Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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  1. Matpat: am I adorable now
    Me: no, speaking with only five words is FUCKING ANNOYING and no this is not a theroy but pearsonall thing. This is me signing off.

  2. Groot uses 5 words, at one point he says we are groot (obvs the "we" and "are" words are different that's another 2 words ontop of the 3 he normally says)

  3. Me and a friend had a made up language of only one word; Adeba.
    And pitch, tonal value and situational use (some sign language included) gave you so much meaning! Boy did it work O_o
    Well, couldn't do complex lines, but we made by =P

  4. 5:00 the backdrop is a place in Hong Kong, not in mainland, and we don't use Mandarin Chinese here in hong kong…
    but i DO know the hardest language in the world 🙂 xdd

  5. Wait dose that mean that when anyone says I am groot there bullying and making fun of disabled people as they can only say that

  6. There is a reason no one else uses the phrase "I am Groot" when speaking to Groot. There is a component of Groot's speech that we, the audience, are not privy to.
    This may be an audio component, but as Quill's universal translator was unable to convert Groot into usable sentences for Quill in the first Guardians movie, this is unlikely the case.
    More likely is that there is a chemical component to the language that one must learn to apply to the verbal components. Groot may give off smells when he speaks or other chemical markers detectable by several species.
    Even more likely is there is a telepathic component to his speech that takes time to understand.
    Most likely, though is that there is a biological component that takes hold over time allowing other species to understand Groot if they spend enough time around him, like spores that a Groot gives off that get into the system of animals and change their brains in a way that allows them to understand Groot even if they themselves are not able to speak it.
    This would also explain why it is a popular elective among Asgard's student population and Thor in particular as it likely requires little more than hanging around a Groot for a semester until the biological component takes root…so to speak.

  7. 12:20 it’s fun to think that that picture is of an actual person. Imagine just chilling back, watching some matpat, then seeing a picture of u being used on youtube

  8. mandarin
    it has 5 sounds and it is one of the hardest to learn
    Cantonese(language in Guangzhou, Macao, and Hong Kong): 9 sounds and all mean different meanings

  9. Literally as he says he hasn't made a gardians of the galaxy video in the clip with all his videos there's a gardians of the galaxy one

  10. YES. S. Y Bran! Barely says anything or DOES anything.
    I watched a video of an Alexa talking like Pikachu. Aparently, it IS possible. You just can't be 100% sure if what you hear is 100% what pikachu is saying. Same with Groot. Also, gotta look at real life animals like dolphins and whales that probably communicate in pitches we can't even pick up.

  11. I'm surprised you didn't mention the Chinese poem "Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den", which is a Chinese poem comprised of a single word repeated over and over again.


  12. Guys. I. Am. Chinese. And uh mandarin is not hard MatPat. I teached my Japanese friend it for 8 hours and he can speak fluent and understand!

  13. WTF MATHEW PATRICK?! — You make so many puns, and yet at 9:47 you said "hollow wood" many times over, even discussing voice *acting*, and didn't make a "HOLLYWOOD" pun? Dude, it is 3AM, and I was falling asleep, and now I am awake and enraged.

    Please get back to me, I have a PO BOX, a Fax, and my live-in secretary accepts color telegraphs on her Commodore 64.

    Thank you,

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