Film Theory: Black Panther’s Economic CRISIS!

Film Theory: Black Panther’s Economic CRISIS!

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  1. Hey! Venezuelan here. This made me cry for multiple reasons: 1.- The fact that someone is actually factually reporting on what happens to us and in some ways, this has been more through-rough than a lot of journalist.
    2.- Because it reminded me of exactly how bad this is, with no end on sight. 🙁

    Just to fact-check/expand on context: Venezuela did have a real, albeit imperfect democratic system from 58-98… The year we elected that asshole Hugo Chávez. And to be fair, plenty of people-both local and immigrants- profited: there was more social mobility and the opportunity to study, get good jobs, make a living, take care of your family, etc. Venezuela was much like the US, a migration magnet.

    And food scarcity started in 2007: milk was one of the first things to go. The thing is that because of the high oil prices is like they could keep cooking in spite of a gas leak, but eventually you rub out of gas.

    The thing about controlling of the 1 resource=control of the population is true. Is like how abusive partners will try to prevent their victims from having their own money or take away any income they generate so as to keep them subdued.

    The Venezuelan government is responsible for people not finding food, but they will SELL you boxes of government selected food for you. So, also Maslow’s pyramid: you keep people from being able to protest because they’re relying on that food box you sell them. And government officials are the ones who import that food and make money off of it.

  2. Well yes, but actually no. The paradox of plenty doesn’t apply here because Wakanda doesn’t exactly rely on money from selling and exporting vibranium, but rather it is a self sustaining utopia that is hidden from the rest of the world. During the movie one of the key elements of the plot is that Wakanda doesn’t share their vibranium or technological advancements with the rest of the world.

  3. Nice theory, but the entire video was relying on the assumption that Wakanda's economic is dependent on international relations and trade, but it is clear that other countries don't know about vibranium. Therefore, we can safely say that Wakanda's economic isn't dependant on selling vibranium and your theory falls…

  4. Wakanda does have an advantage since the king is able to communicate with the old dead rulers and thus has help in being functionally altruistic

  5. Can you stop telling us that emoji movie is TERRIBLE. Not saying we don't agree, but you've told us this almost every video since it came out. You need to calm DOWN

  6. This is why europe out did everyone else is because of the resources and lack of other things trying to kill you except winter, wild animals and your next door neighbors, whilst in other places it’s harder, also europe got the kick start from the Roman Empire as well I suppose, but not having to put too much energy and resources into just trying to survive means more people can find new ways to make things better which progresses over time, whilst China has the resources it lacks the culture and by that I mean China is highly advanced but spent most of its time falling apart and trying to put itself back together,

  7. Great video but you can’t really analyze wakanda’s economy with the details we have. It does appear to socialistic in most ways, everybody does their part, no greed or monopolies, just an entire country working together to sustain themselves. If they really are free from selfish dictatorship and power hungry businesses, then their utopian society theoretically should thrive just fine. And the fact that they’re cut off from the rest of the worlds economy only makes that more possible

  8. The political system is not the only factor that determines commoner's living standard. In ancient Rome and China, emperors who wanted to centralize power often put themselves closer to commoners than nobles. While medieval Europe countries which mostly adopted feudalism which decentralized power from kings, wasted too much energy on fighting each other instead of developing the economy.

  9. Dear matpat its me austin (well not really) but animatium is a stronger (marvel) metal, its what wolverines claws are made out of

  10. While you're correct regarding to the vulnerability of it's leadership, as demonstrated in the very movie, as Allan Smith mentioned, Wakanda doesn't sell vibranium. It also has NO competitors for it's production, no country can compete with them. Now, clearly it somehow bootstrapped them into having nanotech – probably due to it's ability to act as a some sort of supercapacitor in addition to it's durability. Also, we have no idea what sort of an economic system the country uses. Perhaps it's so close to post-scarcity that the value of non-vibranium things is simply measured by it's weight?

  11. My friend is a Venezuelan and she had to live the country…
    Like most people sadly maduro made the oposite of what he said

  12. 3:08 thoose arenot saudi people they are from india pakistan etc . And they come to saudi looking for work often dont find any , but the avarage saudi makes 2000 dollars a month

  13. your forgetting something Wakanda is technology advanced so they dont rely on just vibranium but the technology that it can be used for.

  14. Stick with what you know instead of jumping around making false assumptions about what you don't know.

    Your Saudi Arabia example destroyed your video.

  15. Hello, what a wonderful video as always, I have just one little correction, the picture that you showed as poor people in Saudi Arabia.. it's isn't from Saudi Arabia here we don't actually have homeless people every Saudi has a house if you can't afford it the government provides it for you and even if you don't have a salary the government will give you a salary to you and your whole family, also the health care and the education even university are free of course if you are not Saudi the satiation will change, but it isn't as bad as you describe it sure there is a problem and there is actually poor people here but not as bad as the picture or the life style that you described.However, nice video keep going ✌

  16. Another problem that Venezuela has is that in this crisis they needed to sell all their oil, which caused gas shortages in the actual country, when I went to Venezuela in May because of my grandfather died of a heart attack , I could se lines of about 1 mile in gas stations that weren't even supplied, they were waiting on a dammed line thinking of the possibility of it getting some gas supply!!!

  17. Yay! Saudi Arabia is starting to be less sexist! And movies are actually a thing there now! Still needs some revisions though.

  18. People used vegetable oil before whale oil but whale oil became cheaper for a time, then they went back to vegi oil when the prices went up.
    And for the copper wire vs fiber optics part, copper resources wasn't the driving factor to move to optics, the demand for higher bandwidth was. Compared to optics, copper is very limited on the speed, distance and amount of data that can be transmitted per second. The only thing copper has on fiber is that it's transmission is bidirectional in the same line.

  19. I always assumed that wakanda worked because they went full state-capitalist with their use of money from vibranium. The government reinvests in much the same way norway does with its oil money.

  20. I am from saudi Arabia an we are all fine maybe in the past we abused it but not know right know we are good and our leaders are being fair but who am I to judge love your vids

  21. Umm… The information that Russia and Venezuela have a small democracy is really biased, and probably not true. Heck, we could even say that the USA has a small democracy.

  22. Steppenwolf is a terrible name to I couldn't believe they were trying to seriously pass that off but oh yeah that's actually the other franchise that's the Justice League 1 all these villain names are stupid

  23. Please don't equate democracy with economic primacy. Look at Singapore, it's the richest country in the world. Lee Kuan Yew – the least talked about dictator…because he made it work for his people to the maximum, breaking the western narrative.
    Not to mention Japan (Meiji Restoration), China (current), Taiwan (1950-1996), S. Korea (1960-1992). All oligarchic/monarchic rule.
    And I doubt vibranium export was its major industry. Sounds like they started that way, but upscaled their economy technologically.
    Wealth is just a measurement of quality of life. Sounds like that's what wakanda did, and perhaps exported some of those technologies for cash.

  24. Wakanda is also producing incredibly advanced technology. They can also rely on that in case of a crash the vibranium demand!

  25. It’s like saying we can create something better to breathe than air. Sometimes there is a limit. Vibranium is a meteor from space, we don’t have that kinda stuff on earth and we can’t make anything better than vibranium.

  26. I still to this day haven’t watched the movie because of the clowns who kept screaming “this movie is for black people”
    So to me the movie went from a cool superhero movie to some feminist; blm, sjw type of shit

  27. So according to people who have a boner for Wakanda, it is a nation that is self sustaining and awesome because evil white people never went there and it's totally what could happen… Excluding the magic space metal and that it's not real.

  28. Bro legit this dude would be a great teacher classes wont ever be boring😂 I really learned something that actually happens in the real world.

  29. Well, the marvel world isn't relying on vibranium. (Almost) nobody knew that vibranium even existed/more than in the shield of Captain America.

  30. While the arguments are all right on their own – Vibranium sales are NOT the reason for the Wakanda's progress. They don't sale Vibranium, they isolate themselves.
    In the movie, they say that Vibranium powers their progress. Well that's retardedly stupid – you just cannot isolate yourself from EVERYTHING and use just one other thing to replace it. Countries rise by trade, not by isolation. And if you think further – it must mean Wakanda invented everything – wheel, electricity, computers. And how long do they have this holographic shield? For centuries???
    This movie is just so fucking ridiculous, it borders on a joke.

  31. Dude Qatar is the second richest country in the world and they have more oil than Saudi and we have a great life

  32. Yea bad theory the metal the use in wakanda doesn't seem that dense and most of the time they use it as an alloy in most of there shit now granted that still won't make it last for ever but probablynlonger then advertised here

  33. I think the worst part is that all of this is moot because they have "advanced technology" so if we worry about food they just have tech magic fields that feed them. They're completely self sufficient so no one needs to trade with the outside world…. do technically they dont have any problems. It's a utopian society

  34. I'm doubting vibranium would be just be resigned to not being viable due to price you're assuming no one has access thus price increasing but everybody and their mother seems to have it

  35. Wakanda doesn't sell Vibranium, Wakanda is fully self sufficient which isn't likely and leads to some dicey civil rights questions about free speech journalism and access to the outside world. However this means that the country isn't susceptible to an alternative outmatching vibranium, the worst that will do will force wakanda to open its borders which we already see happening during the film.

  36. Mat Pat sorry but a waterfall fight I a logical choice to choose a leader
    1. The population is looking for a ruthless leader to lead the country because they are doomed if a hostile nation invades the country and a leader just gives it to them
    2.The leader would have to be exceptional at combat not only because he is THE BLACK PANTHER, he would also need to know the difficulty of fighting so he can relate to the soldiers he is sending out to war
    3.Stretegy also has a big part in combat and the ruling the country
    4.Like t challan the Victor would need heart to win
    Conclusion:The Wakandan people wanted a strong leader to rule Wakanda and they found that in good-hearted T'challa and misguided Killmonger.

    But hey that's just a theory, a fan theory.

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