Film Festival Problems..

Film Festival Problems..

so how would you say the film festival
submissions have been going so disappointingly so the reason that we’re
making this video is basically just to explain to a lot of people so all the
people who helped us and collaborated with us on our first film keep it in the
streets and anybody that’s been following us and it’s curious yeah the
point of this is just basically to answer all the questions that people
might have like for starters where’s the film why can’t I see it right why is it
not online yeah well it’s not online now because we’ve been giving it a go of
film festivals right and most film festivals in the world have requirements
for premiere status so you most of them require that you can’t have it online
already because they want to be showing something new to their audiences so in
order to be eligible for film festivals we have to keep the film private a
little private locked away yeah and so that also I think we should explain
because a lot of people don’t know not everyone’s a filmmaker right so I think
we should explain why we want to go to film festivals what why we’re submitting
to them yeah which ultimately is we want it to play in in front of the right
audiences with the right people and people that can might be interested in
helping us take keeping the streets further totally it’s not a situation
where we’re taking our film to film festivals because we’re trying to sell
it or to get distribution for it being realistic I think going into it we both
knew that nobody makes money off their first film right the reason that we made
the film and put all this energy into it is to just try to elevate like not only
elevate ourselves but also the people in it I mean if you if you’ve seen the film
or when you watch it it’s about projecting the voices of all the people
around and it’s like strangers in the street to musicians and artists that we
know it’s about just kind of elevating everybody right yeah and so I think we
also knew that it’s not a very commercial film you know to describe it
it’s it’s like a feature-length kind of art documentary that’s sort of
with narrative elements mixed in I like to describe it as like humans of New
York meets a skateboarding video or anything like that all right I think
it’s it’s flawed I think it looks amateur in some ways yeah so I I can see
why film festivals would reject it you know we don’t belong on the red carpet
like let’s be realistic about that when we were making this film one of our
greatest inspirations was Richard Linklater’s slacker which anybody seen
that like when it came out had no festival around I think it got into one
festival and that’s the only reason that it kind of got distribution and ended up
in in the out in the world someplace that we could see up and now it’s in The
Criterion Collection yeah and it’s also on YouTube for free maybe what we’re
realizing now is that film festivals might just not be the right Avenue for
us based on like what we’re making and how we’re doing it it might just not be
the most effective way to get our film seen like we were kind of joking and
hanging out the other night and I said to Sam like we’ve probably for this film
we’ve probably spent about two thousand dollars in film festival submission fees
just getting the fests to watch our film and I thought like what if we took that
two thousand dollars and instead of submitting to all these festivals that
in the end might or are rejecting us what if instead we spent that two
thousand dollars just boosting our video and just paid promotion on YouTube I
think if we spent two thousand dollars in promoting one video on YouTube that
would guarantee tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of views we’re
still gonna have to keep it posted privately but we’re realizing that even
if we do get into a couple of these smaller festivals it’s highly unlikely
that we’ll have any sort of distribution for the film when we’re done and I don’t
think that’s necessarily a bad thing I think from the beginning we’ve talked
about putting it on YouTube yeah so what we’re trying to do now is basically
build up our YouTube and our social media page to try to
create a platform to distribute the film ourselves and and maybe pay for our own
promotion on YouTube and and and still hope that you know you only need that
one person to to see the film and to message you and say hey I want to help
you guys do something that could put us to the next spot I think what’s really
important in all this is that is our objectives and our objective has never
been you know to make money by our goal really I think is basically just to have
the resources people space and time to just be able to keep creating and keep
doing what we’re doing so now we’re making the transition from
filmmakers to youtubers which is kind of interesting I think both you and I have
seen YouTube is kind of like this viral place like it’s it’s I’ve never posted
my I’ve never had a YouTube channel or something before because I would post my
videos on Vimeo because I saw it as the filmmakers platform you know I wanted
like quality views not quantity views yeah so I think because of these reasons
you and I with our work with our photography and stuff we’ve we’ve often
kept it all offline to ourselves with the hopes of it being in a gallery or in
a theatre or some kind of specific place but now we’re just running into dead
ends with that strategy so I think our what we’re doing now is just we’re just
gonna share everything and post everything and let you know where we’re
at let people into our world yeah however awkward and soaring in might be
sometimes and so part of this sharing I think you
know you have to be we have to be open and and honest and vulnerable with our
audience and so at what I want to talk about is just you know when you get
those rejection letters just how stupid and vulnerable you feel because for the
last two years I’ve been going around telling everybody that I know hey like
it would you mind working on our project it’s gonna be in some film festivals
next year or like hey want to come to our screening of a film that’s gonna be
probably playing at vith next year and you say these things because well first
because you believe in them yeah you believe in it I think you have to
believe your films going somewhere in order to complete it like it’s important
if I saw those eight rejection letters six months ago I never would have
finished editing yeah right yeah so you have to believe in it you have to just
wholeheartedly believe and and to get people to work with you and to make
people open you have to make them aware of the possibilities of where it may go
and so as a filmmaker you know what are you gonna do we yeah of course you tell
people it’s going to film festivals and yeah we didn’t know that that was true
when we were saying it it’s not like we were trying to lie or front or something
we believed it was true we believed that we were wrong and we’re okay with being
wrong but it’s it is embarrassing so I think that’s a good part about this
video is that after we get rejected from the film festivals now I have to go and
I have all these friends and family who I’ll catch up with in a week or two
weeks or two months down the line and they’ll be like Oh what happened to your
film you know what about the film festivals and I have to explain as I
have many times before no I was wrong you know we’re not going to be playing
this in here and there and and it sucks you feel like like a failure yeah I mean
especially as a filmmaker if you don’t have something in the festival you it’s
hard to even feel like you’re like you can call yourself sad sometimes
and so yeah so I think this is a failure but it’s not the bad kind of failure you
know first of all the film there’s still a ton of options out there to get it
seen to to do many things with it and then and it doesn’t know it’s a cool
film and it doesn’t matter like we’re still just gonna keep doing the same
things that we do like Michael Hanna you didn’t even make a film until he was 46
he’s a two-time Palme d’Or winner it’s made films in like four different
languages he’s like 73 and he still makes films
yeah check out Michael hanneke and I’m not even half of the age that he okay I
am he was 46 I’m 25 I got lots of time hey chill out dude rack isn’t about
getting a Sex Pistols never want anything don’t let the man get you down
like when we were making this film one thing that we said is like one of our
goals was to make yourself feel awkward every day right so like whether that’s
talking to strangers interviewing with strangers taking pictures of strangers
just going out and like acting feeling foolish like right now I feel kind of
awkward and a little bit dumb like making this video and I think that’s
part of just like the necessary conflict of like making stuff and putting stuff
out there and reaching out to like artists and musicians and people we want
to collaborate with like you know often I send that message out and there’s no
reply or something the point is just that I feel like an idiot all the time
yeah you know I feel awkward like all the time every day you know I think if
you’re a filmmaker and your goal is to like feel cool and not comfortable and
like awesome all the time I don’t know I don’t think you’re gonna be making very
interesting films yeah I think it’s the vulnerability that’s and like yeah it’s
like just putting yourself out there that’s that’s like the worth just
worthwhile on its own yeah what really sucks about the whole filmmaking thing
is just how long of a process everything takes to make it took us about about 18
between 18 months and two years to make the film to finish it and just
action and pre-production – post-production and then now we’ve been
weighed it’s been completed for seven or eight months
and we’re just waiting to hear about a possibility of a premiere before we can
even get to the point where we can talk to people about pre-production for the
next project so yeah it’s really frustrating just like how long
everything takes like I feel like on Instagram and Facebook and stuff we’ve
been putting out pictures and trying to you know like promote our stuff and like
just basically building the hype for like a year now but like you can’t just
build and build and build hype you know and eventually you have to we got to
release it or do something yeah and so now instead of releasing it we’re just
putting everything onto YouTube more so and just trying to build and build more
on YouTube so we’re just building more and more hype hopefully someone out
there is paying attention yeah

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  1. You two are beautiful souls, and the world will be better the more people see you and your beautiful work <3

  2. I would like to suggest that you frame those rejection letters so some day you can look back and laugh. You are artists with passion – there is so much light in your future. Festival schmetival. This is a fantastic film.

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