Film Theory: DEATH NOTE–How Deadly Was it?

Film Theory: DEATH NOTE–How Deadly Was it?

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  1. Does mat pat ever stop to check how many pages the total would have been? Feels like 200,000 names wouldn't fit in any of those notebooks.

  2. Higuchi's total probably wouldn't be as high as you estimate, since he only kills corporate rivals… It isn't a daily quota business. He wipes out people whenever and wherever necessary.

  3. kira could definitely kill goku, because even if he's got a strong hearth, if he just can't pump blood, it's over in seconds

  4. What if a criminal was named jack and 1000s of people had the same name so he killed a lot more innocents if that's the case .-.

  5. Goku would literally drive Light Yagami insane. Like he would just keep getting wished back by some dragon or other and being a total open hearted dumbass while Light's brilliant gambits just broke against his big dumb rock of a head like the tide on a rock.

    Someone write that fanfic.

  6. Ima bout to go on a rant so here me out… Kira isn't justice but he did help the world become a better place the reason crime rates gone down was because civilization felt shackled its almost like hearing the story of the boogeyman but more real here's the dilemma what happened after light died did the crime rate rise again to its original numbers no but did it increase yes it would have increased by 20% if there was going to be another kira the crime rate would lower 15% from the numbers I'm pulling if you think kira is just you are quite wrong his philosophy is not right at all did he do good technically yes he did but if his death wasn't broadcasted to the general public who knows the police might say there still looking for kira is so people would be looking at the death rate of inmates hence leading the police to tell the general public the truth meaning crime rates will rise again unless they have one person writing in the death note if so that makes the justice system non-just but hey ima end my rant here so have nice day or night

    One more thing if a real death note was brought to the real world could someone get a better record the light only killing criminals

  7. Just finished watching netflix death note….gotta say….last 12 or so episodes of the anime ….meh ….. Netflix version really bad

  8. I’ll take The cake and eat it I’ll get your money and steal it I’ll take your family and kill it i’ll take the bodies and eat it

  9. I'm glad Light gets shot to near-death and has a heart attack… L was my favorite character, Near is cool but L was better… I'm a nerd…

    Doesn't Light say "Kira" may very likely be derived from the word killer? Yeah, yep, he says that early on in the show…

  10. Kira is a killer and only a killer, there is no justice in killing every criminal in sight Kira is a murderer and only this there is no peace in killing and like you said some of these could have been not guilty and blindly putting the names in the notebook Kira is the embodiment of the satin on crack , that may sound funny … but it's not

  11. I think light is neither good nor evil. His actions are immoral yes, but a 70% drop in violent crime is extreme results. He essentially walks the same gray line Batman, Green Arrow, Deadpool or any other vigilante, just on a much more extreme level.

  12. i don't think light can kill "goku" im saying "goku" because that isn't his real name his real name is kakarot but he refers himself as goku but i dont really know im just a random person commenting

  13. Death Note won't kill Goku first he's not human second we only know him as Goku but his name is Kakarot and if it did they would find some way to use the dragonballs to wish him back

  14. well yes he can kill Son Goku, but you see, he can't forever, because… Dragon Balls/ Super Dragon Balls, and, if Goku goes UI then no, he would dodge the danger.

  15. It depends if goku actually know that kira is trying to kill him or does kira even know that goku’s real name is kakarot

  16. Death note can only kill humans goku is a saiyan proving death note can’t kill goku and well I don’t think Kira would know gokus real name.

  17. The rules specifically say that if a humans name is written in the death note they shall die.
    Goku unfortunately isnt a human and Light would have to figure out his real name of which we only know the first Kakarot

  18. Don’t watch the movie it SUCKS
    Anime Movie
    Light Yagami Light Turner
    Misa Mia
    There were pool ice officials in the movie there wasn’t
    Th death note in the movie didn’t even look like the one in the anime
    Misa didn’t die and Mia did where are the mom and sister in the movie in the movie they lived next to a train station 🤨🙄

  19. I'm seriously going to be kinda disappointed if MatPat watched the English dub instead of the Japanese Sub…. God please tell me that he just put the Dub's clips because he thought the Japanese would confuse us or something.

  20. 16:35 I think Light is wrong. There needs to be a process to justice. Justice isnt justice if ur fate is decided by 1 person. What makes something justice is if you involve society in the decision/the group rather than the individual.

    And yes you are right, some people who go to prison are innocent. For example, i think there was a part where it showed that Kira kill someone who was actually wrongfully accused. Or she made that innocent woman commit suicide. Its obvious Kira is evil

  21. If goku was battling the death note the death note might not kill him because person will but goku but not KAKAROT so goku can use instant transmission and kill him

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