Father John Misty – Pure Comedy [The Film]

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy [The Film]

(haunting music) (steady piano music) – [Man] I set out for love and broke my toe on possession. I set out for truth and was bent to the shape of nothing. I set out for music and busted my knees on fucking entertainment. ♫ You’re at the center of everything ♫ It’s a long ♫ Hour for me ♫ I doubt this all is sure with me Save me. – [Radio] At six. – [Man] For some reason when I go, yeah. – [Announcer] The lyrics before, written by Woodland Hatin Epilectics. (discordant music) – That’s it! (light guitar music) – [Man] So you want me to come in on the race of demented monkeys part? I’m all over that shit. – Check. (echoing) ♫ Dream on the glow (screaming) – I don’t have damn idea what’s going on. (screaming) (haunting music) (upbeat guitar music) ♫ It’s naturally the dying
man wanders to himself ♫ His commentary been more lucid ♫ Than anybody else ♫ And had he successfully ♫ Beaten back the rising tide ♫ Idiots do the taunts and fools ♫ Who on his watch ♫ While was alive ♫ Lord, just a little more time ♫ Oh, yeah ♫ No time at all ♫ This will be the distant past ♫ Oh ♫ It’s naturally the dying man wanders It’s naturally. ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh (steady piano music) ♫ Oh, it’s just human ♫ Human nature ♫ We’ve got these appetites to serve ♫ You must not know the first thing ♫ About human peace ♫ We’re the Earth’s most soulful predator ♫ Try something less ambitious ♫ The next time you get bored ♫ Oh, my lord I was trying to draw Sigmund Freud but it came out Gandhi. What does that mean about
my childhood sexuality? What does that mean about
my failed love affair with my mother? (solemn piano music) ♫ Are you feeling depressed – [Voice] This guy just gets me. ♫ But your feedback’s important ♫ To us – [Voice] Music is my life. ♫ Gonna buy myself a sports team ♫ And put ’em in a pit ♫ I’m gonna wage the old crew say ♫ Against consciousness ♫ All I need is a couple winners ♫ To get every loser to fight in it ♫ Keep the golden calf ♫ Just need the bullshit ♫ And they won’t just sell themselves ♫ Into slavery ♫ They’ll get on their knees ♫ And pay you to believe (haunting music) ♫ I’ve got the world by the balls ♫ Am I supposed to behave ♫ Oh, I was dancing round the flame ♫ Like I’m a wire rat ♫ With an ugly face ♫ I was living on nothing ♫ But water and cake ♫ Oh, comedy ♫ Ah ♫ Ah ♫ Ah ♫ Ah ♫ Ah ♫ Oh, comedy ♫ Oh, it’s like something ♫ That a mad man would conceive ♫ The only thing that seems ♫ To make them feel alive ♫ Is the struggle to survive ♫ But the only thing that they request ♫ Is something to numb the pain with ♫ Until there’s nothing human left ♫ Just random matter ♫ Suspended in the dark ♫ I hate to say it ♫ But each other’s all we’ve got I don’t know what time it is, I don’t wanna know. – [Man] Yeah, I’m not gonna
tell you what’s happening. – Yeah, cool. I mean, I presume its
like eight in the morning. Put some plastic bags on my feet and just wander around Sunset Boulevard. (light guitar music) ♫ I was living on the hill ♫ By the water tower and hiking trails ♫ But when the big one hit ♫ I’d have a seat ♫ To watch masters abandon their dogs ♫ And dogs run free ♫ Oh (discordant violin music) I hope you don’t feel exploited, Gavin. – It’s an old thing, you know, sitting and finding this
work for the film, idolized. ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ Oh (deep violin music) (light guitar music) ♫ What’s there to lose ♫ For a ghost a cheap brand of suit ♫ Clinging to a rock ♫ That is hurdling through space (emotional piano music) ♫ And oh, I read somewhere ♫ That in 20 years ♫ More or less ♫ This human experiment will reach ♫ Its violent end – [Voice] Imagine if you will, that you’re way out in
space looking at the Earth, and you start a free fall in the direction of the bright blue marble. Losing more and more perspective on what an abstract and impermanent place our planet is, how predictably we step on the same rakes, slip on the same banana peels, quickly becoming immersed
in the very messy business of being human. The dubious privilege of being here, true love and it’s habitual absence, truth and its more alluring counterfeits, rapture in the inexplicable
misery of others, the sophistication of answers
that don’t make sense, crippling, mind-numbing boredom and the terror of it all ending too soon. Before you know it, you’ve
delicately crash landed and find yourself laying on your back looking up at the stars, if you’re lucky, with someone you love. Tho just an hour has passed,
you have no recollection of what the Earth looked like from the far-flown reaches of space, nor how simple it all seemed
to matter of minutes ago. (deep guitar music) ♫ Trevor ♫ Remember when ♫ We were on tour ♫ And you did sound for me ♫ As I walked out on stage ♫ And said this is highly unprecedented ♫ Usually, by this time
I’m halfway to the bus ♫ With my sweatpants on – I do remember that. ♫ Sometimes I joke about ♫ How I get into a
moisture chamber on tour ♫ When I am shilling hand for Trevor ♫ From the front of the stage ♫ As he toils thanklessly ♫ Behind his soundboard cage – Thanks, man. ♫ That’s our song told ♫ That’s our song told ♫ Me and Trevor ♫ We’ll be together forever ♫ I know he has plans
of having his own studio ♫ One day ♫ But I’m going to guilt him ♫ Into staying in my service ♫ Until his dying day ♫ His dying day ♫ Doing sound for Father John Misty – [Trevor] Yes, yow! – [John Misty] Oh, yeah.

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  1. (Short version of previous comment) I’m sitting here in my living room, thinking about the struggle to survive, while I feel my pasta digest. I am writing to you, J Till, because I love you as a fellow half-formed brain, member of an ambitiously imaginative species in a chaotic world. I suppose I rely on you for survival through some degree of connection, but mostly, I love you because you are alive like me. This is called love without an agenda.

    So my agenda is to love you, my friend-because-alive. As a friend, I must tell you what I have found to be true, as you have done for me through all your music, writing, speaking, and (most importantly) merch. I must tell you that you have a belief system. You have decided what the universe means (nothing). You have decided (as far as I know) that there is no significant spiritual realm that exists in tandem with the material. You have made an existential decision, even if that decision is to be uncertain. You always have a choice.

  2. @4:54 I know i've heard that melody. driving me crazy. I'm pretty sure i've heard a song with the same chord structure. late 70's classic rock or something.

  3. This is an insanely captivating teaser, I am losing mind. Josh, I cannot freaking wait. I doubt you'll read this comment, but hell man, you and your music means a lot to me.

  4. Most respectfully, Father John, you smoke too much. That shit just killed my mother. Quit it, and for good! We want you around for a long time, preachin'

  5. Am I the only one in the room here who knows who Gavin Bryars is? Talk about Jesus…He's Jesus! Apparently Bryars is doing the Orchestral & Choral arrangements! Gavin Bryars is one of the greatest Living Composers in the World!

  6. This is both the most hipster thing I have ever seen and an well-shot, incredibly beautiful video. I have so much respect for this guy as an artist! He writes incredible music and acts in such a 80's goth-star way. It's so fun to watch to watch him.

  7. REINCARNATION Of DEWEY COX fuck yeah SUBPOP and LITERALLY phenominal! (josh tillmans new name is 'Literally') if you were curious. some body stole my singing saw and strings lol

  8. dont rush shit like i felt you may have done with honey bear ride this wave for as long as you can well do produce thats us on tour the ballad of Trevor

  9. I pre-order your new album in iTunes and i got tickets for the concert in Mexico City. I will never hear about you before. I see 5 seconds of Pure Comedy song in the News because the note are the SNL and the jokes of the non-russian meet. Sorry, my inglish is so bad. I Love your 4 songs of the new album and i think i lose my mind when the full album is in my phone. Is the best music i hear in many years. Love You Cabron.

  10. Josh reminds me of every musician I knew from the 70's. Notes running through there blood and picks stuck in their teeth. Hidden from view by the lights, makeup, costumes and security is this guy, searching for that special riff. JC with a guitar. Nice J.O.B.

  11. So much work went into the creation of this album – it's a true work of art! …so rare in these times! And as with most true works of art – it's not easy to approach… difficult, and tedious at times. I wasn't blown-away by this on the first few listens, but 5 months in now – it's unquestionably my favorite album from anyone over the past 5 years! The Orchestrations are mind-bogglingly GREAT! -and Josh's singing is pristine, crystalline, and finely nuanced, AND Clear – not smothered in reverb! I saw Tillman when he was doing his sad, solo music years ago, and something spectacular has happened to this man – a massive transformation…the old "larvae to Butterfly" thing! So thankful we still have "Visionaries amongst us"!

  12. Gawd…. the shit I right…AHEM! #Gavin (the bald(by choice) young guy in the studio) by the way spoke more Truth in 8 syllables than any/every album ever produced.

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