Film Theory: Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!?

Film Theory: Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!?

[Beats x3] Did you see the teaser for Deadpool 2 that came out, before Logan? It was a perfect, Deadpool story, hilarious, shocking and er.. Wait a minute How did he eat that ice cream, he doesn’t have a spoon? You can break the fourth wall all you want, Wade. But don’t you for a second try to tell me you eat your ice cream spoon-less. Unless… [Overlay] there is no spoon There’s no spoon! Deadpool exists within the matrix. I call this one THEORY CONFIRMED! [Intro Music] Hello Internet, and welcome to Film Theory The show that is so poor we don’t even have a fourth wall to break. This week I am revisiting Deadpool, because if I am being 100% honest, I couldn’t for the life of me think of any good theories for Guardians of the Galaxy. Seriously! I love that movie. I just had like writers blocked or something. Groot’s speech impediment, that’s Kinda boring. Uhh, who’s Peter dad, which is going to get revealed in Guardians 2, like science of rocket raccoon…that’s not fun either. Anyways, if you have any good idea for guardians, let me know down in the comments. I want to do a video on the franchise so bad But hey, you know what that’s okay because it gives me an excuse to spend a little bit more quality time with everyone favorite merc with a mouth Wade Wilson Last year Deadpool movie gave us all the violent comedy that we could ask for But despite all the cool action scenes, holiday themed sexy time, the thing everyone loves about this character is his metaness. The fact that he talks to us. [Wade fucking Wilson] Fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break that’s like 16 walls. He is like the super hero equivalent to a YouTube vlogger. All he needs to do is ask for people to Subscribe and get himself a LootCrate sponsorship and he has made it Liza Koshy You watch your back, Deadpool’s coming for ya! Now, during the film he breaks the 4th wall exactly 23 times To make sure that we’re having a good time But what I’m out to prove today is that Deadpool’s most meta joke is the ultimate of wall breaks A 24th, wink at the camera that skirted under all of our collective radars A move so brilliant, so subversive, and so purely Deadpool That it can only be accomplished in a movie like this one So my loyal theorists, today I ask you to consider the following Did Deadpool, write Deadpool? Obviously the movie had real writers credited to Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick But did they write the movie to be as though Deadpool Wrote the movie Creating a script that is in it of itself a 4th wall break A script written by it’s own character about himself starring himself it’s a premise that seems absurd But then again, absurdity is exactly what this movie, and its character Are all about Let’s start at the beginning Deadpool is clearly aware of his role as a movie character And the film in general And as we see in the opening moment He’s really pleased to finally have a movie all of his own [Deadpool] Who’s balls did I have to fondle to get my own movie? But that’s not always the case In fact, Deadpool has a… Difficult history With adaptation of his story As an example Let’s look at Deadpool video game from back in 2013 The opening scene of the game Shows us Deadpool on a phone with the game developer Talking about an idea that he pitched to them His name for it, The most awesome game ever But when High Moon Studio refused to greenlight that pitch He rigs their studio with explosives and forces them to make the game for him Fast forward a bit and we see that Deadpool is worried about of all things The script And when he finally gets his script delivered to his door He ABSOLUTELY hates it So He takes it upon himself to rewrite the whole thing in crayon And he doesn’t just stop at the script We watch as he call up voice actor Nolan North and hires him for the job of playing himself In the game that we in that moment are playing So writers of Deadpool’s stories have clearly shown a history of his character Hijacking productions about himself and rewriting them But that’s not all In the comics Deadpool has never been shy about talking directly to the writer or artist of any given issue Take for instance Deadpool Volume 1 where he address creator Rob Liefeld directly So why does he never do that in the movie? Sure he moves the camera to force the audience to look away from him torturing “Agent Smith” But other than that he never directly interacts with the people making the film Director, sound guy, or writer Instead he only complains about the studio The one’s paying for the movie Doing things like complaining that the studio was too cheap to get more than two X-Men for their film But as for the creative team Outside of getting ripped on the opening credits he leaves them completely alone Which is a strange decision for a character who does this literally ALL THE TIME in all his other incarnations Even in moments when that team supposedly screws up *awkward fapping* Lets focus on this moment for a second think about it this way His 4th wall breaks don’t stop the action of the movie In his opening monologue, we see cars driving pass him as he sits on the edge of the highway addressing us He even mentions directly to Colossus a few minutes later that these 4th wall breaks are specifically for our benefit These moment show us that outside of the flash backs The 4th wall breaks are happening in the moment In real time, when he adjust the camera before of his torture of “Agent Smith” Smith look directly at the camera before it turns away This proofs that Deadpool is manipulating the 4th wall in these moments as they’re being filmed As they happened Not after the fact or pausing the action to step out of the events of the movie And yet, when he’s caught having special time with his unicorn He doesn’t yell or complain to the editors or the director that they’re filming this In fact, he knows it’s being left in the final product of the movie Acknowledging this was a part that we weren’t meant to see But that we’re seeing it anyway But if he’s adhering to the rules of his 4th wall breaks as it’s been established as they’re happening in real time He wouldn’t know this was being left in the final cut So, long story short Even thou Deadpool says we weren’t meant to see it the fact that he comments on the fact we weren’t meant to see it Shows that he knows that we’re seeing it And that he has approved that the fact we are seeing it Thus, he’s in control of how this story is being told *mind blown* WHoOoOohohoho You got all that? Ohh it’s like a logic puzzle! I think I..just felt my brain melt through my ear carnal Alright, so this is the Deadpool origin story as Deadpool would want us to see it Clearly he would wanna make himself look as good as possible right? Right! and that’s exactly what he does In the comics, Deadpool’s history often left vague The main thing about his origin always tend to remain constant though are A. he’s a mercenary before his mutation B. he’s Canadian And C. his superpower comes from Wolverine’s blood Now, Deadpool references Wolverine and Hugh Jackman multiple times throughout the movie BUTT The movie never mentioned any other mutant Wolverine or otherwise having anything to do with Deadpool’s mutation In this version of events, the mutation was inside him all along It’s unlocked through lots of torture This makes Deadpool the star of his own story And not some background character who got his powers riding the coattail some other mutant It makes Deadpool inherently special rather than having to get his specialness bestowed upon him By someone else Speaking of those mutation in both the comics and the film Deadpool’s only true mutation is the ability to heal wounds really fast Doing things like cutting off and regrowing his hand *BABY HAAAANDS!!!* But, other than that he’s a completely normal human being Which makes some of the things he does in the film a bit far-fetched Even by comic book movies standards Sure, they reference his special forces training But for as stellar as spec-ops training maybe I doubt it gives someone the ability to line up a triple headshot while flipping through the air Soldiers tend to keep their feet on the ground whenever possible They ain’t training you to be an acrobat Also for taking the film at face value Deadpool would be at fluent at soccer Firing blind Sword throwing In the comics Deadpool was able to do thing like this by using his 4th wall breaking He reads ahead, jumps between panels, allowing him to do cool stunts and moves like these But the film version of Deadpool never uses the 4th wall breaking for his own advantage When in combat he remains within the world of the film even if he occasionally strikes a silly pose mid flight So where did the cirque du soleil murder ability come from? Our only option is that, whoever wrote this Really wanted Deadpool to come off looking as cool as possible in the final film Even if he might not really have those abilities based on his mutation And who would wanna make Deadpool looked like the coolest superhero of all time more than Deadpool himself From around the subject of looking good Wade Wilson REALLY cares about his appearance So much so that he completely avoids talking to the love of his life Simply because he turn into the human equivalent to the California raisin Deadpool clearly loves the look of Ryan Renolds almost as much as he loves stuffed unicorns And if Deadpool choose any actor to play him, it would be Ryan We know this because he thought of himself this way for years In Cable & Deadpool volume 1 number 2, Deadpool refers to himself as quote “Ryan Renolds crossed with a shar-pei” And if you think that’s just tongue and cheek movie references is worth noting that this issue was from 2004 5 years before Ryan Renolds played Deadpool in X-Men Origins And more than a decade before Ryan Renolds play Deadpool in the good Deadpool movie And remember how in the game we saw Deadpool cast Nolan North for his voice Well, in a film, it’d be total wish fulfillment for Deadpool the character to cast the role of himself As the world sexiest Canadian However, the part of the film that feels most like Deadpool’s writer wish fulfillment Is Wade’s relationship with Vanessa She does appears in the comics, but her story is completely different there The big difference is that they never get back together I’m not kidding! Deadpool’s epic quest to reclaim his lost love is completely unique to the film In the comic, she’s discovered to be a shapeshifting mutant Who also become a mercenary after he leaves her In the film, this relationship is changed from the brief fling, to a love story for the ages Complete with the perfect Hollywood ending And as we see throughout Deadpool Wade, just love himself some romantic movie cheese *reference no. 1* *aaaaand another reference* Even the physics of the movie is rewritten so that Deadpool can gives himself his desired happy ending Ajax has Vanessa in a suffocation chamber made out of glass and metal Now earlier in the movie we saw Wade Wilson escape an identical chamber by launching it across the room with an explosion Which, as you see here shattered the glass And yet, when Vanessa is in the exact replica of that chamber She falls of an aircraft carrier and gets buried in huge slabs of concrete All after Deadpool has already crack the glass to help her breath So, of course, she emerges without a scratch on her *sarcasm* WHAT? COME ON! Look at the size of that concrete slab! As much as I love doing unnecessary math on this show I don’t think I need to crunch any numbers to know that That glass is not gonna be in one piece when she hits the ground And I’m not even gonna address the fact that Vanessa survived the fall to begin with More convenient rewrite by the guy in the red and black spandex At this point you might be thinking to yourself Hang on Matt Patt, this is all possible But it can also be a load of confirmation bias And yeah, you’re right ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! But there is one last minor detail that I think brings it all together When “Agent Smith” shows up to recruit Deadpool for the superhero creation program Just listen to what Wade’s best buddy Weasel says “That guy over there came in looking for you” “little Grim Reaper type I don’t know…might further the “PLOT” But, hold on Since when can he break the 4th wall? Until this very moment, no one else seems aware that they’re in a movie The only way this line makes any sort of senses is if Weasel knows that “Agent Smith is there to literally further a movie’s plot No one would naturally say this But it is the sort of logical inconsistency that Deadpool himself would write into a script And that brings us all the way back around to the opening credit of the film Each crew and cast member gets themselves a sarcastic description Directed by an overpaid tool, produced by asshats Starring a hot chick, a CGI character, a gratuitous cameo Of all the titles, the only complimentary ones are for Deadpool himself As God’s perfect idiot And you guess it, the writers AKA the real heroes Could it be that Wade Wilson is trying to slip us a little hint as that who he thinks is really to thank For the spectacle you’re about to see But hey, that’s just a theory A FILM THEORY! Aaaaaaaaand CUT! *enter some kind of I don’t know type of music* *it’s like a fucking carnival music type of shit* *Oh God how long will this music last…* *please send help* *aaaaaaand it’s done! finally!*

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  1. My mom was not trained in special forces, but both her parents were, and I'm pretty sure if she could do a flip like deadpool, she would. I already know she can do a quadruple headshot while her targets are on the move. There's footage of it from when she was trying to get into the military. They only tured her down because of her asthma, hip displasia, and mental illness history.

    … also, due to growing up reading fourth wall breaking comics, I always think of opportunities as "farthing the plot" and will occasionally say so out loud

  2. Deadpool uses index finger at his middle finger as a spoon and just shoved it through his mask like a cheese grater

  3. in unicorn time he says we arent supposed to see it but in retrospect we are
    just to simplify for those who dont want to take three hours decoding what matpat says in these vids

  4. The CC at 14:13 had me rolling. Nevermind the fact that Deadpool ate icecream without and spoon AND with a mask on XD

  5. Matpat: "nobody else besides Deadpool could break the 4th wall so how could the bartender do it??" Also matpat: "Smith looks directly at the camera" me: "explain that??"

  6. OH OH i have a joke did deadpool killed mature thugs and accidentally called Docter Octopus/Docter a very good dinner or lunch like letchon and accidentally said to Doctor octopus to give him the mature disease and deadpool said mature things like im about to rob dr strange like 2 face with the shuriken in his second face and rob scrooge the trillionaire that exist in the cartoon universe and made an accident too and called Mr hoe and said these things like F*** 1+ intraction points like that and turned the trillionaire into a trillion hoe the most expensive hoe in Mr Hoe's shop where its actually used to fart mature and deadpool done and used it and farted mature and continued kicking the mature thugs that always says and his name is JOHN CENA and deadpool turned into JOHN CENA! and seriously just turned them 999,999,999,999,999,999Ex mature than the most mature kid in the whole entire smelly world that smells like theories are coming back for revenge from Mr Hoe and the mature thugs that burried them and is about to slay those mature thugs that is in an ally way now but they still smell like mature is about to win and deadpool is about to boolzi them

  7. by the way i think the video you should make about guardians of the galaxy is you should say whats the weakness of Peter Like that

  8. Theory: This video was produced by Deadpool, because it makes no sense to write an awesome movie when nobody knows that it was you who wrote it. When Deadpool found out that it wasn't clear to the audience that he is the writer he 'convinced' the film theorists to talk about that fact.


  9. As far as Vanessa, the prevailing theory was that she was the physical incarnation of Death. There is a whole comic book storyline about Wade being in love with Death and not being able to die.

  10. Sometimes I say might further the plot or maybe the audience would like as a joke to my friends. Since we all saw Deadpool!

  11. I love ya Matt but.

    This is kinda obvious.
    And it's happened before. Wades game was written by him, and multiple of his comics have been written by him.

  12. When you are hungry enough and the ice cream is your only option, you to can eat it without a spoon. I speak from experience. Peel away the outer container and bite the frozen dairy product like an apple

  13. 0:25 who is going to see The Matrix 20th anniversary in 4DX, just me? Ok πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

  14. Just saying but Deadpool has also been shown to have mild super strength in the comics which would explain some of his feats. It's not on the level of say Thor or Spider-Man even but he does have super strength.

  15. Theory: Reality was created solely so Deadpool has someone to talk to when he breaks the fourth wall. Everything you do or say was supplied to you by deadpool himself.

  16. I believe Deadpool has another power-
    In a comic he states he can never miss, and shot down an Avengers plane thing without looking.

  17. Just because hes aware of the camera but not giving out to the production crew for showing him jerking off doesn't prove he's in control of the film. More that he has no control over what parts of his life being shown but still respects the movie makers for making a good movie about him.

  18. i just imagned how he saw the trailer for deadpool and saw him eat the ice cream without a spoon: "HE ATE THE ICE CREAM WITHOUT A SPOON, THATS GONNA BE MY NEW THEORY!!!!"

  19. Okay, I love Film Theory. Despite this by the time it hit 2:40 I couldn't handle this. This is due to the fact that the reason he does that is because it's one of his super powers. In the comics he's always talking to the audience and seems to be a bit self aware of what happens next, so it's one of the many less known powers that Deadpool has. Essentially Deadpool sort of in a sense sees into the future, so Deadpool didn't write Deadpool…

  20. I dont wanna burst a bubble here but if it were wrote by him then he wouldn't make himself ugly *endgame music intensifise

  21. you are osom 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😯😯😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😯😯😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😈

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