Film Theory: DHMIS Unmasked! Decrypting the Wakey Wakey Trailer (Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared)

Film Theory: DHMIS Unmasked! Decrypting the Wakey Wakey Trailer (Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared)

[Science Blaster- DHMIS remix] (nice music matpat) Hello internet! Welcome to Film Theory! Where too much watching won’t make your teeth go grey. It’ll make ’em FALL OUT! (OH-NO VIEWERS GET OUT OF HERE You might not know about this about me, but one of my favourite entertainment genres is puppet psychological horror that comments on the state of modern children’s programming… I have very specific tastes. So, it’ll come as no surprise that I am thrilled that Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is coming back for more Now if you’re not familiar with DHMIS The show is a six part series that felt a lot like BlumHouse got a hold of Sesame Street.(Oh no! they took my childhood!) Or the muppets just got a wee bit too sick of being so good and wholesome all the time and went all american psycho.(like the the movie pyscho?) After this series “allegedly concluded” I did two part theory trying to unravel the messages of the series while also piecing together the lore within the show itself. And that’s where things ended two years ago. With DHMIS (relegated) to the archives YouTube where would live in (infamy) joining the ranks of Marble Hornets and Salad Fingers as Twisted web series that would deliver creepy nostalgia for a generation of youngsters, at least that’s what I thought. Then, out of nowhere the channel suddenly became active again, dropping a new trailer entitled “Wakey Wakey” to announce that the show was coming back “Great! Great news!” (no pun included) When? It’s unclear. Where can we watch it? Also unclear. Maybe YouTube? But given it’s now got the backing of Conaco the Production company for Conan O’ Bryan’s show (never heard that show)it’s really anybody’s guess. What’s the show gonna be about? Now that I think I can answer. Sure, the trailer left a lot people asking themselves, “I wonder what will happen..” (Me too red guy) and it IS only 20 seconds of footage “That’s not enough time!” (SHUT IT) But it’s more than enough. Based on the trailer I’m fairly confident I cannot only tell you the narrative arc of these episodes, but also what the deeper meaning of it all is You see, it’s my theory to that this new season is gonna be about the current political situation in America, and The duck is Donald Trump. And if that’s sounds crazy (DONALD IS HIDING EVERYONE RUN!!!) remember that this is a show where a boy wanders off from a picnic and almost ends up in a cult that worships a God who eats gravel So it’s time to pick apart the trailer and see just how deep this Rabbit hole goes. To put “Wakey Wakey” into as much context as i can, let’s do a quick recap of the originals six episodes and my theory for what was really going on. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared follows three main characters. The red guy, the yellow guy and the duck on a children’s TV program that the red guy created and that all of them star in. The show is being corrupted by the show’s producer, financier yellow guy’s creepy stage dad, Roy “My dad is a com-com-computer” Who’s goal seems to be sell products and torture his son both of which seem to be the main messages of DHMIS as a whole. The harmful effects that money and advertising can have on art and the corruption of children’s programming by that kind of for profit agenda. after Red guy discovers that their show can be made cheaply and distributed onto computers his head literally explodes as he sees a way foward without the influence of Roy the Duck similary gets tired of and consumed by the show the latter again quite literaly before the red guy discovers the harmful effects that it’s having on kids Yellow guy included. He pulls the plug on the show and the final scene of the final episode reveals that they’re moving forward with a lower budget independent reboot of the first ever episode, so that’s where we’re coming from now cut to “Wakey Wakey” where we get an establishing shot of “Clayhill” the town where it seems these characters live outside of the context of the show we get a quick shot of Red Guy walking through the Forrest followed by what looks like a classic episode of their usual show with the key as a teacher We get a couple of shots of computer machinery with the Ducks face on it Then, see a snapshot of a dark room in a state of disarray and the Ducks face on a large screen behind the now locked gates of Clayhill. Then, we have got ourselves a psychedelic door and a shot of a purple marble. I don’t know. A lot of people online think this looks like South Parks member berries It would be a weird reference for them to make. Anyway,Wakey Wakey ends simple with Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. And then the production companies. Blink industries, Conaco, and Super Deluxe. It’s not a ton to go off of, but if you actually slow it down, Pay attention to the details, and think about who’s actually making this show. Some really solid narrative possibilities start to develop. First and Foremost, it’s important to note that the room That is partially destroyed in the trailer is, On closer inspection, the office of Clayhill’s Mayor. As we can see by the picture of him on the wall And the identifying medal in the picture, on his desk. (Also the name plate on the desk) Something happened to the mayor of this town. Notice also it’s discovered by the duck. See this shot of him opening the doors, and this duck-billed shadow When we’re actually presented with the room. This is going to be important later on. The disappearance or even murder of gen Z most of you guys watching who are known to be the most accepting generation inclusive, diverse, and eager to change the world to make it a more tolerate place and that is the WAKEY WAKEY that the trailers referencing a wake up for America and a reference to the woke generation the ultimate question is will Yellow guy be able to do it we’ll just have to wait and see but hey that ‘s Just A Theory A Film Theory! And The lesson of today is subscribing. (NO,NO,NOOOO!!) Subscribing is a good idea If you want to see the videos when they come out. Subscribe (That’d just childish matpat… Subtitles made by dalva phillips P.s don’t let matpat get ya!)

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  1. Mat your right
    In the pilot episode it's yellow guy's birthday and the duck takes over clay Hill when he finds out the mayor is gone and he also just wanted to take over to have the mayor bowling ball/purple marble

  2. I think that the red guy not evil because look at the right it the mayor so I think red guy the good guy and the duck is the bad guy

  3. See this is when like politics and certain things shouldn’t meet whatsoever because I’m very intrigued in this series but then we get into politics and it’s like cmon man really?(not a trump supporter)

  4. i gotta theory
    So in the episode TIME y'know that machine that is taking the brain of duck and yellow guy? Well I think duck DUCK took the machine, developed it and merged it with that show machine then made himself in it "saying its safe" so we know this is symbolic no appearance of Roy. I have a feeling Roy will make small appearances in the show.
    ALSO EASTER EGG: Where the key is at in that room you see that picture yellow guy painted :0

    Yes it's not a good theory but it's what I think =v=

  5. Remember the 1s of DHMIS and the show creator was red guy and how he made the duck mad so insane maybe thats why he is locked out and you know how it says The town is safe yeah the town is safe from going insane from the red guy

  6. Orange man bad, influence people with half truths. You know Obama's immigration policy was the same, if even worse, then Trump's right?

  7. Hey can you make a video about the God that eats gravel if there's a god that actually looks and looks like it

  8. This is someone from the future and I have seen the full episode somehow Earth's theory is kind of wrong so I can't believe I actually did this well I did like your theory about this it was a really good one but you can just get this all if you don't want to read it because this is going to be really wrong and this is going to be really cool thing you're going to watch in the future it's going to be cool I watched it I even heard the music also it's funny to also there's going to probably be a TV show also the future October in this time. Okay alright by matpat

  9. What if duck was evil the hole time.Killing the mayor,blaming red guy.EVEN MANIPULATING ROY TO BREAK RED GUYS SHOW.Then Roy,Yellow Guy,and Red Guy have to stop duck.

  10. Okay so basically the 30 minute wakey wakey video was a pilot they are now trying to put on tv. But red guy goes out to look for the mayor and duck guy takes his place in office. Red guy in the shot of him outside the gate is actually standing with the mayor, and yellow guy… well he’s still a kid (a 38 year old kid) and a punk in an alley way tells him to drink this energy drink and take down the law system upheld by the duck. And when he drinks the energy drink a pink mow hawk and a denim jack kind of just magically appear on his body. So yeah thats bout all I know. Oh yeah and the key is the one who convinced duck guy to lock up the town and keep it ‘safe’ so I think the key is like the mind behind all of it and the duck guy is just a figure head.

  11. I think the red guy is getting framed for the murder, the yellow guy did it so he can be mayor and the red guy is innocent because she saved the the others from Roy

    Like if you agree

  12. There is still one thing I can´t catch up on. In the previous episodes, how you said, was that sponsors and advertisment is bad. But here they have sponsors for their show. Maybe I have it wrong. A few questions: 1. Did they have sponsors before in the first season of DHIMS? 2. Are those brands ( If they are brands ) sponsoring them?

  13. I just realized this: If this theory turns out to be true, and Duck is just blaming Red Guy for that happened to the Mayor, then who is the person who really killed the mayor?

  14. If you're right, then I'm disappointed.

    Over 60 million people voted for Donald Trump. And based on current polling, more will vote for him in 2020, not because they like him, but because he sounds more sane than any of his opponents thus far.

    But let's move back to the 60 million plus that voted for him in 2016, by what right do foreigners feel the need to belittle or second guess our political system? The creators of DHMIS are British. Vicente Fox is Mexican. While Fox may have a point about refusing to let Mexico pay for the wall, by the same token, Mexico has rampant corruption throughout.

    The problem with all these foreigners belittling the USA or calling us a totalitarian state, is that they don't know history nor do they want to know it. Don't believe me? Look up how popular real fascists were in their own countries. Then look at Trump. Look at how real fascists dealt with naysayers then look at Trump.

    Where one would have you locked up, the other engages in a Twitter rant. There is no similarity. And for those that claim there is I say shame on them.

  15. Film theory notice this there’s a song called the security song search it up and please notice this it’s by a you tuber and it proves that duck IS the mayor

  16. I'm not the biggest fan of the message this show may have (if your theory is true), but I'm still very excited.

  17. Question, so in the first season at the end, they were their favorite colors blue, green and red. Why aren’t they those same colors now.. maybe Roy is behind all of this, or the duck is working with Roy, which would explain why red guy is locked out of the city, Roy is trying to get back at him for ‘pulling the plug’. And Roy brain washed the duck into thinking that red guy is what’s putting Clayhill in danger. You’re guess is that yellow guy is the only one who could stop the duck. Which I agree. Notice that yellow guy is the only one who looks different, he has a pink Mohawk, but duck and red guy look the same as they did before when they were being controlled by Roy, maybe because they are still being controlled by Roy. Duck becoming mayor and believing that red guy is what’s dangerous for clayhill (because he’s brainwashed by Roy into thinking that, I mean why would he think that on his own? red guy and duck were co stars in the previous season, if duck believed that red guy was dangerous then he wouldn’t have worked with him in the previous season on the show they were on.) And Roy is controlling red guys by framing him and making it seem that he’s dangerous. Maybe that’s why we didn’t see him in the 20 second trailer of wakey wakey, because if we did, it would be obvious to us that he’s the one behind all of this.

  18. Duck can north koreas ledear becuse he don't want red guy to come in the same as north korea ledear don't want usa to come in

  19. y'know how in animes smart people with glasses make there glasses light up somehow when they get an idea or sollution for something?

    i honestly think if matpat had glasses this happened to him when he was connecting the dots for this theory

  20. At 7:00 you see Roy's face in the clouds. I am still trying to figure out if MatPat edited this or if it came with the trailer.

  21. the grape like thing is a bowling ball the duck said it that whose gonna hold th bowling ball

    and theres a few characters but its too blury

    tip:try to watch it on slow mo and you will find out si many things

    thank me later

    pls notice diss

  22. But honestly though, Trump is a good president. Not saying he doesn't have any flaws, but he is still respectable, and 10 times better than Abortion Hilary Killem over there.

  23. I would love him to say "subscribing is a good idea if you want to see your family again" that would really fit the dark tone of dhmis

  24. oh my god the nightmares are returning matt they are returning i repeat they are returning. THEY ARE RETURNING AHAHAHAHAHSHAHHHH!

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