ♫ Whoam way more violent
than my cartoon past ♫ It’s like my father
said before he croaked ♫ “Son, you’re killing
me” and “That’s all folks” ♫ So why is it I’m so distraught ♫ What I’m selling’s getting bought ♫ At some point you can’t control ♫ What people use your fake name for ♫ So I never learned
to play the lead guitar ♫ I always more preferred
the speaking parts ♫ Besides there’s always
someone willing to ♫ Fill up the spaces that I couldn’t use ♫ Nonetheless, I’ve been
practicing my whole life ♫ Washing dishes, playing
drums, and getting by ♫ Until I figured if I’m
here than I just might ♫ Conceal my lack of skill
here in the spotlight ♫ Maya the mother of
illusions, a beard, and I ♫ 2000 years or so since Ovid taught ♫ Night-blooming teenage
rosebuds dirty talk ♫ And I’m merely a minor fascination to ♫ Manic virginal lust and college dudes ♫ I’m beginning to begin to see the end ♫ Of how it all goes
down between me and them ♫ Some 10 verse chorus-less diatribe ♫ Plays as they all jump
ship, I used to like this guy ♫ But this new shit really
kinda makes me want to die ♫ My first memory of music’s from ♫ The time at JC Penny’s with my mom ♫ The watermelon candy I was choking on ♫ Barbara screaming “Someone, help my son” ♫ I relive it most times the radio’s on ♫ That Tell Me Lies, Sweet
Little White lies song ♫ That’s when I first saw
the comedy won’t stop for ♫ Even little boys dying
in department stores ♫ So we leave town in total silence ♫ New Years Day at six o’clock am ♫ Never seen the sunset this abandoned ♫ Reminds me predictably
of the world’s end ♫ It’ll be good to get more space ♫ God knows what all these suckers pay ♫ I can stop drinking and
you can write your script ♫ Of what we both think now is ♫ Dance like a butterfly
and drink like a fish ♫ If you’re bent on taking demons down ♫ With only your fists ♫ And I’ve never known anyone ♫ Who could lose himself
in a bigger paper bag ♫ The weaker the signal ♫ The sweeter the noise ♫ Hunching over an instrument ♫ That you now employ ♫ Like the starvation army ♫ Needs a marching piano in the band ♫ Are you feeling used ♫ I do ♫ Oh I was pissing on the flame ♫ Like a child with cash ♫ Or a king on cocaine ♫ I’ve got the world by the balls ♫ Am I supposed to behave ♫ What a fraud ♫ What a con ♫ You’re the only ♫ One I love ♫ It’s easy to assume that ♫ You’ve built some rapport ♫ With a someone who only likes you ♫ For what you like yourself for ♫ Okay, you be my mirror ♫ But remember ♫ The only a few angles I tend to prefer ♫ I’m only here to serve ♫ Oh I was dancing on the flame ♫ Like a child with cash ♫ Or a king on cocaine ♫ I’ve got the world by the balls ♫ Am I supposed to behave ♫ Oh I was dancing ♫ Round the flame ♫ Like a high wire act ♫ With a “who, me?” face ♫ I was living on nothing ♫ But water and cake ♫ What a fraud ♫ What a con ♫ You’re the only ♫ One I love ♫ One I love ♫ One I love ♫ When the God of Love returns ♫ There’ll be hell to pay ♫ Though the world may be out of excuses ♫ I know just what I would say ♫ Let the seven trumpets sound ♫ As the locust skies grows dark ♫ But first let’s take you on a quick tour ♫ Of your creation’s handiwork ♫ Barely got through
the prisons and stores ♫ The Pale Horse looks a little sick ♫ Says “Jesus, you didn’t
leave a whole lot for me ♫ “If this isn’t hell already ♫ “then tell me what the hell is” ♫ We say, It’s just human ♫ Human nature ♫ This place is savage and unjust ♫ We crawled out of the darkness ♫ And endured your impatience ♫ We’re more than willing to adjust ♫ And now you’ve got the gall to judge us ♫ The spider spins his web ♫ The tiger stalks his prey ♫ And we steal fire from the heavens ♫ To try and keep the night at bay ♫ Every monster has a code ♫ One that steadies the shaking hand ♫ When he’s determined
to accrue more capital ♫ By whatever means he can ♫ Oh, it’s just human ♫ Human nature ♫ We’ve got these appetites to serve ♫ You must not know the first thing ♫ About human beings ♫ We’re the Earth’s most soulful predators ♫ Try something less ambitious ♫ The next time you get bored ♫ Oh my Lord ♫ We just want light in the dark ♫ Some warmth in the cold ♫ And to make something out of nothing ♫ Sounds like someone else I know ♫ When my ♫ Personal demons ♫ Are screamin’ ♫ And when my ♫ Door of madness ♫ Is half open ♫ You stand alongside ♫ And say something to the effect that ♫ Everything’ll be ♫ Alright ♫ Soon ♫ Smoochie ♫ When chaos ♫ Attends to creation ♫ And when the ♫ Shadows inside me ♫ Vie for attention ♫ You stand alongside ♫ And say something perfect like ♫ “Concealment feeds the fear” ♫ And hand me a sea-peach ♫ And say come ♫ Come over here ♫ Smoochie ♫ One side says ♫ “Y’all go to hell” ♫ The other says ♫ “If I believed in
God I’d send you there” ♫ But either way we make some space ♫ In the hell that we create ♫ On both sides ♫ One side says ♫ “Kill ’em all” ♫ The other says ♫ “Line those killers up against the wall” ♫ But either way some blood is shed ♫ Thanks to our cooperation ♫ On both sides ♫ On both sides ♫ One side says ♫ “Man, take what’s yours” ♫ The other says ♫ “Live on no more than you can afford” ♫ Either way we just posses ♫ And everyone ends up with less ♫ On both sides ♫ On both sides ♫ Gonna steal some bed sheets ♫ From an amputee ♫ Gonna mount them on a canvas ♫ In the middle of the gallery ♫ I’m gonna tell everybody ♫ It was painted by a chimpanzee ♫ But just between you and me ♫ Here at the cultural low water mark ♫ If it’s fraud or art ♫ They’ll pay you to believe ♫ Gonna take five young dudes ♫ From white families ♫ Gonna mount them on a billboard ♫ In the middle of the country ♫ I’m gonna tell everybody ♫ They sing like angels with whiter teeth ♫ But just between you and me ♫ They’re just like the ones before ♫ But their standards lower ♫ Not a concert-goer ♫ Would pay you to believe ♫ Oh caffeine in the morning ♫ Alcohol at night ♫ Cameras to record you ♫ And mirrors to recognize ♫ And as the world is getting smaller ♫ Small things take up all your time ♫ Narcissus would have had a field day ♫ If he could have got online ♫ And friends it’s not
self-love that kills you ♫ It’s when those who hate you are allowed ♫ To sell you that you’re a glorious shit ♫ The entire world revolves around ♫ And the you’re the
eater, no, not the eaten ♫ But that your hunger will only cease ♫ If you come binge on radiant blandness ♫ At the disposable feast – [Automated Voice] You’re enjoying the Chill Winter Playlist. ♫ Just quickly ♫ How would you rate yourself I mean Indie Brunch. ♫ In terms of sex appeal ♫ And cultural signifigance ♫ Do you usually listen ♫ To music like this Just one more mile you
can do to get healthy. ♫ Can recommend some similar ♫ Artists This is totally the song of my summer. ♫ Are you feeling depressed This guy just gets me. ♫ But your feedback’s important ♫ To us Music is my life. ♫ Gonna buy myself a sports team ♫ And put them in a pit ♫ I’m gonna wage the old crusade ♫ Against consciousness ♫ All I need’s a couple winners ♫ To get every loser to fight in it ♫ Keep the golden calf,
just need the bullshit ♫ And they wont just sell
themselves into slavery ♫ They’ll get on their
knees and pay you to believe ♫ That was the last New Year ♫ I’ll ever see ♫ But I want to stay
on that magic mountain ♫ With lost souls and beautiful women ♫ I drank some of Farmer’s potion ♫ And we were moving ♫ In slow motion ♫ And the slower, the better ♫ The slower, the better ♫ ‘Cause there’s no one old ♫ On magic mountain ♫ There’s no one old ♫ Old ♫ On magic mountain ♫ And that was the very last barn ♫ I’m burning ♫ So for now everyone is dancing ♫ As if it’s any time but the present ♫ So for now ♫ Any young thing ♫ In my path ♫ I’ll hold their face so long ♫ Inside my hands ♫ The longer, the better ♫ The longer, the better ♫ ‘Cause there’s no one old ♫ On magic mountain ♫ There’s no one old ♫ Old ♫ On magic mountain ♫ The wine has all been emptied ♫ And smoke has cleared ♫ As people file back to the valley ♫ On the last night of life’s party ♫ These days the years thin ♫ Till I can’t remember ♫ Just what it feels like ♫ To be young forever ♫ So the longer I stay here ♫ The longer there’s no future ♫ So I’m growing old ♫ On magic mountain ♫ I’m growing old ♫ Old ♫ On magic mountain ♫ What’s there to lose ♫ For a ghost in a cheap rental suit ♫ Clinging to a rock ♫ That is hurtling through space ♫ What’s to regret ♫ For a speck on a speck on a speck ♫ Made more ridiculous ♫ The more serious he gets ♫ Oh it’s easy ♫ To forget ♫ Oh I’ve read somewhere ♫ That in twenty years ♫ More or less ♫ This human experiment ♫ Will reach its violent end ♫ But I look at you ♫ As our second drinks arrive ♫ The piano player’s
playing “This Must Be Place” ♫ And it’s a miracle to be alive ♫ One more time ♫ There’s nothing to fear ♫ There’s nothing to fear ♫ There’s nothing to fear

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