Film Theory: Can a Doctor Who Doctor ACTUALLY EXIST? (pt. 1, Biology)

Film Theory: Can a Doctor Who Doctor ACTUALLY EXIST? (pt. 1, Biology)

Knock knock. Who’s there? Doctor. Doctor? Doctor who? Correct! [Title Music] Hello internet, welcome to Film Theory where we just took a vote and decided that ‘Film and TV Theory’ was just way too long of a name. So just go with it. So I finally did it ! I brought into the hype and [Gasp] watched an episode of Doctor Who. Then two, then three then three seasons , and i get it I see the reasons for all the time-lord love. I mean whats not to like about a time traveling duel hearted alien with a super tool and an adorable accent. Am I allowed to say that as a guy? Is that okay? Or a show with the bollocks, that’s right look at me using the Englishisms, to do plot lines about dinosaurs on freaking space ships. Yeah , and you thought the new Jurassic park looked cool. So for those of you who haven’t drank the who-lade yet. The show depicts the adventures of a mysterious and eccentric time lord known as the Doctor. Who travels through time and space in his time machine the tardis. You know that 1950’s blue British police box that shows up as a design on everything from bathrobes to jello molds. Yeah that thing travels through time and space. How? ‘Its bigger on the inside.’ Other things to know, the Doctor regenerates with a new face every now and then when his two heated body is about to die. They’re currently on the twelfth Doctor or thirteenth , depends on how you look at it. Its a long story. The Doctor often travels with his companies facing alien foes and bizarre scenarios. Including the aforementioned dinosaurs on space ships and generally just helping people out righting wrong doings. And there you go I just caught you up on 813 episodes spanning 52 years in the space of one opening paragraph. But one question all the whovians on tumbler want to know is weather a real life TimeLorde can exist. Sorry that was a typo lets try that again. Weather a real life Time Lord can exist. In other words we’re going to look at what makes a Doctor a Doctor and from there decern weather or not those things are possible within the realm of human experience. But Matpat, I here your angry blog rant now, the Doctor is an alien! And yes I know that but since the Doctor looks like a human man in every single regeneration despite having any alien race ever conceived as a potential model and yet still ends up being a human , we’re sticking with that. ‘I’ve still got legs! Good!’ So perhaps the better question for today’s episode is can a human fit the bill and become a Time Lord. So lets look at some of the things that make this guy and this guy and these guys and maybe this guy, tick. One, the Doctor has two working hearts that beat at 170 beats per minute. Two, he has an internal body temperature of 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Three , obviously he travels through time and space in a time machine. Four he has the sonic screwdriver which functions as a deus ex machina. Oh , sorry read that wrong. A do it all tool. And five he regenerates into a new body when he’s dying and then lives for hundreds or years. That is a lot. An even for a show whose average episode is five time that of most other YouTube videos, we can’t cover all that in one episode so lets spend some time today focusing on one element. The Doctors’s biology. Lets begin with the two heart thing otherwise known as a Binary Vascular System. Believe it or not there are actually numerous documented incidents of actual humans being born with two hearts. This baby born in Zimbabwe in 2013 for instance has two hearts. But also three legs four feet and two heads and some other things we don’t need to go into here. But that’s not really what we’re looking for. More commonly humans who have a faulty heart get a second one implanted ontop of the first one. This is called Heterotopic Heart Transplant and is done so that the weak heart can rest and heal. Take for instance Hannah Clark now 16 who had a second heart graphed onto her own heart to save her life when she was only two years old. Her original heart had time to reset and rebuild and is now working just fine on its own. Or how about the case of the 71 year old man in Italy who lived through dueling heart attacks in his two hearts. Cue that dueling banjos music! [Banjo music] Yep that’s about as much as we can play without breaching copyright. The trouble in this case is that the man developed two independent heart rhythms, when the old heart repaired itself. To cure this apparent dis-rythmia doctors gave him medication which caused both hearts hearts to shut down. Now that my friends is quality doctoring right there. Seal of approval! Don’t worry they figured it all out and revived him with a defibrillator to both hearts. He’s alive and well drinking plenty of Italian red wine which is actually supposed to be really good for your heart(s). Okay great, so humans can live with two hearts if they are speically implanted by non who Doctors. But we are talking about being born naturally with two hearts , is that possible? Well get this , it’s not only possible we’ve all lived with two hearts at some point in our lives. Mind blown. When we humans are in the embrotic stage of development we actually do have two hearts. This stage is called the heart primordial . The two hearts do eventually fuse together into one heart with four chambers. But yes at some point we’ve all had a Binary Vascular System. So knowing all this some curious scientists in the 20s and 30s where able to keep the heart from fusing in some lab frogs. Those little green guys did grow up with two hearts and no issues, which I’m guessing just made them more loving towards there frog parents. In humans though no similar experiments have been done, for obvious reasons. And in the case of heart defects non-who doctors are able to find them and fix them in utero. So there aren’t any documented cases. Still we have been able to live with two hearts. Mark one to yes to time lords existing. Okay then so how about the 170 beats per minute thing, seems kinda fast doens;t it? Well again that’s a big point in the yes column. The heart is a mussel and its contractions are known as heart beats right? Nothing earth shattering there. The refactory period of cardiac mussel or the time it takes between pulses. Is between 250 and 300 mili-seconds. This means that the heart can beat at it’s fastest at 200 to 240 beats per minute. If your heart beat lingers at those higher ends then you’ve probably got some issues to attend to. Cause it means the heart isn’t pumping blood efficiently. Or that your a small child as small childrens hearts beat faster. But regardless that was pretty easy to prove. Another point in the time Lord catagory. You can have a heart beat at other 170 beats per minute. So now let’s move away from the heart, there is one more biological component to our time Lord. His incredibly low body temperature, I mean as winter-fresh commercials have always reminded me. ‘Its a scorching 98.6 degrees inside your mouth!’ So can you drop that by nearly 40 degrees and still live to match the Doctors 59 degree internal temperature? Well lets see, us humans aren’t like gallifreyan we’re incredible senistive creatures. Mild hypothermia sets in at 95 degrees Fahrenheit and amnesia at 91. Lose of consciousness at 82. Any body temperature below 70 and your pretty much screwed. However one recorded instance of an adult surviving a body temperature of 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Anna Elizabeth Johannes Bagenholm a sweedish radiologist or time Lord in disguise maybe. Survived 80 minutes in freezing water after a skiing accident left her trapped under a layer of ice. During that time she had extreme hypothermia and her body temperature dropped to 13.7 degrees Celsius , 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit. After being recused and transported by helicopter to a hospital more than a hundred doctors and nurses worked in shifts for nine hours to save Anna’s life she woke up ten days later after the accident paralysed from the neck down. She spent two months recovering in an intensive care unit the miraculous thing though is that she is almost 100% recovered. And that was the lowest body temperature in history until another Swede a 7 year old nammed stella. Survived nearly drowning and getting down to 13 degrees celsius, that’s 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit. So what have we learned here today? That there is something super weird about people almost freezing to death in Sweden. You be careful out there Pewdiepie. Oh and we also learned that body temperature is very , very important. And we can’t really function with just a few degrees of drop. But for the sake of the Doctor Who argument we have two survivors of time Lordian temperatures. So put a point in the time Lord column. But just barely maybe just like 0.6 of a point or something. And there you have it we just covered the easy stuff , we haven’t tackled the complexities of time and space. ‘I was born in the 49th century.’ ‘What!’ So grab your quantum spanner and watch out for blogans! Ah , shoot, right idea wrong show. Erh, Your sonic screwdrivers and watch out for Daleks. Because next time we’re covering the subject of time. And specifically time travel. But in the mean time, That’s just a theory! A TV theroy, yeah it still does’nt work. A FIlm Theory! ANNNDD CUT! Welcome to the super Amazing Endcard Tornament! Where I give you a fun question to end the episode and you vote. And I give you the results in a future episdoe. Easy as that ! Who doesn’t like having there opinion hear on an online video forum. This week it’s a Whivian Villian Throwdown! WHo is the best Dr WHo Villian ? I mean there have been so many other the years so lets narrow the field down a bit to the top three. The weeping angels. The cybermen. or the Daleks. Will our tin can buddies have what it takes to exterminate the competition? Click on one to cast your vote and be taken to the Film Theorists channel page where you can subscribe! Which I would recommend you do so you know when part two of this series comes out. And check out more episodes over analyzing you favorite TV shows and films. I’m really excited with everything thats going on here I hope you are two. But in the mean time if you’ll excuse me I need to binge watch some community. That quantum spanner and Blorgan joke at the end got me in the mood for some inspector space time. ‘Six seasons and a movie!’

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  1. In some series with Matt Smith they switched directors and in my opinion that’s when doctor who went downhill. It just got ridiculous. I just stopped watching it because I thought it was just kind of stupid. Sorry peter capaldi but I didn’t really like any of those series and I REALLY didn’t like the series with bill. Sorry, just my opinion.

  2. If The Doctor exists, then that means UNIT exists too, and tons of alien invasions have happened that they covered up… I guess. Also Torchwood is real, oh, and Captain Jack too! Rose must be real too, I like that. Oh, and Donna, and Amy, and Rory, and Martha, and Sarah Jane, and I guess Mickey and Jackie too. Also River Song. Oh, I guess CLARA is real as well. Ugh. And the Daleks. 😠 And I suppose if Doctor Who is all real, than Satan is proven too. Because The Doctor fought Satan that one time. Although, we never actually found out what The Beast was. So, still unsure about that. Dude could’ve been talking up a bunch of nonsense.

  3. Me:*watching vid and eating spagetti*
    Matpat:blah blah blah we've all had two hearts blah blah blah…
    Me:*chokes on spagetti*

  4. The Doctor isn't actually the only remaining Time Lord,The Master is a time lord too he travelled through a time vortex to escape The Great Time War

  5. in the very first episodes, in 1963, (yes I watched those, no, I don't have friends) jk, every time he passed out or something and his companions would check his vitals, he would have a "normal heart rate" and "slight fever" or something. So, either the screen writers changed the facts, or one of his hearts stopped working, like the time when he first traveled with Martha Jones and met Shakespeare, and the carrionite stabbed a voodoo doll of him in the heart.

    *I do have friends lol

  6. Wow I was lied to, that pic of the frozen woman, story I heard was she froze walking and fell 16 feet from the door and froze outside, her son found her and when she thawed out she was completely fine like nothing happened. I believe what you said now though about her being in water because of the way her body is and her arms are held out is the natural shape you'd fall into UNDER WATER.

  7. The Doctor can't look like other aliens, he does look like an alien, time Lord's just look like humans, also they aren't all doctors, *there can only be one doctor*. Edit: also, ENGLISHISM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Well if u watch 1 episode u can find this out 🙂 when dona noble becomes half human half time Lord and starts dieing

  9. i dotn mean to be that nerdy girl and all but earth used to be one of Gallifrey moons time lords dont dont look like us we look like them

  10. I can't believe that MatPat put in an image of a weeping angel. Any image of an angel is an angel so pause the screen and start organizing shifts with your friends unless you want to be sent back to god knows when

  11. would not two hearts at top speed require a cold body ? ps: i am more impressed that his body stays at such a low temperature…. his body temp is like 55 degrees and outside is 77 degrees on a warm day … let alone a heatwave 104 degrees

  12. Listen this ain't so weird I mean my alien race is exactly like humans other than they live for 200 years and they all have orange hair so aliens looking like humans ain't so weird

  13. How did Anna loose consciousness at 13 degreesC when The whole of Lake Macquarie nsw au had that temperature for 3-4 weeks and none of us battened a eye!?

  14. You forgot the best villian ever. You, Mister, forgot Missy! I mean the best vilian is a time lord who wont die and was a friend to the doctor. I think that the Master, the Mistress is the best vilian because of the deepths we see in the development. But from the Three you asked? It surely is the Daleks. They are inspired by the Nazis of Germany after all. And of course never forget: "Exterminate!"

  15. Dude, you kinda just a little tiny bit forgot that the doctor can absorb radiation.
    It's said and done in season 3 episode 1.

  16. Those are definitely not the top 3 it doesn’t include 2 of the best villains . Top 3 is the Daleks the master and the time lords

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