FIFTEEN – Award Winning LGBTQ+ Short Film

FIFTEEN – Award Winning LGBTQ+ Short Film

This is me at fifteen. Doing… whatever it is you do at fifteen. Drawing, dancing. When you’re still new to the world, but… you feel like you finally understand it. Hopeful. Naive. This… is her at fifteen. God. She was beautiful. Funny, and creative, too. I knew from the first moment I saw her. I guess so did she. It pretty much goes the way you’d expect it to go. The awkwardness at first, having nothing to talk about. The flirting, the falling, the not being able to tell my friends because they didn’t know I like girls. Which… was hard. Maybe that’s what makes it different from how you’d expect it to go. But then… there’s the first kiss. And the period where you feel on top of the world. Like everything is perfect, like no one can touch you, like nothing could take you down. Adventuring together, going to prom, spending hours just talking, and dancing, and laughing. Just… being together. Being in love. And the funny looks don’t bother you. The snide remarks from strangers, parents, friends, it doesn’t matter! It didn’t matter. Not to us. Not then. But then… I don’t know. Maybe it started to. Then… there’s the fighting, and the not really fighting, but you’re angry, And not being on the same page, no matter how hard you try to get there. I’d rather not remember those parts. Maybe first love isn’t meant to last. Or maybe we were too young to know how to make it work. Or maybe… we just grew apart. Maybe everyone in love grows apart, eventually. I don’t know. But… it was love. Messy, and dependent, and flawed, but we were in love! And… maybe that wouldn’t mean much in ten years, fifty, but it meant something then. This is us at fifteen. Wishing we could freeze that moment, and stay in it, forever.

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  1. everyone keeps commenting about this so i feel compelled to let yall know that i go to a weird tiny school where 15 year olds can, indeed, go to prom! the promposal captured in this was actually real, the actresses were dating at the time. 🙂

  2. "Maybe we were too young to make it work." At 15, D'ya think?!
    But great life snapshot film. Well done. Well communicated, well thought out and nicely directed & produced.

  3. Narrator: It pretty much goes the way you'd expect it to go. The awkwardness at first, having nothing to talk about.
    Me: oh shit- that's how things started with my crush
    Narrator: The flirting
    Me: Oh my god. We flirt a bit …..
    Narrator: The falling
    Me: Please happen. Please please happen.

  4. Me at fifteen: Have never been to friends house, instead, I go to cram schools after class! Schools from7 A.M. to5 P.M. and cram school from 6P.M. to 9P.M. everyday including weekends! Haha lmao what are you expecting? As a Taiwanese student? Ha, don't be silly. You won't get your right for deciding what you want to do before college. But it's pretty nice, right? Like, we can study! WHOLE DAY!And do exercises of all subjects!!! It's pretty exciting isn't it? Yeah, I LOVE MY LIFE!!

  5. i think i will declare myself to my best friend this week because the video made me show that we should be proud of who we are and i love her so much ❤️

  6. wow! a movie about gay relationships that doesn't make it look like it's all paradise!

    these days it seems like heterosexual relationships are nearly always portrayed negatively (especially straight men) but film makers (who are usually gay themselves) seem to want gay relationships to get "good press" so to speak and so always portray it like it's nothing but bliss.

  7. What a cute coming of age! Thanks for making video, it was really sweet! 💟 i wouldnt want to go threw 15 again! Lol

  8. My first relationship was bad. And now…i hate this video beacuse i hate when someone kiss me or dnace with me…why? I want back hopefull love to my best friend…

  9. id shown this to my (ex) girlfriend when we were fifteen cuz the relationship in this was just like ours, we're sixteen now and our breakup was like theirs too :(( this hits so much harder now and god do i miss her

  10. 1:01 this is what me and my gf actually did at a show and rn I'm crying cause we broke up 😢😣
    Edit: ok I'm not even lying this film is litrely my life. X

  11. I remember watching this video about a year ago. I was just coming to terms with my sexuality and I would spend hours on youtube looking for others who felt the same. keeping it all bottled up. when I came across this video it stayed in my head. it stayed in my head until my first love. she was so pretty. maybe not my type but we feel in love anyway. long distance but not too far. I thought of this video in our first fight. the “maybe first love isn’t meant to last” line. it hurt and I denied it, hoping we could stay together forever, even though i knew very well i was wrong. we’ve grown so distant since then. I know I have to break it off. I love her but I started to separate myself from her a while ago. it will be easy for me to let go but i know it won’t be the same for her. I guess that’s why it’s hard. I can’t imagine hurting her. but I know it will only hurt her more if I stay. i’m glad my first love was her.

  12. I found out I liked girls when I met a girl in a mental hospital, she was the only person that saw good in me the only person I showed my true self too. I stared to fall in love with her but just when things were actually good I had to leave because of financial issues, but I knew she loved me too because Riley gave me a note that says I love you.

  13. 1:59 ok ok what messed this up I just got there but I have a feeling it is not ending well 2:20 I called it but also sad

  14. I'm in the process of becoming..trans. I feel uncomfortable in this body, I feel like i should be someone else..I like girls, but boys? I'm a girl, but a boy? Its so confusing. Life is CONFUSING. I just want to feel like myself, but I can't in this body.
    I have no idea, how to tell my mother. I want to be a boy…

  15. I have prom when I’m 15, since I’ll graduate highschool at my fifteenth. It’s possible in some countries 🙂

  16. Hey AJ. I’m really proud of you for doing this! Hope you know I still really would like to be in your life as you continue your journey.

  17. Oml this is so good!!!! It reminds me of me and my gf, I just can’t get her out of my head and I feel so warm when she puts her arm around me, even though we get made fun of we don’t really give a crap

  18. "not being able to tell my friends… cuz they didn't know i like girls" as she sits there with a rainbow shirt and plaid on top with cuffed jeans and converses… haha

  19. i hope u all visiting lout village near Jericho and see how Allah punishment all of gays and lesbians. give me a break here from this .


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