Fighting for a Picture with Cardi B – Part 1

Fighting for a Picture with Cardi B – Part 1

Cardi has decided to speak
out after a video went viral of her fleeing from angry fans
at a Las Vegas shopping mall. Now, according to the Blast, the fans
became angry with Cardi, who’s seven months pregnant by the way, after she
refused to take a picture with them. The fans started screaming profanity at her.
>>Lord>>With one man even saying, quote. This is him, come outside, you bitch. [CROSSTALK]
>>Now Cardi explained her side of what happened in now
deleted tweets, saying quote, if I repectfully told you I don’t want to
take a picture, your drunk ass shouldn’t get close to me and
disrespect my decision space or privacy. [APPLAUSE] I always take
pictures with my fans. If I don’t have on no makeup, in a rush,
not in the mood, I’m not obligated. So ladies, now Cardis’ album
is called Invasion of Privacy. But is this crazy or what? No, she’s absolutely right. My God, and
whether you’re a celebrity or not, you absolutely have the right to say no,
not now. [APPLAUSE] I mean, what’s the?
>>[APPLAUSE] I think sometimes. I mean, I always try to take pictures with
my fans, but then there are some days. You know, you have to realize that people
are human, and that they have a life. I remember one time, I was on my way to an
appointment, and I was late, and there was this homeless man sitting outside and
he was like, hey is that Tia or Tamara. Can I have an autograph?
>>[LAUGH]>>I was like, I’m so sorry, I’m running late and he was like, I dont like you anyway and
I was like, my gosh I’m sorry. I just couldn’t stop at that moment,
you know what I mean? Or if you’re in church. I remember one time I
was Praising the Lord. I mean literary,
tears coming down my face, and I felt the tap like excuse me, excuse me. Are you the girl from Sister Sister? Can I take a picture? And I was like my gosh. As I was crying I said after church ma’am. After church.
>>Yeah.>>I’ll do it.>>No, I got you beat. [APPLAUSE]
>>What?>>I got you beat.>>What?>>No.>>I was at my grandma’s funeral.
>>What?>>My grandma’s funeral, 93 years old. We’re up here, I just went to speak,
went to go sit down. Man comes with a piece of paper,
give me your autograph. I said, this is my grandma’s funeral. If you don’t go sit down somewhere and
I had to cuss in the church. Excuse me lord. It was the funeral. Some people just don’t understand. They don’t get it.
>>Maybe they just have to put themselves in your shoes sometimes.
>>But the question I have is, shouldn’t she have security that should take care
of this so that she, first of all, I’m concerned because she is pregnant.
>>Yeah.>>And that’s a lot of pressure and stress on her and the baby.
>>On the body.>>Shouldn’t she have security that kind of-
>>So that was watched the video
>>That was her security, that was barricading the door. But, they clearly liked it instead,
it was Vegas, they’d be day-drinking. They’re clearly,
the guy actually shuts his own woman. If you watch the video, she’s like,
wait babe, and he shoves his woman and proceeds to tell Cardi.
>>I’m gonna bite you.
>>Come outside.>>Yeah, come outside.>>Yeah that right there.>>Well you know Cardi is in New York, so she’s [CROSSTALK] whether
she’s pregnant or not. [CROSSTALK]
>>She was at the window obviously trying to explain herself to the woman. Like know, I just whatever. So we asked you guys if you think
celebrities are obligated to take pictures with fans if they ask. @smirk said, at the end of the day, celebrities are still us.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes they know what comes with the fame, but we have to be empathetic to
the fact that they are still humans and have those days. Then you had @nattynat8 said, yes because they know what they
signed up for, the lifestyle. And they should be humble about it. Without fans they wouldn’t have game.

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  1. Why is taking a picture with a celebrity so important??? Ppl need to stop with the celebrity worship ✋🏽

  2. How the hell is a grown ass man trying to fight a pregnant woman ? Where are your manners and respect ?

  3. They aren't obligated to take a picture all the time. I believe they should give back to the fans some times as fans are instrumental in their success..however, they are only flesh and blood. There are times they are sick, pregnant, mood swinging, grieving, in a rush, with their families having family time etc and can't take a picture or give an autograph. If a fan can't understand that then they aren't a true fan.

  4. Getting mad at a celebrities for not taking a photo is like going to Walmart and buying a candy bar and getting pissed because they didn’t add on a bag of chips for free. People do realize that the transaction between singers and fans is the music after that he/she isn’t obligated to do anything else.

  5. I believe that people believe that celebrities are public property and no one signs up for that idc who you are or what profession and industry you choose.

  6. Celebrities are not OBLIGATED to do anything they don’t want to do. They signed up to be an artist, not to have their safety and privacy taken advantage of. How rude! in my Tamera’s voice

  7. She's pregnant, people! Don't get physical or verbal with her! Even if she wasn't, that is very disrespectful

  8. U know what you guys are human and people are getting ridiculous. I see celebrities all day and I ask for pictures and autograph and I get sometimes not now and I respect that because they bleed just like we bleed and for you to go and be upset cause a celebrity didn't want to take a picture is ridiculous sometimes they don't want to be bothered just like we don't want to be bothered .

  9. Celebrities are absolutely NOT obligated to do anything if they don't want to! People are ridiculous

  10. Hope people remember Justin Beiber deserves this right to privacy too – too many times people who are talking about him say he should be grateful and give over his life 24/7 to his fans.

  11. That’s crazy. How are you a fan and then calling the artist you love a “bitch” I don’t understand people sometimes.

  12. If you're going to lie and say your grandmother's funeral, why does the word mother keep almost slipping out of your mouth Loni? Stop trying to compete with who has the best story so you can cook up and even bigger one

  13. I agree with Cardi B she wasn't in the mood to take pictures with fans. But at the same time the fans are buying her music.

  14. I feel 2 ways about it. Like everyone said famous ppl are human and everyone has bad days and even if it's not a bad day NO means NO. . However when your saying no not today and whatever for whatever reason. That person wanted a picture and you are brushing it off like no not today and they may never see you or get that opportunity again. I would be upset if I saw someone I was a big fan of and they said no because I may never get that chance again.

  15. What’s wrong with people she’s pregnant , if she doesn’t want to take a picture she doesn’t have too. No means no

  16. That man was not talking to Cardi when he said come outside. he was talking to another guy, the one who was directly in front of him and also the person he was looking at, who was arguing with him and pushed his girl away because he was trying to stop the situation. I know they dont do research on every topic, which is why they ALWAYS give incorrect info, but the video was like 30 secs long…they could have at least watched it.

  17. I feel like a picture is mainly for bragging purposes I'm being honest there are artists who I don't even listen to but I know i would ask for a picture just for the sake of it, i hate when people say "but I'm paying to listen to their music so at least they could give me a picture" that is so stupid in return for your money you are getting to listen to their music and if that ain't enough then you clearly don't really like them that much

  18. It doesn't matter that she is pregnant. Man or woman, pregnant or not, you don't treat someone that way. Period. That is harassment

  19. Hmmmm interesting Loni really interesting 😮😮😮I would love to hear more from you and your stories

  20. I believe you Loni at my grandmas funeral her niece came to the damn funeral with the jewerly she stole from my grandma on😡People can be aholes😠

  21. Commenting should be turned off coz we are really tired of seeing all these comments from people forever saying that Loni is lying, acting ignorant and all the other shii y'all come up with😑When she talks y'all have a problem and when she doesn't talk y'all still have a problem😑and even if she gets fired they sure won't hire you☺

  22. I agree with what the ladies say. When fans ask for a pic or autograph at a unusual time its just bc it could be a once in a lifetime chance.

  23. She shouldn’t have to , just because she is in the industry , she’s still a women who is pregnant , who doesn’t want drunk people around her unborn child to get hurt , her fans are more now then when she started off so I understand why now , she takes care of her surroundings , there has been a few celebrity’s who gotten killed by there own fans 🧐

  24. 2:16 and Lonni talks directly into the camera like the Lord watches The Real Hahahahaha I love all of them!

  25. Celebrities should not be obligated to take photos or sign autographs. Obviously, if they honored their fans at times by signing an autograph or taking a picture that would be greatly appreciated but people need to stop telling grown people what to do. Just because you want something doesn't mean you're going to get it and if you really respect and admire someone you won't want to fight them or call them out of their name just because they couldn't appease you at the moment.

    Some people aren't just admirers or fans but they are obsessed and that is where the ridiculous behavior comes in. Worship God not humans and when someone says no, respect that like an adult and don't throw a tantrum like a child.

    Also, low key: Celebrities are normal people so next time you get the opportunity to meet one, just say "Hi, how are you?" and you may actually be able to start a relationship with someone that you admire instead of just getting a picture or an autograph. Think about it…

  26. I know its all okay and justified. I agree with all of you but but but but we dont know whether we'll ever get to meet with you guys again. But its true they can say no and its their utter right. No issues

  27. smh. how do you try to harrass and bully a pregnant woman smh! there's a time and place for everything

  28. I’ve been lucky enough to meet 4 celebrities in person. One of whom being a Golden State warrior. Who was out with his family. He had been declining pictures all day. I was not the least offended because there are those moments when you just want to be human. Plus sometimes not just a time crunch but today just isn’t the day. Sorry bout it.

  29. HAhaha artist wanting to be artist but not wanting to treat their fans hahaha wtf … Is like being a math teacher and not liking math ,hahaha , to me they are obligated like they knew what they were getting into …

  30. it was actually because the store was closed while people were shopping, people may have wanted pictures​ too but that was another reason. people are fried.

  31. I seen terry crews at Disneyland with his family, I asked to take a pic with him, he shook his head and said “not today, not today” lol and no one got mad lol

  32. Nelly super bowl shout out !!!!! He was tired but he did and never complained.
    Fat joe was a good guest in Florida.

  33. I agree with cardi and the girls however it’s (most likely) a once in a lifetime chance to see a celebrity outside of concerts or the tv or a meet and greet. But, Cardi B is pregnant so they should just respect her wishes, and pregnant or not like they said we’re all human so we should respect anyone.

  34. If she said no I would have said can I have a hug and the next time I see plz promase I can have a autograph

  35. All I need from celebrity if I see one not their autographs I don't want your signature what imma do with it?? If its not a check from them to me ima move on…pictures I don't want their picture we are not related nor friends don't even know them ppl smh serious about them checks tho lol

  36. Some love. If they admire her so much, why not take a picture of her standing right in front of you, or better yet, record a video of her talking to you (even if she's upset, because—hello—it's still her), and then pan the video to your face to prove that it's you. They love her, and then they hate her by yelling demoralizing expletives? Wow.

  37. Cardi was so right for saying NO because there's a point of time your not going to be avalible for taking pictures or giving autographs

  38. Genuine question here. Has a stranger ever just whipped out their phone and started taking pictures of anyone here? If so what did you do? I was in line in a store when this happened to me but couldn’t bring myself to say anything bc it was a man that was much bigger than me and I was scared 😔 plus I was thinking this person couldn’t have been in their right mind so better not provoke the situation. I JUST HATE FEELING SO DAMN HELPLESS 😡

  39. 100% agree celebrities do have the right to say no and fans should respect that but i also understand y the fans were upset. For most people see a celebrity is once in a lifetime thing so it kinda sucks when they get turned down for a picture and theyknow that this is your only chance cuz they’ll probably never see them in person ever again. Still the insults toward cardi b were unnecessary

  40. If I see one more comment about how without the fans they wouldn’t have celebrity status I will scream! Yes the fans make the celebrity to a certain extent as well as the celebrities talent. But that doesn’t give anyone the right or the excuse to be rude, ignorant, disrespectful, pushy and uncouth! They are STILL humans and they deserve their personal space just like anyone else! 🙄

  41. No! Celebrity or not, you are not obligated to stop everything and cater to a fan whenever a fan asks. You have the right to say no. If you think otherwise, you are a selfish asshole.

  42. You guys are saying that a man told her to come outside to fight yet you guys supported her in your recent show although she sent men to hit women. When did this show become so pathetic? 🤢

  43. I don't even like her but damn if I was there I would have yelled at those people out ! Lol be like the girl has life and is pregnant for crying out loud ! damn haha.

  44. Cardi was on my flight to Miami about 2 years ago , she wasn’t wearing makeup and maybe didn’t like her wig 🤷🏽‍♀️ I am not a fan but you know when it’s rare a famous person is on the same flight as you but Anyways i always liked that she was real , a lil ratchet and funny. Well anyways I see her in my seating area waiting for the flight so I walked up to her and I didn’t even get to say a word and her body guard said “no” and cardi and her manager / assistant who ever that was just looked at me and started laughing. I walked away and didn’t say anything cause I didn’t want to invade her space and I get that. I just thought she was really rude and that was my first in person impression of her and it’s stuck 😭 anyway as we are boarding the flight I see her taking pictures and videos with other people and I’m like okkk lil bih

  45. Why would anybody who have good taste and some good working brains want a picture of this woman?😇
    What is more ridiculous is the fact that people want a picture
    of* the REAL * women?
    What have they done for mankind…..sitting around a table like dolls and talk/ gossip about celebrities.
    Am I the only human left with some brains?

  46. If what you are talking about would make the world a better place, it would be good! But it doesn't! It's just a waste of our time!

  47. I think depends on the situation. Ariana does her thing in public. She don’t care. But cmon like… celebs have a life. Give em space

  48. I don't understand these crazy ass people.. who feel entitled to demand time from other people that they've never met, ie.. celebrities. Personally if I saw a celebrity in real life.. I would feel stupid walking up to them, and being like hey I don't know you.. but I'm this crazy person who wants to take your picture. Like honestly.. I would feel soooo uncomfortable doing that. I feel like they would want to be left alone.. not hounded every time they step out their front door. Obviously most people don't share that same attitude, but I seriously dont understand this obsession with celebrities.

  49. This has happened to many celebrities and some people just don't respect the fact that you are still a person with an actual life and things to do. They are not obligated to take pictures with you all the time.

  50. Listen I was out to dinner and seen Luke Bryan! I so badly wanted a picture, I love him! But he was out with his family and I feel like eating is personal and I did not want to bother him. As much as I wanted that picture I respected his privacy more.

  51. She’s the one attracting all these ratchet ass hoes with her ratchet ass music. Can’t complain cardi, those are the people you call out

  52. It doesn't matter if we are talking about famous men or women, if they don't want to give an autograph or want there picture taken they have that right to refuse like anyone has a right. Lets get real people everyone has a right to say yes or no and you shouldn't act like a child when you get an answer you didn't' want to hear.

  53. Why do people act like animals for celebrities ??? They’re people and crap and die like everyone else…I will never get this celebrity worship culture

  54. Y'all wanted this so y'all need to check yourself my broke ass does not feel sorry for your rich behind

  55. The part where she sayst he guy was shoving his own woman, looks like he was trying to protect Cardi B and he shoved her away because she was trying to fight through him. 😐

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