Fidaa (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, Sai Chand, Raja Chembolu

Fidaa (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, Sai Chand, Raja Chembolu

Good morning America. After getting some summer time showers… Hi brother! What’s up? Trying to cook upma. Taste it. No, you go ahead and eat it. Go and wake up Bujji. Bujji… Bujji… Bujji, my son. How many times do I need to call you? Won’t you go to school?
This is the last warning. Who cares? Rajeev, save me! Help! Save me! Save me! Finish your breakfast quickly.
Won’t you go to school? Hurry up! C’mon. Hi Suzie!
– Hi Varun! Hey! What’s your plan tonight? I’ve got plans at home. Okay. Bye.
– See you. Bye. Hey Ali!
– Hi Varun! How are you? Hi Suz!
– Hey! Yes! Brother, it’s high time. Get married. You need to get married. I need a friend.
– You need a wife. And we need a family. Okay.
– Yes! Yes! Brother, look at this one. They’re two daughters.
Their father is a farmer. The girl doesn’t have a mother. The girl has done
post-graduation in psychology. Renuka. Her sister Bhanumati is a BSC
second year student of agriculture. They’ve no problem with the
caste of the prospective groom. Date of birth, 15th September. September 15th.
– Mom’s birthday. Yeah. Brother, you’ve to meet this girl. We won’t listen to any excuses. Fate has brought both of you together. Yes! Let’s go. Let your exams get over first. Don’t worry about him.
I’ll be there with him later. You go and meet him first.
– Yes! We’re coming India. Yes! Biting nails won’t make you confident. Look into her eyes and speak.
Be confident. Stop smoking. Girls don’t like it. Why do you look so depressed?
C’mon, smile. Here are some medicines.
Keep them with you. Be confident, brother.
All the best. Hey! Can’t you see? I’ll punch you hard.
Did you get me? What’s this? You gave the excuse that
you’ve a class to come here? Dad messaged me that someone
is coming to meet sister. I also want to meet him. The prospective groom is from America.
– That’s great! I’ll have company in America.
– Yes. I mean… you’re going to stay here… …I need company there. You’ll also go away?
Fine. Let everybody go away. So many smart guys proposed
you but you ignored them… …just because you
need someone from America. We should marry somebody
who has a reputation. He should’ve status in the
society with a good bank balance. “C’mon! C’mon!” “C’mon! C’mon!” “C’mon! C’mon!” She’s my wife. She expired when Bhanu was ten. Sister, come here. She’s my sister. Greetings.
– Hi! Greetings. She raised Bhanu. We had a love marriage
but she followed all rituals. Sister, get some snacks for us. Hey! Sit back. What are you doing?
– Son, we’re against dowry system. We’re also against dowry. Don’t worry. It’s good to discuss these
matters in the beginning. She’s Renu. Renuka has a post-graduation
degree in psychology. She’s a gold medalist.
– Okay. Son, if you’ve anything to
ask her you can go inside and talk. Yes… yes…
– You didn’t eat anything. I’ll eat. Please have something. Wow! Papdi (fried snacks)…
– Excuse me… Gathiya (fried snacks)…
– Excuse me. That’s lovely.
– Excuse me. I’m Bujji. Is it good?
– Yes. Even I want to take a look. Do you know Hindi?
– No… not much… just a little… Give it to me.
– Why? Dropping nails on the
floor makes the family poor. I’ll throw It outside.
– I’ll throw it. No… give it to me… I’ll throw it…
– It’s okay. What’s your name?
– Bhanu! Oh no! This is funny shit. I can’t believe he’s going to marry her. Yes. You’re right.
They’re talking shit (gobar). Gobar?
– That’s shit in our language. – Oh! Cigarette?
– Why are you asking? I saw your profile. I thought you may be addicted so… It won’t be right to smoke here. It would be better
if you smoke and talk… …rather than sitting quietly. That’s right. Oh man! The shutter’s up. What will they do? Do they make out?
– What do you mean? Will they kiss or something? Shut up! You say anything. Sorry Renu!
I get nervous before girls so I smoke. Are you happy with this
arranged marriage set-up? I mean… you can clearly tell
me if you’re giving your consent… …because of family
pressure or for your father. I’ll speak to your father. I just want to clear this.
– Nothing like that. In fact if I don’t like
someone I can tell father. You’ve a post-graduation degree. Right?
– Hmm… What are your hobbies? I love sleeping. You maybe thinking that
since I live in a village… …cooking, worshipping maybe my hobbies. But let me tell you
that I can do any of these. Very good hobby. Interesting. Whoa! What is this? Help me out. Please. Help me out. This is just a buffalo.
– Oh! From where do you get milk?
– From the grocery store. Innocent child! C’mon. No! No! There’s shit with it. Let me go. My brother will come and decide.
– What? What is he saying?
– Calm down. I mean…
my brother will come and meet her. Second opinion. Second opinion?
Don’t you think he’s crazy? We won’t tolerate this nonsense. We won’t get her married to him.
Ask him to leave. Arranged marriages are always troublesome. Now we’ve to follow
his terms and conditions. Sister, refuse him. Sit quietly and finish your food. We heard what he said. Marriage is not a child’s play. There must be some
reason why he said that. We must think about this proposal. Dad, tell me something.
Is sister a product on display? We also haven’t accepted his proposal yet. Let’s see. Let him come first. What are you thinking? Sister, you’ll waste your life
taking care of the three monkeys. They’re from America. We don’t even know what
kind of life they lead. Do they screen Indian movies there? I’m the only one in
this house who’s sensible. Give it a thought. Do I go and talk to father? Shut up! Go to sleep, Bhanu. Let him come first. You can’t touch or feel…
how will you refuse? Shut up and go to sleep. Weirdo! I’ll teach you
a lesson once you’re here. Is she Renuka’s younger sister?
I don’t think so. Is he so handsome? No way! She’s looking at me. Is she the one? His brother is average looking. Let me check if he’s the one. What’s written? Va… ru… n… Yeah! That’s me. Sorry. I couldn’t get it. It’s been years that
I read Hindi alphabets. Plus you were holding it upside down.
That’s crazy! I’m Varun. Sorry. I’m not used to Indian cars. Cars in America are
bigger and stronger, so… This is India. Shall I drive? I’m Varun. And you? I’m the prospective bride’s sister. Why do you sound so rude? Are you angry with me for any reason? Do you have any problem? Oh man! Damn roads. They’ll never change. Hello! These are our roads. We’ve made them. We’ve done our best. Can you build roads? No. right? Then sit quietly. These non-resident Indians
think they’re very smart. Are you the only one
who’s like this in the family? Or is your sister also like you? Hello! Don’t speak
a word against my sister. She’s a gem of a person. Why are you laughing? Do you think marriage is a child’s play? Do you know how tensed we are? They’re such weird questions and demands. Get flowers, wear a sari,
get sweets, get a facial done… You give us sleepless
nights before you come… …and snatch our sleep when you go away. How can you say that?
Do you’ve any experience? The prospective groom
doesn’t give any opinion. He says that his younger
brother will come and meet the girl. And then the hero enters the screen. Doesn’t your brother have any maturity? You can say anything against me. Don’t speak a word against brother. He’s a gem of a person. He wanted a second opinion
from me so I came… You should be strangulated right here. And I’m driving you around. It’s all because of my bad luck. I’m not enjoying your company. I’ll get down here.
Just stop the car. I don’t know why brother
is staying at your house. He should’ve stayed at a hotel. We asked him to stay with
us as a formality and he agreed. We didn’t force him. Let me get down here. Please. Stop the car. Dad will kill me.
– Why? How can I insult the
prospective groom’s brother? You’ve descended directly
from heaven for us. I’ll follow you in an auto. I won’t say anything to your father. Please stop the car. Seriously, stop the car. Okay. I hope you won’t reject her for this. This is not a joke for us. Brother has called me here… …which means he likes your sister. At least respect that. Hey! You know what… you shout
first and then you think about it. I suggest you do it the other way round. Try that. Okay? I don’t have money.
– For what? You’re giving free sermons. I don’t accept anything that’s
offered free of cost. That’s all. Follow that car. Yes! No chocolate. Give me the chocolate.
– Guys… Give me.
– Guys, listen. I like Renuka a lot.
– What? She’s very nice.
– Wow! Finally! Awesome, brother! Superb! You’ve to go and give your consent. Okay? You called me to go and say yes? What was the need for all this drama? They should know about us. Right? They’re very nice.
– That’s okay. But her younger sister
is kind of crazy, man. She left me on the road. Why are we staying at their home? We should stay in a hotel. They requested me many times. They didn’t let me go. Look… just go and say okay. Don’t ask too many questions. Okay?
– Okay, boss. Bujji, come. I’m going to get a sister-in-law.
– I’ll get a mom. My opinion doesn’t matter. Your consent is important. Brother is always busy with work. He doesn’t mingle with people.
He’s a workaholic. Take care of him and
we’ll take care of you. We do all our chores. Isn’t it, Bujji? Yeah.
– Yeah. You can work or study.
You’ll get all facilities there. Brother likes you a lot. He was praising you. Both of you’ll look good together. Can I address you as sister-in-law? Okay.
– Yes! You didn’t tell me
anything about yourself. There’s nothing special about me. I’m just an average guy. He’s special. We’re because he’s there. He’s our hero. I didn’t get what he said
but I think they’re nice people. Something is definitely wrong. Are they really so nice? Something is wrong. I must find out. Hi!
– Hi! What are you talking about? Brother, meet my sister-in-law Renuka. He’s my brother Raju. Brother…
– What is it, Bujji? Let’s go. This is for you.
– Thank you. Hey Bhanu!
– Yes, aunt. Go and get eggs and half
kilo of Bengal gram flour. I won’t go.
– Go quickly and get it. Can’t you hear me? Take this bag and get it quickly.
– Okay. I’m going to the market. Will you join me?
– What? Will you come to the market with me? You’re asking me to come? Yesterday you told me
to get down your car and… …today you’re asking me to go with you.
Are you okay? Don’t over think. I’m going to the market for you.
So, I asked you. You’re our guests, our Gods. So, you don’t have any idea. Omelets will be made for you. So, aunt asked me to get eggs. I’ve some work. Go around the place. Alright. Give me a minute. What happened? Why are you laughing? Will you go like this?
– So what? I’m comfortable. Do all three of you
roam around in underwear? This is not underwear, this is shorts. It’s hot here. Moreover, I’m comfortable. Any problem?
– I don’t have any problem. But the girls here are
not used to see men like this. What do you do in America? I’m studying medicine.
I’m going to be a doctor. Oh! Broiler chicken.
– What? Everybody here is either
a doctor or an engineer. Everybody thinks alike here.
Just like broiler chicken. They study here and
then go to America to work. Everybody is chasing money. Do you love money? Do you get eggs for free?
– What? How will you buy eggs without money?
– You’re very smart. Do you watch movies?
– Rarely. Which is your favourite movie?
– The one with Gabbar Singh. The second one? No, the first one which
had that famous dialogue… …how many men were they?
That one. In which age are you living? You should be updated. Your brother must be watching movies.
– No. He doesn’t watch films at all. In which age do you live?
You don’t watch films. Sister is a movie buff. We’re not stopping her.
She can do anything. What’s your problem?
– Okay. Salman and Akshay look
great when they’re angry. Deadly! It’s a wonderful feeling to watch
romantic movies of our favourite heroes. But her luck is very bad.
Nothing can be done about it. This way? Wine and girlfriends?
– What? What kind of question is this? My brother is getting married. You can ask him these
questions if you want. Drinking is not good. What if the man does anything wrong
with his girlfriend in drunken state? Wrong thinking. Well, do you have a girlfriend
with whom you can do anything wrong? Speak up. Don’t feel shy. You won’t give up. Do you? Stop asking questions about me.
Tell me something about yourself. What do you do?
– Agriculture. BSC. We feed the people. Hey, out! Hey cricket! Hold the bag. I’ll go and play. Hey! Will you leave me alone and go? Am I here for time pass? It’s been long that I played cricket. Goa head. I’ll play and join you. Hey! Can I play?
– No. please leave. Please…
– No… it’s my batting now. You may leave. Take these chocolates
and give me a chance. Have this. This is very tasty.
– Enough! Have one more omelet.
– Okay. Thanks. Who is he?
– The groom’s brother. Eat. Bujji, eat. He’s so handsome. Electric!
– You’ll get a shock. He’s going to run away from here. Just like broiler chicken. He’s not suitable for us. But, he’s very handsome. My uncle lives in Hyderabad. He’ll speak to you about
the rest of the things. Don’t worry. I like Renu a lot. Renu! We’ll go back to America in a week. It would be great if
we get married before that. What? So soon? Will the bride run away. Only if Renu has no problem. Marriage in a week is impossible. We’ve our exams. In a week? What’s the hurry? We’re here on visitor’s visa. I don’t know when we’ll
be able to make it next. This is the only request we have. One week? Will I get some pickle? This fool has got his timing wrong. Sister, give him some pickle. Bhanu…
– Yes, aunt. Go to Lakhsmi’s house
and get some pickle. – No… Take this and come back quickly.
Go. Is he a fool? It’s raining so heavily? Bhanu, be careful.
– Yes. Sister, where did they go? What? I took so much trouble
to get pickle in this rain… …and they went away? I’ll teach them a lesson.
– Forget it. They didn’t know the trouble you took. Okay. So, you’ve already
started supporting them. You’re a fool.
I’ll go and teach them a lesson. Bhanu, stop! Dad told me to speak to them. Please stay back. I’m worried. I’m tensed about what to tell him. Hey! What will you tell him? Dad likes you a lot.
You can marry later. Marriage can happen any time. Don’t speak such nonsense. Please. Tell me directly if you like him. Huh? You must give dad his
medicines on time daily. Don’t forget. I’ll go and tell dad. Dad!
– Bhanu! Dad!
– Bhanu! Sister likes him.
– Bhanu! She has given her consent. Don’t behave childishly. Calm down. I’m not being childish.
Sister is getting married. Daughter, come here. Renu is my dear daughter. I love her a lot. The marriage can happen later. The marriage can take place any time. Take your time to think
and then you can give your answer. Dad! I said the same things. I asked her the same question. We think alike. Didn’t I ask you the same questions?
Tell him. What answer did she give? She gave her consent
and said she like him. Enough! My darling,
I hope no one casts an evil eye on you. I’m really very happy. He’s a very nice person. Who will give me medicines
on time after you go away? I’m with you. Isn’t it? You may go now. I’ll live with dad now.
You will also be with us. Leave me. Dad, I’m very worried. I’ll be gone in a week. Why do girls have to leave their home? God knows who made this rule. This is cheating.
Absolutely wrong. Deception. You’ll also have to leave
everything and go away one day. Never. I’ll never go away. I won’t go away after marriage. I won’t sleep anywhere
else except my room. Let me tell you dad that I’m
your son and I’ll always remain so. Hi. Hey! You were supposed to take me around. When will you do that? It’s your duty as I’m your guest. His timing is always wrong. I’ll teach him a lesson now. Thanks for reminding. There’s an old temple here . It’s beautiful. Will you come? An old temple? Okay cool. You’ll have to get up
early in the morning at 3 am. Why? That’s the rule.
Will you be able to wake up so early? Yeah. No problem. Take bath in cold water.
– Okay. From head to toe.
– Okay. You’ll have to wear a dhoti
like they wear in Tirupati. Dhoti?
– I’ll give you one. Okay. Go to sleep now. Wake up at 3 am.
– Okay. Sleep well.
– Goodnight. Oh God! These lizards. Did you say something?
– No… I’m unable to sleep due to jetlag. It’s so cold. I’ll die of pneumonia if
I bathe with this cold water. Oh no! The towel came out. Thankfully no one saw me or
I wouldn’t be able to face anyone. Son… Are you going somewhere?
– To the temple. Hello.
– Hello. Come. Hey Bijju. Hey! What are you wearing?
You look like a clown. Hey Bijju. It seems that he’s the groom.
He’s handsome. You maybe marrying late
but don’t delay in having kids. No… I’m not the groom. Come on hurry up. Bhanu?
– She is up there. Why did you hold my hand? You told me to wake
up at 3 am and take bath. Okay. I forgot, I couldn’t wake up on time.
we’ll go some other day. Hey!
– Hey! It’s not good to make fun of somebody. I wore the dhoti for you. Wow! You look cute in dhoti. It must be very airy and comfortable. I don’t wish to discuss that. You fooled me. Deception! Conspiracy! I couldn’t sleep because of the lizards…
– Is it? What about the pickle?
– Oh man! I took so much trouble to get it.
But did anyone eat it? So you were taking revenge for that? Should I tell aunt? You’ll tell aunt? You’ll tell aunt?
– Why not? Oh shucks!
You clicked my photo in the morning. How did it feel? It must’ve felt great. You can go and tell aunt now.
– You’re crazy. By the way you look great. There are some adult ones too. Do you want to see them?
– Bhanu! The Indian girls have changed. Not all the girls only one girl Bhanumati. She’s the one and only one. She’s unique and different. She’ll make me crazy. Is your brother a nice person? Why are you asking? My sister is very nice,
not at all like me. She never loses her
temper or answers back. She’s very sweet. How is your brother? We’ve understood how your sister is. But you didn’t understand
how my brother is? I know how he is yet I’m scared. Scared? But why? She’s leaving us and going with you all. Don’t worry.
– Promise? Promise. Hey! When will you take me to the temple? Keep praying.
Your prayers will be answered. Fold your hands. He’s brother-in-law’s brother. It’s beautiful.
– It’s my village. Wake up in the morning and dab. Wake up in the morning and dab. Thanks.
– Thank you. I need toilet paper. Toilet paper.
– Bujji… Toilet paper… I need toilet paper. Toilet paper. No.
– Bujji. No… I need toilet paper. Bujji, take this. No… you can go. You’re crazy. Hey! Over there.
– There. Now the lizards won’t disturb you.
– Thank you, Bhanu. How is it? It’s water from our well.
– Really? – Yes. It’s good. All the land here will add up to 10 acres. There is land down there and up there too. This one too?
– Yes. All of them. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings This is the one, sir.
– Okay. Who are you? Are you the owner of the land?
– No, sir. I’ve taken the land
on lease for twenty years. Have this. This is the area that’s marked. This tastes awesome.
– I told you. Will you sell it? I’m worried. You all construct big buildings. Tell me if you have any work for me. Will you work as a laborer? We’ve no other option, sir. Sir will handle everything. Hey! Did you buy the land?
– Not yet. The old farmer took
the land on lease. Right? Yes. You can buy the land but
you Americans don’t know… …how to till the land. You look very beautiful!
– What? Cool! You never saw a girl sweat. You saw girls who stay
in AC rooms wearing earphones… …and carrying cell phones. Have you gone mad? Lunatic! Sorry! I wanted to see you so…
– Fool! You saw me when I was taking bath.
Can’t I do the same? Okay. So this is what you wanted. Why did you take so much trouble? You could’ve asked me directly. Pray to god.
Your prayers will be answered. Whoa! Okay. Shameless girl! You’ve finished
learning the lessons so soon. I’ve just started. You changed so soon? If I don’t’ study I’ll fail. Hey! Your dance was great. Awesome! What about the land deal? We bought the land and
gave it on lease to the farmer. The farmer is happy,
so is the land and so are we. The real estate dealers
won’t trouble them anymore. You did a good job. I didn’t expect this from you. Impressed! Impressed! You can tell me if you need
any help with studies for your exam. Come upstairs. Say it again.
– Come upstairs. It sounds so good. Alright, give me a couple of minutes. I’ll change and come.
– Okay. Cool room. So you clicked my photos from here. Thanks. So…
– Do these pictures and graphs. Okay. Will you be able to do it?
– Yeah. Just copying won’t help you. You need to understand the concept. Really? I didn’t know. Oops! Wait. I’ll give you a rubber. What?
– Rubber. In US a condom is called a rubber. Oh! The boy is feeling embarrassed. You’re feeling shy for such a small thing. In our country they keep telling to
use condom or people will contract AIDS. They spend crores on advertisements.
– Oh! It seems you’ve good knowledge about them. You’re a strange girl! You always say something to taunt me. Nothing like that. What is your opinion about me? Well, if I tell you
then you’ll tease me again. Hmm… Want some tea?
– Yes. Tea powder? Great! here you go.
– Thank you. Drink it. Thank you. Can you cook?
– Of course. We do everything for Bujji. Bathing him, feeding, diaper changing.
Everything. Sister-in-law won’t have
to worry about these things. Was Bujji born late to your parents? Actually mom adopted him. She went to an orphanage where
she saw him and brought him home. When mother passed away he was two. He was her life. Does Bujji know?
– Yes. He proudly claims that
we were born just like that… …but mom selected
him and brought him home. I had doubts about you
but everything is clear now. Sister will be very happy with all of you. Now I’m assured. What? You’re always
worried about your sister. Can’t you see us? We’ve no value. Isn’t it? Forget about your sister. What do you think about me? What do you think?
– Why? Why? can’t I ask you?
– Oh god! I’ll fail in the exams. Shall I go and study?
– Okay. Let’s go. So the earthworms help the
farmers by preventing soil erosion… …and then help by loosening the soil. I’ll leave now.
I’ve to give medicines to father. Hey! I hope you’ll wake
up on time tomorrow morning. Dad, wake up. What happened?
– Medicine. Sorry, dad. I forgot. I made a mistake. Don’t talk like a child. You’ve exam tomorrow. Go to bed. Sorry, dad. I completely forgot. Dad, am I your darling daughter? You’re my pride, my life. I’ll always stay with you. I’ll never go anywhere. Our farmlands, our temple and our village. Go… You. I won’t go anywhere. He came in your room. You never allow anyone in your room. It means you like him. It happened out of a weak moment. This boy is very disturbing. I just need one reason to forget him. He doesn’t suit me. Listen… don’t leave me alone. I’ll tell him that both of
us are going together for exams. Huh? I asked him to come
to my college yesterday. Okay. Weak moment. Right? No. It’s dangerous. Let’s go. Listen… he has come. Turn around. My heart is beating very fast. Look at him. He has come here for you.
It doesn’t look good. We must leave now.
It’s time for our exams. Yes. Let’s change.
– Now? How can we go to college like this? If you go to college like this
everybody will stare at you and tease you. Naresh has already set his eyes on you . We don’t have time.
Let’s go or he’ll be here. Bhanu! Bhanu! How was the exam? Did you see Bhanu today
and the mole on her back? Yes. We can’t let her go today. Yes, you are right. Hi!
– Hi! Hi!
– Why did you come here? I thought of asking how your exam was. Just kidding. I was getting bored. Go ahead. The question you helped me with had come.
– Oh nice! Hey! How was the exam?
– Good. Hey! You did it. Bhanu, let’s go from here. Go away from here? You won’t thrash that guy?
– What are you doing? Go. She’ll go. Go. Okay. I’ll show you my college. They serve delicious
biriyani at the canteen. Bhanu, how was your exam? That was great!
– All of them are same. Loafers! Let’s go to the canteen. There’ll be more people there. Hey Bhanu, how was the exam?
– It was good. Mine too was good. Their bones should be broken. Come on, eat. Pray that their bones are broken. Where’s the restroom? Go straight and take left.
– Okay. I’ll just be back.
– Okay. Hey listen… your boyfriend is electric. Everybody is talking about him. Shut up! He’s a stupid guy. He’s neither romantic nor aggressive. Naresh and his gang were
teasing me and he just wanted… …to leave that place. I’m very clear about what I’ll do. You’ll end it if he doesn’t fight back? He knows where to maintain his cool.
– Dialogues. I’m worried about how
to get him out of my mind. He’s stuck in my mind. This will be the reason the
reason to delete him from my life. Forget and end the matter here. For just a trivial reason like this? What’s going on? What’s the matter? Let’s go. Is it important to touch the
girl while asking her how her exam was? Is it important? You want to see the moles on a girl.
Right? I’ll show you. Here you go. Stop! Pick the papers first. Hey! Pick them. Pick up the books. Leave me, it’s hurting. Answer my questions and I’ll let you go. Why are earthworms
and farmers good friends? They help to prevent soil erosion. The loosen the soil and
mix the minerals leading… …to good yield of crops. Correct answer.
It means the others are spoiling you. Get lost. No… Don’t you wish to know how
many moles you have on your back? Forget about anyone touching you. No one will look at you. Macho man! Hey! You thrashed them nicely. I hope you’ve broken their bones too.
– No… I didn’t thrash them that badly. What do you eat? Nothing much.
Oatmeal for breakfast, veggies. Chicken in the afternoon,
also some fish and after workout… Oh God! Just one reason to ignore him. Don’t leave me alone. We came together and
we’ll go home together. I think I won’t be able to ignore him. Don’t think much.
I’ll take the train and go home. You won’t get this chance again. Enjoy your time with him. Look at your face.
You’re looking so bright. Go. Hey! Sorry. Hey Varun!
– Hi, Sailu! So good to see you. I’ve many things to share with you. Who is she?
– She? She’s my maternal uncle’s daughter. Her name is Sailu. She’s from Hyderabad. She’s going to come to US. Okay. Bye. Don’t look there. No. Shamu, go over there.
Finish the work quickly. We’re getting late.
– I’ll do it. Bhanu, we need to go to
the station master. Let’s go. We want to decorate the compartment. It’s going to be their
first night together. It should be special. Okay. You can do it.
– Thank you. Sister-in-law… Hey, Bujji. This is for you. These are mother’s ornaments. We had kept them for this special day. If you give everything
to your sister-in-law… …what will you keep for yourself? See you, sister-in-law. Why are you working so slowly? Work fast. We don’t have much time. I don’t know how to wear it. Thank you, dad. Bujji, come. Sister-in-law… Brother, give it to me. The arrangements for lunch
have been made over there. Please eat heartily. Don’t feel shy. I’m very hungry, Sailu.
– Me too. What did you decide? Fritters? Fritters?
– Yes. Fritters?
– No, thanks. Take a little.
– No. I’m full. Take some. It’s very tasty.
– Okay. Thanks. Eat it. You’ll love it. If your mother was alive
she would’ve been so happy today. Do you want these too?
– Yes. Bhanu! Bhanu! For the first time we’re
packing in two different bags. I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. You’re leaving us and going away. Why do we have to leave our house and go? Why don’t you ask brother-in-law? He’s a nice person.
He may agree to stay back. These things happen in
stories and not in real life. Ask him once. The prince comes and rides
away his princess in his horse. He never stays with her in her palace. Go. I told you ask him but
you started narrating a story. You’re not feeling sad? You’re not worried about us. How can you go away? Faith… my faith in him. I’ll stay with him under
any condition out of my faith. Why don’t you ask him to stay back here? Okay. Ask him when you get the chance. You’ll propose him first and
then ask him to stay back here. Right? Hmm… So there are terms and
conditions in your love? Hmm… Do you think he’ll agree? Hmm… He’s going to be a doctor in America. Just give it a thought. If you propose first
it’ll look very cheap. He’ll feel proud. What if he rejects? He won’t refuse. No chance. Bhanu, I didn’t get my coffee.
– You’ll soon get it. The station master had called. He told you to meet him.
– Okay. Cool. Varun, I…
– Hi Bhanu di! Here’s your shampoo.
– Thanks. We’ll sit next to each other in train.
– Okay. Don’t go anywhere.
– Okay. I’ll be in second class. I’ve something important to tell you.
– Okay. Hey Bhanu listen…
– Yes. Is anything wrong?
– No… Don’t forget to meet me in train. S8.
– Okay. Sister…
– What happened? …listen what they’ve done. They’ve made arrangements
of their nuptial night in train. Don’t you have any shame? I didn’t do anything.
Varun told me and I helped him. There’s time for everything. You do anything without thinking about it. Go and tell him to cancel everything. Stop! I’ll speak to him. Go in the car with Renu.
They’ll go by train. Let’s go. Did you get me? Hey! Okay. Yes!
– Yes! We’ll finish the remaining
rituals in uncle’s house. Brother-in-law, I’ll take the train.
You can have fun. What?
– Okay. Go. But why?
– She wants to go. Let her go. Bye. Bye. Bye. Hey Bhanu! Why did you come here? Brother-in-law wanted
to spend some time with sister. He told me to take the train. Dear, are they okay?
– Hmm… Drink some water. Sister… Why did you do this? Don’t be so out-dated. They want to spend some time together. I’ll be back soon. Bujji… Good night. Where’s Varun?
– He’s with Sailu. Sailu, let me think.
– What will I do now? Wait.
– Let me think. I’m worried.
– Don’t worry. I’m with you. Okay. Go and serve the people
traveling with us in first class. Okay. I’ll be back soon. Viru, stop. I’ll come with you. Let’s go. Knock. Food, sir.
– We don’t want food. Food for you, sir.
– We don’t want food. Why are you disturbing us?
– Let’s go. Have a banana. What happened?
– Bujji didn’t eat anything. He must be hungry. Sailu, there’s no future
for doctors in India. Try and come to US. I’ll take care of visa
and university seats. What’ll you get here? Buffaloes, lizards and dirty roads. It’s good for vacation. The farms
and tractors seem good for time being. There’s no career here. I’ll manage everything. Trust me. If you come we’ll plan
the wedding too. Okay? Okay, Varun. I trust you. The love story ended
before it could begin. Now I don’t need any reason to reject him. Dear, what are you doing here? You must be missing your sister?
– Nothing like that. You’re with me. That’s enough for me. I’ll always stay with you forever. My darling daughter will
always be with me. Isn’t it. Hello.
– Hello. Give it to me.
– It’s okay. Do this for me. Hi Bhanu!
– Sister, he’s calling you. Everything okay? Now you’re our guest. Tell me if you need anything.
Tea, coffee anything. Hey Bha… What happened?
– I’ll be back soon. What happened?
– Nothing. Sister, I’ve kept everything in this room.
Please check it. Here you go.
– Give it to me. How is it? Good. Take this.
– Take this. Eat, son.
– C’mon, eat. Bhanu, fritters.
– I don’t want it. Have them. They’re tasty.
– No. This is tamarind rice and not lemon rice. Taste it, you’ll like it. Eat it. What happened? Give me some fritters. How many will you give me? Bye, dad. Brother-in-law…
– There was no need for this. Bujji… Thanks. Dad…
– Daughter… …bye, dad. Take care.
– You too. Bye.
– Bye. Keep this bag with you. Where’s Bhanu? Call her. We’re getting late, Renu. Let’s go. Bye.
– Bye. Bye, dear. Bye. Happy marriage.
– Thank you. Wish you all the best.
– Thank you. – Thank you. How was the weather there?
– Good. Was it cold?
– Yes. What about you? Thank you. Bhanu, what is it? Show me. What’s going on? Show me the photographs. The photographs are very nice. Look at this. Hey! Come here.
– What? Look at this. I hope your journey was good?
– Yes, dad. Sister-in-law, give it to me. Listen dear… Are you watering the plants?
– Yes. The plants are perfectly fine. I want to talk.
– Okay. Don’t worry.
– How is Sumati? Sister-in-law… Hello. Hello. Hello. Take it. Bhanu, Narsingh Rao’s
son loved your photo. They want to know our opinion. What should we tell them?
Send everybody… Send everybody away from here… me too. Throw everybody out of the
house so that there’s no one here. Sister-in-law, I’ll help you. What are you cooking?
– Cake for Bujji. Do you want coffee? I’ll make it for you. I’ll make it. would you like to have some?
– Yes. Sister-in-law are
you missing your village? Yes. Missing Bhanu? A lot. She’s very talkative. She’s very mischievous. It’ll be good if she comes here.
– That’ll be great. But how? That’s impossible. Sister-in-law,
actually I had proposed Bhanu. What? proposed…
– You proposed her? You said that you love her?
– Yes, sister-in-law. That’s great news, Varun. It’ll be great if Bhanu
marries you and comes here. Why didn’t you tell me before? Look at you. You’re feeling shy. I had doubts on both of you but
I didn’t know that it would be serious. Both of you’ll look good together. I’ll call her right now.
– Sister-in-law… Let’s wait for her answer. I love you, Bhanu. Is it Bhanu’s message? What happened? Why don’t you say anything?
What reply did she send? What happened, Varun? She’s my first love, sister-in-law. This is the first message I sent. I never liked anyone so much. She clearly refused me. Don’t worry, I’ll speak to her. I’ll speak to her. Don’t worry. What’s all this? Are you a fool? What’s going on in your mind? Is this the way you answer a proposal? Think about the proposal once again. Varun is a nice boy. He proposed me and I rejected.
I’m not interested. Why aren’t you interested? Why did you send the photo of slippers? I’m not interested. That’s all. How do I make myself clear? You won’t get someone as good as him. He’s a nice guy. Girls are crazy for him. I’ve seen it.
– That’s good. Keep watching.
I don’t want any favour from him. I’m not the time-pass type. What do you mean? Why are you saying such strange things? Bhanu, give it a thought. You’re so lucky. Just imagine how other guys are.
He’s so nice. I don’t want to be so lucky. I don’t like him, that’s all. Hello. Hello. Sister-in-law, what did she say? Varun, she’s crazy.
Don’t think too much about her. Congratulations surgeon! Congratulations, my friend! What happened? Why do you look so depressed? Slippers? What does this mean? She rejected my proposal. How could she refuse such a handsome guy? Hey! Listen to me… we’ll find someone better. Forget her. Sister-in-law,
don’t say anything to brother. He’ll feel bad. No need to exaggerate the matter. Ali, take this inside. Sister-in-law, go in. What’s in your hands?
– Cottage cheese biriyani! Hey! What happened?
– Nothing. Have dinner first and then the cake. What’s wrong with him?
– Nothing. Will you have rice or cake? He won’t refuse it. Anything wrong?
– Nothing important. Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! She isn’t taking my calls. Ask her to call. I should at least know what’s wrong. I’ll talk to her. Okay. Note down the composition. Hello Bhanu…
please… why are you doing this? Peak to him once. For my sake. Please Bhanu…
he’s your brother-in-law’s brother. This kind of behavior isn’t good. Okay. Enough! I’ll speak to him. Talk to him now… right now. Bhanu… Bhanu… are you mad? Are you in your senses? Why do you’ve such a big ego? At least pick up the god damned phone. Hello Bhanu… Bhanu… Don’t shout. What is it? Am I shouting? Am I? Do you know what you’ve done? Why did you refuse me? Why? I don’t like you Varun. That’s all. Did you get my answer? Varun… Varun… Varun… Varun… It’s been many days that you called me. I don’t like you. But why? I don’t like you. I don’t believe this. I don’t believe it. You liked me. I could sense it. We had our moments, Bhanu… in your room. What went wrong all of a sudden? I’ve class.
– Class? To hell with your class. This is about my life… my freaking life. What do you think of me? I’m a doctor from a top
medical school in America. I’ll earn millions.
Who are you? A girl from a small village
who runs a broken old tractor. Average… you’re a below average girl. So the truth shocked you? Now you realize where you went wrong? What will I do with
the photo of the slippers? Do you think you’ll
get anyone better than me? Let me see if you can get
somebody who is even 1% of me. Bhanu… are you listening? Hello… hello… hello… To hell with my class? Broken old tractor? And I’m an average girl right?
Sorry. Below average. That’s what you said. Right? I’ll get somebody better
than you in no time. Just wait and watch…
– Bhanu… Okay. Bye. Hello Bhanu… Bhanu… Oh God! Do you think you’ll
get anyone better than me? Let me see if you can get
somebody who is even 1% of me. Have you received the mail? Hi! Hey! Call mom. No. I’ve come to meet you. Okay.
– We’ll discuss it later. Thank you very much. We’ll meet later.
– We’ll meet later, sir. Please have a seat.
– Thanks. I’m Bhanu. I live in the neighborhood.
– I know. May I take a selfie with you? You studied in London right?
– Yes. You studied abroad but started
your factory in the village here. Yes. For the farmer. You’re a very nice person. Can I take a selfie?
– Yes. Why not? Thank you. Left or right? Okay. Why did Bhanu come here? Why should you bother?
– Tell me. If I’m not wrong then she’s Bhanu. Right? Mom, she wanted a selfie with
me as she was impressed by my work. Oh selfie! You’ve to wake up at 3 am.
That’s the ritual. Will you be able to do it? Sister-in-law, is Bhanu your sister? What happened? She’s so short-tempered. She changed me too. Varun, don’t be sad.
You know she’s like this. Don’t be depressed. You don’t look good if you’re sad. She’s crazy and stupid. She’ll gradually understand. I’ll speak to her. There’s a limit to everything. But her craziness knows no bounds. She’s torturing me. Oh no! Sister-in-law, veggies and curry leaves. I’ve got an appointment
for driving test. Be ready. Will you have dosa? Did he eat?
– No. But, I’ll eat. What did she send now? Another slipper? Who is he? Why are you silent? Give her a fitting reply. Take the herbs and grind them. The village belle stunned
the NRI with just one selfie. The Indian girl managed
to defeat the American. The Americans must be laughing at us. What will Trump say if he finds out? We can’t remain quiet. Call Suzie. Hey Su… Look… how she’s clinging
to him and clicking selfies. Call her.
– You’re sure? Don’t call her to get married.
It’s just for a selfie. Hey Suz, how are you doing? Do you want to catch up tonight? Ah! It looks so good. Thanks for calling me. Yeah… so about myself… My mom’s from Hungary,
my dad’s from Slovakia. ‘It’s a great feeling when
two lovers watch a film together.’ ‘Oh god!’ Had a really good time.
– Yeah. Me too. Thank for everything, Varun.
– Yeah. ‘Do you’ve a girlfriend
with whom you can get naughty?’ You couldn’t kiss her? Didn’t she brush her teeth? You’re sacrificing your life
but the girl isn’t give it any importance. I’m completely impressed by her. I can’t forget her. We’ve a soul-mate in life. She’s the one. She’s the one. I think of her all the time. I don’t know what magic
she has woven on me. It feels like a thriller movie. It’s a horror movie and not a thriller. You won’t realize when
she’ll make your life terrible. Hello.
– Hello. Hello, who are you? This is Ali from America. Your sister is my sister-in-law. Are you her own sister
or were you adopted? She’s so innocent but you’re quite smart. Girls far better than
you are crazy for Varun. Really? You should’ve
called the Guinness book. Why did you call me? Why? Why should I call Guinness Book? Bro, she’s really very smart. But we must do something. Let’s take a selfie. Let’s celebrate your heartbreak.
It’s a small celebration. Close your eyes.
– Why should I? I won’t kiss you. Close your eyes. Mom, she’s home. Bhanu! She’s Bhanu.
– Hi! They’re Mr. Narsingh’s relatives. They’ve come to meet you. They said that you took
a selfie with their son. Do I’ve to marry him just
because I took a selfie with him? What nonsense! Kill me. Everybody has gone mad. You always wanted to
stay close to your dad. Right? This proposal is from the neighborhood. You’ll stay close to us. What else do you want? I don’t like him. that’s all. Who is this guy? How did he come in between? Aunt said that they gave a proposal. He must be the one who sent proposal. It means she has given her consent. She’ll get married so quickly? No… I don’t think so, Varun. They need her consent first. You know how she is. She’s crazy. Don’t worry. Varun, are you okay?
– Hmm… Go to bed. Sorry. Varun… I’ve noticed
that you don’t sleep. I’m helpless. I can’t sleep. You go to sleep.
Good night. Aunt! Hello, son…
Bhanu’s wedding has been finalized. Great! Did you hear the news? Bhanu’s wedding has been finalized. That’s great news. What does the groom do? He has completed his
education from London. It’s a good proposal. Yes, dad. Renu, Bhanu’s wedding has been fixed. Give her the phone. Talk to your sister. What’s this? Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re doing? What’s the hurry? You like the boy so much? Don’t be so foolish, Bhanu. Please Bhanu, listen to me carefully. Sister, I had asked you what did
you see in brother-in-law before marriage. Do you remember? Why are we discussing this now? I’ll tell you why. You said that you’ve faith in him. I don’t have faith in your brother-in-law. Hello Bhanu… Bhanu… Mr. Rajiv…
– Yes. Mrs. Rajiv… Congratulations! You’re going to be parents. Thank you so much. Congratulations, brother! I’m so happy.
– Come, doctor. What precautions should she follow? I’ll take out the car.
Meet me downstairs. Okay? Okay, brother. Make sure that you watch her food.
– Yes. She should have a very
good diet and she should be… Hey, doctor!
– Hello! Sister-in-law… Why did you become sad all of a sudden? Forget Bhanu. She isn’t special. She isn’t worthy of you. It’s okay to talk to her
but she’s stubborn and crazy. You know it very well. She isn’t beautiful. Moreover, in her college she has… I don’t have words to express myself. You’re lying, sister-in-law. Isn’t it? What do I do? I can’t see you in this condition? What do I do? I tried to convince her
but she’s not ready to listen. And you… She has accepted the marriage proposal.
– Marriage? Dad told me. Oh no! You’re so disturbed and worried. You aren’t eating or sleeping properly. What do I do? Forget it, sister-in-law. I’ll forget her right now. You’re crying for me. You’re accusing your sister for me. I will never forget this gesture. I’ll forget her. You’re with us. We’re soon going to
have a baby in our family. That’s everything for me. I’m very happy. You need to take proper rest. You must follow what I say. Don’t mind my words. I don’t have words to express my joys.
I’m very happy. Everything is going well for us. You’re happy there and
Bhanu is also getting married. Hi Bhanu! Looking beautiful.
– Hi! Should I click a selfie? Come. Okay. Okay. We’ll take something else. Nice. Thank you. What happened? Where are you going? What happened?
Why did you come back all of a sudden? We don’t share any chemistry.
– Chemistry? What do you mean? He touched my hips. I didn’t like it. I should have some feelings.
I should feel impressed. You’ll get the feeling after marriage. What if I don’t? I’ll slap you hard and
you’ll forget everything. Enough of it. Stop your nonsense. Aunt, nothing is going right. Shut up! Things happens this way. Everybody gets married
and take care of their family. I’m telling you. This is what happens. Stupid! He’s in America enjoying life
while I’m feeling depressed. Oh no! Now are you feeling pain here?
– Yes. Now as you can see from the scan… Brother, don’t worry. Bhanu, my dear…
– What happened, dad? The doctor has advised three
months of bed rest for your sister. She isn’t allowed to move. Rajeev is worried. She told me to send aunt. I think it’ll be better
if you go instead of her. Will you go? I? You want me to go to America? No… I won’t be able to stay there.
I won’t go. Send aunt. She knows nothing. She’ll be confused while travelling. It would be better if you go. You won’t understand my problem, dad. I won’t go. You do so much for me. Can’t you become her mother for some time? If your mother was alive
she would’ve gone there. She’s alone. Why are you worried? Let her come. You’re a strong guy. I’m with you. Get a shave. Wear branded clothes. She should think that
Suzie is your girlfriend. No one should know about our plan. Okay?
– Okay. If you feel low then look
at the photo of her slippers. It should be on your wallpaper. Don’t forget your aim. Remember what I said. You’re a strong guy. Bhanumati! One and only. You never saw a girl sweat it out. You only saw girls with earphones
and cell phones staying in ac rooms. Hi! How are you?
– I’m fine. How are you? Fine. Actually happy. Don’t you think you look weird? The bindi and the hairstyle
doesn’t go with jeans. It looks strange.
– But I won’t be arrested for it. Hey Suz!
– Hey! That’s Bhanu.
– hi! I’m Suzie. Hi! I’m Bhanu!
– Nice to meet you. Could you open the trunk?
– Absolutely. Bhanu, that’s Suzie, my girlfriend. My girlfriend.
– Oh! So awesome! How do you like it? Will you have this?
– No, thanks. It would’ve been better
if aunt came instead of me. She has sent it for
you so I’m giving it to you. Do you want to eat?
– Yeah sure. Yeah, that’s interesting.
– That’s fiber. Thank you. – What will you eat
if you share everything? We don’t have shortage of food. Hey! But you refused.
– Give me. Bujji…
– Welcome Bhanu. Suzie!
– Hi! How are you? I’m good. Alright, Suz. Bye.
– Bye. I’ll see you. Take acre. Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Thank you. Bye. No problem. I’ll see you later. By the way I really like your style. The braid, the bindi, the jeans. It really suits you. Hey Suz, aren’t you getting late?
– Thank you. Okay. See you later. Yeah. Bye.
– Bye. Hi Bhanu!
– Brother-in-law, how are you? I’m fine. How are you?
– I’m fine. Sister?
– She’s inside. Where did you go? I was sent to get cottage cheese fritters. Let’s check out how smart the girl is. Suzie must’ve made her jealous. He doesn’t look like a village belle. After all she’s my sister-in-law. Remember that you’re a strong guy.
Don’t give in. Okay. Go. How are you? Did you arrange her room?
– How is the baby? I’ve kept the bags upstairs. Wait… I’ve brought something for you. Freshen up first. Later. Bujji… here you go. Sister, this is for both of you. What’s this? For you. It’s okay. Why did you bring gifts for me? I don’t want it.
It’s okay. Thanks. Wow!
– You try it. How to play this? You’ve a restaurant. Right?
– Yes. Keep it on the counter. When you’re stressed look at this.
It’ll calm you. You’ll feel at peace.
– Stress? For the first time somebody
helped me reduce stress… …instead of adding to it, thank you. Rom today you’ve a friend in America. I’ll prove to be an ideal
friend for you till my last breath. Sister-in-law…
– Yes. …she’s the incarnation of the goddess. Varun, the girl is very strong. She didn’t like you and so she told you.
That’s simple. Settle down with Suzie and forget her.
– What? I must admit something. She impressed me in a couple of minutes. So it’s natural for you to
go crazy in love for her. But… I don’t care what you think
or don’t think… you’re my friend… …my bloody friend. You should support me. Can’t you see my pain? Try something to get relief from pain.
– Shut up, betrayer. Listen to me… Sister, just see what he’s doing. These tablets are before breakfast
and these are after breakfast. This one is after lunch
and this one is after dinner. Sister-in-law, food is ready. Won’t you eat now?
– Not now. I’ll study now. You go ahead and have the meal. Bhanu, how do you feel there? What’s the time there?
– 11. Did you have your medicines? Who will give me the medicines
now that you’re not here? Dad… I’ve had them. Bhanu, I’m worried. Both of you’re not here. You sent me here. I’m missing you here. It’s late, go to bed. Okay. Okay, dad. Bha… hey! Come, I’ll show you the kitchen. You’ll find milk and juice here. Coffee powder and cups are in there. Here is the grinder. This is the coffee machine. You’re suffering from jetlag.
– I know. This is the dishwasher
and that’s the toaster. My gift? You brought something for me. Right?
– But you refused. Oh man! Why? Varun, you’re crazy. Idiot! Oh God! You sit in the front, Bhanu. Bye. Okay bye. Hey! No problem. I’ll clean my room. Yes.
– That looks good. Brothers, come here. Everybody come here.
– What’s going on? C’mon, dance. Yeah! Kids… kids… reduce the sound. This is not your village but America. Didn’t you see the village
before with your eyes? Bhanu was good back then but not anymore. It’s the turkey time. So the turkey is ready. Oh the turkey is here. What’s that?
It looks like broiler chicken. What? Broiler chicken? Wow! Look at Suzie.
She looks like an Indian girl. Wow! You look stunning. Beautiful!
– Thank you so much. Thank you. So pretty.
– It was all her. No… Hey! I just figured that you can
carry off Indian clothes really well… …but she can’t pull off westerns. Varun, that is not true. She did it so beautifully. That was so mean. C’mon. Both of them look great together.
Isn’t it? Oh! Hey Suz, are you okay? Oh my God! Is everything okay? Suz, are you okay? What are you doing?
– Get lost. Yeah, I’m alright. Suz, are you okay?
– Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks. Is everything okay?
– I don’t think so but it should be. Varun, listen to me. What happened? Why did you bring Bhanu here? Why? You’re purposely doing this. What if anything happened to Suzie? Who would be responsible?
I would be in trouble. She wanted to come here.
– She wanted to come? Who gave her this dress? You. Right? She loved this dress in the mall so… Are you my friend or foe? Why did you bring her here? She knows that her presence
here would make me lose my temper. Varun, talk to me. You’re angry with me
but you’re shouting at him. Don’t interfere. He’s my friend. I’ve the right to tell him anything.
You better keep quite. Why should I keep quite? You’re angry with me. Right? I could sense that you didn’t
like the fact that I came here. You’re absolutely right. I didn’t like the fact
that you’re here in America. I neither like the fact
that you stay in my house… …nor do I like your presence here. I dropped Suzie because of you. What did I do? Why were you staring at me? Everything happened because of you. What kind of dress is this? Is this the way you dress up?
Do you know how you look? I’ll wear anything,
I’ll definitely wear anything I wish. If you’ve any problem close your eyes. It doesn’t make any difference to you. You think I’m a cheat. Look into my eyes and talk. A man should have courage.
– I’m courageous. I had expressed my feelings to you.
That’s my character. I haven’t changed like you. Don’t talk about your character. What about you and Sailu
getting close in the compartment? What about that photo?
– What? Sailu and me in the compartment? You don’t know what the truth is. You’re making up stories.
You thought whatever came to your mind. You rejected my proposal. I tried to pacify you
but you didn’t comply. You doubt my character. Do you want to talk to Sailu? That won’t make any difference. It makes a difference to
you and that’s why you’re here. You knew I would be
angry and yet you came here. I’ve come to my sister
and not to meet you. Why did you wear this dress? For whom? Why did you wear this and come to me? I didn’t wear it for you. I’ll go away if you feel so bad. Please leave. I beg of you. Please go. Yes go. Go back to your village. Hey baby, want a ride? Sister, I’ll go away. Where?
– Back to dad. I’m worried about his health. You’re fine now. Why will you go back? Are you crazy? Won’t you stay back till
the delivery to see my baby? No… I must go. What’s wrong?
– Don’t stop me. Book my tickets. I’m worried. Why are you crying? Bhanu… Bhanu…
– Wait. Sir down. Everything is fine. I’ll book her tickets.
She must be missing dad. What happened, dear?
– Nothing. I don’t want to stay here. How is your sister?
– She’s fine. He has no problem now.
The doctor has assured us. I want to go back. I’ll talk to them about you. Don’t worry. Okay? You want to go back? How can you go back from
America without meeting me? This is not right. I won’t talk to you if
you don’t come to my house. I won’t call you. Brother-in-law,
Sumati wants me to visit her. Can I go to her place for a week? I must meet her before I go
back to India or she’ll get angry. She’s kept the call on hold. Okay. You can go. Hello Sumati, I’ll come. Varun, she wants to go
to Sumati’s place. Drop her. No… I’m going to the hospital. I’m going out of town. Is it okay if you go tomorrow?
– Okay. Drop her.
– Okay. Come out. Take the bus ticket. The bus will drop you near Sumati’s home. You didn’t go? The bus has left. Let’s go. No need to drop me. I’ll manage. The bus has left. That was the last bus. Bhanu, don’t argue. Sit in the car quietly.
– I won’t. I won’t go with you.
– Bhanu, come. Varun, leave me. Wait. There seems to be a problem. Over. Bhanu, they’ll accuse me of
harassment and put me behind bars. Please don’t create a scene. Bhanu… Bhanu, why are you crying ? Why are you crying? You should be put behind bars. Bhanu, please…
– You’re troubling me. I’ve to an unknown place
but you aren’t concerned about me. Why are you so angry? Just because I refused you? You’re taking revenge for it.
– No. This is not revenge. You’ve the right to say anything. The problem lies in me and
so I want to stay away from you. I want to be busy with something or… …want to fall in love with someone. But nothing seems to work.
Neither mentally nor physically. My trials were on and you came back. Do you realize what I’m going through? All this is utter rubbish. Do you know why I don’t
look into your eyes? I fall in love with you. Your village,
the farms, the tractor and you… …everything comes before my eyes. I love you a lot. A lot. Yet we can be friends. Can’t you? You’ve forgotten everything
and seem to be very happy. I’ll also forget everything. I’ll be fine. I’ll get over it. Let’s be friends. Bhanu… Okay.
– Okay. You took me around your village. Right? Now I’ll take you around my city. Will you come along?
– Okay. We’re meeting after a long time,
finally you’re here. Thanks for coming. He’s Varun, brother-in-law’s brother. Hi!
– Hi! I’m Varun. Show the photos. Here you go. Listen, I’m taking you somewhere.
Is it okay? Why are you asking me? Just want to know if you would come along. Hi! Sailu!
– Varun! Hi! What brings you here all of a sudden? I was going to college.
– Your college is here? Just kidding.
Where’s Venky? Venky!
– Hey Venky! How are you?
– How are you, man? Long time.
– Yes. Bhanu, he’s Venky.
– Hi! Oh Bhanu! We could marry
because of your sister’s wedding. We’re very thankful to you. Not because of the wedding,
because of the compartment. Oh yes! The train compartment. Shailu and I discussed
everything in the compartment… …and we made a plan.
– Oh yeah! The plan worked. Isn’t it?
– Absolutely. You forgot, Venky. You ore such a beautiful sari.
Are you going out? This was the only dress left. I’ve worn the other dresses. Bhanu… sleep upstairs, I’ll sleep here. I’m unable to sleep. Talk to me. I’ll ask something. Please don’t mind. You never say sorry or
thank you to anyone. Right? I do. But depends on
the person I’m talking to. You’re a big doctor. Right? There is nothing called a
big or small doctor. I’m a doctor. It was my mother’s wish
and so I’m studying hard for it. Will you set up a hospital in India? I’ve got admission in
the top university of America. I’m just waiting to join. I want to be a neuro-surgeon.
– A doctor of brain? Hmm… It’s snowing outside. Varun! Varun, wake up.
Let’s go out. Bhanu, where are you going? Hey Bhanu,
everybody’s wish comes true here. It’s basically for lovers.
But you can try. I want Bhanu to be with me,
close to me all my life. That’s all I wish for. If he comes back in my life again… If I stay back for some time
here I may spend all my life here. Oh God! Send me back. What did you wish for?
– What did you wish? Come.
– Thanks. Congratulations!
– Thanks. Congratulations for your
admission in the university. Thanks. Thanks. Are you going away? Only three months are
left for the delivery. Please stay back. If I don’t go now
I’ll never be able to go. You love him. right? Can’t you do this much? I’m confused. I can’t stay here with him. Why don’t you ask Varun to go with you? You told me to ask Raju. Should I ask? If Varun comes with me
then he’ll do it half-heartedly. He wants to be a renowned doctor here. Can we keep conditions in love? Bujji, what happened?
– I’m sad. What happened? Why are you sad? I don’t want Bhanu to leave. You can make her stay.
– No. You could.
– No, Bujji. Yes, you could. I could maybe if I leave you. She’ll stay back but I’ll leave. Okay. No! I don’t want you to leave. Take care, Bhanu. Take care of everybody. Are you leaving?
– Hmm… Take acre. Bhanu. We’ll miss you a lot.
– Thank you. Varun…
– Hmm… Thank you, Bhanu. I’m feeling very bad. It seems as if my life
is going away from me. You’re very nice.
Very special. I’m impressed. I’ve seen it. Take care. Nothing like that. Bhanu, you always say that prayers work. Should I try?
– Hmm… Stay back, Bhanu. That’s what I pray for. Let’s go, Bhanu. It’s time to leave.
– Okay. Bhanu, keep the passport
and boarding pass properly. Last call for all passengers… Announcement. Thanks.
– Bye. Thanks Bhanu for everything. Varun! Bhanu… Varun, what brings
you here all of a sudden? I came just like that. Is everything fine?
– Yes. Give me the bag.
– It’s okay. Can I talk to Bhanu? With Bhanu?
– Hmm… Okay, talk to her. Yes, dad.
– Renu, Varun has come here. What’s the matter?
– Varun loves Bhanu. He wants to marry her. Why have you come here? Why did you hug me at the airport? Why did you come back and hug me? What’s this? You don’t like him. You love me. Then why are you marrying him? Why, Bhanu? Tell me. Oh! I forgot.
You’re Bhanumati, the one and only. I told you several times that
I love you and would always wait for you. He won’t wait for you. Remember that. After you get married to
him we won’t be able to do anything. Think about it once again. Bhanu, if you say I’ll go back. I won’t interfere if you
marry somebody else because… …that would be your choice. It’s important that you’re happy. I won’t feel good if you’re not happy. I won’t be able to live if that happens. It’s okay if you lie to me. Don’t lie to yourself, Bhanu. Daughter, you didn’t sleep yet?
– Dad… Dear, shall I tell you something?
– Yes. What happened? You should marry the person you love. You were marrying the
boy I chose for you because… …the boy lives in
our neighborhood and… …you would be able to take care of me. You love somebody else. But you’re marrying somebody else for me. I can’t accept this. No father can accept this. Will you be happy with him?
– Dad… How would I feel if you don’t
marry Varun even after knowing the truth? Listen to me, my dear.
I wish your well-being. Marry Varun. I’ll handle the rest. Will you marry him? I know that you’ll listen to me. What happened? Why are you sad? I had so many dreams but
life turned out to be different. This is how life is. When will miracles happen in our lives? You were right. We’re born and brought up in one place. We have to leave everything
behind once we’re married. This is what happens. It’s same for you, me and everybody else. Hey! What are you doing? Don’t pack this.
You don’t need to do all this. Your prince charming has come
here but he won’t take you with him. He has come to stay
with you in your place. He’ll always stay with you. Did you get me? He’ll stay here.
– Really? – Yes. Is it true? Your prayers have been answered. Sister, I’m not going to America. I’ll stay here. She looks so happy. Varun! Bhanu! Hello! What happened, Bhanu? Why are you crying? Lift me up.
– Hey Bhanu! Thanks for coming here for me. You’re very nice.
You’re very sweet. Very sweet. I couldn’t understand you. I’m very sorry. Why are you crying for such a small thing? You should’ve told me once. My world is nothing without you. My world is where you are. You’re my one and only.
– No… you’re the one and only one. You’re mine. My husband. I’m impressed. Shall we go now? Bhanu, do you see the plot there? We’ll build our hospital there. I won’t allow this. Not even a kiss.
– But why? Look at this.
– This? Ali edited and sent this to you. I don’t believe you.
Let him come and clarify first. Are you crazy? Have you lost it? Hey! I’m Bhanumati.
– The one and only. Hey!

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