Film Theory: Ariel is RELATED to Hercules?! (Disney’s Connected Universe)

Film Theory: Ariel is RELATED to Hercules?! (Disney’s Connected Universe)

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  1. This is my theory or fact, not only Hercules is Ariels cousin, they,re also related to Percy Jackson. Think about it, Percy's father is Perseus, son of Poseiden. Ariels father is Trident, son of Poseiden also, so they're cousins also!!! BuT hE, tHaT's JuSt A tHeOrY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My dad is pretty religious and tries to keep me away from most Greek mythology. I HAD TO SNEAK WATCH DECENDANTS 3! But it's so intriguing. Oh well, Imma sneak a Greek mythology book from the school library now.

  3. These videos are seriously amazing. The amount of time you dedicate to researching all of these things is nothing short of incredible. Thank you for these videos good sir

  4. I'm sorry, but oh, a ship sunk in the same area as this ship is, and they look alike, so of course, they're the same. And a movie about ancient mythology also is connected to a princess movie because of a book telling of the same character.

  5. Wait, if Poseidon is the Uncle of Herakles and Triton is the son of Poseidon and Ariel is the daughter of Triton, won't that make Herakles the uncle of Ariel?

  6. 1:56 I just realized, they have a rune in there while spelling out his name. The thing they hse as an E is a rune, I'm pretty sure.

  7. What if, Tangled are infact related to the god of death.
    Since he controls life, then what would happen if he got a child with a mortal. Being able to heal them self with incredible speed?

  8. shouldnt they be niece and uncle since triton is a son of poseidon and ariel is a daughter of triton while hercules is a son of zeus then hercules and triton are the cousins

  9. Add Peter pan I that list! He's correct, Athena was in never land, and it was captain hook's ship that killed her.
    (Also, just tossing this one out there, Treasure Planet and Lilo and Stitch: him has a Stitch stuffed animal in his room, and the aliens look very similar. (Not to mention the G.A.C.C and Royal Interstellar Academy could be the same school separated by a long time)

  10. if you search up what happened to ariels mother, it will tell you that she crushed by a giant ship thus creating king tritons hatred for humans

  11. your videos are the only ones that i can sit through and enjoy. i often spend a lot of time watching, and before i know it, a whole day has gone by. then i'll have to start work all over

  12. Hercules is great and all but listen.IT .IS.SO.INACCURATE.
    For example, in the song Zero to Hero,one of the lines is 'Who put the glad in gladiator'. First of all, Gladiators are romans. Y'know, the spot originated in Rome. Second, Hercules was never a Gladiator.

  13. OK AHEEEEMM, first I THINK Poseidon had the most kids out of the three, and second in the myths Triton has two fishy bodies, again I THINK. Also P.S. not saying that this disproves your theory because it doesn't. P.S.S. Rhea a good titan and helps overthrow Kronos (or Cronus if your into that) after he swallows Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, and Hades, by giving him a rock instead of Zeus then raising Zeus in private making, eventually Zeus gives him mustard and nectar ( the myths say wine but according to the same myths it wasn't invented yet)and taht makes him throw up all of the kids then they fight gods win the END. P.S.S.S this may have taken more than 5 seconds but I really liked Hercules (the movie).

  14. Hercules is not Ariel’s cousin, he is her uncle because cronos is ariels’s great grandfather while for Hercules he is the grandfather.

    That is a giant generation gap! They can’t be cousins! They are literally UNCLE and NIECE!


  15. Wait… What if the golden flower from Tangled was actually a drop of magical healing stuff from Hermes, which he delivered to Apollo? That would explain its healing properties, being that Hermes is a god of healing, and a thousand other things.

  16. Now you have a time problem When did everything happen? Wich movie happened first?

    I'd say first Hercules, then little mermaid, after that Cinderella, then Tangled and lastly Frozen, because Hercules was technically older then Ariel, little mermaid happened next, because it doesn't really matter when it happened, but I think it would make the most sense for it to happen before Cinderella (or after/turning Frozen) the Cinderella, because it isn't as modern as Tangled (I mean he world not he animation) and but it needs to happen after Hercules (for the book to make sense) then Tangled, because the hair is short in Frozen and also the wedding happens before frozen and lastly Frozen. The little mermaid is the only one I'm not really sure about, sence it would kinda make sense for it to happen after Hercules (Hercules is probably only a generation older), but then the ship in it wouldn't be the one from Frozen. Then you could say that the little mermaid was the last one, but then hercules would need to also be moved up and that would mess with the Cinderella connection…

    Basically you just made a mess and we need answers!

  17. Idk if this is true tho… But elsa and anna could be related to tarzan due to their parents apparently "dying", but what if they didn't die but escaped to and island and had another child aka tarzan

  18. Also Moana is in the same world as The little mermaid because in the song ‘you’re welcome,’ you get a small glimpse of flounder swimming in the sea

  19. Me when he mentioned Poseidon’s kids: WHERE TF IS PERCY JACKSON AND HIS CYCLOPS BROTHER I FORGOT THE NAME OF!!!!

  20. As someone who lives near the town Grimsby. I would also like to note that while it is a fishing town, it's always been a hellhole and is no place for a fairytale :3

  21. you know the simple soulution is to just say their cousins because they are Arial is the daughter of Posiden and Hurcules is the son of Zeus and Zeus and Posiden are brothers so that makes Arial and Hurcules cousins.

    Edit: I said that before I watched the theiry

  22. Another good video mat 🙂 also in terms of the family tree, its been confirmed that tarzan, somehow because of geography, is the brother of Anna and Elsa

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