Film Theory: Avengers Infinity War – Where is the Soul Stone? (Spoiler Free)

Film Theory: Avengers Infinity War – Where is the Soul Stone? (Spoiler Free)

Who is Thanos? Let me spell it for ya! T is for tesseract, ripping holes in space-time. H is for him, you’ll see… (or her) A is for aether. It’s anything at all! All part of Thanos theory. N is for necklace N is for necklace (not agamotto) O is for orb O is for orb. O is for orb.. O is for orb… Really… S is for Loki’s sehEHPTER! It’s a-ha Film theory! Hello, internet! Welcome to film theory. The show that’s willing to take the eight-hour bullet that is watching Mavel’s inhumans™, so you don’t have to. Today I’m gonna be digging into one of the most burning questions leading up to avengers infinity war: WHERE is the soul stone? WHERE IS the soul stone? WHERE IS THE SOUL STONE? The sixth (And final) Infinity stone. And there were a ton of expectations that it was gonna appear in black panther, seeing as how that was the last film in the franchise before infinity war. But then the movie came out, And… Nothing. As Black Panther’s director Ryan Coogler put it, “I love the infinity stone as mach as any *Inhale* Comic book fan. It’s just… Wakanda kinda has this Already has its thing, which is vibranium. For us, that was special enough So to throw in something like another special thing, *SILENT INHALE* Didn’t feel right.” So WHERE is this thing hiding? Welp, I don’t know what all the internet hoopla’s about, because here’s the thing: We’ve already seen it. It is LITERALLY Hiding in plain sight! So, here’s your spoiler alert for the whole of the MCU as today we’re gonna weave through the massive plot of the eighteen movie, ten television show Marvel Universe
(More than 70 hours for the movies alone) To find the real answer to where this glowing piece of radical rock has been hiding all along. You know in school you have mnemonic devices like PEMDAS, where eachletter is there to help you remember the proper order of operations? Well, if you want to impress your friends as you walk into infinity war later this week, The locations of the infinity stones function largely the same way. All you need to remember is THANOS. Just like the Spongebob song I sang at the beginning of the episode. Because each one corresponds with a letter in Thanos’ name. T is for tesseract, Which hides the blue space stone. As confirmed by the infinity war trailers, We know Loki has it, stealing it away from the Treasury of Asgard at the end of Thor Ragnarok. H, Well… I’m gonna get to that one later. A is for aether Which, honestly means NOTHING to you if you skipped over Thor: the dark world. And uh, Who could blame ya for that one? THOR: The Dark World literally cured me of Insomnia I was having a couple months back. so put that one on your Google Play review score Basically the aether is just a bunch of raspberry jelly sandwich between two rocks with the superpower of making the final battle REALLY difficult to see. Since Asgard already had the tesseract at the end of dark world they were totally like Yeah, thanks but no
thanks guys, but we already got one of these ultra powerful stones. So instead they hand it off to this guy, The collector, at the end of the movie. And during Thor’s awkward bath time in the middle of Age of Ultron, We see the raspberry jam solidify into the red reality stone. N is for necklace, which refers to the eye of agomodo. Doctor Strange’s time controlling amulet which, fittingly enough, contains the green time stone. But uh, as far as I’m concerned it might as well be called the retcon stone am I right? Get it? because once you can reverse time literally nothing has consequences? up top. Okay. No one. No one’s giving me a high five It’s alright. It’s alright Anyway the O in Thanos stands for orb; the quest item from guardians of the galaxy that hid the purple power stone. The stone that destroyed the collector’s Museum and wound up in possession of the Nova Corps at the end of that movie But he’s not, and I’m quoting him here 100% A Dick. Do you believe him? I don’t know that I believe anyone’s 100% a dick, Ma’am. And lastly, as if the cast of Thor didn’t have enough access to ultra powerful space rocks, S is for sceptor. Specifically the scepter used by Loki throughout the first Avengers movie to control people’s thoughts and actions Age of Ultron reveals that inside of that glowing blue gem was – surprise surprise – a glowing yellow Gem. the yellow mine stone It was like a kinder egg surprise opening YouTube video But done on a billion dollar scale. Anyway, Ultron puts the mine stone into the still developing vision where it still sits for now Now obviously I’m just telling you this theory because it’s more fun than it is serious. Doing things like reducing the eye of agamotto to being called a Necklace is just trying to shoehorn the letters into the right places to come up with a cool acronym. I mean guys I just came up with the next really cool Theory about this. Get ready to cover this one screen rant! I present to you: the breast theory. Ball, Rod, Eye, Aether, sovereign, tesseract. somehow I don’t think the breast Theory is gonna be quite as popular as the Thanos one. Anyway the fun thing about the fan o’s theory Is that as you can see I left out H and honestly after reading online theories and doing my own research The most likely place to find the soulstone both relate to the letter H either heimdal or him. Yes There are plenty of theories circulating around online for everything from tony stark himself being the soul stone to this Orange-tinted planet we see in the trailers for infinity war being a world inside of the soul stone But here’s the thing from an evidentiary Standpoint heimdäl and him are the only two theories with substantial enough backing to be considered plausible so let me first go through the heimdal theory because Personally it’s my favorite of the bunch and the one that I’m rooting for to happen And then I’ll cover the him theory which honestly seems very Clearly where this whole Soul Train is headed for one thing We know for sure is that the soul stone is colored orange we see as much in the collectors screen when he’s describing the Infinity Stones to the guardians of the galaxy and throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe when a character gets exposed to an infinity stone their eyes glow in that color grown in the accuser and guardians purple eyes only After he gets the Power Stone Hawkeye getting possessed by the mine stone in Avengers blue eyes but remember that was back when the mine stone was still blue even the aether in Thor the dark world makes the eyes of both Jane Foster and Malekith deep red so Just so happens to have himself some orange eyes Heimdall the all-seeing all hearing guard of the Bifrost bridge And it’s not just that his eyes are orange But his eyes also get a fair amount of screen time dramatic Close-ups scenes in which he’s giving sight to others and probably most suspicious of all Thor’s vision in age of Ultron Where he actually sees the other five stones Heimdall in this scene blind his orange eyes have Disappeared perhaps the soulstone has been removed from his body and thereby leaving him sightless heimdal even explicitly says in Thor 2 that he can True souls with her stone related or not Heimdall just naturally has a connection with soul it’s not to mention when Heimdall first appeared in Thor He was wearing a suit of armor with an orange stone in its chest and with idris elba Heimdall’s actor going on record to say that he wants a bigger part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Having his character be in possession of the last and most mysterious infinity stone would be a great excuse to bring him more into the spotlight or Alternatively if it’s hidden inside of Heimdall. He’ll him off and bring back Elba as someone else so honestly That’s my personal favorite theory because it follows the rules of Chekhov’s gun Someone or something that’s already been introduced into the series contains this magical MacGuffin But here’s why it probably won’t happen if Heimdall truly has the stone that would now make it four stones out of Six that had been in the hands of as Guardians And it would make it the second stone out of six where it’s actually inside of one of the characters we also know based on the end credits scene of Thor Ragnarok and the trailers for Avengers infinity war that Thanos catches up to the Asgardian ship where he takes the tesseract from Loki we see him add the blue gem to his gauntlet But then who else is on that ship none other than Heimdall and with Thanos having a natural connection to the stones It would be odd for him to get one and not the other just not a very efficient trip plus We get plenty of close-ups of Thanos as Infinity Gauntlet And it only has a couple stones Unless of course the trailers have been CGI altered to hide that Thanos has the stone in his gauntlet already like they hid Thor’s missing Eye and Ragnarok, but yeah I don’t really think that’s the case here because like I said we’ve seen the soul stone already so this whole big mystery feels kind Of moot the soul stone is here It’s the glowing rock at the top of this Birthing pod at the end of guardians the galaxy – I don’t know why none of the other online theories have talked about this thing You notice how it’s slightly bigger than all the other infinity gems. Just like the gauntlet space for the soul stone It’s even glowing a yellow orange, which totally fits the color, and if you’re wondering about color and whether that’s yellow or orange Thor’s vision and age of Ultron actually makes the mine stone look to be more or Than it is yellow so color correction on these two stones is a bit wacky right now I think I shall call him Adam now if you’re not a hardcore comics fan you could be forgiven for not knowing the bizarre story of Adam warlock savior of counter-earth and ultimately half the universe. In the earth-616 timeline, Which is the primary Marvel Comics Adam warlock was originally created by a secret group of human scientists on earth called the Enclave back then Adam simply called himself Him see That’s where that H in Thanos comes back when he rebels against his creators the cosmic entity known as the High Evolutionary Gives him the soul gem in Avengers annual number seven Thanos becomes the first to use the six Infinity gems in unison He’s only able to be stopped by the collective forces of the Avengers Adam warlock and Captain Marvel who wouldn’t you know it was recently? revealed and who happens to have a movie smack-dab in the middle between infinity War part 1 and infinity War part 2 But Adams connection with the soul stone isn’t just in one comic series I mean sure in the earth-616 universe warlock is often seen as one of the few beings powerful enough to stand up to Thanos So it makes sense that he would appear in the MCU to stop him in Avengers 4 But the soul gem Adam warlock connection spans across all the alternate universes in the Marvel Animated universe the guardians of the galaxy cartoon reveals the soul stone is with Adam warlock his gems getting tired in the alternate reality of Earth 9119 is in Adam warlocks possession and on and on the two are practically inseparable So inseparable in fact that when you look at the list of characters. Who’ve actually used the soul stone There’s not a whole lot of other ones who’ve touched the thing. There’s Thanos, there’s Adam Warlock, there’s Doctor Strange and that’s Really about all the names that you would recognize who currently exist in the MCU well all except for one other. Nebula, the angry blueberry from guardians of the galaxy, Thanos’ adopted daughter and Gomorrah’s adopted sister. Yep, of all the characters in this extended universe She’s the other person to ever be considered a previous owner And here’s why that’s interesting guardians of the galaxy Volume two’s plot begins with the Guardians destroying a giant monster in exchange for Nebula Who’s been captured by the Sovereign, but what was Nebula doing there on the planet in the first place? We’re told that she’s been caught our Soldiers have apprehended her attempting to steal the batteries and sure we’re told throughout the movie that these batteries are valuable. Won’t take them batteries. They’re worth, what a Quarter mil on the open market and that they’re powerful the batteries They are exceptionally combustible and could destroy the entire fleet, but Nebula as a character isn’t driven by money She’s driven by revenge. That’s a child my father would have Gamora and me battle one another in training every time my sister prevailed my father would replace a piece of me with machinery so after I murder my sister I Will buy a warship with every conceivable instrument of death, I will hunt my father like a dog And I will tear him apart slowly piece by piece. She isn’t out for fortune She is actively trying to kill Thanos and the best way to do that would be with an infinity stone the last Infinity stone the soul stone that she knows happens to be on the sovereign planet and that winds up powering the Adam warlock Rebirthing chamber at the beginning of the movie clearly the Infinity stones are on Nebula’s mind you hate me You left me there While you stole that stone for your stuff and yet here you stand a hero This line might be easy enough to write off as a simple reference to the first film But even still it feels out of place if you really stop and think about it this line reveals What Nebula’s thought process could be here step one steal the soul stone step two kill your family step three Profit. now I can hear some of your vulture cosplay feathers ruffling already because Adam isn’t officially slated to appear until guardians the galaxy 3 And MCU head honcho Kevin Feige officially claimed that Adam won’t be in the Avengers movies But remember he also claimed that Captain Marvel wouldn’t be an infinity war and Let’s just see what the Russo brothers have to say about that one And we have some great female characters in this Captain Marvel is in it Black Widow aah Scarlet Witch honestly We have to accept that sometimes studio executives are trying their best to hide cool surprises so that it doesn’t ruin things for the audience Hiding a big reveal like the location of the last infinity stone And the one character most likely to stop thanos makes perfect sense if you’re in his shoes Here’s the thing they’re gonna be more than 60 characters in infinity war and Thanos is gonna have to go from zero Infinity stones to at least Three from this clip we can tell that Thanos will start by acquiring the power stone, then move on to acquiring the space stone Right now neither of those stones are anywhere near Earth with the power stone being guarded by the Nova Corps and the space stone being in Loki’s possession in the tesseract a leaked scene also lets us know that Thanos goes looking for the reality stone and that the collector claims to have sold it we can also assume that Thanos doesn’t have the red reality stone when he Gets to earth as evidenced in this shot when Captain America incredibly stops Thanos his gauntlet that means that by the time he leaves Wakanda at best Thanos will have the power stone space stone and mine stone ripped free from visions head And then maybe he goes to search for the red Reality stone this means that it’s gonna take fan OHS about one movie to collect at least three and maybe four Infinity stones And that’s already a ton of stuff to cram into the space of one movie with another Avengers movie coming out just around the corner It would make perfect sense that the next movie would sent around his quest for the rest of the stones So there you have it the soul stone in my humble opinion should be kept within Heimdall But it’s probably more likely in Adam warlock either way We probably won’t get a good look at the soul stone at all until Avengers four I also wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t show Up at all in either infinity war movie with it being the primary MacGuffin for phase four of Marvel or who knows Marvel might just pull a Star Wars and half Thanos throw the completed Infinity Gauntlet Off a cliff, but hey, that’s just a theory a film theory and If you’re like me and you’re bummed out that you won’t get to see a soul stone for another two movies take consolation on YouTube and the former lots of videos about shiny rocks now I’ve talked about this before But I’ve had a fascination with shiny gems crystals and rocks that probably have magical powers for as long as I can remember So when I’m not theorizing about Infinity stones I still love learning about their real-world equivalents on the internet and my favorite channel for gemology research is JT v JT B’s run by Natalie a real-life gemologist who asked if I wanted to collab for an infinity stone themed episode Was totally like yes Because she’s an amazing resource for any kind of research related to gems in your favorite movies and TV shows like for instance today What stones would you need to buy if you wanted to own your own set of real world? Infinity gems she does two videos like this a week where she analyzes all kinds of rocks Minerals and metals from movies TV shows or around the world and she comes to some pretty mind-blowing conclusions about them It’s not like theories, but around a very specific type of science So if you’re into gemology mythical stones are simply rocking out head over to her channel by clicking the Box you see on screen and given or Subscribe if you especially like this theory that you’ll be really into her video comparing Infinity stones to real world gems or if you’re feeling a bit more nostalgic then check out our three part series on Steven universe gemstones So seriously get your sparkle on and go show a fellow youtuber some support diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend subscribers are Spoiler Alert. Here is the real song it should be. T is THANOS later you will see e H is for hand glove (gauntlent) A is all of them all at same time! Its not a the-eory. N is for never having having love again O is for oscars maybe? S is for sadness bring some tissues! Seriously see it it’s awesome!

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  3. I have an idea how the snap works but not the choose randomly to disintegrate but how they disintegrate. Theres atom structure in everything in the universe and if its percentage is set off by percent it turns in to a gas cloud i could be wrong about this but hey thats my theory a film theory
    Isaac Asimov wrote a book about it

  4. matpat: heimdall having the soul stone would be a great excuse to bring int the spotlight
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  10. The soul stone is basicaly the heart of vormir when that stone was gettin hurled in the universe it was trapped in a stars gravity force and it grew into a planet called vormir and it commands that if someone wants it they must hurl a loves one into the vormir circle and they die and you get a part of the stone remember Thor's vision of the stones if you saw the big stone outside of the stone you must do what the stone commands and you get a fragment so hiemdal lost something, those golden money makers, and maybe Odin for the mjolnir hammer

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